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The Moon Loves The Sun-Young!SiriusxReader

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Word Count: 1014

Warning(s): Angst???

Request: hello! I dont know if you do any marauders oneshots but if you do can you write one where the reader and sirius are dating and they get in a huge fight and remus is the one to push the reader back to sirius???? 

A/N: This was hella fun to write

“No, you’re right Sirius! It’s always my fault! I’m always the bad guy!”, you yelled tears threatening to pierce through your eyes as you slammed the palm of your hand against Sirius’s chest.

“I never said that! This is what I am talking about! You always jump to conclusions without consulting me first!”, He yelled back not daring to break eye-contact. All you saw was blue. Blue like the tears streaming down your cream-colored face,  like the stone necklace that Sirius gave you for your first anniversary that seemed to now burn at your throat, and like the roses Sirius would give you after whispering ‘I love you’. You distinctly remembering the first time you two admitted your feeling towards one another. It was during the fifth year, somehow the two of you went from talking about how you managed to fail your potions class to confessing your acquired adoration for each other. With him asking timidly at the end, ‘can I kiss you?’.

Tightening a grip on Sirius’s jumper, you held him close to you.

“And you, you bastard never take my side! You’re always so kept to yourself! Never once have you came to me with a problem! I trusted you enough to let you in, but you couldn’t do the same! The only thing I ever needed was for you to need me, Sirius! That’s all I ever needed! Because I deserve somebody who gives a shit!”, you screamed even louder on the top of your lungs, causing your voice to crack. Sirius tried to take a step back, but you held onto his jumper even tighter not letting him leave. Straightening up his posture, Sirius glared at you, a hard cold glare. A glare he would give to someone like Bellatrix.

“Don’t you even dare Y/N! I loved you through everything, and you don’t even care! And you know what Y/N! I deeply wish that I never met you!”, Sirius screamed at me even louder with each sentence, his body trembled as his voice croaked with broken cries, before ripping your hand off of his jumper and running away. All you could do was stand there, sobbing loudly to yourself, grasping onto the single chair for support afraid that you might fall to the ground.

“Go after him Y/N”, You heard a raspy, cool voice of Remus lupin. Turning around to face the werewolf that you have became close mates with, you realize that you could barely even see him through your teary eyes.

“You know that it only hurts more when you stop pretending. ”, Remus continued on not bothering to move from the staircase that lead to the boys dorm, “So stop pretending that what Pad-I mean Sirius said hurt more than what you are letting on. Go after him and I predict that when you see him it’s going to hit you. Hit you like a muggle bus just crashed into your body breaking your soul into pieces and your heart in shattering glass fragments.”

“W-What are you talking about Remus”, you choked on your sobs trying to make process on what the lad was saying.

“I’m saying that it’s always been you and Sirius. Always. Ever since first year when you hated each other, no matter what you two will always love each other, so I don’t see why you are forcing him away, and him visa versa. But knowing how stubborn the both of you are, I am not telling-I am demanding that you go after Sirius and tell him. Tell him how you are feeling now. Or else I will drag you by your hair to him”, Remus didn’t say another word before storming back up the stairs.

Numbly you moved forward, towards the portrait that would lead you out of the common-room. Once outside the sound of a broken cry filled your ears. Sirius. He was more then crying, he was cursing to no one but himself. There he sat at the top of the moving staircase cursing and cursing to himself, and crying even louder. That’s when it hit you, it hit you harder than a muggle bus crashing into your body. It hit you more painfully than the curico curse. You collapsed down to the cold stone floor, clenching your chest above your heart. The pain was unbearable. Seeing Sirius the way he was puffy eyed, tear stained cheeks, messy destroyed locks of crow black hair, paler skin than the snow falling outside, and the look of death itself shadowing over his handsome face. Your heart was smashed, beaten, crumbled, torn apart, and shattered to the base of your chest like fine china.

“No-please. Please don’t leave me”, you cried broken and torn like your vocal cords yearned for fresh cool liquid, “Please Sirius, you’re the only good thing I have. I can’t-Don’t leave me”

You didn’t know if he could hear you and you sobbed on the hallway floor, it wasn’t until you felt those cold strong arms around your body. engulfing your body in a cold chill. The cold chill you have grown custom to after so many years of hugging, holding hands, colliding in the middle of the hallways, and sneaking kisses at midnight. Moving your body around so you would be able to hold onto the person who was your first kiss, your first love, your first friend, your first enemy, and the first person who you beat the crap out of when they accidently called you a ditzy little girl.

“It’s okay, I’m here. I’m sorry.”, Sirius’s wobbly voice spoke almost like the wind in the summer, soft and almost unnoticeable, “I will never leave you. Never. Just promise you won’t leave me”

His grip grew stronger around your body pulling you closer to him. Crying into his shoulder, all you could do was nod.

“Never, I would never leave you. Never. I love you”, You whispered over and over again. I love you.

You love Sirius the same way how the moon loves the sun, dying each day so the sun can live.

The Tears Are Real (Avengers/Parker x reader)

Request:  Omg requests are open!!! Can you please do one where the avengers pretty much adopted you and have seen you grow up, and help you get ready for your prom? Lots of protectiveness and adult tears. Please throw in our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


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Hello to my new favorite blog!!❤ can you do a how would the rfa+v+saeran would react to a drunk mc? I'm a totally goof ball and get emotional when I'm drunk and made me wonder how they would react. Thank you and have a great day beautiful writer!!!!!!

hello to the anon who just made me really happy!!❤ i’ve honestly never been drunk before (or seen anyone properly drunk, i don’t party or anything even though i’m 18 in a few weeks whoops) so i’m not sure how accurate this is, but i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • He initially wanted to stay sober so he could take care of you, but you convinced him to drink a bit
  • Bad idea
  • We all know he is an emotional drunk as well as a lightweight
  • ?? The two of you cried so much ??
  • Honestly the last time anyone let the two of you drink together (at least that much)


  • Would watch over you like a hawk to make sure no one bothered you
  • Willing to give you a shoulder to cry on, but also pull you away from fights
  • Took you outside to get some fresh air and made you drink lots of water, as he didn’t want you to be hungover
  • Lowkey thought it was hillarious to just imagine that you were acting


  • Acting like your baby sitter the entire night tbh
  • “MC, no, I don’t think you need any more drinks”
  • “Do you hate me? You want to break up with me, right? I fucking knew it!”
  • “No I just want you to stop drinki- c’mon, don’t yell at me”
  • “I-I’m sorry! I love you don’t leave me I can’t live without you”
  • Smh MC stop crying on her shoulder


  • He’s able to hold his alcohol well, so he’s used to being the sober one having to deal with drunk people
  • But not his overly emotional girlfriend who clings to his shoulder
  • Awkwardly pats your back if you start crying over random things
  • “E-Elizabeth is so cute! I love her so much!” 
  • “Yes kitten, she is indeed very pretty”
  • He had no idea what to do tbh


  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, so he would be sober and just mess with you
  • Recorded you crying over stupid things for blackmailing you later
  • Followed you everywhere not only to get footage though, but also to take care of you
  • Saved you from falling down the stairs at least twice


  • Tried his best to comfort you and calm you down
  • “Shh angel. Drink some water, okay? Here you go”
  • Started feeling panicky when you cried more because of that
  • Did he say something wrong?
  • When he realized you were crying because “he was so sweet and caring” he just laughed and decided that it was probably time to put you in bed


  • At first he tried to glare at you to make you stop crying, but it didn’t work so he just got annoyed
  • Like Jumin, awkward pats on the back
  • Seriously he’s so uncomfortable with seeing you cry
  • If you started yelling at him, he would probably get mad/upset and just leave someone else to deal with you


summary: sakura dies giving birth to sarada and sasuke decides he can’t raise this child without her (continuation of this)



sasuke returns a year after he left her, a few weeks after her first birthday. he wonders how she spent it and imagines that she was spoiled by her overly doting grandparents, being pampered with pretty clothes and toys and sweets. he’s not really sure what you’re supposed to do for a one-year-old, but something in the back of his head tells him that his gift should be sufficient.

sarada’s birthday means sakura’s death anniversary and so sasuke waits until he’s no longer drowning in his sorrow to go see the girl.

he has no right to call her his daughter and thinks it’s disgraceful to say he’s doing this for her, so he tells himself that this is for sakura.

he disables the series of traps meant to protect her and judging by their complexity, imagines that it was the hokage who set them up or one of his predecessors. this knowledge pleases him, for no matter how much kizashi and mebuki haruno may love their grandchild, they’re hardly capable of protecting sarada from the kind of people who may seek her out.

sasuke walks up to the crib she sleeps in and is startled to see her staring up at him with curious black eyes. 

does she remember him?

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A Family Divided- Thomas Shelby

Request// Hey could i please request a tommy shelby imagine where it’s at the end of season 3 where his wife also got arrested (when the rest of the shelby fam did in the last episode) and in custody she had a terrible time and she didn’t know a thing bc tommy always shut her out so when she returns all hell breaks lose and tommys at a loss of what to do because he thought he was keeping her safe by not telling her i’m so sorry this is such a long request u can end it as u please

*Guess who’s slowly trying to work her way back into writing? This gal! So I’m gonna try to roll out some of these requests that I’ve let build up within the next week or two. Just please bare with me a little because in the long run, I’d rather have quality over quantity. xoxox*


You all gathered in Tommy’s office, and it was an understatement to say he looked the worse for wear. The last day and a half had been the most distressing for the family in years. Not to mention how the event of the previous day had added more trouble to your marriage to Thomas than you knew how to fix. You moved your usual seat found nearer to Tommy between Michael and Ada, not daring to meet his eye as you thought back to him accusing you of letting the existence of the Faberge Eggs slip.

But let’s be honest, everything had gone to shit quite long ago, hadn’t it? Tommy didn’t talk anymore, to you at least. He had become so secretive within the last year, only opening up about his dealing with the Russians when he had no other choice. You still had to keep yourself from question his dealings with that hussy Tatiana, but that was an argument for later. In front of Tommy sat pounds upon pounds, bundled up in neat packages.

“Before I begin, I need to let you know I made a mistake,” he slowly tried to stand, obviously straining himself. It hurt you to not move to help him, but you knew he’d just push you away. “I made a mistake, and I want to apologize to all of you.” He began to move down the line, passing out pounds as if they were candy, or better yet restitution along with his repentance. It was only when he reached to pass money to Michael that he showed his true anger.

“No, Tommy.” Polly stood up and reached to stop his hand.”

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Unconditional (Underfell shortfic)

This was inspired by @maxladcomics and their amazing Undertale AU comics!! (so far Drink is my fav; the newest update is awesome!!!)

“WHERE DID THAT PATHETIC LAZYBONES GO TO THIS TIME?” the tall, red and black, seemingly pissed off skeleton known as Edge said to himself. He was looking for his brother; the short, red-eyed skeleton known as Red. Edge had looked just about anywhere he thought he’d find his lazy brother, but to no avail. When he’d asked the other skeletons, they all told him his brother was on the couch with Tale Pap. When Edge looked, there he was; his gold-toothed brother on the couch, talking to the classic Papyrus like the others had said. In all honestly, Edge did feel kind of dumb, but they weren’t there when he’d looked the first time, so it wasn’t really his fault. He could hear that the two inside were having a conversation; and thinking it would be funny, Edge decided to stand by an open window to listen to it.

“so this dude walks into a bar..” Red started a joke. “OH NO, NOT ONE OF THESE JOKES.” Classic Pap interrupted him. “no no, this one’s good!” Red exclaimed. “…OH ALRIGHT.” Classic Paps responded. “ok, so, this dude walks into a bar with a slab of cement under his arm. he walks up and says to the bartender ‘i’d like a drink, and one for the road!’“ Red finished his joke, smiling when his bro’s classic version actually laughed a bit. “OKAY, THAT WAS ACTUALLY KIND OF FUNNY.” the classic admitted. Red laughed. “boss would kill me for making a joke like that.” he said. Classic Pap’s smile faded as a silence emerged between the two.

“WOULD HE REALLY?” Classic Pap asked, a saddened expression on his face. Red recognized the worry in his voice.

“no, no, ‘course not!” he assured him. “i mean, boss gives me a lot of shit, but he would never kill me.” he said.

Another silence emerged. Once again it was broken by Classic Pap.

“WHY DOES HE TREAT YOU THAT WAY?” he asked. “i dunno.” Red responded. “he used to be a lot like you when he was younger. then after he became co-captain of the royal guard, his personality completely changed.” he continued. “i ain’t gonna lie, i do miss the old boss.” he finished. “WHY DON’T YOU TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL?” Classic Pap asked him. “he doesn’t listen.” Red responded.

“but…” Red said suddenly.

“BUT WHAT?” Classic Pap asked.

“…despite everything he’s done…everything he said…..despite the fact that he changed and that he may hate me….”

Both Papyruses listened closely.

“despite all of that, he’s my brother, and I still love him.” Red said.

Classic Pap smiled. Edge, on the other hand, was shocked.

Red was right about him always giving him shit and that he changed….

..but the one thing he was wrong about was Edge hating him.

Edge only wanted to make his brother stronger. He really did care for him. Upon hearing those words, Edge actually teared up. Never had he ever heard his brother say anything like that.

Edge walked away from the window before they could hear him cry. He sat on the front steps and cried silently for a bit before Red came out.

“hey boss.”

Edge sighed.


“i heard you walk away from the window.”








“of course, bro.”

Red pulled his little brother into a hug.

“if there’s something you should know, it’s that brotherly love is unconditional. no matter what universe.”

Edge sniffled and laughed a little.


burgandy-rose  asked:

UT/UF/US skells SO works at an animal shelter and comes home with a carrier full of newborn kittens/puppies that need to be fostered! How do the boys react/help out?

//hoo boy. long one. but i do love puppies and/or kittens!! let’s do this B) 


  • He likes puppies/dogs. Thinks they’re amusing and he loves the fact that they always just seem ready to snuggle and play.
  • But he seems to favor the kittens more and they all pile up on top of him. It’s actually kind of weird how much they like him? Lots of catnaps.
  • (Buh dum tisss)
  • Do not expect any help. The most this lazy butt will do is keep the kittens out of your way for a while and sleep with them snuggling up to him.
  • Ok maybe he’ll help feed them (And give them baths and take the pups for walks) but otherwise he just loves giving you a hard time.


  • “MORE DOGS?????”
  • “WAS THAT BONE STEALER WHO STOPS BY ALMOST TWICE A DAY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU???” ( even though he leaves the annoying dog food on the porch everyday)
  • He actually loves the puppies. Will protect them with his life and cuddle them to death.
  • Helps out with every single thing he can. 


  • “the fuck is this?”
  • Tries to act all cool and aloof.
  • A kitten comes up to him and nudges his hand and he doesn’t know what to do.
  • “the fuck you lookin’ at??”
  • He ends up snuggling every single one. They trample him.
  • Upon being caught napping with all of the baby animals: “uh…s’not what it looks like .”
  • Will probably only help with feeding them. He loves giving the kittens milk and watching the puppies scramble to the food bowl. It makes him laugh.
  • Almost cries when you have to give them back but puts on a brave face and only sniffs and wipes his nose angrily.
  • “yeah whatever..don’t even care.”


  • He bends down cautiously to pet it. He’s not sure yet what it could be capable of.
  • “CAN I WEAPONIZE THEM?”   “No…”  “I SEE…”
  • He’s kind of quiet about the whole thing and keeps asking you questions.
  • He’s actually  little afraid to mess up but will do what he can to help…only because you asked though!!
  • He does like how soft their fur feels though.


  • He is ECSTATIC
  • He wants to help with EVERYTHING
  • And he is so excited to play with them oh my gosh.
  • He lets them steal one because he just can’t say no to those little fuzzy faces.


  • uh…babe?
  • They are so tiny he’s honestly afraid of hurting them….
  • He handles them super delicately
  • He’s always sleepy warm (i mean always) and they snuggle into him.
  • He melts, oh my god
  • If you go out of your way to ask him for help he will but he usually just chills and sleeps with the tiny things cuddled on his chest and torso.
  • He loves to give tiny tummy rubs and chuckles at all the little antics they get up to.
Re: taming wolves and cuddling puppies

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+ “Fancy seeing you here, acting like you weren’t expecting me at all.”
+ “I thought you were together.”
+ “I fell in love with you despite the fact that you promised you’d never love me.”

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (feat. Jimin)
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Fuckboy!AU, College!AU)
Words: 1357
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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Why representation matters

The moment you realise each year has been defined by an otp, their ups and downs and you learned so much from it that it changed your life forever:

2013: S.S Endurance
2014: Ellie & Riley | Korrasami
2015: Pricefield
2016: My own life!
2017: Sanvers

I know these ships are all f/f but believe me, each of these has been the reason I could get further into understanding myself.

Lara Croft has been my fave female character when I was a kid and teen; she was the coolest; a tomboy, an adventurer with plenty of skills, making a name for herself without the need of anyone else tagging along. Her relationship with Sam in the reboot was the reason I started feeling that “shit, all these things I’ve felt before - maybe I’ve been lying to myself all this time…maybe I’m not straight at all…but how do you define not caring about people’s genders and falling for the person and personality instead?”

Ellie Williams was further proof girls could be powerful and meaningful on their own. She survives the apocalypse, is a 14 yo badass and she inspired me to always fight for what I felt was right - my calling in life. Even if it didn’t happen in the end! And her story with Riley brought me joy and tears alike, knowing how much they meant for one another but also, how it never made it a big deal of their sexuality because the feelings and subtle gestures were all making their affection for one another clear from the start. Ellie and Lara were also the reason I became an archer.

Korrasami was going hand-in-hand with me accepting my sexuality. I saw these two badass ladies do all these amazing things and ultimately, even after years of waiting, they could let their life start properly and together. Asami didn’t stop caring about Korra when she was broken and needed healing - she gave her time, patience and when Korra felt better, they could start as if they never separated in the first place. It was so inspiring… I cried for days about the ending. It has changed my life for the better forever. I knew that things could sometimes take time, that not all starts were flawless and full of joy and also, that two women together were a force to be reckoned with.

Pricefield saved my life in a way, giving me a fandom and friends to love deeply…man, I’ll never be able to express how much their story, the depth of it all, means to me. It came to define the best part of my life, which by the way started with me wishing to drop out of Uni and almost ending that way too. Their story, love and determination is what had me pushing. For a while, Life is Strange was the only thing but ultimately, it led me to friends so dear and a relationship with a woman so wonderful I’ll never, ever, know how I came to deserve that. I just know it allowed me to take risks and steps toward my own happiness, ultimately the best months of my life, and my coming out to my parents. This ship was also the reason I seriously pushed myself to draw more and become a better human artist!

And now, Sanvers is happening. Supergirl is creating a healthy, realistic relationship between two adult women and their nearest and dearest. It is giving a valid reflection of how people feel in these situations, both Kara and Alex + Maggie alike and my god, I’ve never recognised myself in any series more than I have in this one. I love it more than I can express and I’m just so happy kids get to grow up knowing the values and love that stand as a base for this show.

I’ll be honest: I know that romance and/or being in a relationship isn’t for everyone. I don’t want this post to be gaycentric or anything. What I mean is; representation in media is so, so important! No matter if it touches upon sexuality, mental issues, gender identities, family problems or introduces a variety of dynamic characters of different skin colour, ethnicity and religion or the lack thereof. It’s important to show that everyone is different, that there isn’t a mold that we all need to fit. So many teens get to grow up finding themselves in popular media more and more often - but it’s still far from perfect. However, we are perfect just as we are and we shouldn’t need to feel pressured to be somebody else just because that’s what the world likes to watch on TV.

Tropes are an issue. Lack of variety in shows is another. Ace/aro characters are barely anywhere to be found and neurodivergent people are made to look like some freaky monsters while in reality being just as awesome, important and caring as the neurotypicals - just needing understanding from people who don’t feel or struggle the way they do!

Representation, guys. It matters. Proper representation saves lifes. It gives people hopes when they can’t make their lives better at the point in time. It helps them understand themselves. It educates people about people if done well!

Fucking sprinkle that stuff everywhere, it doesn’t hurt the media - it makes it popular and loved.

And if you read it all - thank you for taking the time

wolfsan11  asked:

Heeey :D Well I promised some asks, but it's not about the Voltron Family au sadly (I will figure out something to ask lol). So about your Voltron PJO AU (which I love a lot, extremely), I've been wondering...who would be Mr. D in this au and would they still mess up everyone's names?

[Voltron PJO AU] Mr. Iverson was the camp director by title, but Coran did all the camp work while he sulked for being punished by his father, Zeus. Everything he drank (wine or not) turned into either water or soda. How was he, the god of wine, supposed to do his godly duties as the god of wine when he, the god of wine, clearly cannot even drink wine. It was utterly ridiculous. Zeus’ cruelty knew no bounds!

Obviously, this affected his mood greatly.

He was walking one of his rare morning walks when he saw the son of Zeus (his half brother, oh gods) and the son of Hades by the docks.

“Shawn!” Iverson shouted. The son of Zeus didn’t even turn around. Rude demigods. They act so high and mighty once they find out they were the son of the most powerful god. “Shawn Mendes!” He tried again, this time a little louder.

The rude half brother of his turned his attention away from the other demigod. The boy looked around confused and saw him and frowned.

“It’s Shiro, Mr. Iverson.”

The other boy turned around and glared. “Does he look like a Mendes? He’s Japanese for god’s sake.” 

Gods. Iverson hated the son of Hades’ guts. Just like his own father in the Underworld, they didn’t care for the rules or for this matter, respect for elder gods.

“I didn’t call for you, Kevin,” Iverson rolled his eyes as he approached them.

“It’s Keith. Keith Kogane. How many times—”

“Does it look like I care?” he brushed him off and turned to Shawn. “You. I need you to stop this disgusting PDA so early in the morning. There are kids in this camp.”

“But we weren’t even—” Shawn defended.

“Yes, you were.”

“We were just talking!” Kevin cried out, clearly not giving shit anymore.

“Talking that could lead to something else. I’ve lived long enough to know all the dirty tricks. And let me tell you, what you’re doing isn’t exactly different from the time I—”

“Whatever, Iverson.” Kevin stood up and dragged the son of Zeus with him, who was somehow trying to contain his huge smile.

“That’s Mister Iverson to you, boy.”

“Does it look like I care?” the son of Hades shot back, mocking him.

“Keith!” the older demigod gasped, scandalized. The younger one just held onto the boy’s hand tighter and shadow traveled away from Iverson.

Iverson rolled his eyes. Demigods these days.

Okay, hear me out:

I have this au where Evan has this huge secret crush on Connor, but it’s the kind of crush where you don’t actually interact with the person, you just stare from afar.
So the story isn’t about Evan trying to get Zoe. The emails are still a thing though, so he can get to know the Murphys and learn more about what Connor was like. Because of this, everyone wouldn’t be as mad as they were in the actual play about Evan lying, because Evan wasn’t doing this to get to Zoe, he genuinely cared about Connor even if he didn’t know him that well and wanted people to care.

- When Evan hears about Connor’s death at school, he’s completely crushed. He cries in the bathroom during lunch and also later on after school.
- There’s a scene before or after “To Break In A Glove” where Evan’s in Connor’s room alone and kind of goes through his stuff a bit. He finds a journal sticking out from between the mattresses. This gives “If I Could Tell Her” a different meaning because all/most of the things he says that Connor said about Zoe, he read in the journal.

((I’ll write more on this later, but here have this sad, gay au))

My Mate

Imagine being Keith alien girlfriend

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: Voltron

Character: Keith

Everything on the planet was testing your patience but mainly the weather and the women. On your planet, it was a lot hotter so this cool weather was not enjoyable for you. Which is why you turned into what the paladins called a weasel and had wrapped around your boyfriend’s neck. The high collar of his jacket kept the warmth in and the coolness out. Keith had told you many time that you should go back to the castle if this was a problem and you had thought about it but the moment one of those girls started to flirt with Keith you were staying put.

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anonymous asked:

sombra, zarya, and dva's reactions to a s/o who is obviously depressed but forces herself to keep going? as a korean person its kinda like this, and i just want a cute gf aah

dude i feel u?? im korean(-american) and i got u


  • Sombra worries about you a lot. She tries to cheer you up sometimes, but sometimes she feels like her worry just makes you pretend to be happier with her. She eventually sits you down and has a talk with you. Babe. It’s really okay if you aren’t happy all the time. But… She takes a breath, rubbing her neck for a moment before looking at you with a serious expression. Don’t pretend for me.
  • She encourages you to tell her whatever’s wrong, or if anything is going to be stressful soon. She wants to be there for you, but she can’t if you don’t tell her. If you’re having a particularly bad day, she’ll sit right beside you and just be around you, sitting, cuddling, napping, whatever you want.
  • She wants you to live with her for a long time. She really loves you and wants to help you in any way she can. She wants to give you a motivation to keep going, instead of you just telling yourself to keep going. She wants to give you back that spark of life.


  • Zarya has a lot of questions. Not at first, however. She notices you’re acting a little strange the first time and asks you if you’re okay. If you say you are, she pretends she’s not worried. She stays awake all night. She talks to you over dinner one night. I’ve noticed you’ve been acting… Strange. She pauses. Not strange, but… I’m getting worried about you. Are you sure you’re okay? She gently touches your hand.
  • She wants to let you know that she’s here if you’d like to talk. She doesn’t want to push you to talk, because she knows you have your privacy. She just wants you to feel safe and comfortable with her. She gives you lots of hugs from behind, her head resting on yours. She often sighs, content.
  • She doesn’t know how to make you happy. She’s nervous. She just wants you to be okay and feel good when it comes to her. She thinks it over for a very long time, trying to figure out the best way to let you know that she likes you very much. She proposes.


  • D.Va notices how you’ve been acting. She’s seen it in so many people around her, and has even had her friends just stop talking with her. They didn’t think she could help at all. She worries that one day you’ll give up on her, too. She just wants to stay with you. She cries, gripping your shirt. I’m sorry if it’s me. Just… Please, talk to me. I don’t want to live with you leaving me because you didn’t think I cared. I… I love you.
  • She tries to learn. She wants to help you. She’s been through something at least similar, and wants to make sure that you’re happy. She gives you a copy of Animal Crossing or something, and tells you to check up on it every day. She tries to cheer you up, so she gets you the best villagers.
  • She spends a lot of time with you, hanging out as much as she can. She also really likes taking lots of naps with you. She likes giving you hugs when you’re sleeping. She wants you to know how much she loves you. She takes you on all the dates you could dream of.
Close Call

Requested by @reddoorandthelemontree ! Enjoy! A ‘prequel’ to my fic Heal: Jon and Dany are fighting wights together when Dany gets attacked. 

Season 8 timeline. 

“Are you sure you want to come?”

 She nods, pulling on her winter coat (it’s borrowed from Sansa; almost all of her winter things are because her clothes from King’s Landing are ill suited for the winter cold). It’s too big on her but she doesn’t complain; they have other things to worry about. “We have to do something, Jon.” She won’t look at him. “I’m coming, Lord Snow. And that’s a promise. I’m not afraid of the wights. And besides, you might need Drogon.”

 You should be frightened, he thinks. He is, even after all this time. But then again she doesn’t know them like he does-she’s never seen a corpse reanimated, or stared into the Night King’s dead eyes and realized she’s facing an enemy more powerful than she could ever hope to become. “Just…be careful. Stay with us. Don’t wander off.”

 She gives him a look. “Do I look like a child to you, Lord Snow?" 

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People I've Lost

I started writing a list of people I’d lost thinking it was gonna be the longest list ever. I only had five names down until it got hard to think. I couldn’t remember anyone else who I had lost. I had just lost so much of myself that I knew I had given to people. I thought I had lost multitudes of people. It turns out, I had just given too much of me to the people who had left. The people I had given the most to are the ones who left me the hardest and the fastest. My “best friends” I’ve lost- I gave them my best and worse stories. So many stupid jokes and puns. Stupid screenshots of stuff I just wanted to remember forever. Anything that made me happy I sent to them hoping to share my joy. The boy who I should’ve dated but never did- I let you into my heart, you were so sneaky. But you did it. I showed you how much I cared. You really did care to. But we never could date, after all, you were in high school and I was only a middle schooler. You never wanted your friends to make fun of you. So you left me and went on to a sophomore who gives you everything I wouldn’t, your friends probably say “you’re the man” but to me you’re just a boy who hurt the girl who would do anything for you. The people who died- You guys left so suddenly without any warning signs all together. I cried for days that turned into weeks. The pieces I lost when you left came back soon after because I realized you wouldn’t want me to be sad. I miss you more than anything, but you’re in a happier place now. The people who changed but are still here- Wow. I miss the old you. But I don’t think there’s any return. I like the new you, you’ve stuck by my side. But the other you would’ve done so much more. Could’ve gone so much farther in life. To all of you- I wouldn’t change losing you. I like where I’m at in life right now. I just wish I could’ve said a proper goodbye. So here it is-
~I love you. The memories were great. It’s time to move on. Meet new people. Fall in love with someone else. I’m doing just fine. I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Goodbye.~

You're Insane: Part 4

“No we don’t need to talk. I know what I fucking saw you psycho!”

“Shut the fuck up before you make a goddamn scene!”

“Oh what? Little REB doesn’t want anyone to know what he is planning?”

The class bell rang and the hallway soon flooded. You felt a familiar strong grip on your wrist but this time it was violent and aggressive. You were again pulled into a nearly empty hallway. You felt so angry, when Eric pulled you aside all you could do was shove him. Over and over you just kept pushing him and throwing pity punches before falling to the ground sobbing.

“Y/n. Please just stop.”

“Me? I should just stop? What’s wrong with you Eric?”

“You need to stop crying before someone starts questioning us.”

“Oh all you care about is if I rat you out. I wouldn’t anyways. I don’t even wanna say your name anymore.”


“And I don’t want you to say my name either.”

“That’s it. Fuck this shit we are going for a fucking drive.”

Eric pulled you on to your feet abd dragged you towards the parking lot doors. You tried your best to resist but you couldn’t stop crying and feeling weak. You spotted Dylan already near Eric’s car and cried a bit harder. You could hear Eric give out a loud audible sigh, you knew he was getting annoyed and will probably snap out you again if you keep it up. But at this point you didn’t care.

You reached the car and Dylan tried to pull you into a hug but you just pushed him away and got into the backseat. Dylan offered to drive while Eric was still trying to tell you to calm down. At this point your tears were dried out and your eyes began to sting. You had a faint headache and Dylan stopped at a store to get you a bottle of water. You grabbed the cold water with warm, shakey hands. Your breathing was still heavy and took very small sips. You felt like crying but you couldn’t.

Eric took this as an opportunity to climb into the backseat and try to talk to you. He pulled you into a hug, you wanted to resist but you just needed any kind of comfort. You felt his arm wrap around you as he cooed into your hair. He kissed your forehead and felt the warmth of his breath. You couldn’t stop shaking.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t. You hate what I’ve become.”

“What’s the fucking difference? It’s still you!”

“It wasn’t always me. You know that.”

You broke free from his hold. You immediately missed the comfort and the warmth but you couldn’t go back. You didn’t want to go back. Not with him. Not this new Eric or this new Dylan. You looked over to the driver seat. You could see how distraught he was. You wanted to ever so slightly rub his arm and make him feel better. The air was so heavy and dense.

“Why Dylan? Why do you want this?”

“I don’t want this y/n. But it needs to happen.”

“Nothing needs to fucking happen.”

Your heart kept sinking further. You felt like throwing up. You rolled down the window and took deep and desperate breaths of air. You felt a hand rub circles into your back. You tried to brush him off but in the end you just let him. You turned slowly to face Eric and grabbed his hand.

“Please we can stop this. It will be okay. We..we can… We can run away. Yeah wouldn’t you like that. Me, you, and Dylan. The 3 amigos?”…please Eric"

He pulled you into a hug. You noticed his breaths deepening. You felt warm drops on top of your head. You knew he was crying. You looked to your right and saw Dylan looking at you through the driver’s mirror. His eyes were red and puffy.

“Please, let’s just go.”

Sweetest of Moments || Ryan Haywood x Reader

Prompt: The kids invade the stream and you finish up work early, only to surprise your lovely husband and the kids. 

Words: 1589

Warnings: You’re waifu Haywood, cute family, no swearings while the kids are around, a bit of some after though, and only fluff, also some sex jokes haha

Author’s Notes: I’m fully aware that Ryan’s actual children are to not be mentioned, and even writing a story including them + another person that isn’t his actual wife + Ryan is disrespectful and rude! 

So, it’s the same number (2) of kids with one older brother and a little sister, but with ‘switched’ names (Elizabeth and Oliver, Ellie and Oli) alongside the terms ‘little man’ and ‘darling’. 

Also, this is inspired by the ‘Ryan the Dad Guy’ series on YT [x

Additionally, some of these references made are from Ryan’s stream on 7/16/17 

Ryan had already begun streaming Thursday night and technically was also supposed to double with bedding the kids to sleep, but merely instructed them to ‘go to bed’ rather than sitting with them and reading a bed time story. It was fine as it was, and at least the kids were aware of how busy he’d be on the occasions of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some other miscellaneous days. 

And of course, as irony would have it, despite you and Ryan working at the same office, you’d stay in a bit late to help out the crew with editing and reviewing the footage to ensure all was perfect and well. 

Tonight, however, the children didn’t want to behave themselves and crashed stream night - bouncing about the room and asking about whatever game their father was playing. 

“Deer!” Ryan pointed out as one jumped across his screen. One of your little children, Oliver, jumped up curiously - bouncing up and down as he looked around the room. 

“Did you say dear? Is Mommy home?” He asked, hands grasping against the sides of Ryan’s chair as he looked to his dad for some confirmation. Ryan chuckled, beginning to correlate some words to explain what happened in the game. 

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A Writers Creed Prompt

Silent Screaming…

Seen but not heard for reasons unknown

Intense eyes looking for someone, anyone

Lowered voice kept inside locked away

Effort unknown, trying to be seen on one is looking

No rhyme or reason to be ignored at every chance

Time goes on, the tension, loneliness, longing builds

Sorrow now shared once a life has gone out

Cries of why was it not seen, what didn’t I do

Rain in the lives left behind of pain, grief, despair

Emotions can’t be contained we feel the loss

All wonder how this is even possible, what a ripple effect

More to know, but no answers to give, they’re gone with them

Internalize the previous messages, how could this be

Nothing prepares you for this form of reality

Gone to soon, a light burned out, who cares we do, we all really do

Let me know what you think on my blog and pass the thought along.

Image: Zoe Silent Scream, Anna Blue by LAG015


Summary: You knew your secret wouldn’t be safe for too long. You had hoped the consequences wouldn’t turn out bad after all the time you knew the British Men of Letters. But you didn’t think about Ketch and his lust to kill.
Requested by @winterladybr

Words: 876

Pairing: Mick Davies x Vampire!Reader

Warnings: Angst, Character Death

A/N: Never let me decide how something like this ends. :P

Living with the British Men of Letters was a dangerous case and you knew it from the second you agreed to Mick offering you to stay with them.

You weren’t exactly the way they had expected you to be. You had a secret. A secret that could cost your life.

But you couldn’t tell them. You couldn’t leave without a good apology and you didn’t have one.

Why you needed a good apology? Because you were Mick Davies’ girlfriend and he wouldn’t just let you go.

He meant the world to you and you meant the world to him. The only problem? You were a vampire.

All this time you had managed to cover it up very well but Mr. Ketch was starting to grow suspicious. After six months of dating Mick and nearly a year of knowing them, you found it to be more and more difficult to cover up your real you.

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