and this entire series

i can’t believe i swore i was done with this hell of a show like literally two seconds ago and then the news broke and i sold my soul again

just like that

one headline and i’m back

Katie McGrath everybody. this is what she does to people

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Magnus inhales. Slow. Deep. Lets the smoke fill his lungs. And he holds it there. Waits for the burn.

Eventually, he lets the flame extinguish from the tip of his thumb.

And he exhales.

He doesn’t blow in any direction, he just sort of… opens his mouth. Lets it fall out. And with his head hanging upside down off the foot of the bed, the smoke falls right into his nose before it can dissipate.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Catarina says flatly, not even looking up, “it’s bad for you.”

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In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.

Anyway, I gotta say this episode was so good. I watched it twice already and it’s got such great characters moments. Really really penultimate worthy. The last scene made my everything hurt, but even that was so wonderfully acted by our main four. They will be okay. Michael Peterson asked the fans to have faith and I’m gonna have faith. Also the callbacks were unreal.

And so it was that the entire @therealjacksepticeye community mourned the ending of one of the best series the channel. *taps starts playing quietly in the background* and we all wept for the loss of such great characters and one of the best art styles the world had ever seen…RIP Night In The Woods. You will be remembered fondly by many…

Seriously though this has be my favorite series along with Undertale. It was  fantastic and I’m sad it’s over…

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"It's best not to dwell on such minutiae" is one of my favorite line readings of the entire series. GARAK.

So Guess What, @memory-for-trifles has done some investigative journalism for us and turned up that minutiae is the plural and minutia the singular, though most people conflate them into one they call “mi-noo-shuh” because “mi-nyoo-shee” sounds INSANE.

And so now we all have to face surely a DAILY choice of whether we’re going to pronounce minutiae wrong, like an asshole, or pronounce it correctly, like an asshole. THANKS, GARAK, u fucker.

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The only thing I found sexist about kishi was,only the women highly prioritized romance or their romantic interest.The men dident even hint at feelings of that nature until the end.But all women obviously care about romance so much?Aparently in kishis head.Sakuras character is practically a shrine dedicated to her love for him.Hinatas only motivation was naruto,she dident even become head of her clan.And Karin,well her rape attempts disgust me,if she was a man everyone would hate her.

“The men didn’t even hint at feelings of that nature until the end”

Naruto, Lee, Jiraiya, Morio and Obito all beg to differ.

“But all women obviously care about romance so much?”

Tenten, Temari, Tsunade, Kurotsuchi, Karui and plenty of others beg to differ.

And let’s not forget Anon, that Obito was the person who caused by far the most shit in the series. And what was the entire reason for all of the trouble that he caused? His love for Rin. So I suppose in Kishi’s head, Obito’s character must also practically be a shrine dedicated to his love for Rin huh?

nothing makes me happier than the snape line, “How extraordinarily like your father you are Potter, he too was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle.” because what did mr rickman do more than dramatically strut and hair flip for an entire film series 

Update :)

Hello there, hope you are having a good week! So I just wanted to update you guys on some stuff I have coming up. Sorry I have been inactive with the imagines (been busy with school and other things). Anyways, so here is the plan. I will be finishing off the Cruise Ship Crush and the Promise? series. I also have one request left as well as one Tyler Joseph imagine I’ve been working on for a while (inspired by the show How I Met Your Mother).

After I am done those, I will be posting up a new series. I am currently in the midst of writing it and it will have multiple chapters. I plan to write the entire series and then post it in sections. I have been binging on the show that is Gilmore Girls and the series I’m working on, is slightly inspired by the show. It will revolve around the reader and Josh Dun and…yeah! I will have more news regarding this series later on!

Honestly, I was always afraid to post art about her, because people would point out that she looks like a character from Pokemon, but I created her when I was 11, and I wasn’t into Pokemon a lot But oh boy here we go- This here Is the very FIRST oc I created, well, actually there was another but I scratched her off This, is Lily Ascot She was entirely based off of my favorite series game Professor Layton. I got her story and all, but I don’t wanna put it here-

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Hey! This is a loaded question, but what are your thoughts on Mass Effect? Some friends are trying to convince me to pick up the ENTIRE series, and based on how much time I spent on DA: Inquisition I'm wondering what I'd be (hypothetically) signing myself up for.

Doooo it. The Mass Effect series has its issues (many of which are improved on by the third entry), but the series has a good story arc and I enjoyed more of the characters and overall world than the Dragon Age series. If I say any more, I might start a fight…😜

I just started the newest one, so we’ll see.

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Multiple fans headcanon a cartoon character as autistic and also recognize his canon ADHD which is barely mentioned but totally visibly shown.

Multiple neurotypicals insist that he cannot be autistic because he’s “not geeky or sciencey enough" and that his scientist brother “must totally be Asperger’s because he’s a scientist.“

1. Asperger’s has been merged into Autism for a while and some of us twitch when it’s still applied on its own.
2. The scientist brother is autistic, yes, but not because he’s a scientist. Likewise, he is not a scientist because he’s autistic. Shut up.
3. Oh my gods, shut up.
4. That’s it, I’m writing an entire fic series about their autistic traits so you’ll learn stuff and shut up.
5. Ha ha, you like my stories and you didn’t even realize. See what I did there? I learneded you! Now apologize, assholes.
6. Accept it, because we are already aware of it.
7. See item 3. Stop saying we suffer, stop thinking autism sucks, stop assuming you know us. Don’t make me write harder. No, wait, do.