and this coloring is gross

If you know me you know i’ve been screaming about finishing my bby boy for like DAYS now and HE’S FINALLY DONE

I had the idea to make another bb a bit ago cause Chartreuse is a fun color,, a gross but fun color. I may make a blog for him or somethin I dunno

More cool facts:

He cares about everyone and respects boundaries/needsHe puts out his cigarettes around blue He generally loves blue and will kill for himHis weapon of choice is brass-knuckles
He eats pretty healthy and enjoys nature walksPlease listen to him rant it’s funny and he will BASH ON PEOPLE

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I disagree with about how there can be white roles. I think if the story is about a racial issue and the oppressor needs to be white because for example a slave owner needs to be white. But I think that's the only situation in which a role should only be for white actors. (Sorry if this was worded weird I mean no disrespect I absolutely love you and your blog ❤️)

Oh, yeah!! I get what you’re laying down. Definitely. If it is a character who does something bad particularly because of their access to white privilege, I do think that they should be white! I did not think about that; thank you for pointing it out to me.
Other than that, there should not really be roles that are exclusively for white people for characters who have no defined racial identity. (AKA Jack Kelly. Let Jack Kelly be played by actors of color. It’s really gross that there is backlash about saying that an actor of color should have the opportunity to play him because he’s a “white character”.) I hope this makes sense. Basically what I’m saying is: let👏actors👏of👏color👏play👏the👏role👏they👏want👏. A protagonist being written down as “caucasian” on the casting call is… eugh.
Anyways!!! I’m super duper white and I really strive to learn what I can. Please let me know if I’ve said anything wrong. I really want to correct myself if so. Thank you!!!

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.