and this is all i think about every time

  • Belle: Papa, do you think I'm...odd?
  • Maurice: My daughter, odd? Now where would someone get an idea like that?
  • Belle: oh gee Papa
  • Belle: I dunno
  • Belle: Maybe it's the fact that every time I go into town literally the entire fucking village, including the children and the fucking criminals, performs a perfectly synchronized, highly choreographed number about how much they all hate me and think I'm weird
  • Belle: every fucking morning
  • Belle: I just want to get some groceries Papa

#ThankYouBones Week

Day 12: 1 Bones Cast, final THANK YOU

“In our culture, we all search for closure. But closure is an illusion. Science shows us that the universe is constantly in flux. It’s what allows our friendships and our love to constantly surprise us.” 

“Quantum physicists have postulated that the way we experience time is an illusion, that it doesn’t happen in a linear way. That past and present– in reality, there’s no difference.”

Those good times with Bones are happening now. They will always be happening. And we can keep them alive forever. It’s not goodbye. Bones will live on- through the fans, cast & crew, and 246 brilliant, beautiful, incredible, awe-inspiring episodes. Always

Just a quick picture taken outside of the fedex location where I picked up Raka, my new corn.

For some reason literally every time I have received a corn snake that was shipped from the east coat, it had a minor URI upon arrival. Something about shipping to California does not agree with them. This has happened with 4 separate people. I do not for an instant think Raka’s seller shipped me a sick snake. I think the stress of shipping, temperature changes and humidity changes all caused her to be a bit congested. With heat and calm she should clear up in a week or so. If not, it’s off to the vet.

She seems really good tempered so far too, which is nice because sunkissed morphs are known for being shitheads.

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When u start requests again, could u do a hc about the gang going go-carting together??

-Ponyboy thinks this will be a nice, fun time to bond with all the guys and catch up

-ha wRONG

-it’s every man for himself and Dallas Winston has his hands on a cart. He’s got Johnny in the passenger side and is showing off way too much

-“Dal, I’m gonna be sick”

-Darry decides to join in on the fun after some convincing from Soda. They join together and actually turn out to be the best team. Darry doesn’t let Soda drive but that doesn’t stop Soda from shouting which way to turn and when to speed up

-Ponyboy notices that Darry is smiling just the way he used to when their parents were still alive. When Dally rams into them, Darry doesn’t even get angry, but smirks and fires a shot right back

-meaNWHILE Ponyboy is crammed between Steve at the wheel and Two-Bit on the passenger side of their cart. They’re both barking at each other over who should get to drive

-eventually Steve makes a sharp turn and Two-Bit falls out and onto the ground, cursing and spitting but also laughing a lot

-he ends up in Dally and Johnny’s cart. Ponyboy then feels awkward being left alone with Steve, but Steve doesn’t care. He’s still the same old guy, but he explains his plans to try and tip over one of the guys’ carts. Ponyboy tries to help by adjusting his weight when they’re turning and such, which earns a grin from Steve

-in all it’s about as chaotic as you can get and they aren’t allowed back, but it was a perfect experience in everyone’s opinions

I think about Sherlock s4 every time I become nervous about how Black Sails will end. Because I know for a fact that it can’t be worse than an umbrella turning out to be a sword turning out to be a gun turning out to be a non-functioning gun, a secret sister with mind control powers, John’s suddenly non-existing feet and a dog turning out to have been a child all along aka The Final Problem. If the end of Sherlock brought something good with it, it’s this new coping mechanism of mine every time a show/book/movie series is about to end: “Well, at least it can’t be worse than the last episode of Sherlock.”

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every time i read white women's stories about scary men looking at their kids i wonder how many of them are about white men... and how often it's just a black or brown dude trying to shop at IKEA or whatever

seriously. i remember that video where they edited all the white cat calling men out, and think about all the white business men who have literally followed me talking about raping me and the black guys who get framed by racist white women, and it’s so so infuriating.

destroy white supremacy.

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have you ever considered drawing a transman or some sort of transitioned masc character? i am trans and i really love your art and every single time i see it i always think you would be really wonderful at it? sorry if this is strange, the most love <3

I don’t mind it at all!  And I’ve been commissioned in the past to draw plenty of trans characters.  The unfortunate thing is, in erotic art, people who draw trans characters are usually attacked for fetishizing trans people.  I don’t personally have any trans characters, so aside from fanart I’m not sure how to go about not stepping on anyone’s toes.  Maybe I’m a lil paranoid?  I’d love to get some responses to this!

theres something really special about someone who thinks about you all the time and lets you know every time. someone who leaves you messages of links of pictures and videos that remind them of you even when youre not talking. someone who will double or triple or 25-time text you just because they feel like talking to you even if you arent reading. someone who comes up with ideas of things to do together every night and someone who never makes you feel weird about saying no. i miss falling asleep on the phone


So before I sound like an ungrateful little shit:

Thank you so much for displaying the first one on your blog. It still means a lot to me that you did. I was so shocked you liked it enough to show to other people.

But like I will actually die if I have to look at the original one more time, please forgive me. Every time I see it I just think about how much you probably want to replace it but didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

AND LISTEN. My dude, if you do not want to display my art at all that is FINE. That is cool beans 100% okie dokie artichokie. For starters I did the original way before the collective was even a thing, and you MAY in fact wanna put up something more related to Tarek, or! You may just! Not want to show mine at all and that’s completely absolutely fuckin fine like no questions asked no problem!!

But if you do decide to use my art as a banner anyway pls take this one I am begging you my anxiety is killing me

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I feel so...empty. Like I should've accomplished more by now. That what I do every day isn't important enough. I'm really starting to realize my age and that I'm no longer a teenager. I'm so sad, tuaari.

I feel you 100% buddy. honestly best advice I can give is think about what you REALLY wanna do like regardless of money or time and figure out a way to just fucking do it. I know people are gonna attack me for saying that, but god this is your life do what you want with it yeah? you’ve got time love, you can still do all the things

I think about IT baby all the time, all right
IT feels so good IT must be a crime, all right
I wanna do IT baby every day, all right
In a bed, on the stairs, anywhere, all right
I wanna do IT baby all the time, all right
Cuz when we do IT girl, IT’s so divine, all right

I could be guilty 4 my honesty, all right
But I’ve got 2 tell U what U mean 2 me, all right
With U I swear, I’m a maniac, all right
U see IT ain’t no joke, just a natural fact, all right

I wanna do IT baby all the time, all right
Cuz when we do IT girl, IT’s so divine, all right

It - SIgn O the Times

can someone explain to me something because I really /really/ don’t get it lmao. Why do some people tag stuff, like “nsfw” or “gore” for example, but then they put a bunch of these: like, ///// or //-/-/-\/- or /.,.\,/\,./\, ./.\.//\---\ or \\\ idk, u get the picture. And like, it’s not consistent, like each time there’s a different amount/assortment of those dashes. It’s pretty much impossible to keep track of and individually blacklist every single variation that people put. And there’s also the fact that backslashes can’t be blacklisted. So…. if you’re not tagging it so people can blacklist it … and you’re not using a consistent tag so it’s not like it’s for archiving purposes… then why.. tag those… at all… lmao.? I’m just honestly, confused.

weedwitch replied to your post: people are replying to that femfreq/nick robinson…

like if we are going to start calling out men for talking about jacking off then that means every man on earth is problematique let’s be real

its not just about him making a joke about him jacking off though, its about the fact that in that game that girl is the only character in that game (and pretty much the entire frnachise) that is a girl, and spends most of (if not, all) their time in the game trapped inside a crystal for fox to rescue her and sexualizing that is kinda shitty, particularly from someone who works at a website thats supposed to be relatively forward thinking

i dont think this is the most major issue of all time but i do think femfreq are totally in the right to be like ‘hey being openly proud of jacking off to a girl who’s trapped against her will for the whole game she’s in is kind of lame and no not everyone did it like you seem to be implying’

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Every time I scroll past a picture of Adam in the new season of GIRLS, I get all choked up. I am on the verge of crying just thinking about getting to see this huge hunk in 3D on the big screen. My ovaries are bracing themselves.

I mean the ONLY thing that saves me is that he has facial hair in Girls, which I’m not into, so that kind of makes it bearable? For me? 

But omfg when I finally see him in full Kylo beastmode for TLJ….

Yeah. It’s gonna be intense. 

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people seem to think that saying "we don't mean you youre trans so youre still part of the community" after saying ace people dont belong in the community will make it all better because if its not about me i wont get mad. then theyre surprised when i get mad because being aro/ace affects me much more personally than being trans and aphobia feels like a punch in the gut every time i hear it

It went from, “we just mean C*sh*ts” to,“we just me aces” to “we mean everyone who disagrees”. Convenient. 

I agree, I’m hugely inter-sectional with oppression, and they have no right and clue to suggest I don’t know oppression or what effects me.

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Seeing how much Portugal loves cris warms my heart

HONESTLY I’M WITH YOU CAUSE IT TOOK US A DAMN LONG TIME TO GET TO A PLACE WHERE HE’S FINALLY RESPECTED BY THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE AND THAT MAKES ME INDESCRIBABLY HAPPY. The shift was in the Euro. Cris started out bad. Everyone wanted to fucking crucify him LOL (not even an exaggeration). Once he stepped up as the captain and videos like the one of him encouraging Moutinho became public - and once he threw that fucking mic into the river (lmaooo) - i think everyone realized they had lost all rights to criticize him and blame him for anything. Then came the final, he’s the fallen hero who still gets to lift the cup at the end after a painful extra time where the whole country was seeing him behind Fernando Santos and yelling with him - like he was literally the embodiment of every portuguese in that moment. That’s when he truly became THE uncontested leader. And that’s when the love you’re talking about finally showed through. Although I think, when it comes to Madeira it’s a very different story. He’s been loved there since the beginning (i assume, i wouldn’t know). But otherwise… It hasn’t always been like this, quite the contrary actually. 

But anywaaaaays, all of this to say that my heart is very very warm too <3 :’)

I know this is out of the blue

But I thank you all for being here. For the people who have put effort into figuring out my convoluted plot, I love you. For the people who have interacted with me in the past, thank you. I know I am easily distracted and I am often forgetful but I still appreciate your company.

Its random nights like this where I think to myself what a wonderful world, think about all the people I’ve met and the people who have taken the time out of their day to come visit me and even plot with me. I know I am not always accepting of every blog I come across, but I still appreciate you reaching out in the first place.

I also think of just how many skilled people I’ve met, all these reblogs just now were just the tip of the iceberg. IF I WERE TO REBLOG EVERYONE’S ART THEN I WOULD STUCK HERE FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. But nevertheless I just…

You guys are cool, alright? Im glad I gave this gig another shot. I’m happy to be here, even if it seems like Im not always active.

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Why are anons literally bitching about asexuals?? They are literally not harming you in any way??? They just don't wanna fuck. That's fine, we're overpopulated anyways. Sex is an option, not a priority. If it matters that much to you, then how about you just have sex every day then? Asexuality is valid, and people bitching against it need to shut the fuck up, and take a seat, and think about why some people wouldn't want sex.

Lol to be honest.

Some people just have other things to do.

Like i even dont have time for this shit,

Due to art and writing and STUDIES 

Some people take a long time to open to that kind of commitment.

Or just really have no interest in it at all.

Last i checked the world is about to explode full of people and JEE I WONDER WHY people are suggesting other planets and living off air,


Just shut it and get laid, No need to make a hassle.