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hey guys ! so i’m selling a load of stuff up on my storenvy again because i’ve just finished moving into a house that’s smaller than my last and i have a ton of things i need to get rid of. i’ll be updating it with more things as it goes on, but it’s up with some wigs, cosplays, and other things on it now ! 

i would really appreciate you checking it out or reblogging if you can, as it’s things i really need to get rid of ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Remaking this cause of new additions are being added |

As many of you know, I moved back home and am currently unemployed, currently looking for another job. Commissions, at the moment, are my only source of income that goes towards bills and helping out my mom. 

Commissions are as follows

  • Picspams/edits: 1$ or free with donation
  • Sketch busts: 3$
  • Inked busts with 1-2 colors: 5$
  • Pencil colored busts: 5$
  • Black ink busts with Gold/Silver + 1 color accents: 10$
  • Copic Colored: 10$
  • + Addition Characters: 2-5$ depending on the tier
  • Cosplay Prop | Tesseracts: 15$ [x] [x]
  • If you would like the physical copy, please let me know. Otherwise, you’ll be getting the digital copy. Shipping varies.

Examples of picspams/edits and whatever posted art i have can be found at my art blog. You can also support on Patreon as well. 

If you are interested in any, please email me at:

Thank you for supporting and signal boosting ~ 


My best friend halfway-down-thehill and I decided to cosplay a handsome scientist and a dedicated radio host on their first date. The world needs more adorable queer poc wandering around in furry pants or a casual weekend lab coat! (I love all the Night Vale cosplayers I see out there, but I’m a bit tired of seeing only white Cecil with blond hair and a sweater vest, you feel? We need more representation!) Photo credit goes to my younger sister. I don’t think she was especially enthusiastic about being dragged around in the middle of a heatwave, but she did a great job anyway! Carlos: halfway-down-thehill - they/them Cecil: me - she/her

✨HEY EVERYONE! As you might already know, I’m partial to using @ardawigs for most of my cosplays and especially for larger wig projects, so they were nice enough to offer me a COUPON CODE for you all until this weekend. The code is “SPECTRE” in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!! Con season is ending so make sure to go out in a bang! I’m not being paid, and I have ALWAYS really pushed Arda as far as wig quality and customer service goes. They have A RIDICULOUS selection of unique colors and styles and they are all HEAT RESISTANT. They carry unique wigs as well as lace fronts and they ship from the U.S., so if you need something FAST, Arda is a great option. Honestly they are my all time favorite wig provider and all of my big wigs have been crafted using their materials so I’m honored to be able to offer a coupon code for you all. Please take advantage of it and don’t forget that it’s all capitalized!! #wigs #ARDA #ardastyle #cosplay #fashion

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Honestly I would even bother to talk to the disney fandom, especially the cosplay side, about racism. I basically live in the fandom and there are constant fights over why white washing characters is messed up and wrong but they don't hear it and don't care and don't even try to understand. Honestly I've stopped bothering most of the time and while I see what you're doing and appreciate it, I'm just warning it goes in one ear and out the other every time always.

Yeah I’ve noticed that. I’m not sure why the Disney fandom is like that? It’s good to be critical of the things you like and Disney is full of problematic shit. I mean Walt Disney himself was disgustingly racist, so why wouldn’t his company be as well? I love Disney and support it regardless of the shit, but I never overlook the (many) problems that it has. Especially when it comes to cosplay, people should be aware of what they’re doing and how it might effect other people. It’s sad that there’s people who will bend over backwards to cosplay whoever the hell they want but are sleep on other issues. I never knew the Disney fans were like that, and it honestly makes me really sad.

- mod n


Okay, here are all of the progress photos from my Furiosa arm! I never actually made a good post on how I did it, so here goes. It was mostly just 50% luck and 50% trial and error, so I’m not sure how helpful it’s gonna be.

Things I used:
Fake leather(vinyl)
Craft foam(2 types)
Spray paint
Rub N Buff(silver and gold)
Hot glue
Medical tape(optional)
Popsicle sticks
Electrical wire
Jewelry wire
X-Acto knives

I started out with one of those stretchy knit cheap winter gloves. It doesn’t matter what color, you’re going to cover it anyway.
Start by mapping out what types of foam you’re going to use where. I used the thicker type for the tops of the fingers, and sides. Thinner stuff was used pretty much everywhere else.
IMPORTANT: remember that she only has 4 fingers. This is where the medical tape comes in. I wrapped
Draw the outline for each single finger on the thicker foam, then cut it out and glue it onto the glove(while you’re wearing it). Be careful not to get burned because it huuuurts. Repeat this till all of the outside/top of the fingers are done.
Once that’s finished, do the insides. This is trickier, and it changes a lot depending on how you want to do it. I ended up just kind of making a box out of foam surrounding each finger and adding details later on, like the hook things.

For the actual palm, it’s the same thing. Depending on how big your hand is and how loose you want the glove, it’ll change. I just layered foam on top of itself until it looked armor-y, and used excess hot glue to make it look like it was welded together.

Again, the back is the same thing as the palm.

You can spray paint at the end, when everything is finished, or just do it now. I did it now, and it made spraying the other half a little harder, so I’ll get to painting later.


The first thing I did for the forearm was make a leather elbow pad. It’s big enough so I can just slide it on and off, so you don’t need Velcro for it. I mistakenly velcroed it anyway, so do as I say, not as I do.
On top of this, make a silver cuff. You’ll use this as the attachment later.

Measure the length of your arm and start cutting out the support beams. I used an old pen casing and popsicle sticks for this, and cut a wrench shape out of foam for the 3rd beam.

Once these are done, you can start connecting. You can just glue them straight onto the glove, or be complicated and do Velcro so it’s easier remove. I ended up just making the arm and hand connected for stability.

From here on out, it’s just a bunch of gluing and detailing until you’re finished. Use the hot glue liberally, it gives so much texture.

Painting time! This was the fun part. It’s just a bunch of detailing and shading.
For the fingers, I poked holes in them to give it the mesh-y look, and added a few scratches here and there. After texturizing I just went to town with dark metallic gray paint, covering everything.
After that, I used Rub n Buff to make it silver and old, you can use gold as well to give it added effect.

Annnnd that’s how I made Furiosa’s arm! Sorry this post is so long.. If you guys have any questions, just ask me!

aepathetic sorry this took so long!

Ello booties! c: I’ve gotten into a few new fandoms recently, and want some new blogs to follow in general, so pls like/reblog if you post:

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I’ll be checking everyone out, thankss! (・∀・ )

My solo shot in the Season 6 build. All the glorious Photoshop credit goes to Melanie McGuinness. Check out her awesome artwork and photography at (wandawitch74 on deviantart).

30 Day Degrassi OTP Challenge

One year ago on Sept 1st, 2014 I did the 30DaysOfTriles challenge with the Triles community. I’ll be doing it again this year and I’d like to extend the invitation to anyone in the Degrassi fandom who is interested in joining me. Triles, Zaya, Gracevas, Zoemund, Matlingsworth, Eclare~ the choice is yours. Anything goes: fanfiction, fanart, head canons, gif-sets. You don’t have to do all of the prompts but if you have something, be sure to post it on the same day. Share the news and let’s post it under #30DaysOfDegrassi!

Sept 01 - Holding hands
Sept 02 - Cuddling somewhere
Sept 03 - Gaming/watching a movie
Sept 04 - On a date
Sept 05 - Kissing
Sept 06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
Sept 07 - Cosplaying
Sept 08 - Shopping
Sept 09 - Hanging out with friends
Sept 10 - With animal ears
Sept 11 - Wearing kigurumis (animal onesies)
Sept 12 - Making out
Sept 13 - Eating ice cream
Sept 14 - Gender-swapped
Sept 15 - In a different clothing style
Sept 16 - During their morning ritual(s)
Sept 17 - Spooning
Sept 18 - Doing something together
Sept 19 - In formal wear
Sept 20 - Dancing
Sept 21 - Cooking/baking
Sept 22 - In battle, side-by-side
Sept 23 - Arguing
Sept 24 - Making up afterwards
Sept 25 - Gazing into each others’ eyes
Sept 26 - Getting married
Sept 27 - On one of their birthdays
Sept 28 - Doing something ridiculous
Sept 29 - Doing something sweet
Sept 30 - Doing something hot

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Can you share a happy nathex memory...? maybe Nathan can reply with one when he sees this..?

okok listen up kids its story time, gather around, I have 500 stories I could tell but I feel this is one I need everyone to know.

So Nathan and I went to that huge mall near Manchester and were shopping around, and we went into the toy store, I looked right, and bolted full speed towards a giant stuff orca whale (as some of you might know are my faves)

So naturally for the rest of the day I made whale puns like, whale thats interesting, ect.. so, Nathan and I are shopping around and I helped him pick out some sunglasses for his Strife cosplay and he looks at me with them on and goes “I’m William Strife of Strife Solutions” and I stare him dead in the eyes and lean in and say…

“Whaaaaleiam Strife?”
I wish you all could have seen the look of dissapointment on his face, and how absolutely done with me he was.

Long story short: my whale is named Whaleiam now.


The OEF goes to Cardiff Pt2

Any costuming fans should seriously get to the exhibition if you can - it was wonderful to be able to get a closer look at some of the detailing.  i got a couple of reference pics for Oswin’s utility belt and Jenny’s steampunk gaunlet and crime fighting costume, I see a cosplay in my future…  Had to take a picture of the interlopers in the gift shop, needless to say I shook my head in disapproval but they were quickly forgotten on meeting the cosplaying family just before leaving who were absolutely wonderful.  Special shout out to the War Doctor who had a glass ball with him in lieu of a cube for his memory matrix and was doing some boss contact juggling with it XD


Aww yes. librarybards‘ newest music video: #BlackAndRed! This one goes out to all of the Harley Quinn and Deadpool coplayers. (Or rather, those of us who witness them) :D

ooc: Pfff, no nope. I didn’t buy Flash & Green Lantern capes at Six flags. Nah, why do that I’m 22 years old. Also, no idk what you’re talking about I always had those GL & Flash hoodies. Pffff. ……Hi I’m trash. And this piece of trash is gonna work on as many drafts as she can before she goes to work out. Operation: get fit for cosplay is ago starting today.


~Name: Spencer

~Age: 16

~Locations: New Hampsire, USA

~Likes: Aw man I have a lot! I like Homestuck (!), Steven Universe, Ghost Adventures, OFF, and Adventure Time.I love crows! I’m in love with space and aliens, I could talk about stuff like that all day honestly. I love psychology, i’m planning to go to college for it. I love to cosplay (mostly homestuck). I really love clowns, I don’t really know why but I also really love anything to do with horror or the paranormal (I could also talk about this all day) and I have a huge love for halloween. I love having any type if deep conversations and I also really love giving advice! I really love writing also!

~Dislikes: Anybody sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc, Action movies, being out in public, slut shaming (kinda goes in with sexism), the dark, animatronics, ehhh I think that’s it?

A Little Bit More About Me: I am transgender FtM, i’m Pansexual and also Demiromantic. I’m not gonna lie I have anxiety so sometimes it’s hard to talk to people but i’ve wanted a pen pal for a while now so i’m gonna try! However, once I get to know someone and am comfortable I tend to talk a lot. Like constantly. I live with my parents, i’m an only child. I’m a feminist. I have a strong fear of animatronics and of the dark. I think that’s it but you’ll definitely find out more about me if we talk!

Pen Pal Requirements: I’d like someone to talk to over email (or other social media), snail mail and package pals would also be cool but i’ve never done it before! I prefer someone within the US, between the ages of 14 and 17. I have no preference on gender, sexuality, or anything.

~Random Interesting Fact: I’m looove writing and often enjoy getting requests of short story prompts from people to write about!


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Ghostbusters cosplay progress

I’m finding these “lay it all out more or less like it goes” pictures very reassuring/encouraging. So much still to do in the next two weeks.

The copper cording is not in final position, by the way. It is being held in place by the notched bits, but I still need to glue it all down, during which I will do positioning nitpicking.

The center circles are not placed in this pic because I’ve already glued them to the mesh, so I can’t put them in place until the guts of the center piece are all glued together.

Not shown, the bits and pieces of the gun. There are six bits per gun (12 total), of which I am finished construction of four and half finished one (8 and two halves total).

Also not shown, I also started altering the coveralls tonight. I’ve taken off the collar and sleeves, and I’ve done the first two rounds of pinning. It should be possible to pin the alterations in just one or two rounds by putting the coveralls on inside out and just pinning them while I wear them. Except that the should seams are just over the backs of the shoulders, not on the top of them, so I can’t reach the bloody things while I wear the coveralls, and I have no one to help me. So instead of one or two rounds of pinning, I have to pin them, put them on to check fit, take them off, adjust the pins, put them on to check fit, etc. etc. etc.

But I think I’ll have the shoulders pinned in one more round, and if I’m really lucky I’ll pin the upper body and legs in one try on the same round. We’ll see later.

Cosplay Commissions

I am now offering cosplay commissions! My specialty is outfits and accessories. Props can be discussed but there is no guarantee I will be able to accomplish it. Same goes for armor. I CAN style wigs, although I currently have no reference pictures of what I have done. 

NOW for pricing
Outfits with minimum detail work, 50% modified clothing: $50 + $5 per hour
Medium detail work and from-scratch pants: $75 + $7 per hour
Entire outfit from scratch, most detail: $100 + $7 per hour

These are base lines, more specific prices will be given after figuring out the character.

I CAN do OCs, genderbends, and AUs if provided proper (credited) references.

I must have a MINIMUM of 3 months for the minimum detail work outfits and at least 6 for outfits from scratch.

If interested email me @

For questions, send me an ask to my tumblr

Pictures under cut of some of my work

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