and this cements that

whoa okay so how do you think that conversation went when RJ went back to their boys with newfound gender identity knowledge

because ten to one Stephen and Ollie and Johnny were like “oh my god WHAT IF I’M NOT A BOY WE HAVE TO TEST THIS” and they all spent days trying different pronouns to see if it Felt Right and poring over RJ’s zine and Having Revelations

Stephen DEFINITELY whipped out a dress and threw it on, like, immediately because “gendered clothing is a conspiracy I ALWAYS KNEW IT” and Johnny went around spreading the word that RJ’S PRONOUNS ARE THEY/THEM, IT’S A THING, LOOK IT UP KIDS, I’M BEING DISRUPTIVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THIS TIME MISS BAXTER, and god help you if you forgot and misgendered RJ, Ollie would LOOM, they all fought so many kids that week

And eventually all three were like “sorry dude I think I’m still a boy” and RJ was like “obviously that is okay” and it took them all a little while to unlearn subconscious things 


that’s how Johnny got his heart shirt! because he saw it in a store or something and for ½ a second was like “nope I’m not allowed to wear that it’s a girl shirt” and then he remembered “oh right clothing is arbitrarily constructed symbols and gender stereotypes are fascism and my friends will love me no matter what” and so he took the shirt

and Stephen sometimes still wears dresses

So, tell me more about this ‘negative energy’,” Hawke says, kicking aside some boxes to clear a path to the living room.

He’s partly joking and partly not. Merrill sees negative energy everywhere; in old houses, in new houses, in graveyards, in shopping malls, in highway rest stops late at night. Personally, Hawke never feels anything. He has the spiritual sensitivity of a cement block. Nevertheless, it’s always entertaining to hear her theories about it all, even if he doesn’t really believe them himself. He’s always liked listening to people talk about their passions. It’s part of the reason Anders deigns to hang out with him; his political awareness might be lacking, but at least he can always be counted on to act as a convenient sounding board.

“You can’t feel it, can you?” Merrill asks. “I suppose you can’t. Silly question. But really, Hawke, you ought to be careful. Something here doesn’t like you very much.”

“Oh, sorry, that’d be me,” says Anders. “I’ll try and tone it down.”

“I’m being serious,” says Merrill, sounding heated. “I felt it as soon as I walked in here. It’s oppressive. Like a big black cloud.”

“Ooh, scary.” Anders flops down in a nearby armchair, arranging himself in a lax sprawl, and grins over at Hawke. “Hear that? Your flat is being haunted by the ghost of the global air pollution crisis.”

Hawke looks up from his phone, where he’s been scrolling through a list of nearby (and, for the most part, eye-wateringly expensive) pizza places. “Any idea what’s causing this big black cloud? Was this flat once the base for a Satanic ritual or something? Because if that stain on the floor of the bathroom turns out to be chicken blood, I’m leaving.
—  can’t you see we’ve got a good thing here (aka the au in which fenris is a ghost haunting hawke’s apartment)

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will you draw more elf!phan??? i'm really enjoy that( also your works are AMAZING

Oooooh yes don’t worry - that’s going to my go-to phanart project for a long while yet. I actually just last night cemented out my story idea (it’ll be short because I’m trying to be realistic haha) and storyboarded some more panels ^_^ It’ll be slow going but I’ll keep drawing it, don’t worry!! Thanks :D

Just remember those Jadis spoilers have everything to do with Jadis’ motivation, Jadis’ mindset and is necessary to drive her to do what she does to drive the story forward. It has nothing to do with Richonne except to once again cement that this is the greatest love story any fandom has ever seen portrayed.  They aren’t in their 20′s.  They didn’t come together or stay together because of some superficial drama.  They aren’t archetypical in their look or representation.  The only difference between now and that other Messie situation is that one likes to cut hair and the other needs her hair cut. Jadis will serve her purpose too.  Just like Messie.  Bringing Michonne even closer to her man.

Hope that wasn’t too spoilery for some folks.  And is the Jadis thing really a concern?  I hope the fuck not, and I’m misreading the “panic”.


Stop the Boats?

The Australian Government kills children, mothers, fathers and people of all kinds on a daily basis. I wanted to create something in relation to this amazing song by The Smith Street Band, which is directed at our former Prime Minister and the currently elected political party.

I’ll sink slowly into cement, running round the city square
I’ve always felt a little different, now I can breath in the anger on the dirty air
grubby beauty blocked out by streets and time
painted their slogans on the silhouette of my skyline

It is not enough to be quiet on the train back home
A change is gonna come, our country’s mind can’t stay this closed

Enter the decade fearing failing and our heart starts beating in time
with the white noise and the ranting and raving, their official party line
we must respond we need a fight, decide how the destitute will survive and then die

So wipe that shit-eating grin off your punchable face
these people are human beings that you’ll destroy and displace
when you sit in Kirribilli House and there’s no one else around do you know just to keep your job you’re putting bodies in the ground
drowning refugees at sea, kiss babies screaming vote for me
I’ll take you to the future via the 1950s

Were we supposed to feel hope when you said you’d stop the boats?
cause that’s some fucking evil shit, politicizing killing kids, drip feeding fear into our brains, new leader clearly insane
gonna change the culture in our cultured minds
start a war with an alibi we can justify

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How would you react if Blizzard makes Junkrat and Symmetra interact?

mmmm, I don’t know honestly? like I’m perfectly fine with them having no ‘canon’ interactions because I enjoy imagining what might be. it’s more fun that way.

I guess I’d be excited and apprehensive because blizzard is word of god so whatever interaction they’d have would be set in stone for their appraisal of each other, but at the same time it would be really great to have a cemented something to shove at people claiming they canonically hate each other when as of now there is zero basis for that kind of bullshit but wHATEVER YA KNOW


Chapter 17

A/N: Let me know what you think. / See the bottom for notes and a big announcement.

I knew Seth and I’s warm and comfortable LA bubble would have to pop eventually. It started with me going back to NY. I wasn’t sure how I had gotten from sunning myself on his beautiful terrace to the dirty floor of a small public HBO restroom. I hadn’t even made it up the stairs before being ready to collapse. I was meeting the team for the first time today. I had to somehow cement myself as a good boss and a leader.

“Charlotte you’re going to be fine.” Lucy said patting my shoulder. I wanted to laugh; this wasn’t the way the first week of work was supposed to go. I was supposed to be Super Woman. Yet here I was, staring at dirty ceiling tiles.  

“I can’t do this.” I knew we both heard the crack in my voice. If Lucy ever wanted to write a memoir this would definitely be a highlight.  

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Normally I don’t post celebrities Instagrams but I think this is noteworthy.

when jin comes back to the dorm after lotj

jin: hey roomie, did you miss me?
jin: of course not, what did i exp–
yoongi: what do you think?! hyung, i didn’t know who i was before you left and i find out i’m a shell of a man when you’re gone. i was worried sick about you and nobody fed me shit and everyone was so noisy and you’re asking me if i missed you?!
jin: …ok you can let go of my face now yoongi
jin: i missed you too