and this is crazy but

Dick is the kid who pulls on the seatbelt so much by like moving around in the car and leaning forward that it does that thing where it gets stuck when you lean back and won’t let you pull it forward anymore and kinda like traps you against the chair unless you unbuckle the seatbelt

I NEED HIM. We haven’t saw him since chapter 90 that’s waaaaay too long. I need to know did he also turns in daddy levi ???? I mean he’s near 40 now ! Or does he still looks like a magnificent 20 years old ? Did he also let his hair grown ? I NEED TO KNOW


It’s Sunday so it’s time to do some cafe journaling. Trying out some new camera angles and using a prompt by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music Noise: Cafe sounds 

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I'm watching Mark play SOMA and I forgot he mentions Dr. Iplier! He says, "I've had experience with Doctors pretending to be things they aren't... needless to say Dr. Iplier lost his medical licence a long time ago..." 👀

….I wonder how he lost his medical license 👀

i doodled this whilst listening to ghost quartet for the first time and it doesn’t even bEgin to explain what a trip that show is


Trailer: ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ season 3 premiere - Oct 13

Okay i’m not good with words but I really wanna thank the Stydia fandom for allowing me to be part of this. We went through so much together. We’ve been baited a million times, we got angry together we got happy together, we saw stydia happening together! I’m just happy that I got to live this with y'all. Big thank you  to my mutuals for putting up with my bullshit all these years. I love y’all and will never forget this fandom

I just wanna bring up the way Richie recognizes he fucks up when speaking of Betty Ripsom he says she’s already dead and Bill says she’s not dead that she’s just missing and Richie immediately apologizes and amends himself because of Georgie.

I believe no one dared to mess up with Bill that year, Henry admits it even.

My heart.