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Joui 4 + Kamui having a nightmare and then accidentally wakes up their s/o. Gin, Takasugi, and Zura muttering things about Shoyo and the war, while Sakamoto shivering and dreaming about the war and his injury. Kamui hugs s/o way too hard (kinda what happened to Kagura and her rabbit) dreaming about his mother(or being not strong enough). What would their s/o feel and how are they going to comfort them?

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- I would imagine he had nightmares pretty often, all the poor guy has been through, but he wants to keep his past and present separate and therefore didn’t tell you all that he could get away with keeping secret. But when this dream is really really bad and he just can’t not hold onto you tight, you know just how awful it is.

- The second you ask him about it he’ll deny it being serious because no matter how much he’s shaking he doesn’t want you to worry, probably try to pass it off as a ‘funny nightmare’ E.G. Jump was cancelled in all stores in Kabukicho or he was actually banned from sugar, for now and forever. But he gives up soon enough bc you aren’t buying any of that.

- So he tells you it was a nightmare, and a scary one, but he won’t tell you what it was about. But you know there’s some messed up shit in his past, everyone does! You don’t really know how to comfort him, he’s part of that little bubble you could never join, but damn it all if you wouldn’t try.

- If you did actually know about Shoyou (maybe this takes place during the current arc? He’s probably tell you how he knew Utsuro tbh) then it’s easier to comfort him because you can reassure him about the choices he made and how it wasn’t his fault.

- If you’re clueless as to what horrible events actually happened, it’s okay. Comfort him by dragging him out of the past and back into the present, because from there you know how to make him feel like himself again (go get some strawberry milk and talk about silly things)

- Well even when he’s asleep and suffering, he probably wouldn’t be holding onto you that tightly because THAT WOULD HURT YOU even when he’s asleep he’s too precious for that, but you’d still wake up anyway bc instinct and that was enough to know something wasn’t quite right.

- He’s the heaviest sleeper oh my god so he might actually not wake up at all, he’ll just be a (sleeping) trainwreck. He’s the kind to have whole conversations in his sleep so you’ll know exactly what’s going on. He’ll wake up if you cry bc it’s sad though. He can sense when that’s happening.

- It’s strange actually. He’s asleep but portrays characteristics of being awake. Aside from full on conversations (although he won’t respond when you ask him what’s wrong ;-;) but he does sort of react to hugs and snuggles. Just give him soothing cuddles, it’s all you can do really.

- If he wakes up though he’ll be all “oh no I’m sorry to inconvenience you please go back to sleep” but obviously you can’t do that so cue snuggles anyway it always ends in snuggles. Snuggles are the best way to comfort anyone, ever.

- Just having you there, comforting him and knowing that you care enough to try will make him feel better bc he needs love and knowing someone loves him despite all his bad choices will bring him away from the bad dream and into the now.

- He acts like you both have separate beds so you knew right away this was some awful nightmare because he never cuddles ever, it’s just not his thing. Tbh unless you were the most organised person ever with the quickest reactions you wouldn’t have a clue what to do because nothing like this has ever happened before.

- He’s a light sleeper, so when the muttering stops you realise he’s awake, and that was in his sleep. He’ll wake the second you so much as twitch, and take a few seconds to realise what had happened. The best thing for you to do would be to take his hand and hold it tight, quiet assurance. He’ll won’t tell you unless he wants to.

- He will tell you, because he trusts you, but not the whole story. Just “It was a bad memory from the war” or “A sad thought about the past that surfaced again” because he’s probably a little embarrassed about getting all emotional and doesn’t want to put you on the spot.

- He doesn’t need snuggles or kisses or overdramatic responses, that will probably make him feel worse. What might make him feel better is if you just sit there with him, not making him feel ‘weak’ as such but supporting him anyway.

- Tell him your mistakes. Open up your heart and reveal your fears. Don’t worry, he’ll probably forget in the morning, and it’ll make him feel better. Because knowing that even his perfect s/o is actually not perfect at all will bring him back to reality.

- TBH you probably just thought he was being a big idiot again because death grips are common and at this point any sound coming out of this guy is constantly mistaken for laughter, but obviously there is a clear difference between happy and sad, you are not dumb.

- He was probably already awake tbh, and gets quite a shock when you ask what’s wrong, but unlike the others is glad to pour out all his feelings and is glad you are there to be a good shoulder to cry on.

- All you really need to do is listen. Because he’s happy to talk and empty out his bad feelings if someone is there to listen and that’s what helps him the most. If you can throw stuff back at him, turn it into a playful conversation, that’s even better, it lightens the mood and washes all the sadness away without hiding it.

- Tell him that his injury doesn’t define him because I think he probably really needs to hear that and know that it’s okay, coming from his s/o that will mean a lot because he’s probably quite insecure, you know how he thinks Gintoki/Zura/Takasugi won’t be friends with him if they know about all his insecurities and feelings. Knowing you still love him will be great for him.

- Don’t even bother going back to sleep, put it behind you and get up to begin the day right there and then. The world keeps on turning no matter what happened in the war and that’ll really banish the nightmares.

- Well, the first reaction you’d have would be “Get off of me I can’t breathe”. You probably wouldn’t think anything was wrong because Kamui is awful for cuddling in the night, but he’s not complaining about you trying to abandon him and is keeping his death grip, so you know something’s up.

- Escaping from his death grip to face him as not an easy feat but it needs to be done so you squirm a bit until he wakes up and let’s go a little bit, but it’s still a pretty tight hug. And you can see that his face is all red and upset so give him a hug back and ask quietly, over and over, what happened.

- I think you kind of knew though, depending on how long you’d been with him. I mean, he was going to have to tell you eventually. But really all he needs is reassurance that it’s okay and he’s doing okay and he’s fine how is is.

- Don’t fall asleep until he does because HE DOESN’T WANT TO FEEL YOUR BODY GO LIMP IN HIS ARMS it’s like you’re dying and nobody else is dying because no matter how strong he is you’re all gonna die eventually and it all feels so real to him right now please protect him OML.
Just wait for him to go back to sleep and cuddle him uwu

- When he’s half-asleep just whisper kind words to him because that’s when he’ll appreciate it the most and also it’s super cute.