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lgbt hiv+ people go through so much stigmitising shit every day and i just hope all of you know that you don’t deserve to be treated badly for your hiv status or for being lgbt. you deserve respect and love. full stop. 

no qualifiers like “only if you got hiv from something other than consensual sex” or “only if you’re white” or “only if you’re wealthy enough to pay for medication” or “only if you’ve never struggled with an addiction” or “only if you’re able-bodied”. you all deserve resources and you all deserve to be valued as human beings.

Still Active Swifties

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Since @taylorswift​ decided to take a well deserved break from tumblr, I know a lot of other people have left as well. This follow train is for all of the still active swifties! So reblog if you’re still active, follow those who have already reblogged it, and maybe make some new friendships!

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@lukegarrwoay, @alecmagnu & i decided to try and make #WeLoveYouIsaiah trend on Twitter this Friday (9th of December)! We will do it at the same time as the posters were announced, around 1pm PST! Isaiah needs to see how much we love him and that he has a lot of fans being “loyal” to him and that we know that he’s a main character!! so lets drown him in tweets and show him how much we love him!! reblog this please to signal boost it so we can get as many people to tweet as possible! we will keep tweeting as long as we want to so if you’d want to join in later that day, thats completely fine! :DD


I am tired of seeing posts say something to the effect of “if aphobia isn’t enough to motivate you, remember that REGs also target [insert more “sympathetic” group here].”

Aphobia is enough. Aphobia matters. Aphobia is heinous enough, cruel enough, horrible enough to stand on its own and to be worth fighting on its OWN merits. 

Yes, gatekeepers throw lots of different groups under the bus. Yes, all of those groups deserve attention and deserve to have their issues recognized and fought for. And yes, it is valuable to observe and point out the ways that the foundational tactics of exclusionists repeat themselves in every iteration of the theme.

But y’all need to stop tacking aces and aros on as an afterthought on your posts about it and undermining the support you give us by backpedaling in the very same breath as you defend us, by giving people an excuse to dismiss us from our own activism.

It makes me feel like my pain, my suffering, my oppression is not good enough to count, as though the only reason my issues are being given any attention at all, after years of incredibly difficult fighting to bring my community into the light, is because other, better victims are being hurt by similar forces and tactics. It feels like a tacit validation of the sector of the community that insists that my issues are not real or do not matter.

And that sucks. 

We matter. We are enough. We are worth fighting for.

hi. omg sorry for not being as active this week😥 i’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately so i feel rly exhausted all the time n my text brain has been💤 but i’ve been trying to fix it this weekend so i should be good again !!!! ah okay this post was meant for something else so here i go !!!!!!!! okok omg i feel like i have more followers than i deserve n get more love than i deserve n i always wish i could do something for u guys 2 show how truly truly truly grateful i am that u even read my lil bngtn texts !!!!! it rly means so much to me n i feel like i don’t give back 2 u guys enough so !!!!!! since yoongi n his friends released an album 2day i want to gift one to one of my followers !!!! any version ur heart desires !!! i will wrap it up n send it to u !!!!!! 💿🏃🏻‍♀️💨❗️ a gift from me 2 u !!! ah it’s not a ~give away idt bc i rly don’t want to gain followers or anything else from this !!!!!! i rly just want it to be from: winnie to: frog army friend !!! and we can do it anyway u want !! (like u can put it on ur amazon wishlist n i’ll make the wish come true. or i can send it to u myself n probably add some extra goodies in it) !!!!! so pls ❣️LIKE❣️this post if u are interested friends !!!! and pls pls pls pls ❗️DON’T REBLOG❗️ this bc i want it 2 be just for u guys !!! ofc ofc i will pick randomly !!!! i promise i will keep it super fair ❤️🌹 love u guys forever !

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TERRIFIC TUMBLIES!!! Happy list…Thanksgiving version (it’s been so long since I’ve done a video, please bear with me)! Always give thanks, take the time to reflect and show love when you can. // I challenge you to do a video yourself and tag @justforsmiles or reblog this and let me know at least FIVE things you’re thankful for. Everyone who does this will be added to my Thanksgiving Promotion List on November 30th (promoting is so 2011 though, right? Well I shall bring it back just for today–do this by Sunday, November 27th!), because I have some amazing friends here who deserve a lot more engagement and reads on their posts. Thank you all for being so magnificent to me. Just in case it wasn’t clear, I’m very thankful for Tumblr and each of you for joining in on my journey of life through original content/ideas and reblogged posts - sending so much love and joy your way ❤ 

So I want to do something

I want to start a community spotlight thing. I know there are a lot of small members of the community who do some absolutely amazing things, and it’s by no means fair that they can have so few people looking at their stuff, and I have so many. So, if you know someone in the community who you believe to create amazing things, but don’t get the recognition they deserve (even if it’s you) please message me, reply to this, or reblog with that person. Then I’ll do a post showing the world how great they are.

If, however, you don’t personally know anyone, please reblog this so we can reach the deepest depths of the community.


tumblr totally murdered the quality of these but here’s some rfa christmas icons!! [Click for captions!!!] (´。• ω •。`) ♡

please like or reblog if you use! credit isn’t needed but it would be nice!!!

edit: i have no clue how jumin’s ended up that size and how i did that without noticing until after posting but im not too committed to fixing it lol

Winter Clexa Fic Rec List

The winter really stresses me out, especially because of the holidays. By making this post, I’m hoping to focus on the good parts of winter and one of my all-time favorite pairings: Clarke and Lexa. They both deserve happiness and so do you.

There are probably a lot of other great fics that include or center around clexa in the winter time. These are just some of my favorites. I tried not to put anything overly angsty on the list. If you want to reblog and add some more, feel free to do so. Remember to comment and tell the authors how much you liked their fics! Happy holidays!

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Hello little one. :)

To all the Littles out there…if you need a friend you’ve got one in me! So if you’re little no matter your age reblog this so I can follow you guys! I’d love to meet you and get to know you. I don’t have a whole lot of little friends and I want to make some more. :) Maybe even find a little of my own. I will never use any terms you don’t like. I won’t use any pet names without your permission. I will never misgender you. Your gender is vaild. Your opinion is vaild. You deserve respect. You are valid. So even if you don’t want a friend and you’re not looking for a daddy if you message me and you’re like “I really just need someone to rant to, my day super duper went bad for me.” I promise you I will respond like I’ve known you my whole life. “Tell me all about it, If you want my advice I’ll give it to you little one.” :) Don’t be shy. ;) Can’t wait to meet you!