and this cast!


Happy 28th Birthday, Jack Falahee! (February 20, 1989) ♡ 

I’d really like to do more voiceover work. I like the idea of being able to voice a character that you look nothing like–a complete departure from reality. It’s a dream of mine to voice a character in a Hayao Miyazaki film.

thatkevinsmith: Game Night in #nationalcity! This is the @supergirlcw cast’s pitch for a new @settlersofcatan box cover: insane enthusiasm from @melissabenoist, @christophrwood & @jeremymjordan and electric indifference from @mehcadbrooks! I’m having a blast “directing” #supergirl. These kids and the amazing crew make the long days fly by… Or at least able to leap tall days in a single bound! #KevinSmith #supergirlseason2 #settlersofcatan


joshgad: This has been a battle of attrition. #daisyridley has been a force to be reckoned with. In many ways she is the Vader to my Luke or the Taylor to my Katy. But like any good opponent, I have tried to outmaneuver her at every turn. This will be her final judgement. May the force be with her, because kids, she is going to need it. All I ask is that you don’t ruin the surprise for others. #TheLastJedi#starwars#broughtsomefriendsalongfortheride@disney @starwars


Happy 21st Birthday, Sophie Belinda Turner !

Some days I want to look like a hipster kid, and then other days I want to be prim and proper. I really wish I had, like, seven lives so I could go from being a hipster one day to a punk the next. But that’s the great thing about fashion. In a way, it’s like acting, because you can try on all these different roles.