and this feeling is not good

Whether your eyes are blue, green, or brown; you deserve to see this world to its fullest. Notice all of the beauty that exists around us; in every inch. In every aspect. Your looks do not define your life; regardless, you are able to see the marvellous things that exist around you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

olga-eulalia  asked:

Tell me a lame joke/bad pickup line, please! ([whispers] Or make a character tell them to another)

Holy mother of god, SHE’S ALIVE! After months in the wilderness (my room) without a shred of fic writing motivation I return with a ridiculous offering. Sorry for the long wait.

A few things you should all know about this fic: 1. It’s really, really stupid. 2. It’s set some vague time post-series, but the details don’t really matter. 3. I’ve never been to North Africa OR the Caribbean, so if I’m wrong about what either place is like then blame google or just assume Silver’s a lying turd. 4. Yes, this is my sense of humour in a nutshell. And 5. I know I’m not as funny as I like to think I am. Fair warning. 

“Did I ever tell you about the time I stumbled upon a very strange marketplace when I was lost in the desert near Tripoli?”

Silver adjusted his crutch where it stood propped against the arm of his chair and then lounged backwards, his leg outstretched beneath the table and his half full mug of ale resting against his stomach, rising and falling slowly with his breathing.

“No,” Flint said, pulling his gaze away from where it was roving across the faces of the less than respectable clientele of the tavern and settling it instead on Silver. “Was that before or after Nassau?”

“Oh, before. Long before,” Silver replied.

His eyes were bright and mischievous, and Flint knew that there would be no escaping whatever manner of tale it was that he was about to recount, no doubt in wildly vivid detail and baring only a passing resemblance to the truth. Not that Flint wanted to escape the storytelling. The rumbling roll of Silver’s voice always washed over him like a lulling tide, familiar and settling and warm. Flint could almost taste the salt on his lips again whenever Silver spoke.

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a change

tsukikagehina hc #12

What if the three of them were all unable to meet over the summer before their third year, so they decided to surprise the others with new hairstyles?
So the first day of class, they see each other and….

Tsukishima’s hair is longer and half swept to the side, and he totally pulls off the “messy yet sexy” look. Hinata has an undercut, no more words needed. And Kageyama… well.

His hair looks exactly like Kunimi and Tsukki and Hinata don’t even recognize him at first. Then after (failing at) holding back laughter, they find some hair gel and style it for him, deciding on pushing it back off his forehead.

And then Kageyama looks so distractingly good that Hinata gets hit in the face multiple times and Tsukishima misses half his blocks at practice.

(The new first years are all amazed bc 1.How is this the team that went to nationals twice? 2.Their setter is really fucking hot.)

quelynxyz  asked:

For the "send the emoji and I'll draw the answer" meme thingie (ill just include the question too) "☁: Guilty pleasure?" , "☕: Coffee or Tea?", and "☂: What do you hate to/can’t draw?" ... is that too much ? but yeah just curious so u dont need to draw it out if u dont want t o

guilty pleasure: testing out ideas/art styles i wanna try emulating a little but using libra as the test subject bc he’s. fun to draw leave me alone

tea or coffee?

what do you hate to/can’t draw?

a few friends have asked for nsfw stuff, maybe i went along with it cause it was… birthday art… and also i learned a valuable lesson