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  • TFJ: Diamonds, vintage aesthetic and art covers with the pop art style theme.
  • EH: grunge/cute aesthetic, dark enthusiasm and 50's dresses and hair styles.
  • FROOT: Artificial fruit art, cosmic and some retro whatsoever style, with neon themes to cover its essentials.
[ARTICLE] MONSTA X's Shownu gave up some of his lines in 'Beautiful' for Hyungwon?

In a special feature by Mnet for MONSTA X’s comeback with their first full album ‘The Clan Part 2.5 - Beautiful’, producers Star Wars, Brother Su, Safari M, and Risi talked about the making of the album.

When asked about memorable episodes, Star Wars answered, “One time, Shownu came up to me just before recording finished for the day and said, ‘Hyung, don’t you think the picture would be more effective if during this part a pretty guy like Hyungwon emerged?’ In most idol groups, there are a lot of members and limited parts so no matter how close they are, they don’t worry about other members’ parts. When I heard him say that, it made me see how their teamwork or the way they think of one another is special.”

Brother Su said, “One time, Wonho came over to my house to work on music, but we only gossiped for 4 hours and ate ramen.Then he went home.” Producer Risi complimented the members on their improved singing as well, praising Hyungwon in particular.

They also revealed that MONSTA X really wished to win #1 with their comeback this time around and bid the boys best of luck for their upcoming promotions. Have you heard MONSTA X’s new song “Beautiful” yet?


Cultwo Show:

- Mark is leaving for New Zealand on 03/31
- Members said Jackson is feeling better
- JB said there won’t be any interactions with women in their MVs because fans don’t like it
- Mentioned Youngjae meeting foreign artists in the US thanks to fans
- Talked about Jinyoung’s movie Nunbal
- Talked about Yugyeom being followed by Chris Brown


[Making Film] 몬스타엑스(MONSTA X)_THE CLAN pt 2.5 [BEAUTIFUL] JACKET


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