and this is bs


the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

ant*s: leia organa ??? we ABSOLUTELY love her :)))) !!!!

ant*s also: literally want leia to watch as rey murders her own son, call kylo ren a “second hand” skywalker just bc he’s leia’s son while rey should be the “legit” one since luke is a male

ant*s: ……. like we said, we love leia organa

What manner of vile fuckery is this?

Just now have I heard with mine own two ears that Master Ren’s lineage hath been moste cruelly impugned. That amongst some antis he is but a ‘second hand Skywalker.’

Mayhap they have partaken of moldering bread such that their senses are completely overtaken!

I would be well prudent not to repeat such ill humored nattering within the presence of my Master, lest he cleave me in twain with that monstrous fiery sword of his.

Not to mention if his good mother, the Lady Solo, were to hear such ignominious slander, she’d blast their misogynist asses from the heavens.

A pox on them!

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever messaged you in Spanish but you were like "I can tell you used google translate and this makes zero sense honey"

jhajhahjdg nah. I only got a few people who messaged me in spanish because they like to practice the language and it was lovely!! However.. u kno who sounds like he used google translate and doesnt make any sense?

Ed Sheeran in Barcelona.

do people realize that even if their dumb theory is true, Rey didn’t pop out of Luke’s holy penis with 100% skywalker genes. like…she has to also have a mother, in which case their precious bloodline would still be diluted, just like having a female skywalker as your mom apparently????makes you a secondhand skywalker?????? even though the original skywalker was in fact a woman???

Just had to deal with this...

A moron commented, “I’m the sweetest person I know.” on my post about people using feminism as an excuse to control others.

Blog Description & Content:

1.) Proclaimed radical feminist.

2.) Hates sex workers and doesn’t consider them to be right in the head.

3.) Hates trans folks.

4.) Thinks kinks are gross and if you have any you’re a creep.

5.) Thinks that there aren’t fake feminists and thinks only women can be feminists.

Yeah guys, I hit the self-entitled jackpot. Such a /great/ feminist she is.

A Single Shipper: Does something vaguely questionable

Shippers: Ex-communicate them, call them out, do evverything short of sending a hired assassin to their house

Anits, three months later: REYLOS NEVER DID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SINGLE SHIPPER!! ! ! !  REYLOS ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE, and actually are all the same person, FOR EVERY SHIPPER’S ACTION. COnDEMNING THE SHIPPER ISN’T ENOUGH, NOTHING IS ENOUGH! Also yeah I know my best friend “shippers-can-die-i’m-telling-shippers-to-kys” is being a little problematic sometimes, but what do you want me to do about it? CALL THEM OUT? Yeah right!! Lol.