and this entire series

I’m sitting here just really sad and emotional because it’s one of those moments that’s like, okay it’s just over, it’s done and I think it’s just I’m going to miss the friendships on the show and the actors on set and hanging out and mostly just enjoying this whole thing with you guys. 

I’ve changed and grown so much throughout the entire series and you guys have been there for me through it all so thank you. Thank you for your support and friendship. 

That’s a wrap on a chunk of my life and I’m so grateful I got to share it all with you. 

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I saw your post of Aunt Jessie. When Alex showed up I was expecting her to say her name was Bethany. Imagine that! She could have been there since the beginning and her story would have mend a lot of plot holes. I liked the finale, but I also was hoping for answers because Marlene said that they saw all the entire series to write the final. Also, congratulations for guessing it! Your theories were brilliant. Thank you for all the things that you have done for the fandom. I'll miss all of this.

I WAS WAITING AND WAITING FOR HER TO JUST DROP THE BIG BOMB SHELL. ONE LINE. JUST ONE LINE. “And then I got buried that night” or something like that! I was seriously waiting for it. I was like “Twincer was predictable, surely they’ve got another bomb to drop soon?? Surely it won’t stop there??” unfortunately it did stop there :(

I’ll miss it too, in about a week this will all be dead. I can’t get over that :(

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An Tiger 1, A Luger in Pristine condition, the entire Courage the Cowardly Dog series, a book on brutalism architectural designs, a vast collection of games you want for the pc.

Summoned! Although taking the Tiger back home would be a pain.

the floor is having your character potential totally squandered by the end of the soul society arc and replaced with a character revolving entirely around a guy, including: getting kidnapped to see if said boy would come to rescue u as he did for his Totally Platonic Bro™, saying you’d try to reject the hogyoku then sitting on ur ass and not doing anything, being afraid of the boy u like with a hollow mask on but not an actual hollow (ulquiorra cipher), causing the boy u like to turn into a full-blown hollow that marks the lowest point for him morally in the entire series, wearing a revealing dress you’re uncomfortable with because a shady guy said the said boy would like it…

… and more!

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Can we just talk about how much I love Saihara because he literally has all the same flaws as me and because of this I can love and relate to him more than any other Danganronpa character in the entire series? When anon said that weakness is the reason others will hate him as a character really annoys me because those are the things that I personally ENJOY about the protagonists. (Also, I really don't see Saihara as 'weak', anxious and insecure, definitely, but not weak)

I feel you anon, I relate to Saihara quite a lot, too. He’s not designed to be a self-insert protagonist in the way Naegi or many other vn protagonists are, but that doesn’t make it impossible to relate to him either. Rather, his weakness, anxiety, and depression are all traits that made me feel he was more relatable, not less.

It’s rare that a protagonist has these flaws so openly, and even rarer when they aren’t magically “fixed” or brushed under the rug by the narrative. Many protagonists who might start out in a series as weak or timid or anxious often become brasher, more extroverted, more shounen-like as they begin to adhere to the “believe in your friends, believe in yourself, you can do anything as long as you try” mindset in fiction. So the fact that Saihara managed to grow and develop as a character while still remaining very much the same person at heart made me love him, honestly.

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And of course I happen to have a Greece ficrec for you! works/11086104 'Kallistos' by FunnyLittleOwl (btw, entire travelling series is so, so good) So if one day you want more of obscure recs you know where to find me :D



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Middle Age Sad Man Watches Pretty Little Liars - Final Update:  A frustrating finale. On the one hand, the reveal of the villain (who the internet saw coming, but) was funny and I enjoyed that being the final explanation for everything;  plus it had (a) two completely improbably underground bunker complexes, (b) a character keeping a secret for no good reason despite having spent the last billion years being terrorized by sociopaths trying to repeatedly teach them not to keep secrets, and © a deeply felt celebration of the lasting rewards of male-on-female child molestation– you know, your classic PLL tropes.  

On the other hand, there was a pretty easy way of tying the villain into all the different mysteries of the series, and explaining a whole bunch of things that never got explained– but instead, they just had the entire series basically hinge on (a) one character magically bumping into another character in another country, and (b) an irate horse (???).  I was hoping it would just be a 2-hour youtube theory video, though, because I found the plot of this show very very confusing.  There’s so much they needed to explain very slowly and carefully for me to really get it.  Like, why would the girls dress up so weird for funerals?  Or:  how come they wouldn’t wear really tasteful clothing to funerals?  Also:  are there people out there who actually wear clothes like that to funerals?  I still have too many unanswered question!  (Mostly funeral related).

So, not a great finale, but I can’t imagine anyone reasonable was expecting a great finale, after the big “A revealed” episode was all stinky.  (Though that’s one of my favorite TV watching memories of all time– I watched it on a tiny laptop during my big trial in Vegas on a Spanish-language internet feed, so as I’m watching there was a live comment feed on the side of my screen of these Spanish-language teens getting completely shook by what was going on, like “El Diablo!  El Diablo!”  or “El profesor que tiene sexo con una niña parece inadecuado” or whatever– I don’t speak Spanish so I can’t do a good impression).  

Overall, this has been an experience with a lot of highpoints and lessons and maybe a couple lowpoints, i.e. the Christmas episode where whoever A was put “Merry Christmas, Bitches” in christmas lights on a neighbor’s house.   There were definitely a lot of “what the FUCK is this show???” moments that I’m happy to have been here for– dolls full of raw meat; teenage girls flushing teeth; the horseshoe scene; the psychic doll boy; A combing a wig that A had menacingly put on a tennis ball; Halloweens; gas masks; that time that guy got decapitated and his head rolled down some stairs; etc.  And I guess I still feel pretty strongly about the big yellow-highlighter lesson I’m taking from the whole experience (that demographic targeted marketing shit diminishes us, and that there’s a value to consciously breaking away from what we’re “supposed to like”, the prestige/niche shit that plays to whatever rigid category to which we’ve been assigned, a value to seeking out and having unusual experiences not designed for us because those end up being more memorable because we’re forced to experience something designed for the Other, etc., etc., etc)(thanks, drugs).  I’m not sure where I can take that lesson to next– I’m guessing there’s nothing else quite as … vivid as this show lying around waiting to be found for me, so.  But it’s something that’s going to be a takeaway for me when I remember this show.  

I don’t know– it’s weird when a tv show ends because you spend so many hours with it and then it’s done and it’s like… you’re back to having to do your laundry and eating your soup.  Oh well.  But now I return to my life having learned one lesson more than any other:  even if you terrorize them with the scariest possible text messages for their entire lives, girls will never just throw away their cell phones.  Good to know.  (Rides off into the Sunset; sunset takes out restraining order; forced to return to one-bedroom apartment after having ridden off into sunset, now the defendant in multiple civil lawsuits).

But wait... Seriously....

I’m not all that satisfied with PLL’s finale. In fact, it almost makes me want to make one of those “everything wrong with…” videos.

Except if I did do that I would inevitably do it for the entire series and I don’t feel like rewatching 160 episodes so like


Why did they use the evil twin trope? Seriously? I had seen a couple posts speculating it but I was actually thinking more along the lines of either Ezra or Melissa. And on that note…..

Melissa mask? Why do you get my hopes up like that? And

I guess Melissa is the kind to pretend exes drop off the face of the earth because she didn’t mention Wren was dead?

Considering previous events in the series, the liars ( with some help) found out about Alex ridiculously fast. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here because i know blind people tend to have heightened senses to compensate but she was really which to tell Toby that she didn’t think it was Spencer. I’m just glad Bashful had a suitable reaction.

But let’s go back a second. Evil twin. This has been done numerous times. It has been done well on a few occasions. I don’t feel like this was one of those. She had backstory, yes, but it felt like her motive was bland - like the writers were like “Hey! This is my OC, Alex Drake! She is Spencer’s evil twin sister, and is the new A! Oh but I don’t have a motive… Oh, let’s just say she’s avenging Charlotte’s death!”. Come on, people!

My thoughts about the last PLL episode (no spoilers) :


2. Im actually sastified by how it turned out

3. How the fuck did the rest of the girls guess it so randomly though without any doubts wtf that came out of nowhere

4. A.D. literally could just have said something from the beginning and she was clearly mentally ill. (which I don’t like how Marlene King and her people make mentally ill people evil all the time)

5. if the ending actually hints at a spin off series im going to scream and delete my existance.

6. Tbh “Rosewood” was better than the entire series and Im still sad it was cancelled