and this ep tbh

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"#im still angry #bc what big twist????? #jake and rosa going to jail was a sure thing from like long ago?????? #i mean it was good but im still angry and like i feel weirdly disappointed in a way??" i feel u holy shit fox (was it even fox or a rumor or a press release) really needs to Stop giving away major plot points weeks before an ep even comes out tbh :/

like i guess it’s My Fault for checking all those spoilers but at the same time i was waiting for some huge Plot Twist when what actually happened is literally what i expected. Not that it wasn’t fantastic, but there was zero need for fox to spoil Gina’s preganancy bc i never saw that coming at all and when they revealed it I was like man, there’s gotta be a hell of a twist if they decided there was no harm in showing us thiS but well, y'know. I’m still super excited for season 5 tho!!!!

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whats wrong with miraculous ladybug? i actually dont know which is why i'm asking.

these r the reasons i think its sux tho tbh i never got past ep 7 so its been a while. anyway the reasons:

  1. its boring and repetitive
  2. the guy who created it said drawing porn of the fifteen y/o characters in it is fine
  3. one of the people who worked on it literally posted their really creepy nsfw kink fanart on twitter lmao
  4. also did i mention that like…. its a really lifeless boring show in my humble opinion
Yoi ep 10
  • Otabek: do you have a friend?
  • Yurio: no
  • Otabek: now you have one
  • Yurio: what
  • Otabek: what
  • (later that night)
  • Viktor: are we engaged?
  • Yuuri: no
  • Viktor: now we are
  • Yuuri: what
  • Yuuri: I mean, good

Vox Machina has a realization about Keyleth and Plane Shift.