and this bromance is flawless

Positive 2x02 Parts To Focus On

if you’re having a slight mental breakdown over that episode, then enjoy my list of trying to put together all the good things.

  • shirtless Alec in bed 
  • Raphael being back and perfect
  • Magnus looking flawless as always
  • Simon and Magnus bromance 
  • parabatai feels
  • Izzy and Alec on the mission together, being badass Lightwoods
  • Alec being a protective big brother + Izzy kicking an asshole’s ass
  • papa wolf bear Luke 
  • Magnus walking around with his little bag taking his stuff back
  • Jace being hawt
  • Clizzy feels
  • Simon learning to embrace his vampire-ness
  • Clary going back to her roots and painting while she rocks out
  • Dot saving Clace
  • Jace finally escaping that damn boat from hell
  • Clary’s hair porn cuz dayum she was flawless af
  • everyone is so goddamn attractive