and this is a crap welcome message

The future is uncertain...

…and I suppose after tonight, the regrouping of the fandom will slowly begin. 

Some of you will continue season 7 and remain in the fandom, like me. Some will watch season 7 but retreat from the online fandom and stay as GA. Some of you will stay in the fandom and continue with metas, gifs and fics.

As I said, I will stay for season 7, for Colin - and as it unfolds we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be unhappy with how they continue the narrative, maybe I won’t. One thing is for sure, loves: I will always first and foremost try to find something to like rather than to dislike. Those of you who know me know that I prefer to “forget” quickly what I don’t like and focus on the positive things. If there is nothing to like about season 7, there will always be Colin and his acting, and I will focus on that.

My dash will contain more Colin than anything else probably, but I’ll also reblog the show in general. I’m open to everything at this point.

That said, of course I’m here for those of you who will want to rant or express worries - I’m good at calming down people.

What I won’t he here for, however, is bashing the show, the storylines, the writers or the new cast members. If you feel the need to express every week how much of a crap the show has become and how they should have ended it after the season 6 finale, then I’m not here for that. I will unfollow you. That is not meant as a judgement, but as a means of keeping my dash a happy place for me, now more than ever.

If you can accept that, you’re more than welcome, and as usual, my ask box and message inbox are always open.

to all the twerps that think they can hurt my feelings by vagueing me: i’ve been on the internet for over 10 years, and i’ve seen some crap that would make you pee you pants crying. i’ve been in at least 34 internet arguments, and have read over 100,000 posts. i’ve trolled and been trolled so many times that i’ve lost count. whenever someone sends me a message calling me a shitlord or a dipshit, i just laugh. so sit down, shut up, and welcome to the real world.

RPing with this dork, Dragos up here. Trying to flesh out his character before I get to his story in the legacy. Apparently he’s a prince and a spoiled rotten brat who thinks he’s the only one who can be right lol 

Peyton…honey, I’m sorry you’ll be stuck dealing with his crap. 

PS: All are welcome to jump in and RP anytime with us. Just shoot me, @simmreaper or @justanothersimsblog a message and we’ll send you a link to the discord chat :p

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but how to do with someone who asks for help on weightloss but then disregards literally everything you tell them to, only to complain later they haven't been able to lose weight?

This is what I told a friend that kept doing the same shit: 

“Look, I’m here to help you but I can’t help you unless you’re helping yourself. So when you’re ready to cut your crap and actually do what I’m telling you to do, I’ll be here, but in the meantime stop wasting my time.” 

And after that I refused to listen to her complaints about her weight. I’d either point out that they aren’t actually trying or I’d just change the subject, because listening to that kind of crap is exhausting. 

By all means, feel free to alter the message so it’s a little kinder, but if a person repeatedly asks for your help only to reject all of your advice, you’re more than welcome to stop helping them. 

Seriously, that person wants to lose weight but hasn’t yet acknowledged that they’re the ones responsible for it. 

They might ask for your help 10000 times, but until they reach that realization there’s really not much you can do, so don’t let them drag you down in the meantime. 

okay but like this isn’t an official i’m back post since there’s a bajillion things i want done with this blog first. but i am not so secretly lurking while i clean things up. 

first i noticed that naturally a lot of people unfollowed me while i was gone – i don’t hold that against anyone btw, i do the same shit. but i think the smart thing to do right now is just to do a massive follower clean up since i’d like to unclutter my dash anyway. 

second, all the aesthetic shit that i want done. redoing my icons, my theme, figuring out my tags again.

and third, wow you guys are just legit so sweet. i’m barely back and i’ve been getting so many messages about it! holy crap nothing like a warm welcome back. legit a big reason why i always loved my experience here in the ASOIAF fandom.

I bet Sam would be devastated if he ever got on a message board and saw half the shit bring spewn about John!

Knowing that 80% of it is based on crap he’s said. 

Sam and his dad butted heads all the time they were together. I think if John had lived, they would have still gone at each other, but they would have listened more and talked things out.

If Sam ever did find a message board, he’d probably get drunk and blame himself.

Markiplites, sincerely…

I really wish there was a way I could give both Mark and you guys a proper ‘thank you’. You Heroes have been so welcoming and friendly, and my heart still swells whenever I read your kind messages and funny tags! I’m so glad you like my silly artwork, and you have no idea how important you make feel! Thank you so much for making my future a little brighter and for helping me making my dreams come true!

Day 22: First Fight and Making up

“Kaa-san, have you ever been mad at tou-san?” Boruto asked with his mouth full of food.

“Boruto, chew your food then ask the question,” Hinata scolded softly.

The Uzumaki chewed quickly before repeating the question.

Hinata locked gazes with Naruto who sat on the other side of the table. They simultaneously shook their heads. “I could never get mad at your tou-san.”

“Really?” asked Himawari, her curious blue eyes shining.

“Hai,” responded Hinata quickly. “Yes, your tou-san has his flaws but I love him even more because of them.” The two love birds blushed but Naruto was smiling widely.

Boruto suddenly grinned. “Tou-san, I have a bet for you.”

Naruto’s blue eyes glistened. “Oh really, buddy?”

Boruto matched his father’s expression. “Here’s the bet, tou-san. Kaa-san is going to give you the silent treatment and you have to endure it till the end of this week.” Hiimawari suddenly giggled.

“Tou-san won’t last that long,” she said with a smile.

Naruto stood up suddenly, his face set with determination. “I take your challenge, little buddy, and I won’t back down because that’s my nindo!”

The Uzumaki children cheered while Naruto nodded his head like he was about to win a battle against a strong opponent. Hinata, however, shook her head with an amused smile. She knew her husband well and one thing that always stood out to her was his need to constantly have her attention or physically touching her. If only Naruto knew that he will lose the bet quicker than he thinks.

1st hour

Naruto’s smile never left his face. He was really confident that he’ll win that bet and he’ll get forty bowls of ramen for free. Oh yes, his little buddy doesn’t know what he’s up against. He glanced around the office and noticed that not even the stacks of papers would dampen his mood. He joyfully stamped away the requests and looked outside the window, taking in the unusual bright, sunny day. It was approaching afternoon and his stomach grumbled at the thought of his wife’s food. She’ll always drop off his lunch around this time before heading out to finish any errands she has left. Her gorgeous face and presence always lifted his spirits when she makes time to personally make him some food and dropping it off here in his office. He momentarily stopped doing his work and eagerly looked at the door. He expanded his senses and smiled when he felt Hinata’s chakra in the building. He heard her soft, quiet steps and before he knew it, she was in front of his door. He was there in a second and slammed it open, startling his beautiful wife.

He nearly drooled when he smelled the food coming from the basket she was carrying. Considering his big diet, he took the basket and kissed her lips. He quickly went back to his desk and opened the top, smiling goofily when scents of ramen and other delicious platters invaded his senses. He glanced up and saw Hinata smiling at him with tender, lovely eyes. He reached her side and kissed her breathlessly.

“Thank you, Hinata-koi,” he whispered against her lips.

She didn’t respond but simply nodded with a small smile on her face.

He cocked an eyebrow and kissed her nose. “Why didn’t you respond with ‘You’re welcome, Naruto-kun?’”

She shook her head and laughed. She made her way around him and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something down and showed him the message.

I can’t talk to you, remember? Silent treatment.

He gaped and tore the paper from her hands.

Silent treatment.

Silent treatment…


He was blinded by his own competiveness that only now he realizes what he actually signed up for. Hinata wasn’t going to talk to him. He’s going to go a week without the sound of her precious voice.


5th hour

He was going crazy. Literally. It hasn’t even been a full day and he already missed the sound of Hinata’s voice. He knew what he took for granted the moment Hinata left smiling out of his office. Maybe she was secretly enjoying the torment? He was currently running back home and the thought that Hinata won’t welcome him with a “Welcome home” greeting made him miss a step but he regained his footings quite quickly.

He opened the door and Himawari was already racing his way. His little girl jumped and his arms were opened for her arrival. She snuggled into his chest and he smiled, kissing her forehead.

“How was Hima-chan’s day?”

“It was great! Kaa-chan took me to visit Neji-oji-san again and then I helped her make dinner!” She flailed her arms at the last part and Naruto couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t wait to try out the food then.”

He jumped when he felt lips against his cheek and he turned around when he saw Hinata giving him a smile. She walked away, however, after a few seconds of intense staring. His heart dropped when he remembered the silent treatment she was giving him and ran after her, Himawari jumping in his arms.

“Hinata,” he whined, “at least tell me something. Anything!” He pouted like a child and Himawari giggled.

“I told you so, tou-san,” she sang before signaling that she wanted to be put down.

Hinata turned around and shook her head, a teasing smile on her lips.

“Hinata, no!” He ran after her and turned her around. “I want to hear your voice, please.” She shook her head and pointed behind him.

Boruto smirked when he saw his father holding his mother’s shoulders, a desperate look on his face. “Do you give up yet?”

Naruto faltered for a moment before he felt his shirt being tugged. He turned around and looked deep into Hinata’s light, lavender eyes. They tendered and she shook her head, a large smile on her face. ‘She has faith in me,’ he thought disbelievingly.

“I won’t give up so easily!” he responded to his son. Hinata clapped her hands and gestured to the dining table.

At least Hinata’s homemade food made him a bit happier.

2nd day

Last night was just terrible. He doesn’t know where Hinata saw that he could complete his son’s challenge. If he knew her as he knows he does, he knew that Hinata knows that he can’t live without her. She is his other half and everything she does keeps him alive and going. Taking away her voice has crippled him greatly and waking up with bags under his eyes because he couldn’t sleep was one sign of him weakening already.

He constantly waited for Hinata to make one, tiny slip but it never came. He always glanced at her direction and stared at her lips that could be directed to him but nothing was ever said to him. He hated every minute of it.

He was currently in his office but he blankly looked at the papers he was supposed to sign. Yesterday his day was going so well, what went wrong? Someone knocked on his door and he snapped out of his musings. He grunted and returned to trying to do some work.

Hinata stepped in and immediately noticed the dark mood her husband was in. She made her way to his desk and placed the basket of food on it. He looked up at her only to look the other way.

“Hey Hinata.” His voice was soulless and she flinched when she took note in the major changes his behavior began to undertake. He had bags under his eyes and he was slumped over his work. He wasn’t even reacting to her food. She didn’t know that she had such control over him.

She parted her lips to respond, a natural reaction for her, but stopped. She knew more than anyone else how big Naruto’s ego gets when he makes a bet. He’s always determined to win the competition and becomes incredibly depressed when he becomes the loser. Should she just end his misery now or wait until he cracks?

She decided to wait it out. There was a little part of her that was curious how long her love would last. She kissed his forehead and waved, leaving him alone once more.

Naruto could only look at the love of his life as she left without a single word.

The silent treatment is a horrible, horrible thing.

2nd day: 6:00 p.m.

“I can’t take it!” He slammed his hands on the table and everyone looked at him. He pointed at a smiling Boruto and said, “You’ll get those forty free ramen bowls, little buddy, and a little something extra.” He had this gleam in his blue eyes that made Boruto shivered. ‘This is what I get for making tou-san suffer.’

His eyes locked with Hinata and that smile she missed for the past two days appeared. “You can finally talk now. No more silent treatment.”

He leaped over the table and kissed her lips, snuggling closer to her. He ignored the protesting of his son and the giggling of his daughter and instead focused on Hinata who was smiling widely.

“No more silent treatment then, Naruto-kun.”

He whooped loudly and kept her going in converstaions. He really did miss her voice.

Strex takes over Desert Bluffs: okay

Strex has bloody radio station: okay

Strex takes over Night Vale: crap but okay

Strex threatens Carlos: okay

Strex has sponsorship messages: okay

Strex takes Cecil’s leg off: wHAT





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About the Merlin thing...I just wanted to point out that in the Pottermore welcome message to Slytherin house, it mentions that Merlin was in fact a Slytherin so he had to have gone to Hogwarts in JKR's world, despite how the timelines don't really work in reality.

Well double damn!

plus Jo always said she was crap at dates, she probably didn’t even consider them

Hello, Everyone! Welcome To script-a-world

Seeing all of these awesome scriptfamily blogs has inspired me, so I seek to fill another niche with one of my own! 

I am the blog you come to with outside-of-this-world logistics questions. Ask me:

* If you have a fantasy or sci-fi world with a few established rules and you’re bending your brain trying to incorporate something that seems to conflict.

* If you are trying to figure out some rules for your world.

* If you want a “plausibility check” on something you’ve made

* If you’re a bit stuck on worldbuilding and want a bit of a push to help decide what to develop next. 

* Hopefully you get the idea! 

That being said, I cannot solve any of your problems for you. I offer a wall to bounce ideas off of, and will help you find the right questions to ask in order to figure out where you want to go. Most of what you can get from this blog will be opinion, and it will likely be vague. I hope that I can get someone unstuck from a conundrum or dilemma, but please be gentle with your expectations. You are the only one who can decide how to build your world. I’m just here to nudge you in the right directions. 

Who the heck am I? I’m just a college student in my senior year, working towards a sociology/geography degree but with few qualifications. I feel that I am capable of running this blog because I have been creating stories ever since I can remember, and writing for years and years. I frequently create large, complex, crazy fantasy worlds with lots of things going on, and I absolutely insist on making my worlds make as much sense as possible, and stick to internal consistency like glue. I have years of experience in thinking through these kinds of problems, and almost as much experience in helping my friends think through their world problems. 

But! I would love to have cohorts! I’m just one person with one point of view, and ideally, I think that this blog should be run by multiple people, so that askers can get more than one point of view. Logistically, I’m a college student, and I frequently find myself short on time. As I’m writing this, fall semester just ended and I have loads of time on my hands, but this won’t always be the case. If you are interested in becoming part of this blog, please send me a private message and talk about why you feel that you would be a good addition. 

How to ask for help:

You can always use the ask box! However, I realize that asks’ character limit might be woefully inadequate for the kinds of questions this blog is bound to get. I strongly encourage you to ask as a Submission If your question doesn’t fit in the ask box. If you’d rather I not post your question, you may send it as a private message, but messages won’t get priority, and I would rather post answers because they might help someone else! I can always take text from a message and post it anonymously, if that option appeals to you. 

A big thank you to everyone who made it to the end of this long post! 

@scriptmedic @scriptlawyer @scriptecology @scriptphysicist @forenscripts Holy crap another one appeared AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST! Welcome @scriptsoldier !

The tutor - Nash fanfic Part 11

I woke up the next day glad it was Friday. Today was Nash’s French test, and I don’t know why, but I was kinda nervous. How stupid is that, I shouldn’t care about him at all.

My aunt was coming to visit today. She wanted to be here early tomorrow since she invited John over, so she decided to stay the night. I don’t know when she was coming but I was hoping while I was at school. Whenever I got home from school and she was there, she had always made something delicious to eat. Cookies, cake, anything really.

I wanted to be a bit daring today so I got dressed in a cute floral dress, a cardigan and a pair of black converse. Converse are the best type of shoes ever! I’ve got like ten pairs, so I had a lot to choose between. I braided my hair in a side braid and topped it off with a little bow and put my sunglasses on. I grabbed my bag and walked out with a croissant in my hand.

My make-up was natural. My bruise was covered up so nobody would ask. And with ‘nobody’ I mean the teachers, since they might be the only ones who care a tiny bit. I had a bit of mascara on and some blusher.

As I walked to school a car drove past me and I heard whistling in my direction. I smiled to myself. No one has ever done that before. I admit I kinda liked it. I was so used to getting negative attention, but this time I at least felt like it was positive.

When I opened the door, I saw a few of the girls giving me ugly glares. I already regretting putting this outfit on. My legs probably looked terrible and gross.

Looking up again I noticed that nobody was staring at me anymore. I felt relieved. I realized now that it was better that no one cared, than everyone cared in the wrong way.

I looked to my right and saw them. Even Nash. After that talk we had yesterday. I guess he really was two faced. They made their way over and was now standing by my locker.

“What do you want?” My eyes met Nash’s but I quickly looked away.

“We just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely terrible in that dress.” I felt a knot in my stomach and I wanted to throw up.

“And your face doesn’t really make it any better to be honest.” I turned to my locker pretending not to care, when I really was hiding my tears.

“Stop.” Nash’s familiar voice spoke.

“What the frick are you doing Nash?” It was like John was reading my mind.

“Just stop, okay?”

“What? Are you just going to defend her all of a sudden?” Luke said laughing.

“No! Just.. Just stop it!” He said before pulling them both away from my locker. I was shocked. Maybe not so two faced anymore, huh. Nash looked back at me, and I forced a tiny smile at him.

I walked into my maths class I tiny bit late. The only open seat was next to Nash. This could be interesting. I sat down and got my books out.

“You’re late young lady.” Our teacher said as he pulled his glasses further out on his nose tip. I didn’t respond.

“Hi.” Nash’s voice ringed in my ear. I just faked a smile, not even looking up at him. I didn’t want to talk to him at all, so I figured it was best to ignore him.

“What? Not even a thank you?” He chuckled a little before he realized I didn’t even smile at his 'funny’ comment.

“Thanks.” I said coldly, before focusing on my work again.

“You’re welcome.” He said with the same cold tone.

As soon as the class was over I rushed out of the room, trying my best to avoid him. I looked at my phone and saw that I had a message from my aunt. It said that she was at my home now. I smiled, but then remembered it was Friday. I had practise today. Crap.

I texted my coach and said that I wasn’t coming today. Before I sent it, I started thinking. Did I really want to play football at all? Was it funny? No and no. I hated football. My dad was the one who pushed me into it. And since he was in a coma, I could do whatever I wanted. I deleted the text and instead I wrote that I was quitting for good. Just a few minutes later, my phone started ringing.


“(Y/N)? This is coach Tim.”

“Yeah, hi.”
“Hi! Um, about that text, why?”

“I just don’t want to play anymore.”

“On our team, we don’t want any quitters.” His voice was harsh.

“I know, that’s why I’m quitting, so you wont have any.” He sighed before responding.

“Well, I hope you know what you are doing, cause you are one of our best players.” I smiled a bit from that comment.

“I know what I’m doing. And thanks.” We said goodbye and hung up. Well that was something.

My next class was English and I had a presentation. I had to stand in front of the whole class talking about a movie. I had chosen Frozen. It was my favourite movie of all time. I know I know, it sounds childish. But I liked it because it was the first disney movie where you were told that you have to be your own hero, and no one needs a man to take care of them.

In real life, I was super shy and hated being around a lot of people, but in school, I had no problem standing in front of my whole class and talk. I don’t know why, but I was glad it was like that. It would have sucked if I hated talking in front of my class as much as I hate being in crowded places.

It was my turn. I talked about how the whole movie was based on Norway and Norwegian culture, the effects that were used and why I liked it.

After everyone was done, our teacher took us out one by one and told us our grades. Since I was the third one to hold the presentation, I was the third one to get my grade. The first girl came out with a frown on her face. The boy who was next came out smiling widely. Now it was me. I walked in and saw my teacher sitting on a chair.

“Have a seat.” He said gesturing me to the seat in front of him. I sat down nervous to hear my result.

“You got the highest grade today. A.” He said smiling. I nodded and smiled before walking out. That went surprisingly well.

We were allowed to leave as soon as we had gotten our grade, so of course I left. That was the last period, so I could go home. I walked out of school as I heard someone yelling my name. I recognised the voice. I started walking faster, but I soon felt a hand gripping my wrist. He turned me around and pushed me against a tree. I looked into his eye as he came closer. Our noses were touching. His lips brushed against mine.

What was he doing?

You are beautiful Swan Queen Fandom

Thank you Swan Queen fandom.

I’ve been following this fandom for almost 3 years now and i found it time to post this appreciation message.

I first joined this fandom because i loved the potential of the story. It reminded me of a happier time in my youth where i lived with my best friend and his 2 moms for 2 years. I saw the pilot episode of ouat almost 4 years ago and i was immediately sold on SwanQueen and the Swan Mills family.  
So 3 years ago i took to tumblr/twitter just to relax, lurk around and have a good time reading fanfics, seeing artwork and gifsets of a favorite subject of mine.

When I learned more about the different issues within the ouat fandom i decided to become more ‘active’ on tumblr and twitter. In a few months my blog will be a year old, and i gotta say, even with the almost weekly fandom meltdowns it has still been a great year.

As a straight white cis female in my 30’s, aside from some bullying in my youth (who hasn’t been) because of who i associated/was friends with, i haven’t really had to deal with any of the inequality and hate on a large scale that is a daily reality for a lot of people in this fandom. This year has been a journey and eye opener, from making a few connections within the fandom through getting my first anon hate messages because of what i 'ship’.

I know Swen gets a lot of crap daily, but i just wanted to say thank you! It has been a learning experience for me so far on a lot of different issues (ingrained heteronormativity/misogyny/rape culture to name just a few), which nobody is ever too tired to explain, even if it’s painful and hits too close to home. Almost everyone i have encountered online has been welcoming. Swen in general is just such a patient, intelligent, sassy/snarky and loving community. The meta’s and artworks/fanfics etc from this fandom are out of this world. And you all should be proud of what you have created with each other. Let nobody, especially the narrow minded people, bring you down, because you are all beautiful and deserve to see yourself represented in a story as beautiful as Swan Queen already is and can be, because fairytales should be for everyone.

My dash is dying again 8D

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Mutuals are also granted permission to ask for my skype if u wanna pm me cuz tumblr’s message system is crap, so thank you for reading!


Fyi, if you send me patronizing messages like this, I’m blocking you. If you reblog my posts with patronizing or passive aggressive crap, I’m blocking you. I am not letting this blog descend into drama. 

If you don’t like things I post, you’re more than welcome to come to me with well thought out arguments. I’m more than happy to have discussions. But when you come to me from a place of patronizing and passive aggressive bullshit, and you don’t even have the guts to come off anon? Go fuck yourself with a cactus. 

I’ve explained myself on this subject numerous times. From now on I will not answer questions related to this because people can’t bring themselves to not be idiots about it. “Oh, but I’m offended!!!!” That’s nice. Good for you. So what? I won’t be explaining this more than once any longer. If you ask, I will link you. If you try to start a fight about it, I will block you. The end. 

If you’re going to come at me with logical arguments, and you want to discuss something, I’m more than happy to respond. But don’t accuse me of aromantic erasure or other fucking fallacious bullshit just because the conclusions I have come to after a lot of hours of research and hard work don’t match your preconceived notions. 

At the end of the day, this is building upon the canon that Bioware has given us, which is precious little. My work, especially on the end of the culture, is educated head-canon. If you don’t like it, nobody is forcing you to accept it. If you really dislike what I’ve done, and refuse to actually discuss it with me without descending into patronizing diatribes, then the unfollow button is right there. My followers are here for project elvhen, not project watch mark bicker with people who disagree with him.