and this haistyle of course


Marco Reus Interview at 1 LIVE

Bot: Hello Marco Reus

Reus: Hello

Bot: Are you proud that so many children wants your haistyle?

Reus: Of course yes

Bot: But there is a bit colour or tinted right?

Reus: Ehmmm… Yes both.

Bot: What was the last concert you attended?

Reus:  JayZ

*background starts to play ‘Holy Grail’

Bot: Are you already addicted to Quizduell?

Reus: No. Not at all.

Bot: Why does so many girls say that Kevin Großkreutz is hot?

Reus: Because he is good looking….. ehhmm… hahaha. EHMMM.. Because he is just a type for himself. He has his quirks and… ehmm.. he is a very funny guy. You can talk to him about serious things…. sometimes.

Bot: Did you ever try out any cream or perfume in foreign bathrooms?

Reus: NO

Bot: What was your most spectacular goal till now?

Reus: ehmm.. I think its my first goal for Gladbach vs Mainz. That was a very very very very good feeling. I started from the middle line of the pitch and was lucky that nobody attacked me then i scored very easy.

Bot: What is Jürgen Klopp’s feminine side?

Reus: Oh my god. He has no feminine side.

Bot: What is 'BABO’? ( German word in a famous rap song )

Reus: A 'BABO’? “Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist” (one line in that song) Who did this? … I don’t know 'BABO’? I don’t know.

Bot: About what are you upset and upset again?

Reus: About my bad game.

Bot: Bye.

Reus: Ciao.

Cr: Bundesliga Aktuell @ Youtube