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fun parts about being trans
  • relatives treating you like a bomb at family gatherings; like you’re just some controversy that exists to make holiday dinners more awkward for everyone else
  • feeling like each time you go to the bathroom other people think you’re making a political statement
  • not being able to defend yourself when people disrespect you because they’ll think it’s funny if you get offended
  • people acting like your existence is an inconvenience for them- like your name and pronouns are a hassle- like it’s your fault.
  • having cis people tell you what “gives you away” like you haven’t already spent every moment of your life hating your body
  • they laugh at your confidence and they laugh at your insecurities. you feel like no matter what you do, you’ll be laughed at.
  • knowing that no amount of hormones will change your height, your hips, your hands…
  • hearing “attack helicopter gender” jokes and “bun/buns/bunself pronouns” jokes and “did you just assume my gender” jokes and “traps are gay” jokes and knowing that people see you as the punchline for each and every one
  • watching people go out of their way to tell you that they’d never be attracted to someone like you, and realizing that they want you to validate their repulsions
  • knowing that people will always see you as a trans (man) first and as a man second
  • fighting the urge to scream every time you see a mirror because you know the exact location of every little flaw and you despise all of them 
  • wanting to vomit when you come across old photos
  • missing out on so many things because you were been too busy feeling trapped in your own skin
  • feeling like you were deprived of a childhood by the person you weren’t supposed to be
  • everyone telling you that you should empathize with transphobes because, really, don’t they have a point??
  • “you’ll always be [deadname] to me”
  • cis people constantly measuring you up against their standards for what a trans person //should// look like
  • hearing well-meaning cis people call you “they” because calling you “he” is too hard for them to stomach
  • you can’t get upset when complete strangers ask you invasive questions about your genitals, your transition, your sex life, ect. because the instant a cis person deems you ‘rude’ your pronouns become 'optional’.
  • wondering if forcing yourself back into the closet would be worth it because you’re tired of dealing with people’s reactions
More Screaming Yuma
Rejet (Yuma, Ruki, Raito)
More Screaming Yuma

Ruki sent Yuma to go wake up Kou… 
But then Yuma was like “ RUKI RUKI RUUUKIIII” (Ruki is cooking~)
And basically he was freaking out because Kou wasn’t there and then RAITO was there and just kept calling him “Onii-chan~~” AND YUMA JUST WASN’T HAVING IT AT ALL 
But since he was freaking out so much.. Ruki told him to calm down .. which he sorta did ;;v;; 


Só porque não te procuro mais, não significa que te esqueci. Se me afastei por completo, foi para me proteger da sua frieza que insistia em congelar todo meu ser… Sendo que o que eu mais queria era que quando você visse eu me afastar, me puxasse para perto de ti e dissesse que precisava de mim. Mas que ilusão a minha, em pensar que você iria se importar com o fato de eu estar indo embora.
—  Adaptáveis. 

誰が私を殺したのか (Dare ga watashi wo koroshitanoka)

Operetta Due has announced their next boy band series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Love caused my death time and time again…

In their childhood, several sons and daughters of esteemed families all attended the same school—Mizuki Elementary. The most influential children in the school were the children of the 保泉 (Housen), 辻 (Tsuji), 高円寺 (Kouenji), and 市松 (Ichimatsu) families. 

These children became close due to their family affiliations, and grew up to be intimate childhood friends. 

But fifteen years ago, a terrible accident at Mizuki Elementary caused numerous deaths, and miraculously (or instead, unfortunately), the heroine was the only survivor. 

The bereaved families, devastated by their loss, sustained irreparable trauma due to the incident, and gradually became more and more embittered. 

Seeing their wives in such broken states, the husbands of these four families decided to take action and thought to divert their love into something else. Soon after, the four families each adopted a male son and welcomed them into their fold.

These reclaimed children came in and started to brighten and color the heroine’s once dark world, and in return, the heroine gave them new names. Anyone could believe that because these four were so kind in helping the heroine out of her shell, the chapter could be closed on happy note, but… 

Someone said: “I had already become strange because of the fact that we were gathered like this. Isn’t becoming odd in these circumstances just natural then?”

Someone asked: “Did you know? If we were to mix all of our colors, the result would be a darker color. So if you were tainted by everyone here, you would never be able to get back to being pure white, you see?”

Someone lamented: “I know what I’m doing is unforgivable…”

Someone laughed: “Well then, let’s dye you again today. Don’t worry—even if you become strange, I’ll still love you.”

And someone in the shadows murmured: “I have no choice but to kill.”

CVs: 切木Lee (Shingaki Tarusuke) as Ichimatsu Seiji (3rd from left), 我武テツ (???) as Tsuji Kiichi (1st from left), 未定 (TBA) as Housen Kouya (4th), 櫻井真人 (Fukushima Jun) as Kouenji Masayuki, your non-blood related younger brother!! (2nd from left)

Release Dates: August 31st, September 29th, with subsequent releases in October and November. 

anonymous asked:

Can you elaborate on adam? And then have the feel man reblog it because I can't touch your follow buttion, it burns my fingers

He started getting a lot more criticism on his comics lately and reacted in a very petty way, reblogging a post that included personal attacks to one of the critics. I don’t know if he draws different series, but I mean specifically the one that looks like this:

Anyway, someone on reddit overlayed a few of these comics to make a point about how he copypastes heads too much and when that was posted on tumblr a bunch of people came to criticize or defend him. A person defending him and a critic started fighting in the post and the person defending him suddenly tried to roast the critic saying “the animes they watched had samefaces and were basically pedophilia”, without any links, screenshots or the like. Turns out there was nothing related to pedophilia in the critics’ blog, but tumblr loves people getting “roasted” so that version was reblogged a lot and the critic got the usual anon hate stuff. One of the people who reblogged that version of the post was Adam himself. He would later delete it and keep another version of the post in his blog, but with his popularity the damage was done.

person who went to museum: Victor and Chris’s museum audio sounds sexy*

hell fandom: Chris/Victor has been confirmed canon as of current, and is still happening in the present day? How do you guys feel about that?? How is that going to work especially considering Yuuri is totally the jealous type lol. Will it be a poly relationship. Does Yuuri know? Is Victor cheating? Wow, Victor that’s horrible I didn’t want to know this?? 

*bc of course it does Chris is involved