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Elvis Duran Show - Jack Antonoff about “reputation”, Taylor’s shows and why she’s as big as she is (November 20th 2017)

Interview with Karson & Kennedy - Jack Antonoff talks about working with Taylor and their thought process behind “Look What You Made Me Do” (November 20th 2017)


TMI Episode 2

The fact that Dean already owned a pair of $1000 + cowboy boots and a $300+ Stetson and had a freaking hat box for it.

The fact that he was unashamedly excited about getting to use them, had no qualms at hiding what he enjoyed, didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought and no-one batted an eye, they just though it was great that he was happy.

These are more than enough reason to send Davy Fucking Perez a fruit basket.


171121 EXO ‘COUNTDOWN’ Teaser Clip #BAEKHYUN