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NCT’s names according to google voice:

Lee Taeyong: Lithium Song

Dong Winwin Sicheng: Boosie When When Song

Qian Kun: Cancun

Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkun: 10 Cheetah Porn Ricetta Bone Coon

Mark Minhyung Lee: Mark Mentally

Lee Haechan Donghyuck: The Hitch On Dump Truck

Jung Jaehyun Yoonoh: Jungle Jay Can You Know

Nakamoto Yuta: Nakamoto Yootha

Seo Johnny Youngho: Sale Johnny Young Whole

Ji Hansol: G Hansel

Kim Doyoung Dongyoung: Kim Do Young Dumb Young

Moon Taeil: Moon Tail

Na Jaemin: Najee Men

Lee Jeno: Legion No

Zhong Chenle: Zone Show Mall

Park Jisung: Fuck You Song

Huang Renjun: Long Run June

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When nush is on twitter but not on tumblr. we are in a zalfie drought

We really are and all these people saying stupid shit about Mark and Zoe aren’t helping xx

you surprised your boyfriend!calum in LA. You called him from a cab on the way to the house he was staying at and the strain of his voice made your heart hurt. He was tired from the strain of performing and traveling, and putting up with the other boys’ and their drama that always seemed to unfold when they were on the west coast.

“I just miss you.” He finally hummed with a sigh, after recalling to you the events of the past couple of days since you last spoke.

“I miss you, too, bunny. What are your plans for today?” You cooed, quietly handing the driver some money and heading up the sidewalk, slinging your bag over your shoulder.

“Nothing. The boys left to go celebrate Thanksgiving or something.” he mumbled and you stifled a giggle at the disgust in his voice.

“Well why didn’t you go with them?” you teased, waving at the guard who once carried you over his shoulder after Ashton’s 21st birthday outside the house with a wink.

“I don’t know, Y/N. I feel bad because Feldy invited me but I just need a break. I’m so tired plus it’s nice to have the house to myself for once.” he sighed and you could picture him running his hands through his hair.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind a little company.” You said with a smirk, ringing the doorbell. You giggled as you heard loud thumping inside and then the door swung open, Calum’s crinkle eye grin greeting you. You giggled at your boyfriend’s appearance: messy curls everywhere and clad in nothing but a ratty t-shirt and black boxer briefs.

“Sorry, babe. I’ll have to call you back. Someone just showed up and I really need to kiss them.” he grinned, hanging up his phone and tossing it aside before he pulled you inside. His hands were greedily groping every inch of your body as you sucked on his bottom lip. “Oh, baby girl. It’s so good to see you.” He sighed against your skin, kissing your neck. He pecked your lips once more, taking your bag from you and pulling you by the hand up the stairs and into his room.

He threw your bag in the corner before tugging your dress off and scooping you up and gently placing you on the bed. He hovered over you, throwing off his shirt before pressing his chest against yours and running his finger along your jaw. “God, you’re pretty.” He smiled, trailing kisses behind where his finger traced.

“I thought you were tired.” you giggled as he began to grind his hips against your thigh. He stopped kissing you and rolled off of you, the cold air in the room encompassing your body.

“I am. Let’s take a nap.” He said with a yawn, smirking and folding his arms behind his head. He laughed at your pout, a wicked gleam in his eye.

“Baby, how are you? I’ve been worried about you.” You cooed, turning on your side and running your fingers through his messy curls. “I know you’ve been so busy. Are you sleeping enough? And please tell me you haven’t just been eating junk and-” you fussed, cut off by his perfect plump lips on yours.

“I’m better now that you’re here, Y/N.” He said softly, running his fingers down your arm that was propping up your chin. He sighed, falling back on his back and pulling you into his side. “I really do feel better with you next to me but I think I’ll feel better once you’re under me.” he smirked, flipping you on your back and kissing down your body.

“Cal. We need to talk about this. I don’t want you to keep it bottled up.” You stifled a moan as his lips pressed against your clothed core. “Baby, I love you so much. Please talk to me and quit trying to distract me.” You huffed, writhing beneath his perfect touch.

He smiled, resting his chin on your stomach. “I love you more. But, baby, we can talk later. I’ll run a bubble bath and I can hold you and talk your ear off about everything that’s been going on. But right now, I want to worship the body I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on for months now. I need you, baby girl.” His voice rasped as he pulled your underwear slowly down your legs. “Oh, baby girl.” He hummed appreciatively, running a finger across your folds before popping into his mouth. “And I can tell you need me, too.” He chuckled, watching you with hooded eyes before dipping his head back between your legs. The sunlight steaming in the windows danced around his beautiful brown skin and you almost came undone at the sight of the boy you missed so much. The boy you loved and worried about when he didn’t send a million snapchats a day documenting his life or whiny late night calls begging you to get naked on Skype because he was horny or random texts throughout the day of “I love yous” and random dogs he had seen. You know that he was so happy to be pursuing his dream but you also knew it was so stressful for him because he always worried if he was good enough and if he deserved this. He was overwhelmed by the fame but grateful for the opportunity to play music everyday. He was the boy you loved since you randomly met at a concert. Your boy. And god did your boy know how to make you feel good. And just like that, you were seeing stars and moaning his name.

He continued kitten licking you as you came down from your high. “Such a good girl. So pretty.” He whispered hotly, wiggling out of his underwear. “Ready, baby?” He asked, pressing his hard on against your inner thigh. His eyes widened when you shook your head. You smirked, sitting up and pushing him on his back. You straddled his thighs, hovering above his torso.

“You made me feel so good, baby. My turn to make you feel good.” You whispered into his ear, biting the earlobe before sinking yourself down onto him. He hissed, his eyes snapping shut. “No, baby. Watch me. Watch how good you make me feel.” You purred, resting your hands on his chest. His rough hands kneaded your ass as you began to slowly bounce.

“More. Please.” He commanded in a raspy whisper, slapping your ass when you didn’t respond right away. He sat up, pulling you with him as he sunk deeper and deeper into you. “Baby girl.” He moaned against your shoulder, nipping at the soft skin. He continued to rock you, quickening the pace until nothing but your bodies colliding and hot calls of the other’s names filled the air. “Cum for me baby.” He growled in your ear, grabbing a handful of your hair and tugging gently. That’s all it took for you to feel that feeling for the second time in the pit of your stomach. Your orgasm around him was his undoing and you both rode out your highs, Calum collapsing back on the bed and pulling you with him. “I love you. So much.” He breathed, pulling you against his side as you curled into him. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as you both tried to even out your breathing. He tucked a sweaty strand of hair behind your ear, kissing your nose affectionately. “Your always just what I need. I’m so glad you’re here, baby girl.” He said sweetly, making a different kind of blush than a few minutes before creep across your skin as you buried your head into his chest. “And to think, I could have been eating dry turkey™ instead of you.” He added with a laugh, kissing the top of your head as you groaned at his dumb joke. This was the boy you loved most. Happy. Goofy. Loving. You were proud of the rockstar he had become but as you snuggled into him and felt his heartbeat steady as he drifted to sleep, you knew that a big helping of cuddling with your boyfriend was more nourishing than your grandma’s cornbread casserole could ever be