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Yoga for Outlander-induced Pain 


the fact that “pike and scanlan are married and Also Grog is There” is a canonical endgame family unit is going to fucking sustain me until i fucking die probably, just knowing that 

1. grog is going to spend the rest of his life surrounded by gnomes, as the gods intended, and

2. that whenever the three of them go somewhere and meet new people it’ll always be like “hi, i’m pike, and this is my husband, scanlan! and this is grog.” and in a few years it’ll be “Hi, I’m Scanlan, and this is my beautiful perfect wife, Pike, and that” indicating a tiny tiny gnome child, hanging serenely off of Grog’s battle helmet, “is our daughter, Juniper! and this is grog.”

I’d just like to point out that nobody knew Taako was dating Kravitz all the way until Lup was realeased from the umbrastaff. That gave Taako quite a bit of time to make absolutely stellar death jokes, a la millennial style of “praying for death” and shit like that

The lunar interlude before wonderland consisted of the summer spent training. Taako, despite being visibly happier, has been saying some pretty morbid things about how he “misses the sweet embrace of death” after a particularly hard training session… The other 2/3 of the tres horny boys plus team sweet flips have been getting worried, but knowing Taakos sharp attitude nobody approaches him about it until Carey calls for an intervention.

They all sit in a semi circle when Taako is escorted in by Magnus. Once that they explain they’re there to help him, he bursts out laughing, “I sure as FUCK don’t have to explain myself to y’all, and at, uh, at this point it’s funnier not to.” He swoops out of the room with his cape and the umbrastaff hanging from his forearm. Everyone is kinda stunned but they all somewhat expected that.

It isn’t until Lup shouts about his relationship status with the grim reaper that it clicks, he LOVES death. Carey and Killian realize they’ve already met him, Magnus and Merle have already fought Taakos boyfriend, and everyone would be more surprised if the room wasn’t shaking.

nintendo: if zelda was the protagonist than what would link do?? :(

me, a wealth of creativity: have ganon curse link into becoming a dog and zelda runs around with her wolf friend who protects her from attacks and whines cutely whenever she’s absorbed in research and won’t pay attention to him and also you can pet him


Hello, you are invited;

Come play this twisted game of Betrayal

Murder in the air


Hello, you are invited;

Come play this twisted game of Betrayal

Jim is on the case

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