and this coloring is actually not horrid


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

I just went to help clean a house my friend was going to be moving into and I look into one of the bedrooms and first thing that hits you is this MS Paint blue color on the walls, and it’s kind of off putting, but okay, maybe it was a little kid’s room or something. Lots of kids’ rooms have retina-burning bright colors.

But then I actually walk in.

And on the wall is this springtime monstrosity of Olaf skipping through a field of flowers with the same horrid blue in the sky, but his eyes are lost and soulless. Like Dark Souls Olaf. And then the freaking bee from Bee Movie, in some sort of warped, demented form, is there beside him skipping in this unholy mural and her parents couldn’t understand why she, an 18-year-old girl, a legal adult, would want to paint over it.

Beauty and the Beast AU Drabble

After the war ended, the monster had been exiled and with nowhere to go, he hid in the mountains to the North of the city. Nobody missed him. People used his name as a curse at frist, but after an autobiography about a former Decepticon-turned-Autobot’s suffering with PTSD, nobody uttered his name in case someone listening would be scared or offended.

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On Hunk’s Characterization in s2

SO! Here’s the deal. I’ve seen a post or two whining about people complaining about Hunk’s characterization/lack of character development when he had a whole arc dedicated to him last season.

I’m gonna try and keep this short, but since I’m hella pissed and I like to rant, that plan may or may not go out the window. (I’ll put a keep reading just in case) (Swear Words tw) (?)

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Costume rant: BBC War & Peace (2016), ep. 4

Costume rant: Episode 1

Costume rant: Episode 2

Costume rant: Episode 3

“I have no one to talk to about clothes,” Helene moans to Natasha at one point in this episode.  “Will you come and advise me?  We can try on things together!”  Of all the bad things Helene was enticing Natasha to do in this episode, I was most alarmed by this one.  Sounds like a threat more than a promise.

This episode is the worst of the worst as far as costumes go.  We’ve hit a new low in this miniseries.  I actually think I have to rewatch the episode, because I could not focus on the plot for more than two minutes at a time due to the enormous number of hideous frocks being flung at me in quick succession.  Let’s see how much shit we can wade through here.

We have some returning favorites.  These old friends are back:

Let’s be honest here, the former is a 1930s something, the latter is a re-purposed sari.  They both feature completely inappropriate colors, fabrics, and construction for the time period (1811-1812 by this point).

Oh yeah, and the slutty Arwen negligee is back:

It’s so bad that you can actually see her bra underneath–a totally modern, flesh-colored shaping bra.  Great, wonderful.  I mean, who’s ever heard of corsets or stays in this miniseries?  Those are soooo 1810.  You’re so ahead of the times, girl.

Speaking of which.

Yep, she’s up to her old tricks.  The flapper Grecian look.

The famously horrid red dress also makes a reappearance in an even worse guise:

I mean, the woman has devil’s horns on her head by this point–literally.  Look!  She’s so over-the-top mustache-twirlingly evil that I find it unbelievable that even a naive girl like Natasha is taken in by this.  

This whole outfit screams Art Deco to me.  I especially like her little triangular brooch with the freemason eye–like, what is that supposed to be, a gift from her loving husband?  I also love the “evil queen” high collar there on the jacket (which desperately wants to be a spencer, but I will not dignify it with that name).

Her early-twentieth-century fashion tastes are obviously rubbing off on Natasha, because Natasha went and invented the bowler hat this week:

Wow, Natasha, impressive: more than half a century ahead of the fashion trend!

We also get a new player in the gross costume game this week: the ill-favored but rich heiress Julie Karagina, who also sports the Downton look:

Julie continues her Edwardian ways at the opera, with what looks like a Roaring ‘20s qipao made of black sheer, and that Art Deco headband to go with:

Her future mother-in-law there on the left opts for full-on Orientalist, which still makes her more period-appropriate than poor ugly Julie.

Strangely enough, in the midst of all these Downton outfits, we actually get a clear case of 1820s too:

This has no place in 1812, gtfo.

What’s particularly disturbing to me in this episode is the drastic acceleration of a trend that was already apparent in previous episodes: the desperate attempt to make the costumes seem oh so very “Russian,” as opposed to just the usual Pride and Prejudice types (or Downton types, as the case may be).  Thus we get nonsense like extra fur lining on everything…

…patterned shirts…

…and this painfully egregious example, Nikolai wearing a traditional Russian shirt underneath a 19th-century-style waistcoat:

Ugh, stop!  We get it already, it’s supposed to be Russia!

Then there’s this party that Helene holds, where she has this French actress performing a selection from Racine’s Phèdre for her guests.  This is what the French actress is wearing:

Hm!  I didn’t know they had wild, weird, off-off-Broadway performance art in 1812 Moscow!  The opera singer costumes in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 are more plausible as period theatre costumes than this, and that’s saying a lot if you’ve seen the show.

Then there’s the charming frock that Helene wears to her own party, which, I must actually remind you, is not a costume ball:

Repeat, not a costume ball.  Yet she came dressed in something that looks like Xena the Warrior Princess got caught in a cotton candy machine.  I especially appreciate the gold bondage ribbons all up and down her arm and randomly splayed across her chest and back…I think I know what look she’s going for here…

Nailed it.  Nice one, Helene, but you might have stiff competition in the costume contest from Dread Pirate Roberts Dolokhov from last week’s episode.


Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Post-war canon AU; alternatively, loosely based on this

Word Count: 2,639

The war ends.

Hogwarts is rebuilt.

Everyone under the age of nineteen who isn’t locked up in Azkaban with a Mark on their arm goes back to finish their seventh year—

Except Pansy.

She spends the summer at her parents’ house, wiling away sultry sunny afternoons to a monotonous looping soundtrack of crashing waves and shrieking seagulls—and she brushes up on her Italian and she drinks enough Campari to stain her tongue a dark, lurid crimson and she twirls her hair around her fingertips, wishes fervently that she had the proper complexion to dye it something different, something like rich copper or gleaming auburn, streaks of starkly unnatural burgundy overshot with fiery orange highlights—but she’s pale-skinned and pink-cheeked and has to just…sigh as she paints her nails the exact same shade of red as freshly spilled blood while not thinking at all about how or why she’s now a veritable expert on the subject.

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Miracle of miracles, we finally have a preview page of the Lara-Su Chronicles. Not The STorm or any other tie in, but THE Lara-Su Chronicles!

…. aaaaand of course, it’s a huge establishing shot of not our main character or anything to do with her or her world, but Commander Rocket Crotch. Of course. Oooof course. 

Take your pick folks; photographed backgrounds, confusing dialogue, an uncanny valley-esque face that looks like it was traced, or the horrid, horrid color-scheme and shading. It’s got everything you’d expect from Penders by this point.

Evidently, according to him, this is the second page of the print edition, but the first ACTUAL story page of the Lara-Su Chronicles. 

Not sure how that works exactly, but then that’s been my defeault response with regards to Penders for a while now. 

Newt Scamander - Christmas Party Headcanons

TitleNewt Scamander - Christmas Party Headcanons


anon - Hi! Could you write hedcannons/imagine about meeting Newt at a Christmas party? Maybe some dancing? Thanks!

Of course! I know it’s not Christmas anymore but there is still a tree in my house so I’mma do this!

Hope it’s alright love!


Newt Scamander Christmas Party Headcanons


  • The first thing that catches your attention when you walk into the Ministry of Magic’s annual Christmas/Holiday party is a man, lanky in height, and dressed in the most amazing set of dress robes you’d ever seen.
    • The bulk of color was black but the trimming was done in a golden, almost white kind of gold, matching the buttons and the stripes on his lapels.
      • The jacket of the robes cut cleanly across his shoulders and the back tapered down into sweeping coattails, the middle of the coat cinched around his waist where you could tell that his undershirt was a crisp white.
        • It also struck you that he was holding himself stiffly, looking as wonderfully dapper as he did, not meeting the eyes of anyone.
      • His pants were also in a black, his shoes polished the same while the tips were in the same gold as his jacket lapels and trimmings.
  • When he first sees you it’s because there’s a glare coming off one of your arm bands, large and silver against your bicep, catching the Christmas lights.
    • He takes the rest of your ensemble in slowly, only taking his eyes off the glass in his hand every couple of minutes or so to look up as you walk around.
      • He put your form and clothing together in pieces, a silver pouf dress swishing lightly around your knees, the fabric almost translucent against your skin but the silver flower beading of the dress distract from the possible lewdness of the garment.
        • Your shoes are tall, giving your legs a slimming height, they too are silver, gleaming like starlight similar to the rest of you.
          • There’s another band of silver on your other arm, and a smaller one under it, you also, he discovers, are wearing earrings in the shape, he can only assume from observing at such a distant, of snowflakes.


  • The food and refreshments table of the whole gala is rather lavish.
  • Newt tries to avoid the food table as much as possible because that and the dance floor are where the largest amount of people generally congregate.
    • He does notice that you get dragged into conversation at the table quite frequently by other witches and wizards. Some of them are clearly asking you to dance but you alway seem to decline them, gesturing to either the flute of drink in your hand or to the person you were in conversation with.
  • When Newt does make his way over, head down, not looking at anyone, he usually just snatches up a cookie, trying to eat it the best he can without getting too many crumbs on his robes.
    • He doesn’t drink anything that isn’t water, not being a big fan of giggle water or the horrid colored champagne that’s been traveling around on floating serving plates.
      • You don’t touch it either, knowing that you can’t hold your liquor and the idea of spending such a lavish event out of your wits doesn’t sound like much fun at all.
  • You actually do get asked to dance quite a bit but you politely refuse all those who ask you.
    • None of them really hold your attention, not like the slightly twitchy, very handsome man in the black and gold trimmed dress robes.


  • It’s actually his fault that the two of you meet.
  • He was talking quite animatedly about creatures with one of the dragon tamers he actually remembered from the war when he flippantly waved his arm too far and it knocked your drink all over your dress.
    • You’d let out a small cry of distress at the cold liquid seeping into your clothing, more surprised than anything. You looked up to the person who’d hit your glass and are caught quite unaware by blue-green eyes that held your gaze for all of half a second before looking down to the mess he’d made.
  • Newt was absolutely mortified at the mess he’d made of your dress, coloring a cherry color before pulling his wand out quickly to clean up the disaster.
    • He apologizes profusely but you assure him that it’s honestly not anything magic can’t fix as he waves his wand across your now wet dress.
      • A few moments later it’s clean and your smiling up at him nicely because now you don’t need to think of some way to start up a conversation with him.
  • You introduce yourself, hand out for him to shake.
    • He takes it lightly and tells you his name as well.
      • You can’t help but smile, finding it quite endearing that he seems a bit flustered at your presence.
  • The two of you end up talking for a while the music plays softly and more and more people start to head to the dance floor.
    • While you’re talking you secretly hope that he might ask you to dance.


  • It ends up being you that asks him to dance, though you are sure that there were a couple of songs that he was going to and then decided against it.
    • You favorite jazz piece started, the slow rhythm practically pulling you to the dance floor where most of the Christmas party was.
      • You’d held out your arm and asked if he’d like to accompany you.
        • He agreed with a quick nod of his head and took a few strides forward to meet you on the floor and take your hand.
  • You were actually surprised at how well he moved with the song.
    • You could tell that he was a bit of a fluttery kind of man by the way he always seemed to be moving in some way. He was surprisingly light on his feet though and you twirled around him happily
      • After the first song, you’re sure that he’s going to back away from you and go back to conversing. You’re genuinely surprised when he asks if you’d like to keep dancing, his eyes never meeting yours as he asks, just off to the side of you head.
        • Of course, you said yes.
          • This time dancing a little closer.
  • Each song that passes the two of your grow closer, dancing becoming just a bit more slow, skin brushing more as you move closer still.
    • By the last song that you dance you’re in his arms, swaying more than dancing, somehow so comfortable with a man you’d only just met.
      • The last song dies out and silence follows as you pulls away from his chest slowly.
        • Newt looks down at you with a soft smile before realizing that the music is no longer playing and that he should let you go.
          • You pull away and step out of his arms.
            • Most of the guest are leaving in packs.
  • You want to keep talking with him, dance some more, anything really to stay in his intriguing presence.
    • Eventually, you look at the time and realize that you really must be going.
      • Surprising the both of you Newt ask if you’d like to meet him for lunch the next day, him still being completely enamored by your beauty and wits and knowledge of creatures (that being the subject of most of your talks before the dancing.)
        • You say yes.


I hope this was alright for you!

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Excuse the horrid yellow lighting in my sewing room (the colors look much better in person) but I’ve finally got my lettermanstuck jackets done! They’ve actually been done for a few days, but I just now got around to taking pictures of them.

Each jacket took about 10 hours, with most of that time being spent on making the patches, painting the stripes, and hand-sewing in all the lining.

Lettermanstuck jacket designs are by blackoutballad