and this is always one of my favourite scenes

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Relationship Status:
Single, most likely won’t change anytime soon.

Lipstick or Chapstick:

Last song I listened to that meant something to me:
Smile by R5, It’s one that always gets me smiling. Plus Ross sounds Amazing!

Last movie I watched:
‘The Duff’ had to re-watch for an essay I have to redo.

Favourite Colour:
Probably Blue

Top 3 Shows:
This is Hard.
My Ultimate Favourite is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, it is my childhood.
The other two would ave to be Stitchers and Teen Wolf currently because they got my hooked really quickly.

Top 3 Favourite Characters:
Stiles Stilinski, how can you not love that sarcasm
Grant Ward, he deserves better. 
And of course I have to go with my girl, Hermione Granger

Top 3 Ships:

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This is what it is to be a dragon! When I'm up here...
I don't even feel the cold. I just feel...

…Whenever someone asks a favour from He Tian.

This idea was based on one of my favourite scenes in Haikyuu!! XD

“I’m always this kind” and “Those looks are uncalled for” were words spoken by the awesome Kuroo in Chapter 91~

Bonus (not so great) animation! Originally, I drew the last scene out but I thought I’ll give animating a go since I’m so rusty… OTL

Edit: D’oh, I misspelled Jian Yi’s name wrong by 1 letter! Replaced 3rd pic.


You gonna bust on me now for being sentimental?


Favourite Captain Swan scenes in no particular order [4/?]

You wanna see something really impressive?

Tangled - Just… How?!

I like Tangled. It is entertaining and pretty, and I love the scene where Rapunzel leaves her tower (featuring my favourite song reprise and everything!). BUT there has always been one detail in this scene that I just cannot get my head around. This is not a critique on the film itself, just an annoying thing that keeps me awake at night.


“Uuuuh, daah! She used her hair to get down, idiot! Did you even watch the movie?!”

Yes I have. A gassiolion times actually. And that is why I am asking this question. According to the creators, Rapunzel’s hair is 70 feet (21m) long. Down below is a concept art scale comparing Punzy to the tower (Source)

In the finished product the tower seems to be even taller, but Rapunzel’s hair still remains 70 feet. If we look at the movie we can then see that her hair can reach the ground completely, while still having some “extra” by her side in the tower. 

To the point - What has this to do with her getting down? The hair obviously reaches the ground. Yes, but the only way she can come down with this amount of hair is this; 1. Tie her hair onto something in the tower. 2. Slide down. 3. Have Pascal (or movie magic) undo the knot. Done!! However, this is not what happens. THIS happens:

1. She throws all her hair outside. 

2. Slides down while holding 2 bundles of hair.

3. Comes down, STOPS and then slowly puts her feet down. 

(Don’t even get me started on how her hair soundlessly just appeared all nicely and neatly on the gourd!!)

This was really pretty and all, but completely illogical! We have already established that the hair is around 70 feet long, ja? So in order for this scenario to work, Rapuzel would need the dubble amount of the hair that she already has, which would mean 140 feet of hair! Let’s throw that idea in the garbage right away, because anybody can see that she does not carry around 40m of hair. The little “extra hair” that is out of sight inside the tower would not be of any help either.

So what should have happened here? Her hair would have ended midway, and she would have made a free-fall to the ground (SPLASH!). Or she would have gotten stuck in the middle, realised that she had not thought this one through and had been forced to do an extreme trust exercise A La Anna, and would most likely have killed Flynn in the process (that would have been a completely different movie…). 

Now when you look at it like this, the stopping makes even less sense. What made her stop?! What could ever have worked as breaks!? If the scenario with the knot had been used, then yes, it would have worked, but here? JUST HOW?!

Another detalj that bugs me, and kinda throws this whole theory on a loop is that when you watch the movie, the hair that she threw out DOES NOT MOVE (I’m talking about the shot where Flynn is looking down at the hair). The hair remains the same length! This would indicate that Rapunzel DOES have 140 feet long hair, but we already know that that is not the case (CANON FACT). Is the tower shorter than we expected? Maybe she only needs 35 feet/10m of her hair to reach the grouuuu- *looks at movie* -uuunoooPE! The tower is super tall. So the creators just fucked up?! Cheated in order to get a cool shot (cus it really is pretty)? Just magical hair that does not follow any rules?! 

What is the answer? I have no idea. She just… Came down. 

Why did I share this? 

Because I want to spread sleepless nights to everybody else! Moahahahahahahaaaa!!! (Yes, I am an evil master mind) >:D

PS: I KNOW that I am over-thinking this! X,D I know that this is not something fundamental that ruins the experience of the film. I just enjoy finding plot-holes in movies that I like, that’s all. :P 


Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future’s lyin’, St. Elmo’s fire
I can climb the highest mountain, cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo’s fire burnin’ in me 


Catelyn Stark Appreciation Week: Favourite scene

“I vow that you shall always have a place in my home and at my table and that I shall ask no service of you that might bring you dishonor”


“Just what the world needs, an Avatar scared by a ghost. You’re worthless.”

It’s here! Storyboard inspired by Relapse Chapter 1, by the magnificent simplykorra.

This story is heavy right out the gate, with Korra battling her mental and emotional demons while doing her best to keep a brave face to those around her. The lines of Korra’s internal dialogue are gut-wrenching stuff. 

I really enjoyed working with the quality of light and colours in this - tried to show some timelapse between first dawn and sunrise. Didn’t worry about cleaning up linework too much.

I’ve always wanted to do my own take on one of my favourite scenes from the show, Lin crying in Book 3. I present to you - the final frame!

Knights are for Killing II: All the stories can’t be lies by Wulfsbane

This painting is the second part to the original Knights are for Killing, and features the initial moment when Sansa and Sandor meet atop Maegor’s Holdfast. It’s an unexpected encounter for both, and a charged conversation follows that highlights the conflicting views each holds on the values of knighthood, as one maintains that all knights are killers and the other that the stories about true knights must have a grain of truth, a theme that permeates their complicated connection. Maegor’s has always been one of my favourite scenes between Sandor and Sansa, and I’m delighted to have it now completed, and to welcome the fantastic artist Wulfsbane to The Stranger’s Kiss family.