and this fancam ok

Jimin goes hard

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[Fancam] 170506 Jungkook @ The Wings Tour in Manila
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[Fancam] 150329 - Like a Star (Jungkook focus) @ BTS BEGINS
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Guys!! Did anyone notice anything in this?? bcuz I do. So ok, here’s the thing.
Suho was telling Kyungsoo that he looked like he doesn’t have emotions/feelings and Kyungsoo replied “Of course I have feelings/emotions.”
Did anyone notice as soon as Kyungsoo said that he, indeed, has feelings, Suho and Chen both turned around to look at Jongin?!!! And Suho looked down at first looking like he gave up covering them up. 😂
I think Kyungsoo even noticed that and grinned wide showing his heart-shaped smile. I saw it in another fancam.
Ok is it just me?! I dun care even if ppl call me delulu cuz those two really know abt Kaisoo. Don’t argue with me! 😌