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Scene analysis: Joe vs. Tom (Halt and Catch Fire, S2E7)

I loved “Working for the Clampdown” because Joe was at the center of every major beat in this episode (finally!), and we got to watch him interact with almost every other main character. In each of these scenes we see different aspects of Joe – the shrewd businessman, the persuasive salesman, the master manipulator, the wounded beau still hoping for reconciliation, etc. – and Lee Pace knocks it out of the park in every instance. For admirers of Lee’s acting (and of fine acting in general), this episode is a particular treat: watching the richness, complexity and detail of his performance was like taking a master class in the acting craft, from how to use the broad brush of physicality and movement down to the tiniest of subtle, nuanced expressions and telltale little gestures, from his voice acting to acting without dialogue.  

One of my favorite scenes is the one where Tom comes charging into Joe’s dingy little workspace at Westgroup, all upset because he thinks Joe is trying to bribe him with a pack of lies. (Mark O’Brien is very good as Tom Rendon, but I’m going to focus primarily on Joe/Lee in this analysis.) Joe looks up and seems surprised (though I’m sure he was expecting this exact confrontation), then gives Tom a wide, innocent-looking (“oh hey, howya doin’?”) smile, and immediately turns on the charm when Tom asks indignantly about the packet he had left for Tom at his mother’s house. I love the little wink – both disarming and conspiratorial – that Joe gives as he points to the term sheet in Tom’s hand.

At first Tom is standing upright on the other side of Joe’s desk, but Joe remains seated even though Tom is looming over him at this point. The height difference eventually pulls Tom down so that he’s hunched over the desk, leaning his hands on the table – in other words, he’s being drawn into Joe’s space. However, even with Joe sitting down, the power balance is in his favor. 

Joe continues to sit and even lean back in his chair, his body language all self-assurance and ease. To Tom’s accusation that Joe is lying, he counters that the offer (and the numbers) are real, and that the only new piece of accounting in the term sheet is what Tom “would personally stand to make” from the Westgroup acquisition of Mutiny. Joe is all serious and no-nonsense as he tells Tom that rather than offering him a bribe, Joe just did the math for him. 

Sensing that Tom still needs some convincing, Joe tries a different tack and finally stands up, regaining his height advantage. But he maintains a disarming smile and a friendly tone in his voice, pointing out astutely that Tom could have told him all this over the phone, implying that Tom must have something else in mind by coming all the way out to see him in the Westgroup offices.

Tom (like the child that he is) retorts that since Joe invaded his space, he figures he’d invade Joe’s in return. He’s even pouting slightly as he says this. (Poor Tom – he has no idea how outmatched he is in this confrontation.)  

Now Joe moves in for the kill. Leaning in – as though he were sharing something confidential with Tom – Joe notes that Tom cares about Cameron and for good reason, because “she’s special”. He says all this in an almost avuncular voice, and with a look of utter sincerity and concern. Having thus preempted any suspicion Tom might have that Joe is either still angling for Cameron or trying to undermine her, Joe then appeals to Tom to not let Cameron make her decision “from a place of pure emotion.” (Sidenote: It’s a nice little sexist appeal – “Just between us guys” – to the male ego to save the woman from her own emotions, which are always coded female.) 

The pitch lands right where Joe intended it to, and Tom has no comeback other than to say that he’s not even going to tell Cameron that they spoke. Joe says simply, almost nonchalantly, “OK.”

But Joe knows his bait worked – Tom is now caught on his hook. As he watches Tom exit huffily from his office, Joe can’t help but break into a satisfied little grin.

What did you think of this scene?

SEVENTEEN: “Playing” With Your Hair

Preference // “playing” with your hair

Seungcheol: You were sitting together on the sofa in the dorm. A movie was playing on the TV but you couldn’t care less, you were too busy dozing off. Seungcheol moved to the opposite end of the couch and patted his lap, wanting you to rest your head on his legs. You complied, leaning over and curling your legs up so that your feet wouldn’t be hanging off the end of the sofa. You laid there, barely paying attention to the film playing in front of you. Seungcheol pulled a blanket over you and rested one hand on your hip, the other he let run through your long hair. The feeling of his fingers ruffling and stroking your scalp was enough to send you into a deep, pleasant sleep.

Junghan: You were sitting cross legged behind him on your bed. He was trying to read while you fiddled with his gorgeous hair. You convinced yourself that you could have spent hours braiding it in different ways; regular braid, french braid, fishtail, dutch braid, the list went on. When he thought that you had exhausted your fingers he closed his book and turned around, asking if he could braid your hair now. You laughed, severely doubting his ability to braid hair, but you turned around and let him anyway. You were right to doubt him, by the end of his experimentation your hair was a tangled mess. He apologized with a sheepish smile as you left the bed to fetch something to brush out the knots with. He apologized again when he heard he tearing sound of you forcefully pulling the brush through your hair. You told him that it was okay and that he would learn eventually and he gave you a kiss on the cheek before taking the brush from you and brushing the knots out, making sure to be more gentle than you had been.

Jisoo: You ran your hands through your hair, loving the feeling of the soft strands slipping through your fingers. You silently thanked your sister for buying you a tub of hair mask to treat the damage that you got from dying your hair so often. Jisoo walked in on you revelling in the feeling of your soft hair and decided that he needed to feel your hair as well. He teased you, asking how you managed to turn your straw into silk. You shoved him and he told you that he genuinely loved your blonde hair. He made you sit in your chair as he felt your hair and commented on how different it was. You smiled and closed your eyes, loving the feeling of his fingers running through your locks. His hands abandoned their job and laid to rest on your shoulders. He used his grip on your shoulders to pull you back into him, kissing you on the forehead and telling you that you were beautiful, damaged hair or not.

Jun: You watched quietly as Jun finished his practice, making sure to stay in your corner and not get in his way. You remembered what happened last time, he tripped over your legs and you both ended up with massive bruises, yours from his shin smashing into yours and his from crashing to the ground. You decided to tie your hair up in a high ponytail, becoming annoyed with how warm the practice room was and the feeling of hair on your shoulders. When Jun’s practice finished you followed him out of the room, telling him how well you thought he did. He smiled at you, slipping one of his hands into one of yours and intertwining your fingers. He watched as you shook your head, swinging your ponytail to try and get it behind you and off of your shoulder. With his free hand he reached around to flick your hair, giggling as it swung. You found his childish amusement adorable, and you slowed your pace so that he wouldn’t hurt himself. You waited at the bus stop for your bus to come and take you home, and the whole time Jun stood behind you giggling to himself and swinging your ponytail back and forth.

Hoshi: You walked out of the change room, wringing out your hair with a towel. You turned the corner to see Hoshi standing underneath an exit sign and looking around, searching for you. You called out to him to catch his attention, watching as he snapped his head around to look at you and water droplets flew from the tips of his hair. You smiled at him and he smiled back, worn out and tired from three hours of goofing around in a swimming pool. When you reached him, he grabbed your bag and slung it over his shoulder, ignoring your disapproval and your input about how you could carry your things yourself. You stopped at a restaurant, deciding to sit outside in hopes of drying faster in the sun. You were both seated when he reached across the table and grabbed your hair, squeezing the water out of it. He looked down at the drops of water on his palm before looking up at you, grinning, and wiping his hand across your face. You squealed and laughed, ignoring the stares from people seated near you. You were having a good time together, occupied in each other.

Wonwoo: He asked you to keep him company while he wrote his songs.You could think of a million different things to do with your evening that were better than being ignored by someone, but doing anything with Wonwoo beat every option. You threw your hair into a bun and laced up the first pair of runners that you found. Wonwoo preferred when you dressed casual, constantly telling you that you should remove your makeup and let your hair loose and relax. You reached the practice room where he was, opening the door and slipping in silently. He smiled when he saw you, patting the seat beside him. You took his offer, sitting beside him and leaning your head on his shoulder, watching as he struggled to type fast enough to match up with what he was saying. At some point in the night he removed his laptop from his lap and placed it on the coffee table in front of you. You sat up straight, looking at him with confusion. He didn’t say anything, he only reached behind you and gently pulled the band from your hair, letting it fall down around your arms. He smiled, telling you that he only wanted you to be comfortable before sneaking a small kiss on your lips and returning to his work.

Woozi: You watched as he walked out of the back room, his hair still damp. He asked you for your opinion giggling when your jaw dropped and you stared at him. You told him that it was nice, pinker than last time, and he smiled his cat-like smile that made your heart melt. He ran his fingers through his hair a few times, willing it to stay out of his eyes. You laughed every time that it fell back down and obstructed his vision. He playfully glared at you, reaching forward and ruffling your bangs. You gaped at him before throwing your hands up to your hair that had taken you fifteen minutes to fix that morning. He told you to stop and grabbed your hands, placing them down at your sides. He smoothed out your hair and your bangs before resting his hands on your cheeks and pulling your face up to look at him. ‘All better’ was all he said, smiling and placing a kiss on the tip of your nose.

Seokmin: He grabbed the ends of your hair, wrapping it around his fingers and telling you that he had never realized that it was this long. He was amazed with his discovery, taking chunks of hair and tying them together in knots and squealing in excitement when they fell apart right before his eyes. You scolded him and told him to stop but he never listened to you, consuming himself in his own entertainment while you worked on your school work. You told him that you didn’t like when people played with your hair and even if you did that this was the most unpleasant hair play that you had ever experienced. He scoffed and continued what he was doing, only gentler and with less tugging.

Mingyu: He towered over you when he was standing, so you often made him sit down on stools and chairs to compensate for your lack of height. You had to stand on foot stools to kiss him, or he would pick you up and sit you on high counters. It was funny for others watching your constant struggle. You sat together on the love seat in his dorm talking and ignoring the world around you. Your limbs were draped over his body, your head resting on his chest, and his arm was wrapped around your shoulder, holding you close to him. He commented on how small you were and how perfectly you were able to curl up beside him, he told you about his love for moments when you would be cuddled up on the sofa together and he was able to see your facial features so easily. As you talked he creeped his hand up to your scalp, tangling his fingers in your hair, a habit of his that you had grown to love. You spent the rest of the afternoon like that, tangled up together and talking about nothing but everything.

Minghao: You yelped as you tried to pull your head away from his. He blushed as he realized that your collision had resulted in his gum in your hair. He apologized, saying that he would find you a jar of peanut butter and blushing harder as he explained that it was not the first time something like this had happened. You waited patiently in the bathroom for him to return, seating yourself on a spot on the counter beside the sink. You groaned as you inspected the sticky mess that your hair had turned into. He helped you slather the peanut butter on your hair, repeating constant apologies while he did so. When the gum was finally loose and the peanut butter had been washed out he helped you dry your hair, telling you to sit while he blow-dried with caution. He apologized again when he walked you back to your house, telling you that he would understand if you didn’t want to go on a second date with him. You chuckled and kissed him on the cheek before telling him that you’d had worse first dates and leaving him a blushing mess at your doorstep.

Seungkwan: You opened your water bottle, taking a sip and closing your eyes. You listened to the music flowing through the speakers and enjoyed the quiet of having no distractions, but the moment was short lived. As you bent down to stretch out your hamstrings you heard a scream behind you. You turned around to see Seungkwan covering his eyes. You laughed, put on a shirt, and told him that it was okay to look again. He was quick to scold you, asking you why you were standing around in a bra and such tight pants. You laughed as you took a seat on the floor beside him. You had been practicing a new dance routine you were choreographing for your dance team. You pulled your headband off and tugged out your ponytail, dropping both things on the floor beside you. You looked over at Seungkwan and he put his hands in your hair, smoothing and fixing, telling you that it looked weird. After a while of fiddling, your bangs were in your face again and Seungkwan was grinning at his work. You thanked him and asked him why he came by to see you. He blushed, telling you that he just wanted to see you and spend time with you. You smiled, creeping your fingers to curl around his, telling him that he could come see you whenever he wanted.

Hansol: You sighed, muttering to yourself in frustration. You ran a hand through your hair, telling yourself that curly was okay and that you needed a new straightener anyway. A ring of the doorbell was enough to freak you out and scramble your brain, and you returned to panicking over your broken straightener as your mom answered the door. He walked into the bathroom, asking you if you were okay and trying to calm you down. You explained that your straightener broke so you couldn’t straighten your hair for your date with him. He grabbed your shoulders, turning you to face him. He brought some of your hair forward, looking at it as it fell in waves down to your stomach. He smiled, telling you that your hair was beautiful and that he really didn’t care whether it was curly or straight. You calmed down, gathering enough courage to sneak a kiss onto his lips. You looked up at him, seeing him blushing and grinning and refusing to look at you. You poked his nose, trying to get him to look at you. You kept poking his nose until he snapped up to try and bite you, laughing when you yelped in surprise and yanked your hand back.

Chan: He sat behind you in your science class. When you threw your hair behind you, you heard him gasp. You turned around to see what was wrong, and you were met by him looking at your hair, mesmerized. He asked when you dyed it, you told him that it was over the weekend because your mother finally let you. He smiled, telling you that it looked pretty and played with your hair, watching how it shined in the bright light coming in from the window beside you. He apologized shortly after, explaining to you that playing with your hair was the only thing keeping him awake during the boring lesson. You told him that it was fine, offering to lend him your notes if he fell asleep on you. He grinned at you and you turned around quickly before the teacher noticed you.

I feel the need to apologize to Gal Gadot for writing her off as Wonder Woman just because of her being in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, and for thinking she was just a another pretty face used in an action film.

I feel the need to apologize to Gal Gadot for criticizing her body “not looking strong enough to be Wonder Woman” when she’s served in the Israeli Army for two years and could kick my ass.

I also feel the need to apologize to Zack Snyder, Warner Bros, and DC for the things that have been said about their casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The bottom line is that she’s gorgeous, she’s tough, she’s a WOC bringing this iconic character to the big-screen, and there’s NO ONE I’d rather see doing this.

So basically, I’m sorry for being a shithead. You’re gonna kill it.


still not convinced?

Kuragehime or Princess Jellyfish is a manga turned anime turned live action. It has a very interesting story line that seemed boring at first. that’s my first impression www …the only thing that caught my attention was “a guy crossdressing”. I am so into pretty guys so I gave it a chance; I srsly expected it to be crack www but YAY it’s not. YES, those successive photos of a ‘girl’ is actually a transvestite wwwww he’s gorgeous isn’t he www and one of the best scenes in the film is the fashion show featuring dresses designed as jellyfishes ♥ AND may I mention, this Mr. Pretty Guy starred as Karma in AssClass Live-Action. I know, I’m surprised too

so minna, if you please ♥ watch this movie

Jack Johnson smut

He gets super horny when the guys are round

Request: Could you do a Jack Johnson smut where he is at home with you and the guys are there hanging out and he just gets really horny and well u know 😏

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I hate that everyone says Cillian looks gaunt, skinny, slight, tiny , little etc . 5'9" is average . But has Cillian continued to work out at Gym for Peaky Blinders 3-4. Climbing out of bed with 2 chicks he looked very manly buff.

Gaunt-skinny-slight-tiny-little never looked so good!

People who meet him often say “he’s a lot smaller/shorter than I expected,” after they’re done raving about how he’s even more gorgeous in person. Maybe because he has such a commanding presence on stage and screen?

Director Danny Boyle described Cillian’s physique as “slight but like iron.” He has a small frame but is incredibly fit. Did you see the Anthropoid firearms training photos last week? He def won’t be lacking in the biceps/triceps/traps department when Peaky Blinders S3 starts filming in Sept. :)

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Well, nobody notices that studio Ghibli characters also look rather strange with the incredibly detailed background, so why not appreciate a cute dinosaur here? :D

I think Ghibli is a different in the sense that while their backgrounds are gorgeous and involved they also don’t detract or compete with the characters themselves.

Simplified character designs can work or not work depending on how they relate to both their environment and to the audience in the context of the film.


Take this image from Howl’s Moving Castle for example. The BG is EXTREMELY busy, but it doesn’t take away from Howl and Sofie. You don’t look at a Ghibli film and think “Those characters do not look like they are a part of that world.”

Their designs are simple, but also relevant in the visual context of the world around them; Howl doesn’t look out of place lying on his bed, surrounded by all sorts of flotsom and jetsom.

On the other hand, you have stills like this from the trailer:

where the bg is SO detailed and SO hyper-realistic that it detracts from the characters on screen. They don’t look like they belong to the same world. There is a disconnect for me to see a background environment that looks like it could be from a BBC documentary, and then have it superimposed with extremely cartoonish dinosaurs that do not fit into that given reality.

The fact that the hyper-realistic bgs and cartoony designs are not standard across the movie is another thing that makes it come across as “off” for me.

Why make the child and the dinosaurs the only stylized characters and have other fauna (like the gecko) be more realistic?

Don’t get me wrong, Pixar does gorgeous work and the level of detail they put into the film looks amazing, but the character designs just don’t mesh for me. They don’t look like they’re interacting with the world around them, instead they’re just dropped there.

also mammals only became the dominant species because of the Great Extinction so even if there were mammals around I doubt they’d be the same kind of mammals in the fossil record BUT THAT’S WHAT SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF IS FOR but I cannot suspend my disbelief for how much the style of the film clashes with itself.

~Disney rant~

I don’t care what movie you think is the most underrated. Because the most underrated film, without a doubt, is The black Cauldron. Like, it’s so underrated that most people don’t even know what it is.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen any merchandise for it. No one ever talks about it, but you know what?

It was dark and terrifying, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

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random happening from a video that just made my day-taron egerton pitching kingsman to people -a 50 yr old 50 shades of grey fan - "cause he's called colin firth and he's gorgeous. you know it makes sense." my inner fangirl just like exploded when he said that.

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One of my treasured memories from late high school was an after-hours trip to Baltimore’s Senator Theatre to see The Secret of Roan Inish, a film about (spoilers) selkies, the sealfolk of Ireland. The movie was gorgeous and magical and years later when someone suggested “Fiona” for the name of my glorious mud-brown (that’s “gold” to you) Toyota Corolla, I seized on it for TSoRI-related reasons.

Holy crap, Pathfinder’s selkies are not those selkies.

Normally I like it when Pathfinder errs on the side of dark, especially with their fey (tooth fairies, anyone?) and fey-adjacent creatures (like Pathfinder’s grim merfolk), but these selkies are seriously dark.

So if you like your selkies to be magical and whimsical and romantic and be able to slip in and out of their sealskins like coats per the stories…well, use the swan maiden stats and adapt them for a seal-woman.  But if you want a slavering, clawed shapechanger, one that is a trickster at best and a remorseless predator at worst, Pathfinder’s selkie has you covered.

A selkie on the picturesque coast of Lanx has a particular fondness for luring watercolorists and other artists to watery deaths.  Her modus operandi is to sit for seaside portraits farther and farther out on the rocks until she is sure she has the artist quite alone.  Often, her seal-like jaws lunging past his easel are the last thing the portraitist ever sees.

Cornered by adaros, a selkie shifts into human form to beg the aid of passing adventurers.  If they help her, she promises them a necklace of great value.  In truth, she plans to lead them past a nest of chickcharneys (see Isles of the Shackles) to curse them with ill luck, then leave them for draugrs to consume or slay them herself.

Cursed with a peculiar form of lycanthropy, the marchioness of Kaer Una becomes a bloodthirsty seal at the new moon and during autumn squalls.  Her husband tries to keep her contained during these episodes, going so far as to construct a pool for her (refreshed daily by the high tide through a portcullis) within the curtain walls.  Still, the noblewoman sometimes escapes, and every family near Kaer Una knows of a child a selkie has slain.  A hunter has discovered the marchioness’s secret and has sworn to mount her hide to his wall.  

Pathfinder Adventure Path #50 88–89 & Pathfinder Bestiary 4 226

By not checking email/checking the wrong accounts I apparently I missed some killer RPG sales in the last week—some for me, some that I wanted to tell you guys about (like $2 Scarred Lands PDFs).  Sorry guys!

Otakon is tomorrow!  Anyone else going?  Send me a note in the comments or at dailybestiary [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Let’s all take a moment to admire the sheer beauty of this shot, and acknowledge the huge the amount of work the setting is doing within the scene. 

Aside from being flat out gorgeous, this bathroom is a spooky homage to one of the bathrooms in the Overlook Hotel. You know the Overlook, it’s that remote spot where Jack Torrance tries to kill his wife and child. 

There’s a couple of things here. For one, Kubrick was the absolute master of detail orientated directing. There’s nothing in his films that he doesn’t intend to be there, and no result that isn’t down to a decision that Kubrick made. So it’s no surprise that he’s going to be such an influence on a show that pays such close attention to the design of everything, including the food, costume and sound. 

But let’s also look at the scene in The Shining that it’s calling back to. Jack, our hero (or at least our protagonist) is clearly losing his mind. He’s imagining things, hallucinating - and now he’s either having a conversation with the ghost of the former caretaker (who killed his own wife and daughters), or he’s talking to himself, taking on the duel identities of Jack and Delbert Grady. 

I don’t want to spoil Hannibal for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, but this is a massive nod to the fact that our hero, Will, is not doing well. He understands something about the killer he’s trying to catch, but he doesn’t understand what that thing is. And physically, we’ve already seen Will asking for, or taking, painkillers on two separate occasions, and we’ve seen him dealing with the world’s worst night sweats.

So when Jack Crawford yells “what kind of crazy is he?” at Will, a more pertinent question might well be “what kind of crazy are you?”. 

I dunno - maybe Will needs to see a doctor of some sort.

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There are too many - I need to focus them. Ask me anything. I’ll hopefully be able to write real posts when my brain calms down.

To keep it simple:

  • Akane is more of a queen than she was. I don’t know how that’s possible.
  • Ginoza is a doll. I wish he’d had more screen time and more scenes with Akane. THEY ARE SO CLOSE OHMYGAWD LOVE IT 
  • Wow, that scene with Kaori was far more of a knife twist than I’d anticipated.
  • Blonde chick is badass with knives. I cringed.
  • Pacing got really weird in the middle of the film. Some stuff really needed elaboration. Ending was a tad rushed.
  • “Get your head out of your ass, senpai.” I admit, that was actually funny…ironic, but funny. 
  • I actually liked Desmond. Was not expecting that.
  • I didn’t even dislike Loreal Levi Nicholas either, for some odd reason.
  • The animation and soundtrack were gorgeous and the really helped get that adrenaline pumping.
  • Excellent world-building (since they had to start over with it being outside of Japan).
  • NOSEBLEED at Ko and Gino vs. Desmond. 
  • I still have a lot of questions, actually. 
  • “Makishima” was right on the money. I have the same questions “he” does. I really, really need answers to those questions. I guess I’ll never get them until Ko figures it out himself. 

 as much as I love period dramas, Far From the Madding Crowd is great, but