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Heart on the Line (part 14)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1267
author’s note: I have a 3K+ Thor fic that’s almost done, so I decided to do something fun! Let’s see if this chapter can get 300 notes, and if/when it does then I’ll post it!

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If ur still doing hc's, brogane hc's

These are 100% based on shit that me and my older brother pulled not even gonna try to hide it

-Shiro and Keith used to get into fights a lot that would often end with Keith getting pushed down the stairs and their mom telling Shiro “Takeshi you have to be gentle with him he’s 7” while Keith stuck his tongue out at Shiro over mom’s shoulder
           Additionally: “Keith stop crying, here you can hit me back”

-Once they stopped fighting all the time, they became a meme team
          “Hi my name is Shiro, I’m 19 and I never learned how to fucking read”

-Once when Keith was 10, Shiro forgot he had to babysit Keith so he had to bring him along on a date with Shiro’s crush
         Keith told every single embarrassing story about Shiro, in great detail, to the girl in chronological order
         Shiro refused to drive him places for almost a year because of it.

-Keith once broke a 300 day streak on snapchat with Shiro and he stopped talking to Keith for 3 days

-Keith once stuck a post it note with “pinch me” on Shiro’s back at a family event, it took Shiro 3 hours to realize it
         Speaking of family theirs is huge, as in see 175 family members on a regular basis kinda huge

-Their mom has a metric fuckton of pictures of them in their happi coats when they were little, she showed them to everyone who came over to their house and keeping people from seeing them was one of the few things the boys would work together on.

-“Shiro I know that advice you gave Lance was a line from Naruto we watched that episode together”

-Shiro was a Pokémon kid, Keith was a Digimon kid

-Keith always forgot to take off his shoes when he came into the house, or he couldn’t find his slippers afterwards. Shiro stole them

-Shiro used to make sukiyaki for their mom because Keith hated it and would get scolded for not eating his brothers cooking

-When Keith first got mobile, he used to crawl over to Shiro, give him a hug, then bite his shoulder hard enough to break skin. Shiro later would accuse Keith of attempting cannibalism at the fresh age of 9 months.

-Their mom bought a yoga ball so Shiro shoved it under his shirt and him and Keith ran at each other and body slammed one another. Keith went flying and got a concussion from hitting the wall so hard.

Shiro: *drops his phone from the top of the Empire State Building* not a scratch

Keith: *drops his phone from one foot up onto carpet* screen shattered

Keith: what the fuck

I started this at the end of 2014 but wasn’t sure what else to do to it so I thought I would just leave it like this. I can totally imagine these two just hanging around under those lily-pads in their “vacation”! WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE

On a side note, I gained almost double followers (even though I had less than 10 to begin with) from the last picture I uploaded which was amazing! Not to mention I got 300+ notes, I couldn’t breathe wow!

Thanks guys!


Characters: Soulless!Sam, Reader, Dean

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT; rough sex, but gentle at first. Oral on female. Unprotected sex. (Wrap it before you tap it, my dudes.)

Words: 1,476

Author’s Note: So this was for @impalaimagining’s kinks thing? Yeah? Yeah. I had Soulless!Sam and Virginity. Also, this is PART of my thank you for 300 FOLLOWERS!!! YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!

The beat pulses through me, almost as if it’s travelling directly through my bones. The lyrics pour out of my lips as they flow out of the speakers of the club.

I feel his hands as they grip my waist, pulling me back to grind on him. I know who it is before I turn. Sam.

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Falling Apart II: Peter Parker

Word Count: 2.4k

Warning(s): Angst, a few swears

Request: So so many requests, I didn’t even count how many.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: Part one got 300+ notes and I’m amazed. I also got an overwhelming amount of requests for a part two, so here it is, I hope you all enjoy it

Note: Y/B/F/N means your best friend’s name

Part I

Four days had passed since Y/N confronted Peter.


Y/N had missed the first of the four days of school and almost missed the second day too. But her mother would not allow her to stay home and wallow in her self pity. Each night since the day she had confronted Peter, she had cried herself to sleep. Her inner demons now roamed freely within her, their torment worse than before. Her alarm had gone off, and she was now awake. She stared at the ceiling of her bedroom as she had done countless nights before. Her demons once silenced in sleep, began to spoke again.

You should never have trusted him.

He only told you he loved you because he felt sorry for you.

The day you revealed your emotions to him, he looked at you. A pathetic, desperate sad little girl. Who wouldn’t feel sorry for that?

You’re unbelievably stupid.

What, you thought you’d get your ‘happily ever after’? You truly are delusional.

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Slytherin, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is an understudy for Eliza + Lin

Words: 836

Author’s Note: We hit a few milestones since my last fic: over 250 followers, almost 300 notes on my Alex Lacamoire post, and I started making Aesthetics! Thank you guys for everything! (I have no idea why I chose Daniel Radcliffe as the celeb…)

Warnings: Curse words? idk i usually put some swears in there so we’ll go with that.

Askbox | Masterlist

Your hair was parted for a mic placement, your costume was half-on and you were trying to control your breathing as you reviewed your notes.

Tonight, you were on as Eliza instead of your usual spot in the ensemble. The first time you’ve ever had the opportunity.

It was nerve racking, to say the least, but you had prepared for it and were absolutely ready.

A hand pinched at your side, and you swatted it away with a giggle, avoiding Renee’s excited stare.

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Day Off A.I.

First of all, I want to thank all of you because Hatefuck has reached more than 300 notes and I am totally freaking out! I was scared you weren’t going to like my writings but this is amazing. So thank you everyone. 

Secondly, this is an Ashton Irwin one shot. It’s sort of rushed because I am so stressed with finals but I had to post something about him soo here you have a lazy day/day off with Ashton. Hope you like it. 

Requested: nope, but you can request here 


Oh, almost forgot it. My next one shot will be a Shawn Mendes one! If you want it based on a song, leave me your song requests here babes 

No trigger warning, just fluff.

Word count: 700 (I’m tired and it’s two a.m. sorry)

I lowkey like the ending 

The sun entered the room as my eyelids began to open, waking up slowly. I looked to my bedside table to see what time it was: 6:40. I turned and cuddled against my boyfriend’s chest, trying not to wake him. With my fingers I started to trace invisible patterns on his chest.

He was sleeping peacefully, small snores fell from his lips. Watching him like this was what made me feel like the luckiest person in the world. When he was awake, he would always be doing something because he couldn’t keep still. He would be writing new music or eating or running around, doing funny things. And it was amazing to see him like that everyday. But it was even more amazing to see him in his sleep, calm and at peace.

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Yes that’s right.

It’s been a year since I’ve posted on this blog and I can’t believe how far this blog has grown. I could’ve never imagined to have 2.8K followers in that amount of time.

And the number of followers still grow each and every day. I’ve never had this amount of support from anything I’ve ever done before……

This blog has done so many things for me. My depression is gone, I’m actually more organized (thanks to me queue and drafts), I’ve gained so much more appreciation for myself and a lot of other things, and I have you.

Yes, you.

You are the main reason why this blog exists.

I still remember the day when I realized my posts were getting noticed. I was in L.A (wow fancy that), awake at like 3am and I just checked tumblr. And there you were. My first 7 followers. My first 4 notes. My motivation had started from that point.

And every single day from that point. I just kept posting.

Since then, I’ve gained almost 3K followers, I’ve put out over 900 posts, along with 300 others sitting in the queue and over 100 drafts waiting to be opened to the wild. It’s crazy. The fact that I’ve been keeping up with this blog for a year even surprises me. The fact that people enjoy my posts, share my posts with friends, and anticipate more from me is amazing. I’ve honestly never felt so loved in my life. You guys are just amazing and I hope you all stay with me for a really long time. 

because forever doesn’t exist.

But seriously, you are all the reason why I’ve kept up with this blog and the reason why this blog exists. You’re the reason I still exist.

I just really want to thank you all. I consider you all my friends and soulmates.

and i know this is really long so if you guys read up to here i’m also very surprised


Thank You and I Love You All.

Let’s stay together for years to come.

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Stat Counting Freedom

I see people talk a lot of getting upset over their fic stats and let me tell you! I think everyone experiences this at some time or another. There was a very long period where I had extreme stress over this but I’ve finally found some peace and I thought I would share my personal insight into stat counting freedom.

1. Acknowledge that you can quit any time that you want. Seriously. You don’t HAVE to do this. If it’s not fun, don’t. I have definitely stopped writing for months because I wasn’t feeling it and yeah, I felt some guilt, but l also felt way way less bad than I did staring at a blank document every night. Writing is part of who I am so it can feel like I’m losing a piece of myself when I’m not writing, but over the years I’ve realized that I’ll always come back to it in some form or fashion. Please give yourself the freedom to stop if you need to.

2. Accept the limitations of your fandom/pairing. Every fandom and every pairing has a very different make up of fans. I’m sure if I was writing Stony or Stucky, I would have a lot more activity on my fics. But Science Boyfriends is my jam I cannot escape them that is where my heart is. So I forgo the expectation of a thousand hits for the approval of a few authors I admire. In the SnK fandom I am not as close to anyone and ereri is a hugely popular pairing so I do expect a bit more stat attention. But in many ways I don’t have as much emotional attachment to reviews in that fandom either because of that lack of intimacy. Both are okay, I just have to accept the differences and live with it.

3. Don’t watch your stats. Except for the first two days after I publish a fic, I don’t actively look at my stats. I do have comment email notifications turned on, but I don’t even open AO3’s kudos emails anymore and I legit never log in to check stats on Honestly there is only so much stats can tell you. We don’t rewrite the same kind of material and a lot of times one popular fic is never going to represent the bulk of what’s interesting for you to write. Of course it’s nice to get kudos and of course I appreciate it!! But encouraging a daily review of essentially meaningless stats is super depressing to me and I start obsessing over it. For a while I would be wrecked if I didn’t get at least one kudos for every ten hits. Why??? It doesn’t even mean anything! Don’t let yourself get this wrapped up in stats.

4. This should go without saying, but never watch other people’s stats. Never. Just don’t do it. Even your fandom bestie – don’t. Someone else’s stats have literally no bearing on yours. You write differently, you tag differently, you’re relationship with fandom is completely different. There is no way of comparing stats fairly it will just make you feel like shit.

5. In fact, just go ahead and don’t sign in to AO3 or unless you’re publishing something. (I even download fic to my kindle to minimize signing in lol but obviously you can sign in to read and leave your own kudos.) The less tempted you are to start looking at stats the better. I can finally sign in there, look through my works list and not focus purely on the numbers – a task I previously thought impossible. Mostly because I only sign in for a specific reason, to publish or reference a publish date or calculate my word count for the year. To that end I also redirect almost every fic I post here on tumblr to AO3 and I don’t need to be logging in here wishing fic posts had more notes. That’s not the kind of writing I do and it would be setting myself up for disappointment to pretend I could write 500 word flash fiction and get 300+ notes.

6. Which leads into accepting your own limitations. At this point I know my strengths and I know they’re not everyone’s fave – hell, long drawn out angsty romance isn’t even MY fave lol! There is generally at least a limited audience for everything but you know. You have to be real and accept that your thing might not be everyone’s thing. But that goes back to my first point. If you eventually get broken by the reality, quit. Find a new fandom or stop writing for a bit but please please don’t let yourself be miserable over it. We all have something unique to offer and no one deserves to have that uniqueness destroyed trying to conform to get better stats!

Do I think it’s important for readers to leave kudos and comments? ABSOLUTELY. Fandom is built around discussion and appreciation and it is so so important for content creators and content consumers to interact with each other. Knowing their work is appreciated, especially when they first come to fandom, can absolutely make the difference in how prolific a writer a person will be for that fandom. And trust me, if you don’t think a thoughtful comment can literally make my entire week, you’re wrong. ;-) But for veterans it can become a game of constant disappointment – and it doesn’t have to be. Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable, fulfilling time in fandom. Let yourself enjoy it by doing what you have to do to make it an enjoyable experience!

The Republic and the Unmasking (Sartoris!verse, implied Jace/Satele)

Whoops, I meant to post this earlier but then I went out dancing. My bad. :P

Have some Sartoris-verse Republic silliness surrounding Darth Marr’s unmasking! Plot and Kryn belong to @inquisitorhotpants who always graciously lets me play in her sandbox. <3

By the time the Imperial strike team leaves Tython, Satele is already expecting some formal announcement as to Vitiate’s successor. After all, the Empire would not be much of one without an emperor, and it doesn’t take a Force user to predict the name that must be passed along as said successor, given the current state of the galaxy.

Apparently, and yet woefully unsurprisingly, Saresh does not expect the announcement as much as she does. That is clear enough at the Supreme Chancellor’s bitter expression when she enters the office to find Darth Marr’s acceptance broadcast playing in full color and sound.

Jace is already waiting there, his somewhat pinched look softening to genuine warmth and, once Saresh redirects her gaze back to the screen, an eyeroll the size of which he has only ever saved for their dealings with Saresh. She tilts an eyebrow at him, both a sign of amusement and a silent question, and his lips curl into a hint of a smirk. “Just in time.” He nods towards the broadcast as Marr makes his way into view of the screen. “Pushing it close, are we, Grand Master?”

Satele can only shake her head in response as she settles into a more comfortable position, clasping her hands loosely in front of her. Jace, exasperation expressed, at least for now, shifts to settle beside her, his arms folded across his chest. Meanwhile, Saresh is getting increasingly more irate, judging from her posture and the tight grip she has on her glass, and from the corner of her eye, Satele can see Jace subtly counting down from ten.

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Day 300/365: October 27th 2017 | Nails

I couldn’t fall asleep until 8am… I had to wake up at 9am… I deadass only slept for ONE HOUR………. REST IN PEACE. I was super tired all day… I almost skipped my first class to sleep because my eyeballs were hurting but since I’d already skipped my neurobio yesterday, I didn’t want to skip any more classes….. sO I just forced myself. I mean… it’s not like I listened to anything in class but at least I got the notes lol. After my first class, I went home and showered LOL before going to my second class. After school, I did my nails, watched YT + Conan, and called Gaby.

The signs reacting to the notes crisis on tumblr
  • Aries: sends the staff hate
  • Taurus: *logs off* the end is near
  • Gemini: turns the glitch into a meme real quick
  • Cancer: begins shitposting
  • Leo: *screams* but my selFIE ALMOST HAD 300 NOTES
  • Virgo: Counts notes by hand
  • Scorpio: laughs at everyone freaking the fuck out
  • Sagittarius: there's no point anymore *sashays away*
  • Capricorn: true 90s kids will remember this day in history
  • Aquarius: finally, we're all equal :')
  • Pisces: it'll all be ok in the morning right? right???

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JB is a dying fandom. You should give it up already.


The JB fandom is thriving and growing. This tumblr has picked up almost 300 followers since S6 started, and it averages about 250 notes per day on posts.

There have been around 150 JB fanfics added or updated on AO3 since S6 started. 

In that same time period, Jaime Brienne Online has acquired just under 50 new members (though some of those are troll accounts. Hi trolls!). And the board has had well over a QUARTER OF A MILLION topic views in that same time period.  (Go check out Quinn’s new banner on the board. It is fabulous!)

That’s not a dead or dying fandom. That’s a thriving fandom.

And look, I know it must be hard for certain other fandoms to watch JB go canon. I get that. I’ve been on the non-canon side of other fandoms and it sucks. But sending me messages about how the fandom is dying and I should give it up won’t change what’s going to happen. Even if I were to give it up, there are so many excited, creative, enthusiastic JB fans out there that someone new would take my place. 

So, nah, I’m not going to give it up. The board is already renewed through next season and I’ll renew it through S8. I’m here for the duration. If the Tumblr bothers you so much, block it or blacklist jaimebrienne*. You’ll never see anything I post or reblog. 

But then you’ll miss wonderful manips like this.

By justme.

Oh and by the way, JB Appreciation Week is scheduled for September 25-October 1. Quinn is looking for suggestions for themes and activities. You can post there on the board or send me ideas here. I love Appreciation Week!

I’d like this to be anonymous! Also I know it’s a screenshot but I swear on mi mom it’s made by me, I just had to make sure it’s actually 500px wide and was too lazy to use the resize tool :) 

Techs note: I do not know how this slipped through into the queue but I am so sorry that I didn’t catch it. I think I meant to draft it until I could get on my laptop to save the pic and post it anonymously but something got screwed up. Seriously, my apologies. I would delete it and repost it but it’s got almost 300 notes, it would be pointless =|  


Hello from Tokyo! It is 1:30 AM here and I am wired. I think I’ve slept 8 hrs in the past 48.

We probably won’t post much travel stuff here because, because hey, we are a cosplay blog, but this one is relevant! Today we explored Ikebukuro and we went to Animate/Aicosu to see their cosplay shop. It was four floors – two were costumes and accessories, and the other two were themed photoshoot areas. We saw a bunch of Love Live cosplayers shooting in a faux-cafe and it seemed really fun, though there’d never be much of a market for that here. I sort of wondered if a lot of cosplay pictures here in Japan end up with the Katsucon gazebo or the Otakon fountain effect — would it take you out of the picture to see nine thousand photo shoots using the same backdrops? Who knows.

Japanese cosplay culture and Western cosplay culture are very, very different. As such, I didn’t really expect to walk in and find anything that tugged at my wallet very much; Japanese cosplay is very heavily focused on buying, rather than crafting, and I am a crafter at heart, haha. But it was interesting getting to look at cosplay in a store, and fairly nice cosplay at that. The stuff is pretty decent quality, higher than most things on Taobao and Aliexpress certainly, and many costumes had nicely-made cast accessories and good stitching. Most were still unlined, though, and as always, sizing is limited — not much sense in a decent $200-300 USD costume if it won’t fit you. (These would probably fit one of my boobs.) Props were generally very low quality but priced pretty fairly. Lots of basic schoolgirl skirts and whatnot, generic school sweaters and tops, which I liked very much.

Some notes on photos:

1. Costumes! Love Live is big, as is Haikyuu; there’s a few other series that we see almost nonstop, too, but I don’t know their names haha — Emmy says they are EnStars but I might be mixing them up. The military-style costumes in the back there are some of them. Those costumes had nice cast metal accessories, very cool.

2. A wall of shapewear! Lots of padding, bodices, tights, etc. These were the coolest things there, to be honest, they were really nice. I’m tempted to go back for some tights if I think there’s a chance they’ll fit my Godzilla figure. ;)

3. Whatever this is, looked like Saber.

4. I found the school uniforms like these and Persona 4 ones to be the strongest costumes in the place, actually; simple fit, clean collars, nice embroidery. The scarves always seemed overly shiny and floppy, though.

5. More costumes.

6. Ordering system; you take the ticket for the item you want up to cash. If there are no tickets, it is out of stock!

7. Themed character nail sets! Very cute. There was lots of this sort of stuff; character-themed accessories and whatnot that wouldn’t actually go with the costume but was kind of relevant. Acrylic bracelets, pins, etc. I found a lot of stuff there was either super specific (a pin set for some Dingdang Rumpers character) or incredibly vague — a whole wall of gloves that only covers half the palm in every colour under the sun.

8-9. Wig colours. Very limited stock of generic wigs, despite the wall here; a couple styles in a lot of colours. On their other hand, there were a great number of character-specific wigs that came prestyled, again pointing to the focus on ready-to-wear. I actually was tempted to find some new base wigs, but I think I’ll stick with my initial plan to go to Cyperous (be still my heart) because the quality wasn’t anything I couldn’t get for a third of the price (including shipping) from wholesale, to be honest.

10. Three huge binders of official character wigs!

And now I’m off to bed. (Good luck, me. I’ll probably just play more Fire Emblem… One more route left!)

- Jenn

hi everyone, i recently hit my first k and decided to make my first ever follow forever to response! just to note i have a deep love for all of my mutuals, but i had to limit this because i have almost 300 mutuals!. faves are bolded

special mentions:
@tomnlinsuns: my sun and stars, love of my life, my best friend. i dont even know what to say i am so lucky and so grateful to have met you and i hope you know a fraction of how much you mean to me. I love you. also thank u so much for the banner.
@ufookinlosah: my go to for fic discussion. my favourite european bean. pregnant with louis tomlinsons magic baby. ive never met someone who enjoys mpreg so much but i support it.
@santababylouie: my other fic queen. i love that you never shame even the weirdest of my kinks and send me all of your favourite smut. you sending me pics of both twink and daddy louis keeps my blood pumping always.
@santababyharrie: bethanie you are definitely the person who understands my feelings about harry the best. thank you for always sending me disgustingly hot pictures of him. and thank you for consistently having nsfw manips to share with us.

the rest of the harrylarry network: @hazandlouis@wellingtonfan | @adarkbluesea | @louissecretblog | @falalalarries 
and a mention to harrylarry members that aren’t currently in the group but always in my heart: @santababynialler | @theaftermalik | @lovesincerelyharry | @zouisandchill

always a special mention to my real life best friends who put up both with this blog and me screaming about harry most days: @lannabum | @lafoli3

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Guys, I’m really really grateful of EVERYTHING you did for me!!
This whole time in tumblr made me become another person. Someone better and different and the fact of showing what I feel through my fairy tail drawings is a feeling incomparable.

I realized this morning I had more than 300 followers and more than 810 notes in my last comic. Do you know what does mean for me?? I smile and almost cry for the goal I reached and i’m proud of myself cause I now know I did a great work!!

I wanna say that I’ll be here for many years (or I hope so) and THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!! Every single one of you is amazing. Please, keep going as y'all are because you are perfect how you’ve chosen to be.

And a special thanks to all these people:
@mizukaru @gajeely @xxgajevyloverxx @lucy-ft @doginshoe @iluvfairytail @raccoonsquirrel @mademart12 @ayumichi-me @inconsistent-igloo @curlyfairy @zippi44 @xternel @missyderp1