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I did it

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I’m just gonna sit in this corner of mine

americatchavez  asked:

hi, i love this blog! i've just been diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, and one of the first things my neurologist told me was that it could be cured only if i lost weight. do you know anything about this condition/would you consider looking into it to see if there's any truth to that? i'm trying to look into it myself but i'm having a hard time with the jargon, and it seems like they're basing it all off of putting patients on some sort of diet

As you probably know, this condition is also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). It occurs in approximately 1 to 3 in 100 000 people, but it is more common in fat women. So there is an observed correlation between weight and IIH, and this correlation has lead doctors to prescribe weight loss to cure IIH.

But as far as I can tell, scientists do not yet understand why weight is correlated with IIH. In fact, as the name “idiopathic” suggests, scientists don’t actually know what causes the condition. In addition, according to one very recent review published in a reliable journal, there have been no randomized and controlled experiments testing whether weight loss improves the condition. In fact, according to that same review, there have been almost no randomized and controlled experiments testing any of the treatments that are often prescribed!  [source <– it is open access and easy to read]. 

Some questions to ask your neurosurgeon:

1) Can they provide evidence in the form of a published meta-analysis demonstrating that weight loss will cure the condition? Show them the article I linked above.

2) What will happen to your condition when you regain the weight you have lost? This is important because recent weight gain is a risk factor for IIH, and I wonder if weight cycling could make it worse as well.

3) Do thin people get this condition (they do), and if they do (they do), then what treatment would they be prescribed? Suggest that you begin with those treatments before trying weight loss.

Good luck!


Hi guys! Well, the time has finally come and I hope you enjoy my monster fic, coming in at 28,500+ words. I want to thank the Anon who sent me this prompt (of Finn and Rae not liking each other but secretly banging! lol) I really hope I did it justice for you and you also asked for it to be as long as possible and I did my best with it, and I really enjoyed this prompt, thank you for trusting me with it! I also want to say thank you to @ililypop for letting me ramble on and on about it for months and bouncing ideas around, constantly, lol. And to my wonderful beta @burnnmyhearttout who fixed all my grammatical errors and helped move things around for the better and help me make sense of the flow, you are a gem, thank you!  and a thank you for all the messages about this fic, y’all are so sweet! <3

*smutty times ahead*

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Hate is a Strong Word

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She Is Incredible

Hi guys, just quickly i want to say thank you to everyone who has ever said something nice (including like, reblogs and tags) about my fics. There are no words to describe just how lovely you all are, so just thanks :) xx

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This is just a little one shot that takes place in that awkward we-dont-know-what-happened-but-important-stuff-that-we’ll-never-know-about-happened time between episode 4 and 5 of series 1. Finn’s POV


She was incredible.

And she was gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. So beautiful, sometimes he literally forgot to breathe. He just loved everything about her. Every single, little thing. The way her mouth quirked, her little nose scrunches, her hands, her mouth, her eye roll. Her hair, the way it tangled, the way it fell, even when it was clipped back all he wanted to do was run his fingers through it and smell it. Oh god the way her hair smelt. He first inhaled that vanilla scent when he hugged her that day in the park after Knebworth and it’s all he had wanted to smell ever since. 

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I’ve been eating reallllllly shitty and not drinking water like at all which definitely don’t help with running or life and idk it needs to stop. Like I keep saying this over and over again and nothing changes and I am still fat and sad and slow and hate myself and just eat trail mix and clif bars and stupid shit that is like not meal food for meals and ahhhhhh I want to fix this.


people liked my post so i’m assuming you want cosplay selfies too - these aren’t that good tbh but i wanted to include photos of many different cosplays. and i just had to get the nsfw shirt in there too :’> (the last picture is from halloween)

Also, like, most of my feelings of inadequacy can be traced to having strict/abusive parents. I legitimately think that I’m hideous, fat, unintelligent, untalented, and worthless, just because my parents have told me that I am. I’ve had to see a therapist because of it, yet my parents constantly talk about how it’s a huge inconvenience for them, and that my mental illnesses aren’t real. That’s why I had to stop seeing a therapist. There’s a point at which the heightened level of abuse (as a result of going to therapy) just negates the therapy itself.

anonymous asked:

Hey sax! Lately my workout routine has switched from all cardio to all weightlifting (not really sure how or why that happened). My question is, how do make sure I'm not burning away muscle when I start adding cardio back into my routine? I have fat to lose but I don't want to diminish my muscle gains

Hi anon, that’s a good decision.

But I highly recommend you to add back cardio trainings right now. At least 2-3 times a week, so you can keep improving your cardiovascular system : ~15/30m mins will do the job.

Unless you’re running for 2 hours on a caloric deficit diet, you shouldn’t worry too much about muscle loss.

Make sure to eat enough. Also, do more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) than steady state cardio, it burns more fat and can aid muscle growth. 

More info on HIIT:

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am the anon that I ask you about the Rokunensei magazine a while ago, just wanted to say you, don't worry about being slow to respond, actually, I want to thank you for the detailed information you left (and the links, of course), I could buy the magazine and I'm waiting anxiously to arrive! By the way, I think Ichimatsu is not really chubby, I'm sure is the fault of his hunched back, don't you think? xD Thank you again! <3

I definitely think his slouched back does make him look a little bit chubbier, but in my opinion he’s still got that little extra layer of fat. ^w^ Because the show can’t really be relied on as far as constant proportions, here is all I have to back me up.

(Thank you, @tuneout, for this post! [Where I got the picture from.] ) (Also, I hope me writing this is worth it because my brother just walked by and asked me why I was looking at cartoon children in their underwear.)

But yes, I believe that Ichimatsu is chubby. ^u^ I hope I have converted you into believing so also. Here’s my sermon:

• Oso = small layer of fat (not much, just enough to pinch)
• Kara = toned/lean/or cut
• Choro = skinny/thin
• Ichi = Chubby (not too much, but definitely more than Oso)
• Jyushi = muscly/possibly buff
• Todo = Slim, but he goes to the gym so he gives himself some cute curves

Granted, these are all just small differences in their normal/average body types–it’s their lifestyle that changes it up, in my opinion.

(And now my mom just saw and said, “I see you’re utilizing your time wisely.” Not a glorious moment for me.)

man something weird is happening

i woke up, it was 8ºC, i opened the window and a bee came in. i put the bee outside, nice, and then another bee came in. i was like “what the fuck” and put the second bee outside. THEN A THIRD BEE STARTED FLYING AROUND MY WINDOW and i found myself forced to shut the windows because honestly what the fuck is going on freyja why are you sending me bees????????? 

the first bee i put outside (i placed it on my plant by the window) was still there and a really fat bird appeared and ate it (i sat here watching it completely flabberghasted, narrating that saga to angel aka actualinquisitor on snapchat) AND NOW THERE ARE NOT TWO BUT SIX BEES TRYING TO GET IN MY BEDROOM I’M SO SCARED FREYJA STOP

anonymous asked:

I'm wondering why you choose to draw your self insert character as fat when your photos show that you are clearly average in weight? Your comics also seem to deal with fatness sometimes, and in fact I read you as another fat person bc of the perspective you write from. I believe that youve even talked about how your fatness affects how people see you? But... You're average. Is it that the people around you are that fatphobic and awful, & tell you that you're madly overweight or smth?

No that’s just how I choose to draw myself

the signs as things i have said
  • Aries: oh, look. there are the freeze pops. do i have to pay for them? i sure as fuck hope not
  • Taurus: (to my cat) that box makes you look fat
  • Gemini: (sings my cat's name in an opera voice)
  • Cancer: don't judge a food by it's taste. judge it by it's heart. i'm sure that fish sandwich has a great personality
  • Virgo: lesbians are good for the soul
  • Libra: the notebook can also be a hat. look at my new hat. it suits my personality
  • Scorpio: is this your porn book
  • Sagittarius: can i release the demon from hell
  • Capricorn: no
  • Aquarius: but why
  • Pisces: i love you. what are we having for dinner

anonymous asked:

Why is vegan/plant based a healthy diet? Why don't you eat fish or eggs even? This is a question I get all the time. What can I say to use as a response all the time and have it memorized like a simplified reason. If you have one for me that would help a lot! I'm honestly so grateful for your tumblr ask like you don't even know. ❤️

Removing animal products from your diet means you are removing huge sources of saturated fats and cholesterol, meaning you have a significantly reduced risk of developing some sort of heart disease! It also means you aren’t eating animal protein, which is very acidic on the body and is the leading cause of lifestyle-related cancers like breast, colon and prostate cancers.
In terms of the foods you listed - eggs are very very VERY high in cholesterol which we don’t need to obtain from our diet because our body produces its own cholesterol! And fish is a source of animal protein, and you also run the risk of developing Mercury poisoning if you eat too much 😁
It’s much better to eat a plant based diet because it naturally ‘forces’ you to eat more fruits and veggies. These sources of carbohydrates, which your body needs to function and give you energy! They also contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals which are necessary to our survival, and most of them cannot be obtained from animal products. We require a lot more than the 2-5 serves of fruits and veggies a day that the government recommends so being plant based generally means you are eating enough of these! Your body can also digest these foods more efficiently which equals maximum nutrient absorption!

anonymous asked:

June 6th you said "my limbs are so large people think I have lymphedema, nope just fat" So I'm really confused as to why you keep screaming hereditary!!! When you literally only developed it after being morbidly obese. You telling people you're healthy is fucking wrong. You know you're not. Stop being representation for a size that shouldn't exist!!!! Kill yourself with food, whatever, but don't you dare tell other girls it's ok and LIE.

Are you STILL going on?  Like, what is your deal?  Are YOU okay?

When I made that post, I didn’t KNOW I had lipedema.  Did you also realize that I specifically said lymphedema and not lipedema in that post?  That’s because I didn’t even know lipedema existed.  If you actually looked at any of the many sources I left you with, you would have realized that it goes undiagnosed and misdiagnosed all of the time.  Very little doctors even know what it is, so instead of having an actual doctor tell me what’s up, I had to wait until someone saw the symptoms for me and message me anonymously on here.  

You want to know what that’s called?  Fat bias.  Doctors are not somehow immune to how much fat shaming there is in the world and while there ARE higher risks for certain diseases with being fat and while YES you can become fat by overeating all the time/being sedentary, there often times is a LOT more to it than that.  Fat CAN be a symptom rather than a cause and you refusing to believe that does not somehow make it not true.  The fact that 11% of women have this condition and barely anybody, doctors included, even know that it exists is proof that it’s because we don’t want to view fat any other way.

Here, since you obviously failed to look at any of the sources I gave you on the condition and managed to, yet again, ignore everything that was said in regards to it…I’ll make this REAL easy for you.

5-6 years ago, when I actually WAS around 100 pounds less.  I know this is really hard for you to take in since you are so adamant about the fact that I’m 500+ pounds and gained 100 pounds in under a year, but nope - here’s reality for you.  Do you notice anything?  That even at 100 pounds less, my limbs are STILL incredibly large?

So no, this condition didn’t just ‘develop’ when I hit *500+* pounds, I’ve had this for over 10 years.  If you had actually attempted to educate yourself on what the condition actually is and what it entails, you would see that it is progressive (pro·gres·sive prəˈɡresiv /adjective 1.happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step).  Do you know what that means?  It means that the longer you have it and do no preventive care, the higher of a chance it has to…progress!  Seeing as I just now learned that I had it only a few months ago, it would have been really fucking hard to try to do preventative care when it was actually onset -now wouldn’t it?  

Nothing you sent me has even been remotely seeded in reality.  You have sent me 10+ messages - even trying to sound as though you’re different people when it’s obvious you’re not.  You’ve told me that I purposely gained 100 pounds in under a year, then in WELL under 4 years, that I have this condition because of my fetish, that Foxy is trying to feed me until I’m immobile and I die, that I didn’t have lipedema (which you so graciously referred to as lymphoma) until I was over 500+ pounds.  Like…you are REALLY stretching and trying to come up with facts that just aren’t there.  You absolutely refuse to do any real research on this condition and it’s obvious when you couldn’t even get the mere name of it right.  You keep switching out your numbers of my weight and my weight gain and it’s just…really fucking weird?  That you’re paying THIS much attention to a complete stranger and falsifying information to try to make some kind of point?

This blog isn’t about health, you fool.  It never has been.  My message is very clear - you deserve to love yourself regardless of whatever you look like, whatever your health status is.  It’s never been about health.  This isn’t a health at every size blog.  The only time I’ve ever actually talked about MY own health is in regards to my lipedema and in regards to the fact that I am, indeed, metabolically healthy.  I’m sorry, I’m not going to lie to make your own agenda true.  Am I physically fit?  Fuck no.  But you do realize that there are people who ARE physically fit and who are even athletes who aren’t healthy, right?  

I know that you’re going to instinctively not want to pay any attention to this and just go straight to my inbox so you can type out some more obnoxious shit, but please do us both a favor and actually try to think before you speak (or type).  I’m sorry, but you don’t know me better than I know myself.  I am not trying to hide any secret lifestyle or agenda from my followers and I’m not in denial about everything.  I am so incredibly in tune with my mind and my body and I can only hope the same for you one day so that you can stop with this complete and utter nonsense. 

anonymous asked:

I saw on one of your posts saying that not having enough glucose in the body and burning your fat stores for energy is really bad for you, but how are you going to lose weight if you don't burn your fat stores! they're not just going to disappear are they?? I'm overweight, vegan for 18 months, mostly high carb and I'm going properly high carb no restriction but I still need to lose this excess weight? How do I lose excess weight if all my energy is from glucose, I need to burn the fat somehow??

When you exercise at low or high intensity you go into fat burning mode but with high intensity you also burn through your glycogen stores too quickly so you can’t maintain it for very long. When you exercise at low intensity your body burns fat along with glycogen so it’s a team effort :)… That’s why they recommend to train at a pace that’s hard but not TOO hard eg ‘talking pace’.. You will also increase the speed of your metabolism and increase muscle mass as long as your eating enough!!! If you wanna burn fat you have to move your body! And if you want to exercise consistently you NEED to eat enough 👏🏼 so again calorie restrict will only hinder you!Our bodies were made to be be moved! Not only will you loose weight, you will feel amazing in every aspect of your life 🙂. Keep it consistent, keep is sustainable 👍🏼