and this hat goes perfect with the outfit

Throughout Legally Blonde, Elle is called “a Marilyn, not a Jackie” the reference being to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.
Then, in Legally Blonde 2, Elle has a scene where she’s picking her outfit for her first day of work on Capital Hill. She goes through her wardrobe and compares them to other famous women in politics. She finally settles on the outfit that’s “too perfect for words.”
In the next scene, when she is walking up the steps, she is in her classic pink but is also wearing a pillbox hat, pink suit, and white gloves, all signatures of Jackie Kennedy.
This is the perfect parallel to Legally Blonde one, but also serves as the signal to the audience that Elle has combined the two figures. She is saying that she isn’t Marilyn INSTEAD OF Jackie, she is Marilyn AND Jackie. The two are not mutually exclusive.


(The artwork above is not mine, it is an edited version of another artist)

Ok so Fauxteen ( / and his Drag Race/Steven Universe crossover got me feeling all sorts of ways. Go check out his other work and support it because it’s all incredible!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a RuPaul’s Drag Race superhero crossover team ala Justice League, X Men, Sailor Moon etc. and his Steven Universe crossover is the best thing I’ve seen that comes close to that. (Other than Fire Crotch and Melanina henny.) So I decided to come up with a concept for a Drag Race super hero team, and use his artwork as a concept piece.        

For the design of the team, I wanted the queens to be unified with a similar texture but each have their own signature color and aesthetic. I took the standard colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & pink) and added a few others (turquoise, brown, black & white) to round the number to 11.

Each Queens Assigned Color:

Bebe - Brown
If you google image search Bebe, or go to her website, she is always wearing brown and is always in some sort of animal print, and these two go great together. Her iconic Cameroon look was cleary the inspiration for her outfit in the piece. The color brown also has a great animalistic quality to it which goes hand in hand with her brand. (The outfit seems to be inspired by her Cameroon look)

Tyra - White
When I think of Tyra, I think of her in her iconic wedding dress which initially had me place her with white. What I love is that white represents light, hope and purity amongst many things, which is why it’s the color worn by brides and angels. It’s ironic to put Tyra in white, almost in the same way she calls herself “America’s Sweetheart.” It gives me life thinking of her in a pristine angelic outfit knowing the attitude she has. <3 #jump #twice (The outfit seems to be based on her Season 2 promo picture, but as well, the wedding dress which had the same shape)

Raja - Blue
Not necessarily inspired by a look, but when I think of Season 3, I always think of the color blue because of the promo trailers for the season. I’ve naturally associated that with Raja, and the color fits her very well. It’s sleek, cool and royal which matches Raja’s qualities. When it’s right, it’s right. (The outfit seems to be based on her entrance look, wearing the cyclops hat)

Sharon - Green
Green’s hard to pull off and Sharon can pull off anything. I’m instantly reminded of her pride boat look, as well as her crowning look when she wore green. It’s also the color associated with witches which fits her brand very well. (The outfit seems to be a combination of her Season 4 promo look, as well as her crowning look)

Chad - Pink
Chad’s the closest a winner has come to being a Barbie girl. She was often critiqued for being too perfect, too pretty, and too polished. Pink goes well with Chad’s princess aesthetic, being a showgirl, and having the bubbly personality she does. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS1 promo look, as well as yellow bang cut wig she wore in Season 4)

Jinkx - Orange
I always think of orange with Jinkx mostly because of her hair. Many outfits come to mind as well including her Season 5 crowning look, and her Season 8 reunion look. Something about the warmth of orange and the cookiness of it matches Jinkx and her broadway aesthetic very well. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Episode 1 Hollywood look)

Bianca - Black
Bianca is one that could’ve been many colors, such as red or purple, but I decided to go with black. She is known for claiming she has a black heart, as her forte is reading people and throwing shade. She is known for being “evil,” and the color black is associated with darkness. However similar to Tyra, having Bianca in black is ironic for we know that she actually has one of the biggest hearts. It’s fun seeing her look so evil when you know she’s the opposite. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Season 7 reunion look, and her wig from the Season 6 black & white runway)

Violet - Purple
Need I say more? Her name and essence matches the color perfectly! The femininity of pink but so much edgier.(Her outfit seems to be inspired be her Death Becomes Her look)

Bob - Yellow
From Bob’s logo, to her crowning look, to many of her photoshoots, Bob always seems to wear yellow and the color seems to match her very well, more so than any other winner. It’s very bright and sunny, and since Bob is all about making people laugh and stealing the show, she really is always the brightest one in the room. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Book Ball look)

Alaska - Turquoise
Alaska’s like Sleeping Beauty, she’s either very blue or pink to me. For this design, I decided to go for a turquoise color. This matches her new association with snakes very well. It also fits with the original concept behind Alaska, in which her character is an alien from the planet Glamtron. Not to mention the color turquoise is very arctic (as in the state of Alaska which I often forget to associate with her.) She was probably the most versatile to pick a color, but I think turquoise is a right choice. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS2 promo look, and her wig being classic Alaska)

Sasha - Red
The bitch is always in red, and so many of her outfits have splashes of red to them. As well, after her performance to So Emotional with the rose petals, the color red fits her even better now. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her entrance look which no tea, no shade has the same silhouette of many other outfits of hers. The wig is obviously from So Emotional)

For their actual powers, I only began to brainstorm but wasn’t having that much luck. Maybe Bebe can turn into a jungle cat, and Jinkx can put people to sleep with her singing (Hey Jigglypuff! I just saw Jigglypuff girl!) or maybe she can control the weather (“monsoon”). If you have any ideas let me know!

Also I’d love to here your ideas on a backstory, why they all fight together and how they got their powers, as well as what Ru’s position is in all of this.

I tried to think of one and came up with a rough draft below that needs a lot of work.

I’d love to see other ideas or concepts behind something like this.



Long ago… before time as we know it… the world was made up entirely of the Gods. We know the famous ones, there was Zeus the king and god of thunder, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, Poseidon the god of the sea, Ares the god of war, Hades the god of the underworld and so on and so on. But there was one god that seemed to escape the history books, and that god was known as… RuPaul! She was the god/goddess of one of the most powerful forces in the universe… queerness! (YAS GAWD!) She spread her eternal message of loving thine self before loving someone else and was easily the most fabulous god and one of the most powerful. Everybody loved her and looked to her for direction in the most troubling of times. Ru was in fact the god who invented colour and the rainbow itself. Many of the Gods had items that sourced their powers; Zeus had his lightning bolts, Poseidon had his trident, etc. RuPaul however carried the source of her powers upon her head in a luxurious crown. The crown was bejewelled with several gemstones along the surface, each gemstone a different color with a different power and meaning behind it. There are many stories from the ancient days about the goddess RuPaul, but those are for another time.

As the world began to evolve more and more throughout time, the gods naturally faded away and became one with the world…

When the world was in it’s 20th century, it was not in a progressive era that it should’ve been and was in need of some saving. In early 1960, a woman by the name of Ernestine became pregnant with a child. One day, a strange physic woman came to her and told her that her child was the incarnation of a legendary god, and that she was to name the child RuPaul. By the end of the year, Ernestine gave birth to the child, and as instructed, named him RuPaul. Ru began to grow up in the world without knowing who he truly was.

Then one day as he walking home, a young Ru walked past an old antique shop he had never seen before, and decided to go inside. The shop was filled with many wondrous things, and no one was in there except a mysterious woman who seemed to own the shop. Ru took a look around, and eventually came across a dazzling crown with various coloured jewels along the surface. It was like something out of a dream and he just had to have it! So Ru took the crown to the the front of the store and began to search his pockets for some money. The woman behind the counter just smiled at him and said “take this one on me.” Ru was so grateful, and just before he left the woman asked him for one more thing. She said she had one too many records in the store and asked him to take one off of her hands. She then gave him his very first record, a record containing the music of Diana Ross. With much appreciation for the gifts from the stranger, Ru left the store. That night at home, Ru was dancing around his room wearing the crown he got earlier, and truly feeling his fantasy. He decided to then play his new Diana Ross record. The music began, and as soon as she started singing, Ru’s crown lit up and all the powers within Ru were awakened. As time went on, Ru slowly began to learn who he really was, and what powers he possessed.

Around the time of the late 70’s, Ru went out in the world and began working as a female vigilante, using her powers to defeat crime against crime. She wore a fabulous iridescent costume and quickly gained public attention, making a name for herself. She met the likes of a woman named Michelle Visage who became Ru’s sidekick and trusted advisor. As well, she often worked alongside another vigilante by the name of Lady Bunny, who became Ru’s partner. Adventure after adventure, Ru sashayed and shantayed her way to victory in every battle. She saw many beauties of the world, as well as much of its darkness. Then, Ru made the biggest mistake any god could make… she fell in love. His name was Georges, and he was a farmer boy Ru met one night on the dance floor. Other than Michelle and Lady Bunny, he was the only one who knew Ru’s true identity.

One day, a new villain emerged on the scene. This villain however, was no ordinary foe Ru had faced in the past. He went by the name of Lord Padmunt and he possessed a tremendous amount of power, as well as led a powerful army of minions. The only one who could stop him was RuPaul, but Georges told her to be careful for she didn’t know the strength of his power. Lord Padmunt and Ru were great rivals who battled many battles for quite some time. With the powers of a god, Lord Padmunt could never defeat Ru. But then one day, he discovered her secret lover. He captured Georges as his prisoner and told Ru to surrender her powers, or the man she loved would die in front of her eyes. This wasn’t going to stop Ru who was determined to defeat Lord Padmunt. She managed to defeat him and banished him away, but in a terrible battle that severely injured both herself and Georges. Ru had a wide slash alongside her leg while Georges suffered a blow to the head. Georges was so severely hurt, that he was to remain in a coma for the rest of his life. Ru felt a tremendous amount of guilt on what had happened. As a god, she could easily heal herself of her injuries, but she didn’t have the abilities to heal Georges. Out of her love and respect to him, Ru surrendered her powers so that she could live the rest of her life as a mortal and have to endure the same pain inflicted upon Georges. With no powers, Ru swore to never fight another day in her life. Without her love, she went into a dark place and hid herself from the world, living in secrecy. The only two who knew of her whereabouts were Michelle and Bunny. The world believed Ru had died. And as their beloved hero was now gone, the people of the world strived to make it a better place in her honour and legacy. For some time, they actually did, and the world became a peaceful and more progressive place. But as we know, nothing last forever…

Much time had passed, and it was now the year 2008. The world was in happy place as Obama was just elected president. Ru watched the outside world through her television and was at peace in the direction things were headed, while knowing there was still more work the people of the world had to learn and do for themselves. However one day she was visited by her friend and former associate Michelle, who had come to deliver some news to Ru. Michelle had heard word of mouth through the grape vine, that a billionaire was trying to climb the ladder of the world to reach a more successful place. His name? Donald Trump. Michelle told Ru that this Trump character had plans to run for presidency and to hopefully become the successor to Obama. Although unqualified, Trump seemed to have a plan that would lead him to office without fail. Michelle would never bring news like this to Ru nowadays but she knew that this time it was important. She showed Ru a picture of Trump, and as soon as Ru glanced at his face, in an instant Ru recognized the smirk on Trump’s face and the gleam in his eyes. As a master of Scrabble, Ru also recognized that his name was an anagram of a name Ru once knew very well… Lord Padmunt. If he could manage to make his way to the highest position in the world, then there was no telling what danger lay ahead. Since Ru gave up his powers so he could grow old and live a mortal life in honour of Georges, he had previously vowed to never fight again, and he still vowed to honour that promise. But he knew something had to be done about this.

Ru went to a room in his lair with the highest amount of security, a room he hadn’t been to in years. In this room was his legendary crown. Ru took his crown and removed each of the eleven gemstones that were on its surface. Ru knew that by the end of 2016 to early 2017, Trump would become president. In this time, Ru knew he had to search far and wide to find eleven chosen ones who possessed enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as Ru did to follow in his footsteps. He would give each individual a gemstone which contained a fraction of Ru’s powers. These would give the chosen ones many wondrous powers like the ones Ru once possessed. Michelle was worried about finding people qualified, but Ru assured her they were already out there. For as she had been reincarnated, so had all of her powers. With the help of Michelle Visage, Ru began his search…

[This is one method, where the queens are regular men who obtain super powers rather than pre-existing super beings who form a team]

In 2009, Ru came across Nea Marshall Kudi, a prince of his people in Cameroon who came to America and began working with wildlife and the UN. Ru found him to be the chosen one of his first gemstone, the golden brown sphalerite. This gave Nea the ability to transform into warrior, Bebe Zahara Benet. The world had a new hero and the first of her kind.

In 2010, Ru found James Ross, a runaway groom who was trying to escape his past and provide a better life for his young child. He worked his way through life by going to school during the day, while stripping at night. Ru gave him his second gemstone, the white diamond, and this gave James the ability to transform into warrior, Tyra Sanchez. While still having their own adventures, Bebe and Tyra also began to work as a team.

In 2011, Ru discovered Sutan Amrull. He was a creative makeup artist and photographer, who was highly spiritual. Ru gave him the blue sapphire which turned Sutan into the warrior, Raja Gemini. The team was now a trio.

In 2012, Ru found Aaron Coady, a club goer heavily involved in the punk rock scene, always getting into trouble, who often experimented with witch craft. Ru found him to be the chosen one to receiving the green emerald, which gave Aaron the ability to turn into Sharon Needles. Sharon joined the group as its fourth member.

Later that year, Obama was already leading into his second term, and Ru and Michelle knew they had work harder to finding successors to Ru’s powers before the end of Obama’s second term. They came across Chad Michaels, a former pageant winner, and current Vegas performer who possessed all the qualities in receiving the pink rose quartz. Chad Michaels now possessed the abilities to turn into super hero, Brigitte Love. However, in a bizarre plan that ended up working, Chad still referred to herself as Chad Michaels in hopes of using reverse psychology to protect her identity.

In 2013, the team came across Jerick Hoffer, a struggling Broadway actor who was best suited for the role of Ru’s next gemstone, the orange spessartine, which gave Jerick the abilities to transform into Jinkx Monsoon.

In 2014, Ru and Michelle began to keep a watchful eye on Roy Haylock, CEO of a successful company that catered to literature and reading. As the bad bitch in charge, she was the chosen one to receive the powers of the black gemstone, the schorl, giving Roy the great power of turning into warrior, Bianca Del Rio.

In 2015, the world was fascinated with its latest “It Boy” in fashion. A youngster by the name of Jason Dardo. Ru realized that this young model was in fact the chosen one to receive the powers of the purple amethyst, transforming Jason into vixen, Violet Chachki.

At the beginning of 2016, with three gemstones left, Ru and Michelle came across comedian Christopher Caldwell. After years of the team wondering who would be the chosen one to receive the yellow gemstone, Christopher fit the bill. He obtained the yellow citrine and became Bob The Drag Queen.

With two gemstones left, and Trump’s presidency coming closer and closer, Ru and Michelle worked twice as hard to find the two remaining chosen ones. But something funny happened. Justin Honard was a close ally of the team. He was dating Sharon around the time she joined the team, and although Sharon wasn’t suppose to, she revealed her identity to Justin. Because of this, Ru and the team kept Justin close as an assistant despite his difficult relationship with Sharon that ended up turning into a beautiful friendship. As they continued to search, in an epic battle against an enemy where Justin was held captive (similarly to how Georges once was), Justin was revealed to being the chosen one of a gemstone, and it turned out one of the chosen ones was under their nose the entire time. They threw him the turquoise gemstone transforming Justin into Alaska 5000.

Just as Trump was elected president, in 2017 the team finally found their final member. An artist who owned his own gallery by the name of Alexander Steinberg. He was given the red ruby, and it transformed him into warrior Sasha Velour.

As a new era of hatred begins, it’s the responsibility of RuPaul’s gemstones to help save the world…


Gone Fishing

Put The Bucket Hat On Your Style Bucket List

Hate it or love it, the internet’s most controversial hat (save maybe Pharrel’s Vivienne Westwood “Grammy hat”) doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Year after year the bucket hat lives on, from Gilligan in the mid 60’s, to rappers of the mid 80s, and now today with Japanese-Americana menswear enthusiasts. I’ll admit that I didn’t always “get” it, but I fell in love the instant I tried one on. Why? I mean a) too lazy to do my hair, b) goes better than a snapback with some outfits, c) it’s actually functional for keeping you cool, and d) I just love the look.

I chose to style my bucket hat with a workewear/fisher-dude vibe in a thrifted denim vest and some dropcrotch cotton pants. The perfect accessories for this look include my new handwoven Japanese sashiko and chambray split bandana by Kiriko and this handsomely rugged leather bracelet from the amazing new Coach + Philip Crangi collaboration.

Below are some of my favorite looks that demonstrate more ways you can rock a bucket hat with style this spring.

External image

(L to R: Billy Reid S14, Shades Of Grey S14, Visvim S13, Billy Reid S14, Shades of Grey S14)


H&M Shirt //  Thrifted Vest  //  Tavik via Pants  //  Ugg Australia Shoes  //  Kiriko Neckerchief  // Coach + Philip Crangi Bracelet