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While browsing on Liam’s mv teaser, we saw a lot of angry and hateful comments that he DOES NOT deserve. We’re not here to point fingers and fight hate with more hate. Our objetive is counter it with love.
That way, we’re asking that, if you like Liam, click HERE and give a thumbs up on his video. If you have a bit more time, leave a good comment and a like on one of the complimenting comments, so they can be on the top of the comments section.
Please, do not engage in changing people’s mind, because it doesn’t work. Just spread the love.
Please, reblog this post - or make your own - to spread the love. Thank you.


Junkie Model!Cas from Chapter 6 of @punkascas‘s Well Suited.

Drawn way back in the beginning of April! D:
I just remember there was a lot of artistic direction from Kat on this :)

If you haven’t read Well Suited yet, go read it and leave nice words for Kat because she deserves all the love in the world❤︎

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It may have been months since I last listened to the Tuck Everlasting cast recording but you can bet your money that if I hear the tempo pick up in “Live Like This” I will not hesitate to start singing “OFF THE TRAIN IN NEW HAMPSHIRE—”

Things I’d like to see on Booklr
  • Reviews for backlist books. I don’t care if you’re reading something old for the first time. You just read Sabriel by Garth Nix? Or the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta?  Or maybe Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz? DO A REVIEW FOR IT! Maybe it’s not the newest and hottest book right now, but there are so many older novels to discover and reviews help that!
  • Buzz for non-YA novels. I love the Young Adult genre/age group. But there’s a TON of books that aren’t Young Adult that would be fun to discuss and share! Occasionally we get non-YA books that get popular because of their appeal to the YA audience (The Night Circus, Shades of Magic, Song of Achilles, etc) but I wanna hear about more! Tell me about the mystery you’re reading, the poetry book you picked up, the old sci-fi series you found on sale! There’s a lot of books out there! If YA isn’t your thing, no worries, I still want to see blogs and posts for books outside that area!
  • Support Reviews. I’m just as guilty of this. I don’t tend to reblog or like reviews, even though I constantly skim, read, and look at what bloggers have to say. Reviews are essential to book blogging in general and great for the book industry! We should reblog and comment on them more! Show reviews your support, that you’re out there reading what they have to say, let them know if you pick up the book or not, share the review so others see it and maybe discover their next favorite book!
  • Discussion Posts. I know that some say that longer posts just don’t work on tumblr, but I love seeing discussion posts and reviews on booklr! Wordpress blogs are more likely to have discussion posts or just longer posts about books and stuff in the community, but I would love to see this stuff on here to. The fun thing about tumblr is it’s a very versatile blogging platform, from just reblogging to adding your own content into the community. Maybe we’ve all skipped over a long post because “TL;DR” but I think that reblogs and comments are perfect for talking and adding to discussion posts, so why don’t we all utilize it more?
  • Support non-English Readers! Every time I see a photo of a book that’s not in English, I notice that it has significantly fewer notes than of pictures of that book in English. I’m not sure what’s up with that? A lot of times you can recognize the book because the covers are the same, it just happens to have the title in Russian or Spanish or whatever language. Lots of people don’t read in English and that’s GREAT! There’s a lot of languages out there and those who read in their native language deserve support for their blog too! (Obviously)
  • REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. bookavid used to talk about this sometimes, but likes aren’t always great for bloggers. I put a LOT of love and work into my blog and so does everyone else in the community. We work hard on posts, reviews, and photos! Reblog them if you like them! That lets us know you like what we’re doing and more people see it and we feel validated for our hard work. It’s always depressing when I post something and it gets 10 likes so I post it again and wonder if people don’t like it? Is it worth putting the work into if no one sees it or seems to care? I know some people try to stick to the theme of their blog but when you can, support bloggers and reblog instead of just liking it and scrolling on!

I know booklr has felt dead recently, but I’m not giving up until you pry this blog from my cold dead hands! Reach out, talk to people, let me know if you want me to check out your blog, talk to me about books, talk to other people about books, make posts even if you feel your blog is small and unimportant (it’s not, fyi). I love this community and I want to see it thriving again! I want to talk to you guys, hear your thoughts, get recommendations, and make friends


P.S. What do you want to see more of on booklr?? Comment, reblog, message me, let me know 😄


I just wanted to wish everyone a happy bgad… this was a lot more successful than the last few and we still have a whole day ahead of us… i hope everyone is happy, confidant, and comfortable because everyone is so damn beautiful and so damn deserving 😊

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day lovelies😘😘… please continue to post, reblog, and support! You all have helped me grow as a person through your bravery, love, confidence, stories, and acceptance… thank you… honestly

Mother's Day is coming up and...

I’ve been seeing a lot of shit implying you should “love your mom unconditionally”, or those posts “reblog if u love ur mom!!!1!!” and I just wanna say to all of you with not-so-great or even abusive mothers; It’s okay if you DON’T love your her.
You DON’T have to call her,
and you DON’T have to get her something.
You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like she deserves or that you aren’t comfortable with and shouldn’t be guilted into doing so by this website, her or anyone else.


Wow it’s…. a lot????? A lot of people??? It happened last night and I wasn’t ready for this ahah. I’m so bad at expressing my emotions with words, and I’m pretty speechless tbh. Thank you I really mean it. You don’t even know how y'all make me happy everyday. I receive so much love it’s really incredible. I get so many messages telling me how my comics are good and it makes me so confident. In real life people are not humm really supportive. Not that they don’t like my art, it’s just that they don’t pay that much attention. My friends and family often see me as really independent so I guess they just think that I don’t really need it. But I realized how much I needed these words. I’m just really proud of myself and it’s a great feeling ahhh. I’m proud because I achieved something, but mainly because I make people happy. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t draw this often. And thanks to this, my art improved so much and is still improving! Tbh I don’t even know how this happened, and I don’t know what I did to deserve that much kindness ;;; Thank you to all the friends who helped me, to the friends that I don’t talk anymore, to those that I still talk, to people reblogging and liking my stuff. I LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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500 Fic Rec List!

In honor of reaching 500 followers I thought I would make a fic rec list. These are just a few of the fics that I’ve read that I’ve really loved. Unless otherwise noted, assume that these are Bucky x Reader fics.

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With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, I thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. I miss her already and I’m hoping there are others out there who feel the same! She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

M’gann M’orzz Appreciation Week will run over seven days, with a specific theme for each day. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Themes and dates will be released in the next week. Currently taking theme suggestions and mod applications here.

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Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



Question for Writers

I see a lot, if not most, writers asking for feedback on their fics. (Which I personally believe, “Writing is Hard!” and deserves feedback). My question is this; do writers prefer feedback on reblogs of their work, or would you prefer to get an ask with our, the readers, thoughts? Honestly, leaving feedback is one of favorite things to do! I absolutely love knowing that a few words from humble little old me, can touch a writer, sometimes even inspire you, the writers, to continue with your craft. I want you, the writers, to know how much I love your work, how much you made me cry with your angst, my heart flutter with your fluff, or how badly I need a cold shower after reading your smut (TMI?), and every combination in between. I really want
to do the right thing here, I’m not always sure if you ladies, and sometimes gents, are able,or have time, to read comments on everything reblog. Not looking for any kind of hate here, just answers.

P. S. I also don’t really understand why people, readers, would take the time to reblog a fic WITHOUT leaving any comment at all, even if it’s a gif trying to express their feelings. But maybe that’s just me, and I see that too much, IMO! 99.9% of the time if I take time to reblog something, anything really, I leave some kind of comment, even if it’s only that I loved it!! I love, actually freaking love, everyone that I follow!

Praying some of my tags actually work!! (If you know me, AT ALL, you know I have major issues with tagging people!!!!! 😘😘😘😘



the signs as wonderful people in the phandom
  • aries: gif makers!! v v important and hard working people who deserve lots and lots of love n recognition!!!!
  • taurus: @phanfictioncatalogue admins!!! tbh ur the backbone of this fandom we would be chaos without ur organization
  • gemini: actual dan howell my softest rose son
  • cancer: people who reblog stuff!!!! ur still an important member of the phandom even if you dont create original content bc u spread people's hard work and help validate n motivate creators!!! tysm!!!!!
  • leo: edit/ icon makers!!!! yall make the most beautiful stuff im so proud of u
  • virgo: fic writers!!! honestly, i am so proud of u whether ur work gets 5 notes or 5000 notes bc it is so hard to make words work ilysm
  • libra: meetup hosts!! thanks to you we get to see the beautiful people in this fandom and every time there's a new meetup i remember how gay i am holy heck thank u
  • scorpio: shitposters/ meme bloggers!!! ty for your wonderful humor to brighten up everyone's day uwuwu
  • sagittarius: people who send kind anons!! honestly the purest people ever, what did we do to deserve you
  • capricorn: video/ video edit makers!! literally how do you even do that video editing takes 938274 years i admire yall so much keep doing what ur doing friends
  • aquarius: actual phil lester smiley soft son
  • pisces: artists!! it takes so much practice to become so good at art and yall are slaying!! im so proud of u bab
psa to everyone who wears binders

ok now that its summer and amazing weather, i think everyone wants to be outside!! although, here’s to everyone who is going to use binders or similarly during the summer!

do NOT wear a binder while swimming, they can get destroyed and you can get seriously hurt.

do NOT double bind, no matter how much you feel dysphoric without it. you can crush your ribs, and you deserve to breathe normally. do not do this, ever.

DO drink a lot of water! since you will be wearing one more piece of clothing, it can get warmer and you will sweat more, causing you to need more water. always bring a water bottle with you, or have water nearby.

DO remind yourself to take off your binder at times! it’s never good to wear it too long, as you can get hurt. put alarms to know when to take it off!

DO know that no matter what, you’re valid, even if you don’t have a flat chest during the summer or not, or any time! you are you, no matter how your body looks like!

don’t put yourself in harm this summer, alright? stay safe!!

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So I want to do something

I want to start a community spotlight thing. I know there are a lot of small members of the community who do some absolutely amazing things, and it’s by no means fair that they can have so few people looking at their stuff, and I have so many. So, if you know someone in the community who you believe to create amazing things, but don’t get the recognition they deserve (even if it’s you) please message me, reply to this, or reblog with that person. Then I’ll do a post showing the world how great they are.

If, however, you don’t personally know anyone, please reblog this so we can reach the deepest depths of the community.

Sam & Fitness

Okay. I know there is a lot of BS going on right now…I am hardly immune. But unlike some that are sick of seeing MPC stuff or Sam at the gym, and voice it often, I am not. And not just because he looks good.

Truth is…I WISH I had his drive for health and well-being. I wish I would rather go to the gym than…well, basically anything else. I just don’t. That probably something to do with depression, because I know I actually feel better when I eat properly and work out. But I HATE cooking and I HATE the gym. I love being outside. I hiked like a mad woman when I lived in Calgary. The Rockies are my home. But moving to Vancouver, several years ago, screwed it all up. We have beautiful mountains, but they are FULL of people. There’s no solitude here, because this is a city that gets out and does shit. You can’t even find a bush to pee in, on a hike, without cozying up to someone else doing the same. And that was a major part of my hiking with my dog…to just be in the quiet.

So, while I did sign up for MPC for the second year in the row, due to life and recent surgery, I’ve done nothing. And my head isn’t there because of complications.

BUT, I still support Sam with his health program. He’s helped a lot of people. A LOT. And while most of us know of it and him because of Outlander, he has every right to be proud of the program he created and post about it on his own Twitter page or Instagram, a thousand times over, if he wishes. He deserves recognition for all that hard work. Just like he deserves the recognition for his hard work in Outlander.

So, I will absolutely reblog the Men’s Fitness stuff and any gym photos, because hopefully, one day, those photos will wake me the fuck up to start taking charge of my own health.