and this coming from someone who watched but was never super emotionally attached

HC’s on Naruto and Sasuke’s S/o Going into Labor and Giving Birth

@arkhamsnight Oh sweetie you could never be annoying. It’s these asks that keep me busy and help me see that people want to read my writing, so I’m grateful for every ask that comes my way! I hope these are okay! I didn’t kill any of the s/o’s because I couldn’t bring myself (which is odd because I literally live for angst). But anyway, here is part one. Part Two will be published in the next 10-15 minutes! 


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  • I have a feeling that Naruto’s s/o is gonna be really casual about the whole thing. Reason being because she’s done with the whole pregnant thing (all of them are tbh). She feels like shamu; her shoes don’t fit her anymore; she hates her favorite food, but LOVES her least favorite food; and she has to pee like 10-15 times A DAY. She wants to TAP tf OUT.
  • It’d probably go something like this
    • His s/o would be chilling on the couch, feet up, hands on her stomach, when she says “Hey Naruto!”
    • He’d be in the nursery trying to assemble the crib, although he would struggle because the crib came from the Ninja version of IKEA and Naruto has never been one for directions…so imagine him dealing with directions in a different language, “Yeah, what’s up?”
    • “I…I think my water broke.” (Poor s/o, she has trouble getting up, It’s like watching a beached turtle)
    • Just like before, he’s gonna HEAR the words, but not really process them, “Oh, neat!”
    • His wife is going to lay there and stare at the ceiling while she counts down, “3…2…1.”
    • “UNLESS you want me to give birth on this couch, help me up and take me to the hospital.”
    • “Right, hospital, that’s a great idea.”
  • He’s going to be in such a state of panic that he just scoops his wife up and off the couch, completely forgets the overnight bag and poof, gone. They’re off to the hospital. 
  •  During contractions Naruto is super great at coaching his partner with breathing techniques. He’ll help his s/o with slow breathing, fast breathing, any breathing in general. Sakura forced him to take a fuck ton of lamaze classes. 
  • Distractions! Naruto is fantastic with distractions, he’ll be cracking jokes left ’n’ right. He will constantly maintain eye contact when a bad contraction happens and hell, he’ll even go as far to piss them off so they can focus on their anger instead of their contractions.
  • When it’s time to push and for the baby to come his anxiety level raises 20 fold. His wife has to coach him now and tell him to breathe (a slap in the face usually pulls him out of it). Because he’ll realize that SHE needs him and SHE needs him to be there for her. 
  • He’ll definitely let her break his hand, he’ll let her cuss him out if she so chooses, but he’ll be the biggest coach out there. Telling her to push, keep up the good work, wipe the sweat off of her head, hold her down, all that jazz.
    • Naruto is going to be the only one out of these guys to go look at the money shot or the baby coming out of his wife’s vagina. He’s going to take one look, turn pale, and then slowly return to his wife. He’s seen it all now, he’s cool to die. (Childbirth is beautiful, but there’s a lot of blood and feces can be involved more often than not, so it’s a tad gross)
    • The other guys are too smart to look.
  • I don’t really see any complications happening with this one.
  • And with that final push, when the baby cries, Naruto is going to be consumed with pride and he almost thinks this can’t be real, considering where he started and everything in the middle, this obviously can’t be happening to him. But he’ll be pulled out of it when the nurse asks him if he wants to cut the umbilical chord. 
  • He’s just going to be so happy that his wife had a smooth delivery and that he has a baby!


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  • Sasuke’s wife is not only tired of pregnancy, but she’s tired of dealing with Sasuke while pregnant. Whenever she had mood swings and got snippy, he wouldn’t dial down his usual attitude and would argue with her, worsening her mood. 60% of the time he lacked empathy and that drove her up a wall. And when she needed something, he’d probably have Team Taka go get it for her. Oh yeah, while he’s been away, he’s had Team Taka stay with his wife for maximum comfort and protection. The best one out of all of them was Jugo, he was a total sweetheart. Suigetsu was Suigetsu and Karin was medically helpful, but other than that she wasn’t the greatest person to be around (for obvious reasons).
  • But as the final months of the pregnancy occurred, Sasuke’s wife made sure he stayed with her so he wouldn’t miss the delivery. Atoning for his sins could wait.
  • Here’s how I imagine it going:
    • The two would probably be asleep, or close to asleep in bed. 
    • “Hey (S/o’s name)…” 
    • “Hm..?” 
    • “Did…Did you just pee the bed?” 
    • “No. My water probably just broke.” 
    • “Hm.”
    •  There’s going to be a moment of silence where the two of them don’t register what’s happened because they’re just really tired. Then both will shoot up and look at each other. 
    • “Sasuke, the baby’s coming.”
    • “Yes it is. We should get to the hospital.”
  • Sasuke, in a state of panic would try and use his rinnegan to get them to the hospital faster. But his wife would yell at him saying “that would probably hurt the baby!” or “there was nothing about rinnegan in the expectancy books so maybe we should’t do that!”
  • Now all of Team Taka is going to be there, because all of them have grown attached to Sasuke’s wife in some way shape or form. Also, they all have specific jobs:
    • Karin - Ice chip duty. Mostly because it involves her being away from Sasuke’s wife. It’s not that she hates Sasuke’s wife, it’s more of a jealousy thing. 
    • Suigetsu - Distraction. Similar to Naruto, this boy is going to crack jokes until someone staples his mouth shut. He’s also going to rely on slap-stick comedy and rip limbs off as a part of skits. He’ll also get into arguments with Karin just so Sasuke’s wife has something to watch and participate in.
    • Jugo - He’s the one who went to the lamaze classes, so he’s helping Sasuke’s wife through contractions. He’s also going to fluff her pillow and get her extra blankets if need be. 
  • Sasuke is letting his wife crush his only good hand. He wasn’t there for lamaze class so he has no idea how to coach his s/o. He’s also never been good with words so he’s not good at encouraging them. He’s probably having an internal panic attack. There’s about to be another Uchiha in this world and it’s his. Like, he’s still trying to process that he’s having a child. He thought God would punish him and not allow him to have such a joy. And yet here he is. 
  • When it’s time to deliver the baby, Team Taka leaves, wishing the couple luck. Sasuke just shuts up and lets his wife do her thing. He welcomes any insults come his way, he lets her destroy his hand, and when he sees her start to cry from all the pain he just leans his forehead against her temple. It’s a sentimental thing and it does provide some comfort. 
  • When the baby is born he does cut the umbilical chord and then sits down next to his wife’s bed. He’s more emotionally exhausted than you think, he was probably fading in and out of mental consciousness during the delivery. 
  • He lets his wife hold the baby first, he needs to prepare himself for that. But! He does stare lovingly at the two, and keeps a keen eye on his child in his wife arms. 
  • He instantly falls in love with the baby and his eyes actually soften, but don’t point that out to him :)
The Last Train (Part Seven)

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Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Female!Reader
Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut
Contains: mentions of cheating
Word Count: 4.5k

Author’s Note: (All my notes are apologizes tbh.) Idk how long it’s been since my last update oh god. I said I was going to post this like two nights ago? But that never happened… But here it is now! And I think this is the longest chapter I’ve posted yet? I hope ya’ll enjoy this. :’-)

Weeks have passed and Summer vacation had finally arrived. Between your last meeting with Taehyung and now, the two of you continued to talk to each other everyday. Whether it was tagging each other on silly blog posts to late night phone calls, you were glued to your phone so you wouldn’t miss a message from him. He was the first to greet you good morning and the last to greet you good night.

You were so attached to Taehyung, at yet you couldn’t bring yourself to end things with Jungkook. With Taehyung distracting you, any spite you felt towards Jungkook seemed to simmer away and any tension between the two of you seemed to have died down. Absolutely nothing had changed, but it seemed like the two of you were consciously deciding to hold on to the thin thread that tied you two of you together.

Jungkook could see that you were happy. And you saw that he was happy too. You both knew that your source of happiness wasn’t each other, but neither of you questioned it. You both were two, separately happy people who happened to be together. A small part of you believed that this could save your relationship. As long as everyone was happy, right?

Throughout your break from school, you and Taehyung would take turns visiting each other. You usually insisted on visiting since 1.) no one knew you in his area and 2.) you grew attached to Yoongi and Namjoon. A good handful of the times you visited was because Yoongi or Namjoon would invite you to a party without even telling Taehyung you were coming, but of course he would love you over either way.

Your visits not only consisted of sex-filled nights, but innocent cuddle sessions, jamming out to music, cooking for each other, watching anime, and so much more. You felt so comfortable and so at home with Taehyung. Everything was perfect.

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Do you have any headcanons for Annabeth? Like for her personality?

OH BOY DO I EVER. where do i even begin, there are about twelve thousand subtopics this could fit under.

  • she’s a massive. fucking. nerd.
  • her friends, mostly percy, get immense pleasure from watching her rant on a topic
  • her eyes light up when she’s talking about stuff she’s passionate about and she gestures really violently with her hands
  • like she’s this fine line between adorable and terrifying? some people are joking when they say she’s scary and other people are dead serious and nobody’s really sure who fits in which camp.
  • her natural instinct is to be brutally honest, and she needs to remind herself to reign it in sometimes because this isn’t the best approach with everyone
  • when something bad happens to annabeth it is a camp wide event
  • she cries when she gets stressed, she cries when people do nice things for her, she cries when she hasn’t slept, she cries when she’s drunk, she cries when she’s happy, she cries at movies and commercials about puppies, she’s a crier
  • she obsessively notates everything because she’s so paranoid that her adhd will make her forget a very important detail
  • she gets stressed out when there’s clutter in her workspace but she’s usually so harebrained that she forgets to organize it
  • she likes to pretend that she’s the neat one but the truth is she’s just as bad as percy if not worse and their cleaning routine literally just involves picking up the stuff that the other has forgotten about
  • anniversaries are very important to her because she really values milestones and loves looking back and thinking about how far the person/relationship/situation has come since then and marking areas for improvement
  • when she gets stressed out or overwhelmed she tunes everything out and throws herself into her work, and then she breaks down because she worries that she’s pushing everyone away and that she’s treating them badly
  • she berates herself for not noticing when her friends/loved ones are upset
  • she’s a complete lightweight and should never be allowed to drink ever because she turns into a literal pile of mush and all of her friends have to run around taking care of her
  • she gets immense pleasure from complimenting percy so he blushes and once she discovers how well this strategy works she immediately stops the sarcastic teasing because this result is far superior
  • she is extremely flustered around emotionally distressed strangers and her eyes get really huge and she kind of stares at them in horror
  • she loves making people things. she meticulously plans everything about people’s birthdays/other special events because she wants it to be perfect for them
  • she loves giving gifts but she’s really insecure about finding stuff that people will like
  • you know she really values you in her life when she’s willing to show you one of her architecture ideas
  • when the people she loves and trusts respectfully ask to see what she’s been working on/discuss her latest project ideas with her, all the blood rushes to her head and she literally gets dizzy the first few times it happens because she is so overwhelmed by how much this means to her and how much she loves talking about her work
  • she rehearses important conversations in the shower
  • she takes deep breaths before she’s about to say something important
  • she really wants to be the person with color coded notes and neat timetables and to do lists and schedules, and she really tries, but she’s just not
  • she can’t cook to save her life
  • she’ll spend all day talking about how rom coms rot your brain but that doesn’t mean she hates romance
  • she’s super intense looking and scares strangers, but it’s just because she zones out or is analyzing something, the spell is immediately broken when she sees someone she knows
  • she’s very secretive about her sex life but behind the closed doors she is a very sexual person and makes innuendo almost constantly
  • she likes it when people stroke her hair or play with her fingers, especially when she gets sad
  • she loves loose fitting clothes and sometimes even urges percy to go a size up because she isn’t getting swallowed up in his hoodies quite as much as she would like
  • she talks about cutting or dyeing her hair a lot but she probably never will, partly because percy’s so attached to it, they’ve discussed it several times and have both agreed that she’d probably cry over it once she actually did it
  • she’s terrible in the cold
  • is seriously bitchy and snappish when she gets stressed out. everyone gives her a wide berth because she lashes out and cuts way too deep.
  • she’s really paranoid about accidentally hurting people, but it’s not even technically paranoia because sometimes that happens.
  • she begs the people she loves to tell her when she needs to chill out and lay off
  • she doesn’t mean to be intimidating it’s just that she takes things really seriously and wants everyone else to take them seriously too
  • sci-fi geek
  • loves animals in theory but is timid in practice, hates kids in theory but adores them in practice
  • she nods a lot and frowns when she’s thinking seriously about something. sometimes she even pouts. it’s adorable. don’t tell her i said that.
  • she has an affinity for pencil skirts and ballet flats
  • there’s a line between annabeth who wants to fight and annabeth who wants to fight, namely, when nobody takes her seriously and she rants a lot and balls her fists, and then when her eyes flash and her jaw clenches and she’s angry and everyone knows they better suit up or get out
  • she tries really hard to be a nicer person as she gets older, and cuts herself off midsentence sometimes because she thinks it sounds too bitchy or sarcastic
  • but she reaches the conclusion that she isn’t nice. she’s a lot of things, a lot of great things, but she isn’t nice.
  • craves physical contact when she’s upset
  • doesn’t trust herself with power at all and tries to intentionally remove herself from situations where she could see herself getting too bossy
  • but she just can’t help it sometimes, she can’t stand to see people doing things that she knows she would be better at
  • she really just wants to be a good person and she tries very hard, and sometimes needs to be reminded that people love her the way she is and it’s okay if she’s brutally sarcastic we all knew that going into this relationship stop trying to change