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Pairing: Steve x Reader

Request: (Monster Au) it’s only a little scary but it’s not. Steve turns into a werewolf in front of the reader by accident.

a/n: i now want to write monster au’s for the rest of the team. this was so much fun! if you have any suggestions, send me an ask/request one!

“Steve!” you called out as you ran after him. After a cacophony of ‘excuse me’ and 'sorry’, you stepped out of the sea of people, and ran out the door, the loud music dulling once you stepped outside. You spotted Steve hunched over, holding onto a streetlight as he breathed in and out heavily. “Hey, Cap! Are you okay?”

He looked up at you, and you spotted beads of sweat running down his face. Forcing a smile, he nodded at you. “Yeah, ____. I’m fine. Go back in and enjoy the party.”

He had been acting unusual ever since he got back from a mission a few weeks ago. You always tried to coax him into talking about it, but he’d never open up to you, choosing to carry his problems, despite painting a brave front for the rest of the team. Seeing him in very evident torment was the final straw, and you were determined to find out what was wrong.

You slowed to halt as you came to stand beside him, reaching up to touch his forehead. “You’re burning up. Can you get sick?” You frowned. “Is that even possible?”

He gently took your hand in his much larger one, and lowered it away from his face. “It was hot in there, and I just need fresh air. That’s all.” He squeezed your hand. “Now how about we go back inside before Tony comes out to get us?”

You scoffed. “Do you really think that’s going to work on me?”

He chuckled softly. “No, you’re too smart for that.”

You stared up at him expectantly. “So, will you finally tell me what’s going on with you? Please.”

He sighed and looked around at the empty sidewalk. “Walk with me?”

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Stanley’s Choice (Part 2)

A/N: This is my first ever imagine/fic series, so please don’t hate me if it’s really bad! Also, the Losers are aged up to about 16 years old. 

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader (Romantic, kinda) + Richie Tozier x Reader (Platonic/Romantic-ish)

Warnings: not that i know of???

Summary: After staying friends for 3 years, the Losers’ Club all go to the Homecoming dance together. However, when you arrive, you’re surprised to find someone else with the boy you had been in love with since you were 13.

His hand wrapped around yours as he handed you that tape. How could he just pretend that everything was okay? That what he did - was doing - didn’t break your heart? That you could just pick up where you left - 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. You wanted to look at him, but you couldn’t. The fear of him seeing you cry overcame you, and you just couldn’t. Without saying a word to him, you pulled your hand away shakily, and walked into your house. 

That night, you left your blinds open, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of him in his room, reading, bird watching, things you used to do together through the windows. Maybe you could say what you wanted to then; pour your heart out. But all you saw was the faint glow of his lamp through those dark curtains you hated so much. 

“Y/N! Careful, you almost completely knocked me over!” Patricia said, waking you up from your thoughts. She was headed towards the table, probably going to ask Stan to slow dance with her. To your song. 

“Oh, shit, sorry, I just got a little distracted,” you murmured. Pretty much everyone was on the dance floor except Eddie and Stan. Beverly and Bill were in each other’s arms, Ben and Kay swayed awkwardly to the song, and even  Mike found someone to dance with. You looked for Richie, the one person you thought could save you from this situation, but you found him already sitting next to Eddie, deep into a conversation about something stupid, you were sure. 

Patricia followed your gaze. “You and Richie aren’t going to slow dance together? After all those songs, this is the one you aren’t going to dance to?” 

“Well, yeah,” you chuckled awkwardly. “We’re just friends. Really close friends.” 

“Oh.. Well, I’m trying to bring Stan over so we could dance. If only I could get to him! These people keep getting in the way,” she responded. Strangely, when she said it, you weren’t offended. You were certain if anyone else did, it would feel like a personal attack to you, but Patricia wasn’t that type of person. Maybe that’s why Stan asked her instead of you. “I told him to just meet me when a slow song comes along, since he didn’t want to dance to all those other songs, but you know Stan.” 

Not knowing how to respond, you just nodded. You both pushed through the tons of people standing between you and the table, and when you finally made it, the song ended. At least there was that. They weren’t going to be dancing to your song. 

“Damn it!” Patricia said in frustration. “You should’ve just met me on the dance floor.” 

“Next song, Patty,” Stan replied quietly. “I promise I’ll go for the next one.” 

The next slow song came eventually, and you looked on as Patricia whipped Stan away to the dance floor. You were watching them intently, but unconsciously, until Richie nudged you. “You need something to wipe that nasty ass drool off your chin?” 

“Shit, do you think they noticed?” you said nervously. 

He shook his head. Then made a face that almost looked like he was thinking. “Actually.. I don’t think Patricia noticed. Stan probably did. He notices every fucking thing about you. It’s annoying.” 

“Stop fucking around with me, Rich. I don’t like that shit.” He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but you cut him off. “No. We’re done talking about this.” 

Surprisingly, Richie didn’t argue. Throughout the rest of the dance, you and Richie just sat at your table in silence. 

When it was time to leave, you and Mike were deciding who to give rides to because you had all planned on going to your place, since your parents were gone for the weekend. 

“My car has 8 seats, so I can take 8 people,” you said. You could have technically taken everyone to your house, but Ben told you that he wanted to bring Kay along so the Losers could get to know her. 

“Well, who do you think is riding with you?” Mike asked.

While you and Mike were talking it over, you felt someone tapping your shoulder. When you turned around, you found yourself staring at Stan. “Y/N… I know I didn’t ask you guys ahead of time, but is it okay if Patty comes along too? She says her parents aren’t home and she’s too-” 

“Yeah. Sure. It’s fine,” you said, before turning back around. “Okay, so Bev, Bill, and Richie are riding with me then? Ben, Kay, Eddie, Patty, and Stan can ride with Mike.”

“Y/N, I don’t have enough seats. I only have room for four people in my car,” Mike said. You would have asked Eddie to ride with you, but you felt bad at the fact that Mike would be stuck in the car with couples. While you were trying to come up with what to do, you heard Patricia speak up.

“We’ll ride with you.” 

And so they did. The car ride to your house was filled with awkward tension. You shot Beverly the occasional nervous glance, had short, almost telepathic conversations, before focusing on driving again. When you got to your place, you parked in the driveway, but left just enough space for Mike, who arrived about a minute later. Richie knew where you kept your keys, so naturally, he was the first one in your house, and everyone followed after, leaving you and Beverly outside. 

“I know you like him, but how is this so awkward all of a sudden? I mean, it wasn’t like this yesterday, or last week, or anytime before that. Why is it so bad tonight?” she asked. 

The next morning, you decided you were going to finally tell him what was on your mind right before . You walked over to his house, you knocked, but as soon as he opened the door, you found yourself frozen. It’s as if the words drove you to this deserted island, then left you there stranded. 

“Y/N, hey-”

“Bill says he wants to hang out at the quarry today, do you wanna bike together?” you asked casually. On the way to the quarry, you talked to Stan about anything and everything - except for what you really wanted to talk about. You thought, when HE brings it up, that’s when I’ll say what I need to say, but each time he made an attempt to do so, you would shoot it down. Quickly. That’s how most of your interactions went after that day. The other times he would try to bring it up you would just ignore it. Eventually, he just stopped bringing it up, and you two just acted like nothing ever happened. 

Why were you such a coward? 


highlights of the milwaukee riverside theatre live show:

- clint went on stage and talked about how he made fun of the fonzie statue, and after he left the brothers arrived on stage and they immediately refuted his statement

- every time paul (the tour manager dude) went on stage to fix something or replace a water we’d all cheer for him


- the whole bit about the fifty shades of gray censorship from the idea of literal hands covering the screen to advertisements in place of words like

“i don’t make love. i DORITOS hard.”

- the sharp turn during that one audience question with “what should I name my dog?”

- that one person on the balcony who was called down for questions but got lost to narnia or something

- “i think my partner likes ratatouille more than they like me?”

- griffin trying to be subtle about his injury in minneapolis and justin flat out saying that he fell out of his chair

- that sea of love for that trans man changed me as a person. i ascended to cloud nine with that sea of love


- the fakeout munch squad that travis did and the fact that there were TWO munch squads in ONE EPISODE

- “i didn’t even know you could swear on eBay”

- they tried to do a thing where two people came up to the mic and they would pick one question out of the two but they trashed it after the first try


- travis repeatedly delaying the final yahoo with “and another thing”

- when justin thought that one question asker was suggesting that sawbones was a grift

- the uncountable number of times griffin put his head in his hands during any question

- *about the question concerning where to get a smurf doll with real skin and organs* “support your local stores”

basically the live show was fantastic and i can’t wait until they tour in the midwest again

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I see you're providing advice about certain relationship stuff. I need advice about how you know if you like someone? I never in my life can remember having a hardcore crush or liking someone and I think I have a crush (???) but I don't know. Please help me old wise one (you don't have to answer if you don't want to)

for me, i hit feelings hard and i know right away, but to describe it, its literally lance with his crush on allura. he is the perfect example of having a c r u s h on someone. you get all blushy and shit. you think they’re pretty and cool and you stutter almost every time you say something to/about them. basically you like someone, but you arent sure if you love them yet. (most of the time a crush is just a crush but sometimes stronger feelings can occur. i never had a crush on bec i kinda just knew i loved her so i mean.)

A few cons ago, a destiel-shipping minion named Kristen got called out for lie tweeting at a con to make it appear Jared was talking about Misha when he was actually talking about Jensen. She was at HonCon. Apparently last week, a bunch of them on that side changed their icon pics and twitter names to peanut butter related stuff because one of them got into an argument with someone from our side who said this: 

It had nothing to do with Misha. it was about online wank and fighting among fans. But apparently dear Kristen (who changed her account and yet still cannot get enough of being a disgusting liar) decided to drag it to Jensen and say this: 

First of all, does ANYONE but the most gullible minion idiot really think that Jensen follows or cares about their stupid icons? Second of all, WHY DRAG IT TO JENSEN AND LIE? She even posted the screenshot of the original tweet like it proved that she wasn’t lying when it proved the exact opposite. I just honestly cannot believe how disgusting some of the shippers are on that side. Every time I think they’ve gone as low as they can go, they surprise me by finding new depths to sink to. Congrats for being a lying asshole, Kristen!

anonymous asked:

hi so i am 21 yrs old and after reading things like some of your posts and other articles and things I've started to think that I may be autistic but like I don't know what I should do I'm worried I'm being a hypochondriac and just like. self diagnosing myself with something I don't have, tho I think I experience a lot of the symptoms/traits? and like. how do I go about being diagnosed? should i go about being diagnosed? will it matter? I would like your advice because I really respect you

thank you so much for respecting me, and tho this has happened several times now, i’m still astounded whenever somebody asks me about this sorta thing

first of all, don’t worry that you’re getting it wrong or overthinking things. self-diagnosis is a valid part of being neurodivergent. and also every professional diagnosis STARTS with somebody beforehand being like “i think i might…”

not that every autistic person needs a professional diagnosis to count, of course

anyways, if you feel you relate to the autistic experience, then your wonderings about this are perfectly justified. and in my eyes, you feel you’re autistic? you probably are. and if it turns out you’re not, there’s no bother, okay?

so don’t worry about that

if you want to go professionally diagnosed, go do it. tho if you’re american, i warn you, this is gonna make your life harder. heck even in australia, being autistic comes with certain restrictions. in america it’s worse. especially since doctors cost money over there. so if thats the case, it’s not worth it

i’m australian and i got professionally diagnosed when i was 17. and like, we already knew. i’d read up on autism for years before and i knew it applied to me. soon as i read the wikipedia pages on asperger’s syndrome and autism i was like “uhm holy shit? this is me.” and i delved into the community right away

based on MY experience (so i dunno if this works for everybody) if you wanna be prof diagnosed, you mention it to your GP. you say “i think i’m autistic” (it’s important to say think because doctors like to maintain superiority over patients at all times) and they’ll ask why and you give a few of your reasons why you suspect this. hopefully you’ll be referred to a specialist and you go to them

the people for that are neurologists and psychologists. you go to some appointment with them, they ask you questions for a few hours (and, this is important, you must have a parent or guardian with you when this happens)

and they’re generally friendly and nonpressuring

and eventually you’ll get a phone call or a letter about the results

again, this is what happened to me, it may be different now. and different in other countries. and my tests included brain scans for my own specific reasons

so experiences may vary

so basically if you wanna be prof diagnosed, and it’s safe/practical for you to be, you can look into that. just discuss things with your doctor. also i’d never respond to somebody going “i think i’m autistic” with “yeah just ignore that”

again, being just self-diagnosed is perfectly fine. i promise it’s doing no harm to the autistic community. and prof diagnosis is a privilege not everybody can have, so i’d never be like “NO, you have to be CONFIRMED to be autistic!”

because that way of thinking is bullshit

so, in short

  • do what you want, it’s your brain, your life
  • the more the merrier, we’re happy to have you
  • read up more on the subject and community
  • and good luck

Nightmares // All Time Low

Trigger Warnings: Neglect, Implied Parental Abuse

Genre: Alternative/Indie


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anonymous asked:

I'm Asian and I have noticed that recently there has been more and more Caucasians in my country and honestly as a hijabi every time a Caucasian is nearby I'm always half expecting them to hurl an insult at me? It's kinda sad and I know not all white people are bad but when you hear so much about all the hate crimes they commit..And this is probably exactly what people think of us Muslims when they see the things the media says about us 😕

Not all white people are bad. Its wrong of you to assume that just because they are a white that they will throw abuse at you because you are muslim. In fact, it is usually the ones who travel around the world who are less likely to have bigoted views.

Be kind and courteous to them. Give them good hospitality and show the mannerisms of Islam. Let them see that muslims aren’t what they see and hear about in the media. Speak to them and ask them what they think of your country, it is a huge opportunity for you give dawah and teach them the truth about islam.


Can I request dating poly! Hani and LE?? I need more of this girls, also the comeback was a BOP!!!!

★always think you look sexy  

★don’t even argue about it  

★bc they’ll pin you down  

★and kiss all over you until you agree  

★they love holding hands  

★randomly rest their hands on your rear  

★’can you move your hand?’  

★’i’m not doing anything’  

★’your hand is on my ass’  

★’oh. so it is’

★they’ll keep it there

★there are pictures of you with every filter on snow  

★many of the same filter  

★’we need more of this one!’

★’i’ve already got loads of this one?’

★’but you look so cute with bunny ears!’

★kiss you all the time

★any part of it they can

★matching shirts

★matching mugs

★matching everything

★you’re complimented none stop

★even when they’re not with you

★their number one priority is making you feel good about yourself

★send pictures of eachother when they’re away

★the members love you

★and seeing you interact with the members makes them happy 

★because their baby loves their other babies

★dates are normally on the sofa

★with a movie

★and enough snacks to feed a city

★with your matching pyjamas on 

nsfw from here

★hyojin loves taking nudes

★her sending them to you and heeyeon is what usually starts it

★you’ll both be called to heeyeon

★so she can ‘take care of you’

★she loves fingers

★so you and hyojin will be forced to cum on her fingers before she moves on

★’what do my babies want next?’

★hyojin loves eating you out

★heeyeon loves watching it

★slowly pleasuring herself

★’make them cum, baby. i’ll give you a reward’

★their moans are so cute

★aftercare is just cuddling together

★sharing jokes

★probably taking pictures

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Ugh help me exam week starts tomorrow, I haven't studied for the exams basically at all, and I just feel that I'm gonna fail everything so I'm panicing and trying not to cry every time I think about it? Could I hear something nice from Spock, please?

Spock understands that exams are a stressful time, but he knows that you have done your best in your classes. You may feel unprepared, but you have been learning this whole time. Make sure to get enough sleep and eat breakfast before your exams, if possible. You can handle this.

i don’t know how i truly feel about daryl dixon this season, but i do know carol’s got a memento of his in her pocket somewhere because the characters in this universe love to hold onto tiny objects and bring them out at random times TO PULL ON OUR FUCKING HEARTSTRINGS WHENEVER THEY WANT as if this is something they have with them at all times so shes basically lying down to go to sleep looking at this object to give herself solace every time she catches her rest she probably thinks about him killing squirrels and eating snakes and is just like

cypsiman2  asked:

Alphyne, 28


Alphys opened her eyes and looked up, smiling at Undyne. She was currently resting her head in Undyne’s lap, enjoying the simple act of her gently stroking her head, when Undyne broke the silence with this.

“So?” Alphys echoed.

Undyne smiled down at her, blushing a little. “So, I was thinking. About… us.”

Alphys nodded, suddenly nervous.

“I was thinking,” Undyne repeated, then just took a breath and got it all out. “We’ve been together for a while now, over six months, and I’ve had a wonderful, amazing time. Every single day with you has been wonderful, and I feel like it’s impossible to top what we’ve become.”

Alphys stared at her, suddenly pale, and Undyne blinked; this was not the reaction she’d expected or hoped for.

“O-oh,” Alphys whispered. “I… I under… I understand…”

Undyne frowned. “You really don’t look like you do, Alphy.”

Alphys nodded, looking away. “You… w-want to… qu-quit while we’re ahead.”

Undyne gaped at her, amazed. “Alphy, that’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant!”

Alphys looked back up, looking angry, now. “Don’t mock me, especially over-over something like this!” she cried, sitting up and shifting away from her, keeping her back to her.

“Alphy,” Undyne sighed. She moved up close to her, then hugged her hard from behind. “You nerd. I want to get married.”

Alphys stiffened, her eyes wide. She was about to snarl again, but she heard, in Undyne’s tone, the truth. She looked over her shoulder at her, and Undyne nodded, smiling brightly.

“I love you,” Undyne went on, happy to see that Alphys was listening, at last. “I love you, and I never want to quit. I want to get married, be gross and in love forever, and maybe, uh…” She blushed. “More, if you want…”

Alphys suddenly turned around and tackled her, kissing the very breath from her. She nodded, over and over, between kisses, and Undyne’s eye widened. She pulled away.

“Yes?” she said hopefully. “Yes?!”

“Yes!” Alphys sobbed, laughing in between, before she tackled Undyne again.

It was an excellent answer.

It’s hard to explain but every time I think about Jesus, outside of all the associations, I get this feeling of sparks in my heart and a radiance of joy coming out from my body. A feeling of comfort, hope, and loving submission (not one of force or fear but choice and love). Anyone else get a similar feeling?

Merry Christmas, Jeff Goldblum

I saw a video of Jeff Goldblum today, and it brought back some memories.

When I first watched Jurassic Park in the theatres, my best friend Little Kelly liked to sit on the chair with her legs hanging over the one in front. When the velociraptor jumped up at the open ceiling tile, Kel screamed, pulled her feet back, dumped the popcorn bowl over and almost fell on the floor. I still laugh every time I think about it. :D

When I lived in Hawai'i, all of my friends discovered our birthdays were fairly close together, but some of us were leaving the island because the semester was ending. We decided to have a very large joint birthday party. We went to the grocery store and ordered a cake, but couldn’t decide what to put on it.

Eventually we decided on a Jurassic Park cake and put ‘Merry Christmas Jeff Goldblum’ on it. The cake was partly eaten but mostly sacrificed in a giant food fight in Waikoloa.

I’ll say it again: Merry Christmas, Jeff Goldblum, and thanks for the memories.

anonymous asked:

You and Billy ever go through any rough patches in your relationship?

I think that every couple goes through a tough time or two in the relationship. A lot of issues come out of misunderstanding, so Billy and I make sure to remind ourselves it’s better to talk it out than not at all. 

As far as anything more serious, we try to keep our arguments away from the kids (of course).

About redemption arcs

Since the very beginning and as far as I can remember I’ve always liked the story of the underdog/blacksheep that goes dark because of his/her traumatic past/parents/traumaticevent (you name it).

I have to say that every time I see those stories out there I can’t help but identify with them, because we all have that dark side inside of us. How can you not feel identified with them when we all struggle with that? Every. Single. Day. (And no, I take no shit from the purity police here ok? So don’t you even try. You know you have an ugly side. It’s always there. We ALL have one).

Every day is a chance to spread hate, to create conflict, to make people feel bad…it’s incredibly easy to give into that. But, if you’re strong enough and most importantly you LEARNED that what you do it’s not right, you always have the power to change. And stop. And become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Because in the end what’s so wrong about learning that your ways aren’t right? About turning the darkness down and learn from those who are around you that there’s another way to make all the pain and the suffering go away? What’s so wrong about fighting your demons and make them go away?

I have to say that when it comes to stories, whether they’re all fiction like movies (Star Wars in this case) or real life events, I love those moments of struggle between good vs evil. I love when the girl/boy in conflict face that world shattering event that make them wake up and understand that there’s more to life than inflicting pain, being mean, feeling misunderstood and lost. And once that happen, once their world has been shattered they finally have a chance to see themselves for the first time, for what they could be. They get a new chance to do things right. To follow a different path.

And what is better than having that happening to them because of love?

So what if it happens for love? Maybe it’ll come in the shape of falling in love with someone or for the love of their families or for the love of their friends. In the end love has always the power to change everything. Love wakes you up. Love shatters your world and defies whatever it is that you believe in.

I guess I’m a sucker for redemption arcs. And that will never go away.

Mainly because you see this struggle that we all have, but also because you have a story that is more complex and touching than the regular evil guy vs good guy.

Aw, thanks! I really started to get worried about his lack of napping and difficulty settling after feedings. Kiddo needs to sleep!

Plus, it’s been wearing me out - the tenseness I have listening for every tiny peep (naptime and evenings), scarfing my food, and feeling like I do nothing all day except offer Piglet my body and soul. I think I’ll be a better mom when he’s sleeping better.

Already today I was able to eat my dinner while it was still hot (!!!) and Adam & I relaxed together in the hot tub for the first time since Piglet was born.

I’m committed to getting him napping and sleeping better! My lil nugget.

hhavenh  asked:

Top 3 Antagonists (either actual or forced) that deserve gamer sympathy

1. ZELGIUS: Ok, at the risk of getting super spoiler-y (not that there are many people playing FE9-10 for the first time, but whatever), but his back story absolutely kills me every time I think about it. Even though he made some hard decisions, my heart hurts for him.

2. Lyon: Oh man, Lyon. Poor dude. Lyon is up there as FE characters who had some of the shittiest things happen to them. And yeah, it was his fault, but also, he’s a kid with way too much pressure on him, and kids make mistakes, and normally those mistakes don’t almost end the world. I guess at the end of things, Lyon doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all, and I wish things could’ve turned out differently for him.

3. Lloyd and Linus (/the whole original Black Fang): The fate of the Reed family is something that I will never get over tbh. Good people who got caught up in bad stuff, and paid the consequences. I appreciate that in FE people don’t all magically escape consequences, BUT selfishly I wish you could’ve recruited at least one of the Reed brother.

anonymous asked:

you reblogged that thing about nanowrimo; i've finished twice and the process is basically a) never going outside b) surgically removing your soul and c) having caffeine withdrawal headaches every five minutes because of how much coffee you've drank. in all seriousness tho i would highly recommend doing it someday! the summer program (camp nanowrimo) takes place in june (i think) and i find that one a lot easier bc i have more time. i encourage you to try it! even if you don't finish it's fun :)

Yeah, I’m a lazy procrastinator so I’ll just keep complaining hahah thanks for the heads up though!

anonymous asked:

I've had sex at least a dozen times now but every time it still hurts just as bad and it's not getting better, I think my skin might actually be tearing each time because afterwards it hurts for days and sometimes bleeds. My boyfriend feels really bad about it and tries to help me but nothing seems to work. Help please

Oh honey bunny, That’s no good at all!

I would strongly suggest investing in a silicone based lube. Even if you start out with enough natural lubricant, it can dry out and that counts double for when you’re nervous or worried (which I can imagine is the case if you’ve been repeatedly hurt during a thing that should be causing nothing but joy).

I would also suggest trying out a non-latex condom, as many people have latex allergies that they aren’t aware of, and a mild latex allergy can cause a few days of skin irritation, and general discomfort (I know because I myself have a mild allergy to latex). I personally use Lifestyles Skyn condoms, which are a latex free poly blend, can be found almost everywhere condoms are sold, and feel great.

Finally, if it hurts WHILE you’re having sex, even if your boyfriend is obviously having a good time, please stop having sex at that time. You can take a break and resume later, but don’t keep going because it will just be longer before you can heal properly.

xoxo, Shannon