and this has officially ruined my night

All my Victuuri wedding headcanons

Because season 2 is gonna come out and ruin this anyway:

-They get married in Hasetsu the spring after Victor retires, it’s a pretty small, friends and family type event

-Phichit officiates/is Yuuri’s best man/acts as unofficial wedding photographer (”Yuuri, I switched to the 7s because it has the best camera and I have 32 gigs of space I am PREPARED”)

-The fic “One night to blow” is literally how the night before the wedding goes and you straight up can’t tell me differently.

-Everyone coming from out of town stays at Yu-topia

-They get married outside in the late morning as the cherry blossoms are falling

-Phichit leads the parties out separately (with the help of the triplets via cellphone, walkie-talkie style) and has Victor turn away and covers Yuuri’s eyes while they’re approaching so the grooms can do First Looks

-They’re both stunned silent when they see each other and just stand there smiling for a long second, before Phichit pops up behind them as says “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of our two good friends, Yuuri and Victor. But first, the selfie that will break the internet!” *snaps a selfie with the grooms and the wedding party in the background.*

-Yurio tears up

-Yakov REALLY tears up (”Vitya, somehow that boy still wants to marry you and I’m just so happy”)

-Makkachin is the ring bearer

-First pair skate instead of first dance

-At the reception back at the inn, Yurio tells Mama Katsuki about his Grandpa’s Katsudon Piroshki. She asks for the recipe and later adds it to the inn’s menu, thinking it’s a wonderful symbolic meeting of Russian and Japanese cultures. It becomes a local favorite.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Raúl Esparza has officially ruined my life. My friends and family think I'm crazy and now my hips crave a Latin beat while begging to pelvic thrust in a time warp. I've developed a intense appreciation for hands and tummies and I'm in love with a dick of an attorney. At night my mind is on two things: suspenders and my inevitable Hallelujah. He makes me alive and dead simultaneously and I've now purchased six green dresses and begged for someone to ruin my sleep. I dream of a cabaret in Barcelona and have developed a crush on my psychiatrist. Who knew canes and beards could be so sexy? My diet solely consists of coffee and lechón and I spend many hours on my hair. I have an addiction.

Blitzen’s Best is officially open!

Woden’s weave, look! I’ve done it! A shop! Best day of my life? Absolutely!

I wanted to thank Magnus, Samirah and Hearthstone for taking time to help me set everything up, but then you all ruined the one picture we took of my opening night. Your thanks has been revoked. Sigh.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Blitzen, and I’m here to bring style to the wardrobe of every demigod and magician (and other) in nine realms and beyond! But I’m going to need some help getting customers, which is where you come in:

I’d like you lovely mortals to send in requests of what you’d like to see the faces of Rick Riordan’s universe wearing. Do you think Zia Rashid would rock a goth style? Does Nico di Angelo need a new coat? Can we possibly make Magnus look even more 1990s than he already does? Send in your requests and I’ll get right on it.