and this boys and girls is what we call freaking chemistry


Anyway Moriel shippers whining about Mor being gay can suck my dick lol.

Is it probably tokenism? Yes. Is it probably going to be lazy, last minute representation? Yes. Do any of you homophobes using these things for your complaints actually fucking give a shit about whether or not it’s tokenism? No! You’re just homophobic, so stop pretending like you actually care about the quality of gay representation!

I can’t believe some of you actually have the audacity to to say shit like “this is coming out of nowhere” and “Mor just doesn’t SEEM like she’s gay” and “but poor Azriel!” and “but I wanted Moriel to happen!” and “I’m not saying I don’t want representation, I just don’t think it should be Mor.”

First of all, if you’re straight (and most of the people complaining here are) how DARE you say anything about Mor “seeming gay” or not. How DARE you. What the actual fuck could you possibly know about it. Nothing. You could know nothing.

Second of all, of COURSE you don’t think it should be Mor. You CARE about Mor. Mor is beautiful, bubbly, funny, smart, outgoing. Her storyline is important to the main plot. She’s survived tragedy and emerged triumphant. You relate to her. And most of all, you want her to get together with a male character. And for her to be GAY? Oh no! Now this is ruined for you. Now she’s not perfect anymore. God forbid gay people have a gay character with positive traits they can look up to and relate to in a series. God forbid ONE character out of a TON of straights had to be made gay and now you can’t relate anymore.

I’ve seen multiple people say “I like the representation, but I thought Mor should be with Azriel and Amren should be gay. Why couldn’t it be Amren?” This. Is VERY telling. Amren is described as not overly beautiful, she has a more abrasive personality, and most importantly, she doesn’t seem interested in any kind of romantic relationship. At all. Her being gay would not get in the way of ANY of your straight romances/ships/plots. It probably would’t even be brought up a lot, because it’s doubtful she’d even be with someone. So people saying that Amren would have been a better candidate feels very much like “Ugh, the gays can HAVE that weird freak Amren, but it’s not fair they get that pretty girl! How can MOR be gay?? What about the boy I want as her boyfriend?”

So many people are shielding themselves from being called homophobic by saying “I want a character to be LGBT! I want there to be representation for LGBT! (Just not THIS character)” Well that’s bullshit, first of all because the way you say “LGBT” instead of “LGBT characters” or “gay characters” kinda reveals the way you view representation as some nebulous kind of check-the-box category to get over with instead something actually important, and second of all because the “LGBT representation” that you’re “all for” is a very specific kind of representation. It’s the kind that isn’t really representation at all.

You’re “all for LGBT rep,” but you never actually want characters you LIKE to be gay. You never want the characters you ship in straight relationships to turn out gay. You want the ugly characters, the evil characters (who are going to die anyway), the characters who never end up in relationships, (and the “smol bean xD” men who you fetishize and ship with other men, but that’s another issue) to turn out gay. That way you can pat yourself on the back for how good and diverse your series is while continuing to enjoy the main straight characters in their straight relationships. That way you’re never forced to invest in the humanity of gay people and their stories, because their “stories” are just a casual mention of their sexuality, or a side plot so tiny it might as well not exist (like in tog).

And as for “poor Azriel!” do I really have to tell you why that’s fucking dumb? I guess it’s not uncommon in this fandom to always prioritize men over women (re: “poor Rhysand when Feyre had to sleep with her abuser that must have been so hard for HIM!!”), but still. Listen to yourself.

On top of all of this, I find it pretty funny (I don’t. I don’t find it funny. At all. None of this is funny it makes me want to vomit) that straight people are throwing a tantrum and acting like it’s the worst thing ever that a ship they were passionate about couldn’t work out because of the characters’ sexualities. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The irony of it, honestly, and the fact that none of you realize it… wow. Do y’all. Have any idea. How many times that happens to gay readers? On a REGULAR basis?? The two characters are similar. Have good chemistry. Interact in a way that hints at a relationship. Would be perfect together. You care about them, you grow invested. And just when you think they might be endgame… oops! They’re straight, and they can’t be together. I don’t have an ounce of pity for people saying that they’re SO upset by this because they were in love with the ship and now it can’t happen because of sexuality. This is our LIFE. It happened to you one fucking time, and the relationship wasn’t even that developed; somehow I think you’ll be okay.

To sum it up, when I hear people complaining about Mor being gay because they thought she should be with Azriel, literally all I hear is “wait but gay people are fine only as long as they don’t get in the way of straight ships and characters :( why can’t they stay on the fringes of the plot where they belong and leave us straights alone :( we used to have 100% of the characters and plot and now we only have 99% :( life is so hard :(“

It’s honestly just really disheartening to see straight people responding so nastily to this, especially when this is just a tiny drop of real representation. Mor’s sexuality might not end up being well done in the book, but there are a lot of gay and bi girls who read these books and this could genuinely make a difference to them. And THAT will ALWAYS be more important than the success of a straight ship, especially in a series in which there is absolutely NO shortage of straight ships and characters. Go pick two of the other 10,000 straight characters to ship and leave us alone.

|| The New Girl ||

{summary: “the other students call Peter ‘Penis’ Parker.”}

this whole story was inspired by a snippet in an ign article that i screencapped and posted yesterday x))))) it was the best prompt for me and i just had to write something short and sweet for it!

this is dedicated to all of my readers out there who have given my stories a chance and followed this blog. i really love you guys and i thank you so much for making this personal blog of mine so much fun to run!

warnings: none

**Please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


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Warm - final part | Joe Sugg imagine

Warm - part 3/3 | Joe Sugg imagine
Word count: 5229
Request: The reader meet Joe randomly in the street and then they start to date and are really in love but they are both worried about the difference age because Joe is 25 and the reader is 17-18
A/N: In case you forgot what happened, you can check the part 01 in here and part 02 in here! I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you liked reading it! See you all soon!
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open 

“You’re dropping it! You’re dropping it!” Joe exclaimed and you couldn’t do anything but laugh at his despair about your ice cream. “I’m serious, Y/N! It will fall!”

You two finished your dinner and he took you for a walk after that. You had an enormous ice cream, with 4 flavors in it just because Joe dared you. He got himself a normal one, which you bought because he already paid dinner and it was probably the only thing you could ever buy to him with your amount of money. He thanked you and you started walking in the sidewalk of the beach, something not appropriate to do with your heels, but you were having such a good time you didn’t care.

“Y/N! It’s going down, it’s goin down!” He shouted and then, as if it was his instinct, he licked your ice cream.

“Joe!” you complained.

“It would fall!” he argued and then gave a big smile. “That taste really good.”

You laughed again of his silliness. “Yeah, I know. It’s the finest flavours together, nothing could get wrong.”

“I wish I got that.”

“You can take as much as you want of mine.” you offered with a sweet smile, you were so happy this was your first date with Joe.

He gave you a cheeky smile. “And what about you?”

You frowned. “I’m still getting my ice cream, I didn’t say you could have all of it!” you joked.

“No,” he stopped walking and turned his body to you. “I meant what about having you?”

You blushed, grateful because it was dark. “Well…” you raised one eyebrow “you can have as much as you want of me too.”

“Yeah?” he smiled and put his hands in your waist.

“As long as you don’t drop me.” you teased.

“That’s your job, dropping things.” he stated, getting closer.

“We’ll be fine then, I don’t intend to let this drop.”


And just like a movie scene, you two kissed. You could feel the ice cream melting and running in your hand, but you moved your arm so it didn’t get in your clothes and you were fine, after all, during that kiss, everything in the world was fine.


“I can’t believe you were on a date with Joe Sugg!”

“Shh, Y/F/N, no one can know.”

“It’s not like people would think it’s real, Y/N.” your friend rolled her eyes.

You giggled, she was right. “You have a point.”

“And how your parents are dealing with it?”

You bit your lip. “Hum…”

“Oh no, Y/N.”

“I actually didn’t tell them yet.” Y/F/N sighed, you were getting in trouble for that. “They know I’m seeing someone, but they think is someone from school.”

“Y/N!” she complained. “I’ll need to deal with your shit afterwards!”

You forced a smiled. “I’m sorry?” she rolled her eyes. “But, for real now, I intend to tell them. I’m just seeing where the things are going to, you know? I mean, he can have any girl in England, I really doubt he’s going to stick to me.” Your phone rang, interrupting you, a new message arrived. It was Joe.

Zoe and Alfie are out today, wanna hang?

You smiled, forgetting Y/F/N was beside you. Okay. I can’t come back late, though. Homework is something you don’t like, but something you gotta do, unfortunately.

“I’m guessing it’s he.” She said.

“Yeah, he’s still in Brighton.” the device rang again. You can come here and bring your study stuff, what about that? “He’s inviting me to Zoe’s house.”

Y/F/N raised an eyebrow. “And you are worried about him not sticking to you.”

“It doesn’t mean a thing, Y/F/N. I like him, apparently he likes me too. I’m happy about this. I can’t risk thinking I’m special or something.”  That sounds great, actually.

Ok! Send me a message when you can come.


You were trying to convince yourself it wasn’t a big deal, however as you jumped out of the car, you couldn’t control your nerves anymore. You were fucking 17, you were in your right to freak out over a boy, but when the boy is 25? Chill, honey.

You heard the doorbell inside the house after you pressed the button and watched Joe come to let you in. He gave you a little smile and you smiled back, the bubble of anxiety popping and letting you breath.

“Are you lost or something? I think your house is not around here, Y/N.” Joe joked.

You rolled your eyes. “Hello to you too, Joseph.”

“I’m kidding, sorry” he said laughing, grabbing your waist and giving you a soft kiss on the lips.

“That’s a better reception.” you approved.

“Yeah, I thought you would like that more.” he took you by the hand and started moving around.

“I do, actually, thanks.” Joe leaned you to the sofa and both of you sat down. “So, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing?” Joe suggested.

“So you usually bring girls to your sister’s empty place without a plan?” you teased and Joe laughed.

“Let’s just say this is not something that usually happens, alright? Especially because my girls don’t usually have school homework to do.”

“I’m one of your girls now, Joseph?” you asked with one eyebrow raised, ignoring the jump of your heart.

“You know what I mean, like, girls that I go out with.”

You nodded, pretending you were okay with him being more casual than you liked him to be. “Yeah.”


“You need to stop being so insecure of yourself, Y/N.” Y/F/N argued, walking side by side on the hall.

“I know.” you grumbled. “I just don’t know how I should react to things. I never had this kind of stuff and suddenly I am dating a 25 year old.” you sighed. “Not any 25 year old, by the way, Joe Sugg. I mean, what the hell? There’s a manual for this thing? It should have.”

“Take it easy.” she recommended.

“Trust me, I’m trying to. It’s so hard!” you complained. “I don’t know how he is used to lead a relationship.”

“You know that he probably is afraid of what you think too, right?”

“Well, I’m hoping so.”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. “I think he really likes you, I mean, there’s no reason why he would take you on dates or even stay in Brighton if he didn’t.”

You couldn’t help but smiled, you could feel the butterflies on your stomach having a party. “Stop it, Y/F/N. You are raising my expectations by doing this. Let’s stay grounded, he’s going back to London today and you and me need to finish that Chemistry essay.”

“You want to come over my house to do it?” she suggested.

“Fine, let me just check out if my mom lets me.”


You and Joe were walking in a small park near to the centre of Brighton. It was in the middle of the week and Brighton was starting to get really cold, so you guys should be covered.

You talked to each other everyday on Whatsapp, but it wasn’t the same thing. He tried to come and see you at least once in two weeks, something that you found amazing. He would stay at Zalfie’s and you would go out to do something that would be safe to do if you were just friends. The last thing you wanted was midia freaking out because Joe Sugg was dating a girl who still didn’t finish high school yet.

“How clingy it would be if I say that I missed you?” You asked.

Joe stopped walking and held your both hands “Really clingy.” and then he smiled. “But I missed you two.”

You laughed and then kissed. “Are we dating or something? Because we are really cute together.” you joked.

“I don’t know, we are?” he played along.

Your heart sank with his question, even if it was a joke. Although the dating thing went really well and you were together for almost two months now, it was something official for him? You didn’t know. You knew that he would go out and have some drinks and you were totally fine with that, but you still had your insecurities about your status… Did he go out, have some drinks and be with girls too? Because you could date each other and see other people, right? And why on Earth he would be just with you? You two didn’t have anything more than a few kisses… The things hitted sometimes, but he would stop everything before it could lead to something more than just kissing and you just were lost in the tracks.

“What?” Joe asked, concerned about your worried expression. “I said something wrong?”

“No.” you answered, walking again. He didn’t move.

“Y/N.” he called, holding your hand and pulling you back to where you were.

“Yes?” you pretend you were fine.

“Can you please tell me what I did wrong?”

You sighed. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Joe.”

“So why are you like this?”

“Like what?”

“Suddenly, all nervous.”

You bit your lips. “Okay, I will tell you.”

“Thank you!” he said ironically.

“Don’t judge me.” you asked.

“Never.” he promised.

“I know we are dating, but it’s not like I’m your girlfriend or something serious and I’m just wondering…”

“Wait.” he stopped you. “I thought you were my girlfriend.”

Your eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yeah… I mean, it’s not like I’m going out with anyone else and, I totally get it if you want to, but I don’t want to share you…”

You smiled. “It means that if you had to introduce me to someone you randomly met on street you would say ‘Hey, this is Y/N, my girlfriend’?”

Joe smiled too. “Yeah.”

“Good.” you nodded, happy enough to start walking again. “It means that I can introduce you as my boyfriend too.”

“I hope so.” Joe thought the situation was really funny, you were kind of crazy sometimes.

“But Joe…?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Why don’t you want us to have sex?” you asked. Now that your biggest fear was clear out, you weren’t afraid to ask anything.

Joe gasped. “For who was thinking if we were girlfriend and boyfriend two minutes ago, you made a huge evolution asking about sex, don’t you think, love?”

You laughed. “I’m serious, Joe.”

“Fine…” he agreed and ran his hand through his hair.

“What I’m trying to say is that is not like I’m virgin or something so why you…” you tried to help him.

“Oh, you are not virgin?”

“Hum… no?”

“For real, Y/N.” he asked.

“Yeah, Joe, for real, I had sex, it’s pretty awesome, why don’t you want to have some?”

Joe laughed. “I know is pretty awesome.”

“So why don’t you want to have it?” you asked, getting frustrated.

“I thought you didn’t had sex before.”

You rolled your eyes. “I can’t believe it.”

He hugged you, interrupting your walk. “I’m so happy right now. I wasn’t able to think how to do things in the proper way.”

It was your turn to laugh. “I can’t believe you are this happy about getting laid, for fuck’s sake, Joe.”

“Literally.” he pointed out, making you two laugh. “Also, it’s not only getting laid, but it’s getting laid with the most gorgeous girl around here.”

You rolled your eyes, not believing in his words. “So that means that we can have sex now?”

“Now? In the middle of the park? What kind of perverted are you?” he joked.

“Shut up, you know what I mean.”

“I know.” he smiled “I will see if I can stay until the weekend.”

“Oh, who is the perverted now?”


Joe didn’t want to admit to himself, but dating a 17 year old putted a lot of pressure on him. He was trying to take things slow and you would come and hit him hard like a truck by showing more maturity than he or he thought something was okay and didn’t realise you had insecurities about it. Not only the sex or being his girlfriend, but simple things like flirtatious jokes or what you should wear for this or that. So when he found out you weren’t sure you were his girlfriend, he thought that he should make things official for real (and work out the sex thing too).

When it was friday, you said to your parents you were getting out on a date again, because if you were Joe’s girlfriend for real, your parents probably should know that soon. The safest way for telling was saying you were seeing a boy (as they knew already), then you would tell Y/F/N knew who the guy was, later you would tell that he was kind of famous, next you would spit that he was a youtuber to finally reveal his name was Joe Sugg and he was 8 years older than you. If you and Joe were still together by this time, you would be fine, the relationship was meant to last.

So Joe picked you at your house again. You dressed a little more relaxed than the first time, with a high waisted flared jeans and a white blouse. Now it was winter for real and, as consequence, you needed to add a huge coach over all your clothes.

“Hey, babe.” You said, getting in the car.

“Hello, love.” you smiled. The first time you said to Joe that you like when he called you “love”, he found that odd because he called everyone “love”, however he called you that more often now. “You look lovely.”

“Yeah, you too are not bad, Sugg.” you admitted, giving him a smack.

“I do what I can.” he smiled and started driving.

He was really nervous about what he was going to do, after all, not even when he was 17 he did something like that.

“Are you ok?” You asked, seeing him a little tense by the way he grabbed the steering wheel.

“Fine, yeah.’ he nodded.

“Honey, you don’t seem fine.”

“I am.”

You didn’t say anything anymore, eventually he would tell you what was going on. You weren’t the kind of person who would pressure someone to say something even if you were dying inside to know.

“Can I put some music, then?” You asked, trying to light things a little.

“Of course.”

You turned the radio on and tried to find a music you liked. Joe was refusing to talk and you weren’t sure of what to do, so you sang along to the tune was playing and scrolled through you Instagram’s feed. You were used to just be with Joe, even if there was nothing to say, so you were fine.

The car pulled over and you thought Joe was picking his wallet and stuff, so you still were in your cellphone when you realized he wasn’t moving. You looked at him to find him starring you. You giggled.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing.” he said with a smile.

“Joe…?” he ignored you and opened his door and got out of the car, he bypassed the automobile so he could open your door for you too. “Joe!” You exclaimed as you took the hand he was offering as help.

“Nothing, love.” he said, conducting you to where you were meant to go. “I was just thinking how beautiful you are.” he admitted and gave you a kiss on the head while entering a hotel.

You smiled, it was really sweet of him. And what he didn’t tell you was that not only he thought you were beautiful, but he was lucky to met you and things just worked out.

You didn’t know why you were having a fancy dinner again, but you thought it was Joe’s way for “doing things in the proper way” as he originally wanted to do.

“So…” He started, looking away from the menu to face you.

“So…?” you encouraged.

“I think the last time I did this I was 16, so please be nice to me? I might mess things up but let’s just play along, I don’t care. Fuck it.”

You laughed. “Joe, is only food.”

He rolled his eyes. “No, not this, Y/N.”

You laughed again, what was going on?

“Okay, so what is it?” You asked, holding his hand in the table.

“You asked another day if I was introducing you as my girlfriend, right?”

“Oh, fuck, you are breaking up with me.”

“No! Y/N, no!” his eyes widened and you sighed. Thanks gods.

“Fine, continue then.”

“I want to make things oficial.”

“What? I thought we were oficial already.”

“Yeah, I know, but I mean, really oficial. Because you thought we weren’t and I don’t want you to feel that way, so I bought this.” he took a small box out of his pocket and placed on the table. You were shocked. “Calm down, it’s not a wedding ring.” you sighed again.

“Joe, you can’t do this kind of thing to me, I can’t handle this stuff.”

He laughed of your reaction. “Relax, Y/N.” you nodded. “Well, you know I can’t use a commitment ring without freaking everyone out, so I thought it was fine if I just give you a bracelet instead.” he took the package and opened it, revealing a delicate silver piece with little sparkling spots in it. “See? I bought one to me too.” he said, showing you a bracelet similar to yours but without the shining bits.

“This is amazing, Joe.” you smiled, holding the little box to see it closer.

“Let me put it on you.” he asked.

“Of course.” you agreed, giving it to him so he could put in your wrist.

“Perfect” he approved, you couldn’t smile bigger than you did.

He seemed a lot more relaxed now.

“So this was the reason you were acting strange before?”


You giggled. “You’re so silly sometimes, Joseph. You thought I would say no?”


“Fucking adorable you are.”


“You’re more than welcome.” you said as you got up to sit on his lap and give him a kiss.


After two weeks Joe gave you the bracelet, you were at Zalfie’s house again. The couple was in the kitchen and you were upstairs with Joe, he was watching TV and you were doing your homework.

“Y/N.” He called.

“Yes, babe.” you said, not really focused in your boyfriend, compenetrate in doing your History task.

“Are you done?”

“No, honey.”

He grunted and then you felt arms wrapping you. “C’mon, you can watch whatever you want.”

“Sounds tempting, babe, but I can’t. I have to finish this first.”

“You don’t need school, Y/N. I didn’t go to college and turn out just fine.”

“Yes, you are a youtuber, Joseph. We, mere mortals, need college to have a future.”

“No, you don’t. I can support both of us.”

You laughed as you finished doing the exercise. “This is the way you are going to make me be dependent of you so you can have me for the rest of our lives?” you asked, finally looking at him.

Joe smirked. “Maybe.”

“I should watch out, shouldn’t I?” you asked, kissing him.

“Yes, as soon as you possibly imagine, I’ll be kidnapping you.” He pulled you to the bed while kissing you.

You giggled. “Your sister is just downstairs ready to hear me scream, Sugg.”

“NO, I’M NOT!” Zoe yelled.

“Please don’t fuck in our bed!” Alfie asked.

You and Joe laughed hard. “It’s not that kind of scream, guys!” You cleared.

Joe whispered in your ear: “Although I can make you scream in this way too”

You blushed. “Fuck off, Joseph.”


“You can’t have this much in one bite! It is not fair!” Joe complained as you took a large spoonful of petit gateau with ice cream from the dessert you two shared.

It’s been a week and a half since the homework afternoon. Things never were better. Now you two were having dinner in a charming little restaurant on a thursday night.

You laughed “It’s not my fault if you are a little slow, Joe! And I’m not saying this only for the sweet issue.” you joked, you always were making fun of Joe being afraid to have sex now that you two were completely established as a couple.

“Wo-ho, someone is playing dirty!” you smirked. “But I’ll take that, because I kinda was.”

“Kinda? C’mon…” you were interrupted by someone coming on your table’s side. Your eyes widened, you cleared your throat by seeing who it was: The man was really tall and just one or two years older than your companion. “Hi mr. Daniells.” You blinked, Joe was confused, and you got up to hug the stranger.

“Hi, Y/N!” the man said.

“This is Joe…” you swallowed hard. “ I mean, Joseph.”

“Hello!” Mr. Deniells said with a big smile in his face. “Nice meeting you.”

Joe continued to be lost, but he stood up too and shook the man’s hand. “Same.”

“Ér… Mr. Deniells is my literature teacher.” Joe got your nervousness.

“Oh.” that was all your date said, a little remind you were 17.

“Sorry, am I interrupting something?”

You forced a smile. “Of course not, Mr. Deniells.”

“We are out of class, Y/N. You can call me Steven.”

I prefer not, Mr. Deniells. “I can’t, it’s inevitable.” you noticed Joe being in completely silence. “And where is your wife? Or you are by yourself tonight?”

“Actually, I was parking my car. She should be in here somewhere, but I guess she’s at toilet… It’s our wedding anniversary.”

“Congratulations!” you said, Joe followed you and cheer up too.

“Thank you.” he said.

“How many years?” you asked.

“Six.” the teacher answered.

“Oh my God, already?” you were surprised. “You’re so young!”

“Well, I’m 27, you’re 17… I’m old.” he joked and you almost cried, for fuck’s sake, he could make things worse?

“Joe is 25 and we get along like we are the same age. I don’t think you’re old, mr. Daniells.” you tried to make things a little sweeter.

“I mean, I’m your teacher.” he laughed, you could see Joe’s thoughts of wanting kill himself in that exact moment.

“You’re just being harsh on yourself” you guaranteed.

“That’s nice of you, thank you, Y/N.”

“Any time, Mr. Daniells.” you smiled for real, thinking he would go away.

“So, this is your cousin that you always are talking about?”

He must be kidding with you. Fuck off, Mr. Daniells!

“No, actually…”

“I’m her boyfriend.” Joe answered, grumpy.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” your teacher said.

“It’s fine.” you smiled as gentle as you could.

“So I was interrupting something…”

“It was nothing, professor, for real.”

“My wife is here. I will leave you two alone, sorry.”

“See you soon.” you said and sat down as he was leaving, Joe made the same. The silence fell. “Well, that was something…”

“All your teachers are dicks like that?” Joe asked.

“Joe!” you complained. “Don’t say this.”

“I’m trying to have a date with my bloody girlfriend!”

You rolled your eyes and opened a smile, you knew he was pissed for the right reasons and not because of Mr. Deniells.

“Fine, this outbreak is giving me the right of having the last bite of dessert.” You said, raising your shoulders to make fun out of the situation and distract Joe of all the wild things he must be thinking of.

“You wish, love.” Joe said, he didn’t want to spoil the dinner. “And who is this cousin your teacher was talking about?”

“You should see him, he is amazing. He is in college now and…”

And your dinner continued to be totally fine as it should be the entire time, however, you both knew it was a sign that things were about to break down.


Joe took a deep breath, he was sweating and he just couldn’t stand still. You began being anxious because of him.

“Oh my God, Joe. Please, relax.” You asked.

You were hanging at the cafe you met each other after your class. It was Friday and it was time to Joe to meet your parents.

“I can’t!” he seemed scared. “I just can’t okay? I ain’t doing it.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Stop overreacting, babe.” You hugged him, passing your arms across his body. “Everything will be fine.”

Joe held you by your shoulders, cracking your hug.

“You don’t understand how bad it is, do you?” He looked in your eyes, his shades of blue changing. “Y/N, your father is going to kill me. I’m 100% serious about this. I’m not even joking.

You laughed, what would you were going to do with your boyfriend in panic Joe was clearly making noise about nothing.

“Okay, I’ll be crying over your dead body in half an hour then.” You said, taking his hand and opening the cafe door. “We need to go, Joe.” You pulled him to his car and tried to help him. “I really doubt this would happen, people say my dad is overprotective, but I don’t think so.

Joe took a deep breath again. He was moving, but everyone could see he didn’t want to.

“How things went when you introduced your first boyfriend?” He asked, trying to be reasonable for the first time.

You bit your lip, giving him a nervous laugh instead of a fun one. Well, about that…

“I had never introduced a boyfriend to my father before.”

Joe stopped again.

“Oh, fuck.”

He closed his eyes hard. Where the hell he was running to? He would need a lot more deep breaths than the couple ones he took already. He lost your hand, running his through his hair. For the love of God, what he was thinking of?

You were in such pain for seeing him struggle like that. You knew he was rewinding all your relationship in his head, afraid. He was anxious for meeting your parents, however you knew that now he was anxious about the age gap.

“Joe…” You started, being careful. “Please, be calm. It’s nothing, really.”

“Y/N” he sighed “, for real now, you understand us, right? You know how bad the situation is? I mean, it isn’t only the years of difference. You are in school yet, I should finished college by this time if I were in it.” Joe passed his hand through his hair again, don’t knowing what to do. “And now… I’m the first bloody boyfriend your father will meet?” His voice squealed at the end, your worries went away. He was back at the point of being more afraid of your father than the age gap.

“Joe, honey, I know.” You said, taking his hand again. “I swear I do. Right now though, we’re in the middle of the street and I’m freezing. Can we go please and discuss it later?” you asked.

Joe blinked, realizing you were right. He nodded.

At the end, meeting your parents wasn’t a big deal. Of course none of them were happy with the situation, but they expected to Joe be really immature for dating a girl who was 8 years younger than him and a completely empty head because of his youtube career. It was really a delight to find out that Joe Sugg was smart, conducting his professional life with mastery (you didn’t mention that a part of his job included being slapped with a fish, of course) and helped your mom with the dinner, which leaded to a long conversation about how he lived alone in London and had to cook dinner for himself every day, something that he enjoyed. Your parents loved cooking and food in general, so the dinner was spent in talking about this and all the places Joe met before.

Nevertheless, you weren’t naive, you knew the end was near.


“Joe, honestly, stop acting like you are the adult and I am the kid.”

“But you are, Y/N!”

You two were in his car after a movie in Zoe’s house. Things were fine and you were talking with Zoe where you were thinking to be at next fall. It was a few months away yet, it was the beginning of spring after all, but ending high school was a dream to come true. Everything was alright in your point of view, but talking about this meant that Joe was reminded during almost two hours about you being so young, and you two always started fighting for everything when the age gap thing was remembered.

“No, I’m not.” You argued. “You wouldn’t be with me at first place if you thought that.”

“I’m not the smartest kid around, you know.”

“Oh, because this is a mature sentence, right?”

“You know I don’t meant to say that.” he took a deep breath.

“I’m tired about this, Joe!” you said, your voice was starting to get higher. “For fuck’s sake, you know that I’m graduating and you trying to avoid this school topic isn’t fair you know. You start to be pissed off when something like this comes around but guess what? Dating you is not that easy too.” you complained.

“I’m sorry if I am older and have grown ups’ problems, Y/N.” he said ironically. “What should I do then? Because I already spent hours and hours driving to your place so we can be together.”

“I know that! And it kills me that we don’t live in the same city!”

“So tell me, what should I do with this long distance/age gap thing?” he asked as he parked his car in front of your house.

Your air was gone because you not only knew the answer but you didn’t like it at all.

“That’s the problem, isn’t it?” you whispered and Joe looked at you. “We can’t do nothing about this.”

“Y/N…” Joe lowered his voice too, getting where you were going.

You started crying and looked at him, seeing his blue eyes turn as sad as you. You were right, you both knew it.


You sighed. London could get really hot if the city wanted to.

After you finished your high school, you moved to one of the biggest cities in the world and adapting to it was as easy as falling asleep after a long day. You were really excited about it and your classes in university were really good, like you thought it would be.

It was the end of the afternoon and you were carrying your groceries back home when you heard him.

“Y/N!” He called.

You started searching the street after the voice and smiled when saw Joseph Sugg waving at you from the other side of the avenue.

He ran towards you with a big smile in his face. The same smile you missed through months and months, the same smile that he gave that time at the cafe when you switched with him drinks unintentionally.

“Hey, Joe.” You said. “Good to see you.”

And you meant it, because you could feel the same way as you did when you drank that cappuccino in the first time you two met, in that rainy day ages ago; You could feel your chest getting warm.

all life is strange ship prompts

Most of these prompts I’ve basically discarded or they’ve already been written, but I have many prompt ideas so here’s small little ideas for you guys (Sorry, I’m Pricefield trash so there’s a ton of those, but please send me your story so I can read them if you do use one of these ideas please because I like reading new life is strange fanfics):

- “We experimented over wine-tasting sessions as kids, but now we’re adults meeting each other for the first time in five years and oh my god is that sexual tension between us?”
- “I’m terrified of men because of something that happened in the past, and Rachel and Chloe are trying to make me feel comfortable with Warren but I’m slowly realizing that it’s not Warren that my eyes have been focused on.”
- “Warren keeps asking me to the drive-in so I asked my best friend Chloe for advice, so now we’re fake dating but I think I’m really getting used to this idea.”
- “This punk girl keeps on coming to the homeless shelter at the same time each week purchasing a shit ton of water bottles, canned chili, and loaves of bread with money that comes from God-knows-where but holy shit, she’s actually royalty whose parents are trying to keep her name under wraps.”
- “I recited one of my poems at a poetry slam about my childhood best friend, turns out she was there listening to my every word and now I’m humiliated.”
- “I dared Max to kiss me, but her nose started bleeding and I can tell she’s rewinded more than once and she just told me not to pull back because apparently, that’s what’s going to happen.”
- “Max and I are at her Seattle home, and I just discovered a treehouse her Dad built for her. I’m sorry, Ryan, I’m using this opportunity alone with your daughter to try and seduce her.”

- “One of the pieces you played on the violin is something I recognized, and you anonymously (even though I know it was you) slid a tape under the door of that piece on Valentines day.”
- “It started raining on our tea date, so we ran inside the cafe with our clothes dripping wet but wow, Kate, you’re so cute with your hair pulled out of the bun.”
- “Max has been taking photos for the children’s book I’m writing and one of the photos she took was of the sunset with a sweet quote on it and I think I’m blushing.”
- “We decided to skip class, and we went to the park with Alice in the middle of the day and wow, Max’s smile is so beautiful. Am I really thinking this?”
- “After Max saved me off that rooftop, all I’ve been thinking about is how much she’s supported me over the past month and a half she’s known me and according to google, I have a crush on Max.”

- “I’ve been talking to this girl online and turns out, she’s just like me and I’m starting to dig her. Turns out when I meet her, she’s one of the girls I personally resent.”
- “I ended up saving your ass from getting eaten by a crocodile while we’re camping but I still hate you. Okay, so maybe that’s not the case. What’s it to you?”
- “Even though you’re trouble, you still invited me to your celebration banquet after getting one of your photos in your parents gallery and we seem to get along just fine when we genuinely talk to each other. Wait, are you flirting with me now?”
- “We accidentally hooked up in the middle of a party involving a shit ton of alcohol and now I’m trying to figure out how to approach you about it. Turns out, you were pretty sober during the party and you weren’t exactly rejecting my advances.”
- “You were holding my arms while I rewinded to try and erase the argument we just had, but turns out my rewind power doesn’t work on you, and now you’re freaking out asking me what the fuck is going on but at least we’re on good terms now, right? I’m now this God-like person to you, and now you’re scared yet intrigued by me.”

- “So maybe the drive-in didn’t help us progress in our relationship, but we definitely managed to hook up after an experiment gone wrong.”
- “We’re graduating out of Blackwell Academy, and I didn’t expect to blush furiously and freeze onstage when you blew a kiss in my direction.”
- “I’m tutoring you in chemistry since you’re not doing too great in it, turns out there’s only one type of chemistry you’re interested in.”
- “I fell asleep in your dorm room during a movie marathon of Harry Potter, and I woke up to you staring at me affectionately and I’m 95% sure I’m drooling.”
- “You convinced me to head to Comic Con with you, but you’re the only one cosplaying while I’m taking a ton of pictures of your nerdy self. I think this side of you is kind of cute.”

- “I ended up blackmailing Victoria after she pulled some shit on my best friend Max, so now she’s willing to do anything I say. And I mean anything.”
- “It’s prom night, and since Nathan hates prom, I’m stuck with the single group of people which includes Chloe in a tux and wow is it getting hot in here?”
- “Stop bothering me by coming up to my dorm room and knocking on it. Oh wait, you’re actually dropping off flowers this time?”
- “Nathan, I know this is gonna sound weird but I think the blue haired girl I keep on seeing around Blackwell putting up those Rachel Amber posters is really hot. How do I approach her?”
- “Chloe keeps on pranking me, turns out she doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards me.”

- “At the lighthouse, I was thinking about ending my life when you came up behind me and started a conversation with me about something stupid, but you fucking saved my life.”
- “We nearly got busted for smoking pot in the parking lot of a restaurant, but it’s okay because we were making out the majority of the time so that’s partly why I didn’t notice.”
- “After getting really high together, both of us almost got hit by a car when we realized it was parked and now we’re making out against said car.”
- “We’re at a party together playing truth or dare and someone just dared me to kiss you but wow, that’s not going to be the first time I’m going to kiss you.”
- “Both of us end up in Los Angeles, and I’m not sure what is going on but I think you’ve been more touchy-feely this trip than throughout our entire friendship.”

Caulscott (Max/Nathan):

- “I’m starting to get obsessed with this version of you because you’re changing from snoopy nerd into this untouchable badass within this entire week.”
- “After you overheard of my situation with Mr. Jefferson on accident, you secretly called the police and arrested him and I’ve never felt so relieved and happy in my life.”
- “You visited me in the hospital and gave me a hug, and instead my heart is going out to you because you really do seem to care even though I give you so much shit in school.”
- “Max has been reluctantly taking care of me while I’ve been sick since Victoria can’t do it because she’s been out of town visiting family, but she’s been so sweet to me so I don’t mind the arrangement.”
- “I recognized Nathan at the aquarium spending the majority of the time with the whales, and there was this big cheesy smile on his face that immediately grabbed my attention. Now that I’m noticing it, this is my first time seeing Nathan smile…and it’s nice.”

- “Victoria keeps telling me to find a girlfriend, but is she not getting the fact that I want to date her instead? Sheesh.”
- “Both of us don’t ever bring up about how we discussed marrying each other in middle school until we both got really high together and ended up talking about that.”
- “My Dad mistakes Victoria for my girlfriend, and when she vehemently denies, for some reason, I feel upset over it and correct her surprising Victoria and myself.”
- “We’re playing Laser Tag together one night but you kissed me out of nowhere in the middle of the game, and what the fuck is our relationship now? Are we best friends? Lovers?”
- “When she asked what my type was, I accidentally made it obvious that she was my type and now she’s giving me a funny look but it doesn’t seem to be a bad look either.”

Grahamscott (Nathan/Warren):
- “You were in the locker room getting dressed, and WOW I just noticed your six pack. Why am I thinking so much over this?”
- “You’ve changed from nerdy boy to hardass, and for some reason, that’s my type? I think I’m starting to get curious about you now.”
- “We ran into each other in a gay bar, and I’ve never seen both of us look so ashamed and embarrassed in my life.”
- “I ended up in the hospital due to a really bad car accident, and you were the first person I woke up to. Apparently you slept by my bedside and didn’t leave my side once.”
- “I’ve been talking to him on grindr, but he doesn’t know that I have a crush on him. Yet.”

Hellalujah (Kate/Chloe):
- “You came up to me on campus and invited me to your Church group. Instead of being interested in that, now I’m interested in you.”
- “Alice seemed to have gotten out again and it’s raining, but the only person whose around to help is me. You’ve been coming over everyday after school after discovering I’m sick because of that to make me soup and cheer me up whoops did I mention I’m starting to have feelings for you?”
- “You’re the type of person I want to be: Free to make any decision I want, and finally I’m given that opportunity when you and I decide to smoke weed together in private and now I’m feeling pretty good about everything and you.”
- “I’m in cultural anthropology and we’re in a heated discussion about opposites attracting, yet you’re telling me they don’t but I’m going to prove to you they do.”

- “Chloe tried to make Max breakfast since it’s her birthday and Chloe totally fucked up and burnt all the food so now we’re eating burnt toast but it’s whatever, we love Chloe anyway.”
- “I just walked in on Chloe and Rachel hooking up which got awkward really fast, and I told them to continue and I guess I joined in.”
- “We’re roadtripping but Chloe gets lost and we end up staying the night in a cabin since we’re nearby a campsite when I confess that I’ve never been kissed and both girls end up fighting over kissing me.”
- “We’re at a Halsey concert and they’re playing our song whenever both of us realize how Max is more than ready for the mosh pit.”


- “We decided to go food shopping, and Chloe keeps on throwing junk food into the basket but Kate keeps on putting the junk food back in when Max isn’t looking.”
- “Both me and Max come out to Kate about our relationship when she admits that she’s always been a little bicurious herself. A joke about that quickly turns serious.”
- “I just took down Kate’s viral video by going into Victoria’s youtube account, and turns out after watching it, Kate kissed a wasted Chloe. But Kate ends up being so relieved she kisses me too? So now she’s held responsible for both of us.”
- “Max brought us to the zoo and she’s torn between me wanting to see the insect exhibit and Kate wanting to stay where she is because Kate really dislikes insects so Max decides to compensate for the entire party by coming up with an idea all of us will enjoy.”


- “As a kid, I used to hate beans but whatever these beans are, they’ve gotten me addicted to beans and now my nickname is Frank-N-Beans.”

the key paris/rory episodes are

  • season 1 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at chilton - paris steals rory’s old report cards from the principal’s office and then corners her outside a classroom to tell her, “you’ll never beat me. this school is my domain.”
  • season 1 episode 9 - rory’s dance - paris pays her cousin to go with her to the school dance and then melts down about it in front of rory
  • season 1 episode 11 - paris is burning - paris’s parents are going through a messy divorce that’s being written up in the papers and, desperate to stop being the focus of gossip, she leaks the news that rory’s mom is dating one of the school english teachers, and when rory confronts her about it she says, “you’re not going to kiss me, are you?” and then rory is empathetic and says “if you ever need to talk, i’m here” and paris is very moved by this kindness
  • season 1 episode 13 - concert interruptus - rory’s mom takes rory and some of her school friends to a concert and the other school friends run off with some guys leaving rory and paris alone for most of the concert and then at the end of the night paris says “you know rory i think this is the best night i’ve ever had”
  • season 1 episode 18 - the third lorelai - rory tries to set paris up with a boy in their class and paris comes over and rory helps her get ready for the date and paris feels like she looks ugly but rory repeatedly tells her she looks great and amazing
  • season 2 episode 7 - like mother, like daughter - rory gets into a secret society at her school and paris really wants to be a part of it so she lobbies for paris to get into the group 
  • season 2 episode 9 - run away, little boy - paris is directing the school production of romeo and juliet and she refuses to let anyone but rory play juliet and then minutes before the performance decides that none of the boys are good enough to play romeo and she puts on the romeo costume and goes out and plays romeo opposite rory as juliet and there’s a scene where she goes “thus with a kiss i die” and then sort of leans in for a kiss but chickens out and just faceplants in rory’s boobs
  • season 2 episode 16 - there’s the rub - paris begs rory to tutor her one on one in chemistry and she invites herself over to rory’s house on a friday night to study chemistry and later literally no exaggeration intervenes to prevent rory’s boyfriend from physically abusing her and then rory asks her if she wants to have a slumber party and there’s a deleted scene where they’re lying on the living room couch together eating junk food and watching tv and paris keeps asking prying questions about rory’s dating life
  • season 2 episode 18 - back in the saddle again - rory and paris get paired together for their business fair project with rory’s grandfather mentoring them and he loves paris and thinks the world of her even though he hates all of rory’s bfs makes u think
  • season 2 episode 22 - i can’t get started - paris asks rory to be her student council vice president and tells her “you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning” she also makes handmade buttons that say VOTE GELLER GILMORE with little pictures of her and rory on them
  • season 3 episode 1 - those lazy hazy crazy days - a boy asks paris out on a date and paris has a full panic attack about it, rory helps her get ready for the date and calms her down and combs her hair and they talk about what they want “in a guy” while paris makes love eyes at her, then the boy knocks on the door and paris literally no exaggeration asks rory to go hide in a closet while she greets the boy like she literally physically walks rory over to the closet, shuts the door, and tells the closed closet door “thanks for helping me get ready” this is satanic
  • season 3 episode 11 - i solemnly swear - this one bitch on the student council has been trying to sow discord between paris and rory since the beginning of the season and in this episode her tactics finally Work and paris thinks rory has betrayed her and they have a sexually charged fencing match which ends with paris ripping her helmet off and shouting “i can’t believe i ever considered you my best friend” before running off crying
  • season 3 episode 12 - lorelai out of water - the principal drags rory and paris into his office and asks if they’re fighting over a boy and paris is like “OOHHHHHHHH OF COURSE… WE’RE GIRLS SO WE COULD ONLY BE FIGHTING OVER A BOY… YOU SEXIST WHITE-HAIRED…” real dialogue from a real heterosexual character
  • season 3 episode 16 - the big one - paris goes over to rory’s house after they’ve been fighting for five episodes and explains that last night she had unplanned sex with the boy she’s been seeing “because when you’re with a boy for a certain amount of time intercourse becomes inevitable” and she and rory sit on rory’s bed as paris tells her that she didn’t enjoy the sex and doesn’t know how to feel about it and rory tells her she’s never had sex and paris says “well if it’s not the right time for you then it’s not the right time for me” OH and the end of this conversation is paris going, “rory, i’m…” and rory interrupting with “it’s okay” so it’s entirely possible she was about to come out to rory like it is not a reach in the least lol and THEN paris gets rejected from harvard and has a mental breakdown on national television where she repeatedly shouts “i’ve had sex but i’m not going to harvard” and then rory pulls her offstage and holds her in her arms and paris sobs on her shoulder saying things like “what if my boyfriend doesn’t think i’m special anymore how do i tell him i didn’t get into harvard” and rory says things like “you are so smart and so special and you are going to get into so many great schools” honestly amy sherman palladino literally owes me money
  • season 3 episode 22 - those are strings, pinocchio - it’s the high school graduation episode paris tells rory “i’m so glad i found you” and rory says “most of the time i really hated you” and paris says “I really hated you too” and then they hug
  • season 4 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at yale - rory walks into her dorm room at yale and paris is standing there and races across the room to hug rory and rory is like “this is a big surprise” and paris says “i didn’t want you to know i was going to yale i wanted to surprise you” and rory is like “aight” and paris is like “i told my life coach about our history and he felt that our life journeys weren’t over yet so i had my dad make a call and put us in the same dorm” i’m so tired
  • season 4 episode 17 - girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist - paris proposes a solo trip to spring break for her and rory and then kisses rory on the mouth in the middle of a dance floor and acts all heartbroken when rory freaks out about it and then one of their friends tells rory and paris “you two would make a good couple” and rory’s like “ew no” and paris is like “why not” again i cannot stress how much i hate this show and how much amy sherman palladino owes me money
Gilmore Girls revival thoughts

What I loved:

    This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I was so hoping this song would be featured in Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and when I heard the first note I started bawling like a baby and finally stopped crying about 3h later. The whole wedding really was perfect. I could hear my heart beating in my years, so happy (and sobbing) I was.

  2. Everything Richard.
    The funeral, the flashbacks, the portraits. It was such a great homage to Ed and to Grandpa Gilmore, I bawled my eyes out through the entire thing and I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I watch Emily/Rory kiss his portrait and I won’t start crying. I get chocked up just thinking about it. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. So well done.

  3. The Lorelai & Emily’s storyline.
    It was simply perfect. Lauren and Kelly knocked it out of the park. The fight in the kitchen is going down in history. I particularly loved how Emily treats Lorelai before they start fighting in the living room, like she’s 6yo again.
    “Lorelai, not a single word.”
    “Don’t follow.”
    Just so freaking perfect. I loved it and it was so in character for both of them. It was perfect. And don’t get me started on the phone call in Fall because I’m too dehydrated to start crying again.

  4. Lauren breaking character.
    She did it in a number of scenes. Once with Sookie, twice with Rory, once in the scene with Richard’s smaller portrait. If Lauren Graham can’t keep it together how do you expect me to do that? Also, give the woman ALL THE FREAKING EMMYS NOW. It’s long overdue anyway. You owe her, Academys.

  5. Jess’ growth.
    He’s the only character who’s really shown some growth when he appears on screen, everyone else seems to be stuck in their life, like they can’t move forward, but Jess has got his shit together and even stirs Rory in the right direction, I was so proud of him.

  6. Every single Jess/Luke scene.
    Each and everyone of them. Milo and Scott are buddies in real life and you can totally see that on screen, they’re hilarious and a joy to watch.

  7. Paris. In all her glory.
    She’s still our old Paris and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Liza got back into character so easily and she was absolutely brilliant. I laughed my socks off at her antics. The whole bathroom scene and the stairs conversation. Just hilarious. Loved it. Missed her.

  8. The Life and death brigade.
    Oh my God, that whole sequence was so cinematic, the director of photography and Amy nailed it there. Simply nailed it. I was in awe watching it. Really made me happy to see them all together again. I cried when Rory said goodbye to them. Yes, I cried even then. Leave me alone.

  9. “Still best friends”.
    Of course I cried through the whole thing like the little bitch that I am and I regret nothing. Seeing Lauren and Melissa unable to keep back tears…I was a mess. Beautiful. Well done. Thank you.

  10. Michel out of the closet.
    Need I say more?

  11. Emily and the help.
    I laughed so hard at that. Cannot actually believe Emily kept a maid for a whole entire year and even welcomed her family with open arms in her house. I’m so proud of you, grandma Gilmore.

  12. Cornstarch.
    Again, sobbed. I feel like ASP treated only Dean with some respect in this revival. He’s happy, got his own family and Rory was actually nice to him and the whole “you taught me what feeling safe is like” speech had me sobbing. Only people who had a great first love can relate to this, I guess. I’m glad they gave them that scene. They both deserved it.

  13. Luke and Paul Anka.
    Cried my eyes out. Loved it. Gimme a spin-off.

  14. Kirk’s second movie.
    That’s all.

  15. The swearing!
    Lorelai saying “Holy shit!” and Emily saying “Bullshit!” 3 TIMES IN THE SAME SCENE. Amen.

  16. The music!!!
    Wow. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Dolly Parton, Nancy Sinatra, the Carpenters. PERFECTION.

What I didn’t love (Oh boy, sit down and grab a drink):

  1. Rory.
    Just Rory in general. And not because she was 32 and rootless, living a vagabond life. I actually liked that she didn’t have her shit together and didn’t know in which direction to go. In this day and age it is very realistic and I’m glad Rory is not the perfect 16yo we first met in the show. But the the whole Logan affair that ultimately resulted in an illegitimate child was just not for me. I hated it. Not necessarily the pregnancy, just how we got there. Am I supposed to believe Rory Gilmore, my Rory Gilmore, would be fine being the other woman like that? There were never actual signs that she was in love with Logan or Logan with her, it felt more like they were comfortable being with each other and it was simply fun. They didn’t want for their thing to be anything more than it actually was. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Logan made it clear he wouldn’t have left his fiancée for her, so she was settling for second best there. And hell no. Just no. It was a disservice to the character of Rory, really.
    And don’t even get me started on how she treated that poor Paul guy. What happened to you Rory?

  2. ASP (almost) total dismissal of S7.
    Hadn’t it been for the mention of Chris and Lorelai’s wedding, none of what happened in it was taken into consideration. None of it. Good or bad. And I get ASP didn’t want to acknowledge it, but it was a year worth of storylines completely ignored and I think it did more damages than good, ultimately.

  3. Logan.
    He’d grown up so much in S7 and now he’s back to the little snobby cheating careless kid we met in S5. He asked Rory to marry him, am I supposed to believe he’s totally cool now with having her as nothing more than his mistress? The guy was in love with the girl, if I were a sophies shipper I’d be livid right now.

  4. Jess’ conclusion or lack thereof.
    If you want me to believe Jess, who’s literally the only character who’s got his shit together in this revival, is still pining for Rory after more than a decade, then I’m gonna need some follow through, some more intel at the very least.
    Otherwise, just keep it to yourself ASP. Please and thank you.

  5. Scott and Lauren’s chemistry.
    That’s the thing that probably hurt the most, aside from Rory.
    WHERE HAS THAT CHEMISTRY GONE? If we don’t count every scene in Fall and a couple more here and there, they’ve completely lost their sparkle and it made my heart ache. Some scenes were unbearable to watch because you could definitely tell something was missing there. Some scenes were great and it felt like no time had passed at all, but some others were painful to watch. Just painful.

  6. The whole Luke and Lorelai pre-fall story line.
    No bueno. So they’ve spent 9 years together with zero progress in their relationship and dealing with the same communication issues they’ve always dealt with? You’re telling me that after a whopping 11 years in total of relationship these two still make the same mistakes over and over? Well, THAT is disappointing.
    Didn’t they learn anything from the past? At all?
    Everything Emily says to Lorelai about Luke was SPOT ON, as much as it pains me to admit it. And you can definitely tell Luke would do anything to make her happy, he even says so himself at the end, but when will Lorelai do something for him?
    The whole baby talk/surrogacy thing drove me up the wall. So he wanted a child, never brought it up, she wanted him to have a child - their child,  never brought it up either. Now they’re 50 and childless. Great. Just fucking great.
    I mean…ASP should have given them that kid. They just should have opened the revival with a 8yo Gilmore-Danes kid running around and if Amy didn’t want them to have one, then fine, I can respect that, just spare me the whole “ooops, too little too late” thing because it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I’m a nice person, I didn’t deserve that.

  7. The way Rory mourned Richard’s death.
    Did she mourn at all? Okay, except for the scene when she goes into Richard’s office and that one scene when she kisses the portrait, she seemed a bit unfazed by the passing of her beloved grandfather. Rory loved him to pieces and he loved her just as much and, maybe it was Alexis’ fault and not the Amy’s writing, but it just felt like Emily and Lorelai were having so much more of a hard time adjusting to life without Richard than Rory was. Made me really sad.


  9. Christopher’s existence.
    I did appreciate the fact that Amy officially patented him as an asshole though. That was nice. “It was supposed to happen that way,” oh give me a break! You weren’t there to raise Rory because you didn’t want to be there, not because it was supposed to happen. You were a joke of a father by your own choice. Shut up.

  10. April.
    As much as I was dreading seeing her, I knew we had to see her at some point, so I prepared myself. One would have thought the girl would have had more screen time and at least showed up for her father’s wedding. But I laughed my ass off at that scene at the dinner table, so she was good for something at least.

  11. The cameos (especially Peter Krause’s).
    Too many of them, didn’t really need them. Also, the whole Lorelai/ranger talk made me cringe, I get that they’re together in real life, but Lorelai was full on flirting with him and it was so inappropriate and as a java junkie shipper made me vomit a little in my mouth. Could have done without.

  12. Amy Sherman - Palladino’s stubbornness.
    Last but not least, I think what bothered me the most was exactly this. Don’t get me wrong: her show her rules.
    I learned that lesson the hard way in Partings already. If she wants to piss fans off she will and she wont even think about it twice. I respect that kind of integrity and I wouldn’t want her to refrain from exploring this world she created the way she wants to, just because she’s scared of making fans unhappy. You can’t please everybody, some people will always be unsatisfied and that’s okay. That’s life, no harm no foul.
    What I really don’t get is why she had to ignore completely season 7 and also make it feel like no time has passed at all in Stars Hollow. Let’s take Richard’s death aside for a moment, what the hell has happened in those 9 years for our girls? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Many characters are in a stalemate. Lorelai didn’t get married to Luke, didn’t have any more children, didn’t do much at or with the Dragonfly, she’s exactly where we left her. Rory is jobless, homeless, still trying to figure out what to do with her life, 9 years later. Luke is the same old same old, which is in character but also…what the hell? Did time stop there? Hadn’t it been for Ed’s death - may he rest in peace - Amy would have had 0 ideas for a revival. What would have moved the plot ahead? I’m not sure she had this grand vision of how the show was supposed to end, after all.
    Also, I’m glad she stuck to her own ending and to the infamous “last 4 words” - again, I appreciate the artistic integrity - but it was a bit out of place here, in this context at least. So, correct me if I’m wrong, Rory is Lorelai 2.0? I spent 16 years watching this show, only to see the daughter make the same exact mistakes her mother did? And can we call a child “a mistake” even when the mother is a Yale graduate world traveler 32 year old? I don’t think so.
    It didn’t come full circle, not in the way it was intended to when Amy first thought of the last 4 words.
    Also, side note, those 4 words? Predictable as fuck. Just saying.

All in all, I loved going back to Stars Hollow. It was like coming back home after a long time. It comforted me, it made me laugh and it made me cry far too much, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Stars Hollow is home and always will be.

Was A Year In The Life perfect? No.
Was it everything I wanted it to be and more? Probably not.

But that is not what this show is about or was ever about.

If there is anything Amy Sherman-Palladino and this show have taught me is that life is not perfect, that I am allowed to make mistakes and screw up from time to time, that things don’t always go the way we planned and that’s okay.

So no the show didn’t live up to my unrealistic expectations, but then again neither does life. We take the good and deal with the bad the best we can.
So I’ll take the good, because there was SO much of it, it really outnumbered the stuff I didn’t love anyway. I enjoyed every single minute of those 6 hours and that’s what matters the most.

I never thought I’d get the chance to go back to Stars Hollow again. Ever. This was a gift, a blessing truly, and I am forever grateful to each and every person that has made this possible.

And now, let the third rewatch begin…

I smell snow… ❄

The Purpose of Love // c.h

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credit to the original owner of this gif

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Description: When Calum Hood needs to straighten up his reputation, there’s no other solution than to fake-date a powerful girl with a powerful voice.

The Purpose of Love - Masterlist

“Y/N, are you listening?”

You stopped painting your nails and met your manager’s angry eyes.

“Of course I am.” You answered and continued painting your short nails a devil-red colour.

“What did we just say?” Your manager, Louise, asked with crossed arms sitting at the other end of the table. Five other people were sitting at the table, all staring at you as they waited for an answer.

“That I should…” You hesitated because you definitely hadn’t heard a single word throughout the entire meeting. “I should be nicer to the paparazzi.”

“No, but we need to work on that, too,” Louise commented and leant forward. You sighed and put the nail polish aside, waiting for the actual important news.

“You’re getting a boyfriend.” You corked an eyebrow at Louise’s words and chuckled slightly. Jesus, you wouldn’t go that far just for publicity.

“This is not your management sitting at the table and you haven’t even asked who they are,” Louise said in a disappointed voice.

“I just assumed you had replaced my team, I guess.” You avowed, earning a death glare from Louise.

“No.” She disclosed. “These people are 5 Seconds Of Summer’s management. You’ve heard of the band.”

Louise stood up from her chair and walked all the way over to your seat, only to take away your nail polish to catch your full attention. She sat down on the table, holding intense eye contact, making you shutter. You didn’t really like Louise - sometimes she could be quite scary.

“I don’t want to date four boys at once.”

“Sometimes I think we should get your IQ checked.”

“I’m kidding.” You confirmed and nodded. “Continue.”

“Calum Hood, the bassist, need…” Louise paused and looked into the air, thinking about her words carefully. “He needs a ‘correction’. In addition, we all think you should be part of that ‘correction’.”

You looked over to the five people at the table. They were all dressed as normal people - unlike Louise and her management. She would always wear “business-clothes” as you liked to call it to annoy her. 5 Seconds Of Summer’s management seemed cool. You wished you switch them out with your own management.

“I don’t want to date a band member.” You hissed, making Louise cork an eyebrow.

“Sweetie, you don’t have a choice.”

Of course, you didn’t. Ever since Louise saw some potential in you, she had been controlling your life. You didn’t remember who found you singing with your acoustic guitar on Hollywood Boulevard, but the person brought you to Louise who immediately took you in as a client. You couldn’t say no; it was your dream. Since then it had been EP’s, red carpets, showing up to award shows but never winning anything. A whole year had passed and Louise had promised you to make something better in 2016 - yet nothing had happened yet.

“You’re meeting him tomorrow, Y/N.” Louise pulled you out of your thoughts and jumped down from the table. “Let’s try to impress him, okay? Don’t be a bitch.”

“I’m never a bitch,” you yelled after her.

Everybody had already left without you noticing and as soon as Louise closed the glass door, you sat alone in the big meeting room with a frown on your face and a nervous feeling in your gut. You actually liked 5 Seconds Of Summer - you just didn’t know anything about the boys. But if he was a nice guy, then pretend-dating him for a couple of months wouldn’t be the worst.

The next morning, you drove to Louise’s management where she had texted you to met her and Calum. You entered the massive building and took the elevator to the 10th floor with everything being a routine. You walked out and in the doors until you eventually came across Louise’s office. You almost kicked the door in when you entered, making Louise and the stranger turn to you.

You recognised Calum immediately. His brown hair was sticking to his forehead as he pursed his lips, putting away his phone. You sighed as you could almost see the lust play in his eyes.

“This is Calum, Y/N.” Louise had put on the voice you use when you talk to kids.

“I’m aware.” You answered and sat down in the chair beside him. Louise had a huge amount of empty space in her office. The only thing that was in there were two plants, a desk with a swivel chair, and two other velvet chairs in front of that desk. The rest of the room was empty.

You felt the desire to throw your feet on her desk but instead you tried to keep a positive attitude - tried not to give Calum attention.

“Calum, this Y/N.” Calum nodded politely. Louise looked something up on her computer, reading some stuff aloud.

We hope that this relationship is gonna work for both sides… blah, blah blah… this is not only important for your career… blah, blah, blah… it’s important to have good chemistry… blah, blah, blah. You get the point.”

Both you and Calum nodded as Louise shifted between looking at you two. Her left eye always seemed redder than her right and it freaked you out every time she looked at you.

“We’re thinking the relationship should last at least 6 months.” Louise continued scrolling through something on her computer while talking to you. “Rumours need to be spread as soon as possible and what better way than to see you two ‘hanging out’. We’re calling out TMZ tomorrow where’ll you two will be seen together.”

Louise smiled while rambling on. She continued talking about how PR was for the best and it didn’t have to last long, but it would be better if it could last six months.

Ugh, six months was a long time. And you had gotten the bassist. You would have preferred the lead singer as a fake boyfriend - Luke was cuter.

After a good thirty minutes of Louise talking about the following stunt, she left the room so you two could be ‘alone’.

None of you said anything. You just stared at his rosy cheeks as he observed your reaction. Which was a cold stone face.

“What kind of person are you?” Calum questioned and tilted his head. You furrowed your brows, not fully understanding the question.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, what type of person are you?” he repeated with a hand gesture. “Green Day or the 1975? Hook-up or true love? Ice cream or cookies?”

“Uh, Green day. True love. And cookies.” You answered and stared outside the window while Calum was nodding. Your hands were on your lap, lightly tapping along to a song stuck in your head.

“Do you actually believe in true love or are you just against hook-ups?” Calum asked again and you sighed when you turned around to face him. His eyes were darker than the night as the grey t-shirt were hanging loosely on his strong chest and huge biceps.

“I believe in true love.” You answered with raised eyebrows, waiting to be shut down.

“So, you’re not against hook-ups?” Calum smirked and you instantly knew where this would be going.

“No,” you clicked your tongue. “However, I don’t do ‘hook-ups’.”

Calum frowned before putting a wide smile on his face.

“Not even one-night-stands?”

You snorted and finally put your feet on the desk, without realising how rude it was. You didn’t want to date something for publicity but here you were. Sitting in front of a guy that seemed like a douche, as he kept asking you questions about sex. You ignored his last question and instead you starting provoking him; just to have fun.

“You’re not that good at bass, honestly. Plus, your bandmates are hotter than you. ” You smirked, making Calum bite his lip. You exhaled and smiled innocently at you. He was looking for a clear comeback

“You’re supposed to be a singer, right? Yet I haven’t even heard of you.”

“Well, let’s just blame that on the manager we both just listened to ramble. Oh wait, no, we didn’t, cause she’s boring.”

Calum raised his chin and you shook your head while looking down at your lap. It felt like you had gotten everything out your chest. You hated being polite when you didn’t feel like it. You had to be polite to interviewers, paparazzi, management, crew, everyone. Hating on someone you didn’t really know felt somewhat good.

“We both know why they choose you, right?” Calum inquired with a smirk to which you shook your head as an answer.

“Because of my sparkling personality?” You joked. Calum chuckled, making your stomach turn.

“Because of your attitude. Not your personality.”

You bit your inner cheek, thinking about it. Everything made sense now. You remembered seeing all the front magazine covers with titles such as “Calum Hood: Out with another girl” or “The fuckboy of 5SOS” or “Why Calum Hood is a fuckboy?”.

“My attitude is my personality.” You admitted.

A/N: uh, wow, part 2?

Masterlist here

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The Beginning Of The End: Rejection

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Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Scott, Allison, Stiles, Isaac

Pairing: Once again no real pairing in this part, will be Derek x Y/n in future

Word count:1374

Warnings: No warnings at all. This is just slight fluff and that’s basically it to be honest

Summary:  Adjusting to life back in Beacon Hills and his new job, Y/n runs into Derek again.

A/N: Thought i should say, this is an AU of sorts. Its set around season 5. Allison is still alive, Isaac hasn’t left. Derek and Braeden never happened in this. 


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

It had been 2 weeks since I saw Derek Hale at Deaton’s clinic, wolfed out, along with the gang of teenagers.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

I mean, sure, it was cool that stuff like werewolves existed.

But there was always the chance that they would they try to kill me.

I had no idea.

All I knew was, I was dreading the next Monday.

It was time to start my job.

Chemistry teacher.

Apparently the last one disappeared somehow.

While I had very little experience teaching, I thought I could do a good job.

The only reason I was anxious, was because I was pretty sure those teenagers would most likely be in my class.

Pushing those thoughts aside, I decided to go for a walk in the woods.

I loved nature. The peace and serene beauty just completely relaxing me.

I’d been out there for about 20 minutes, when I heard some rustling behind me.

Snapping my head back towards the noise, I saw nothing.

Figuring it was probably a small animal, I thought nothing of it and kept walking.

As I carried on walking, I happened upon an abandoned, burnt out house.

It looked beautiful, even in all its destruction.

It looked strong, yet fragile at the same time.

I just stared at it, wondering what happened here.

Suddenly a voice interrupted me.

“This is my house, you know?”

I jumped up at the sound, fear being the only emotion I felt at the time.

Until I turned around and saw the familiar, handsome face of Derek Hale.

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Practice Makes Perfect (Lay x Reader)

Hello my darling hearts! This was requested by a sweet anon who had a thirst for Zhang Yixing that could rival my own. I think we all have a secret thirst for our healing unicorn and his sinful hips. I mean really?! Lay is such a bias wrecker! lol I hope you all enjoy this one! Especially the lovely anon who requested~!

P.S. Who wouldn’t want Yixing grinding on them though???

P.S.S. Blonde Lay makes me weak. This is my favorite part of the whole Call Me Baby MV because of his wink lol

Your heart skipped excitedly and you only heard the blood rushing through your ears as you moved skillfully to the beat. You felt sweat run over your forehead and slipped down your cheek to your chin. That was the thing when you danced.You were so conscious of everything, the way your hair stuck to your cheek, or the way you would notice the eyes of onlookers watch your every movement.

Frankly, it was exhilarating.

You were SM Entertainment’s new crown jewel, their new solo act. They boldly stated to all that you were the full package: a capable singer, a hard worker, fluent in more than one language, and an incredible dancer. It was something new to you really, seeing your face plastered on billboards, being on famous variety shows you would watch when you were younger, but especially the change in your lifestyle.

You were a very self-conscious person, an endearingly shy girl, and everyone ate up your personality with ’aws’ and ’aigoos’. All of that was thrown out the window though when you danced. Recently, SM Entertainment was dabbling in crossovers and collaborations within its artists. Their most recent crazy concoction happened to have you as one of its stars. You secretly frowned upon the a-typical way they paired mostly male and female idols together, broadcasting them as a dynamic, star crossed duo, and that they had just the greatest chemistry. You were absolutely dreading this whole thing completely.

That is, except when it was Lay.

He was your one and only partner in SM’s new featured dancing duo and you  were immediately relieved to know that. At least, for a little while.

You and Lay went way back, all the way to your trainee days, and he quickly became your best friend. So you were already comfortable with most things. Most, because you wouldn’t exactly call having Lay grind into you exactly comfortable. Very friendly, yes. Comfortable? Nope. You and Lay were already a bit too friendly and touchy with one another to be just friends, but this was taking it a little too far in your opinion.

Your heart sped up abruptly as you felt the heat of Lay’s breathe on your neck, his light panting was more of a turn on then you cared to admit. When you two were literally a hair’s breath apart, it was easier for you to get distracted by the little things about him you’ve always loved. The way he would bite his lip when he’d concentrate hard enough, or the way his hands felt as they run up your body, so hot and rough. You’ve loved Yixing since the moment he said hello to you for the first time. God, you’ve always been in love with him.

You gasp suddenly, driven from your thoughts as your feet tangle underneath you and you fall unceremoniously to the ground. You feel Yixing catch your elbow, but you’re too red faced to look up from the wood floors. You hear surprised mumbling around the room from instructors as they look on curiously. You hear the music stop and your skin heats up with embarrassment, Yixing has knelt down beside you his warm hand still gripping your arm protectively. You never make simple mistakes like that usually. You’re honestly shocked by yourself and feel Yixing’s brown gaze burning holes into your skin because he’s surprised as well.

His voice is low as he leans in, eyes full of concern, sweat running over his collarbones, “Are you alright, _____?”

You don’t answer and one of the instructors clears his throat uncomfortably, “I’m sure that was only a freak thing Miss _____. Please take care to remain aware of your surroundings next time.” He looks at his watch with a sigh, “Why don’t you two take an hour to recuperate and,” he looks at you pointedly, “Work on anything that might be hindering your progress.”

You shamefully stand up and Yixing reluctantly removes his grip from your arm, his fingertips brushing your skin once more before leaving, sending a delicious shiver over your body. The two of you bow to the instructors as they filter out of the room, still whispering about the event that had just transpired.  

When they’ve all left, Yixing turns back to you, his gaze soft as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, lips hypnotic as he worries one between his teeth. You’ve never been so humiliated and ashamed in your whole life until today. You hated letting people down and it felt like you’d just lowered everyone’s expectations of your dancing skills, one of the only things you prided yourself in.

You didn’t realize Yixing was talking until he cupped you cheek earnestly, “____!…”

Your head snapped up and was suddenly looking straight into the eyes of the most gorgeous boy you’ve ever met. Oh and your best friend. That too. You’ve loved Yixing for as long as you’ve known him, but you didn’t want to ruin the incredible friendship you had with one another. The two of you had been practically inseparable since the moment you met, and you always felt an enormous amount of morbid satisfaction when people mistook you for a couple constantly.  

You gave the beautiful boy a strained smile, “I’m fine Yixing. Just a little…distracted.”

He brushed your cheek with the pad of his thumb, “Must’ve been something pretty big if it distracted the girl with laser beam focus.”

You blushed for the umpteenth time that day as you mumbled, “Oh. Yeah.”

He dropped his hand and ran it through his hair, “So. What was it, ____-ah?”

You were almost too distracted with the way his hand slipped so casually through his beautiful locks, you only managed to mutter a quick, “Oh nothing important.”

He raised an eyebrow, but then grabbed your hand, his face suddenly unreadable, “You know you can tell me anything, right ____? We’re best friends after all.”

You bit you lip guiltily as you felt your heart clench painfully, but you only nod in response. The odd look on his face doesn’t change and you’re suddenly curious as to what he’s thinking in that moment. Were you that obviously in love with him?  

You chirp up a bit too brightly, “Why don’t we try the feature dance again? I want to especially go over the fourth movement. The one I…fell on.” He’s still guarded, but he agrees readily, taking his starting position as you take your own.

The blaring beat of the music started as you clicked the remote to the stereo, tossing it across the ground. The song was very sexy, full of gasps and low moans. When you’d recorded it in the studio, it felt more like you were recording erotic audio rather than singing. Not that you minded. After all, Yixing had to do the same thing too.

The moment his hand grips your waist and pulls you closer to his body, it feels different than every other time you had practiced. His look is more heated, his touches far more risque than past ones. A little annoyed and aroused, you defiantly do the same, your nails raking down his chest sensually. He growls as he spins you around so your back is to him. That was your cue to seductively writhe down and up his body before he begins to grind into your ass. You gasp, surprised at the amount of force he’s putting into it. He’s not pretending to grind into you like all the other times, he’s actually flicking his skilled hips into your body.  

You moan and his grip tightens on your waist, causing your skin to burn underneath your clothing. His breath is once again fanning over the back of your neck, making chills race down your spine and straight to your core. His ‘grinding’ was practically just dry humping now, and you were beginning to feel every thrust in your lower regions.  

He’s suddenly everything when he spins you again and grips your hair, pulling your sweaty forehead against his. You sneak a glance and catch his eyes flickering up and down your body, his teeth biting painfully hard onto his lips. Was he checking you out? You? His best friend? His hands are roaming freely over your body new, and you realize with wide eyes that nothing he’s done so far had been choreographed.

You’re watching the way his teeth are working on his lip, feeling the way his hands slide underneath your shirt to alight on your skin, and the only rational thing that runs through your mind is for this beautiful boy’s mouth to be your’s.

You dart forward and claim his surprisingly soft lips with your own, a groan escaping as he suddenly stops moving. His feet stop, but his hands and mouth don’t.  

You let your hand run up his toned chest, winding your arms around his neck as he deepens the kiss, his tongue slipping into your mouth. You both moan appreciatively as you both fight for dominance; you win over him for only a moment before he slams you into the mirror in the room, both your sneakers squeaking in protest at the sudden movement.  

The contrast in the coolness of the mirror on your back and the heat of his hands as they lift your shirt away caused your panties to dampen all the more. All you can do is moan wantonly as Yixing, ever the gentleman, sucks on the skin of your chest, carefully low so no wandering eyes would see the blooming hickeys in your skin.  

You hear him groan, his voice soft, “God, I love you _____.” You freeze and he does the same when he feels you tense up. The two of you stare back at each other in surprise, and for the first time, Yixing blushes.  

He’s too cute the way he buries his face into the crook of your neck and stutters against your skin, “I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a while.”

You nearly burst out laughing, tears forming as you grin into his hair, relieved, “Me too.” You stroke the small curls of hair at the back of his neck, the words nearly catching in your throat, “I love you, Yixing.”

His head snaps up, his warm brown eyes reflecting your own relief and joy, “Really?”

You nod shyly, kissing his fingers as they run across your lips in disbelief, “I’ve wanted to tell you since the moment we met. But then we became such good friends, I didn’t want to ruin what we had.”

He laughs and kisses your lips happily, “I thought the same thing. I thought when we got paired together, it would be a good idea to reveal my feelings.” He looks at you mischievously, “But you beat me to it.” You blubber and turn a lovely shade of scarlet, he continues with his hands ghosting over your chest softly, “I started to notice when we began to do  these sexier dances that you would blush more and more when I would touch you or look at you.”

You’re panting softly because he’s now fully groping you, “How very Sherlock Holmes of you.”

He smirks without a word and you’re completely lost in him. Clothes are torn off of bodies at an alarming rate, and you’re suddenly wrapped around your best friend, his hips pressing you into the familiar cool mirror. You’ve left your fair share of love bites and hickeys on his chest, an especially dark one right over his heart makes you smile smugly as you lick over it with your hot tongue. His skin tastes of salt and Yixing. His scent and taste are completely unique to him and you can’t find a way to compare it to anything, because it isn’t like anything else. The tautness of his tan skin over his muscles is hypnotizing at his arms cage you in. You run a hand appreciatively over his bicep, kissing down to his wrist lustfully.  

He groans and you feel the way his painfully erect member brushes your folds and ass. His willpower is admirable in a way that he’s focusing all his attention on your needs over his own. Though you are doing a pretty damn good job at giving him what he wants too. Although stating he hates how sensitive his neck is, you’re pretty sure he would take those words back by the way he’s gasping. You lick the column of his throat, over his Adam’s apple, nipping at his jaw before pressing wet kisses to it. His grip on your sides tighten as you bite an especially sensitive spot right of his pulse. You can practically feel the way his heart is racing when you press kiss after kiss there. A certain satisfaction comes from a boy moaning your name as you give them pleasure; satisfaction that runs straight to your dripping heat.

You’d been rubbing your soaking core over Yixing’s member, lubing it up with your leaking juices. You begin to gasp louder and result to begging, “Please Yixing!…”

His eyes are full of lust and want, as he grinds into you again and again. His voice is husky as he groans, “I don’t have any-”

You’re too far gone to care about proper protection as you wail, “I don’t care! Just fuck me Yixing!”

He growls loudly and thrusts up into your welcoming core in one go, sliding easily through your dripping folds to the hilt. You don’t even need to adjust to his size as you mewl loudly, your walls clenching greedily around his dick. He swore softly underneath his breath, burying his face into your neck, as he tightens his grip on your ass and waist. As he slides out, you clench around him mischievously, eliciting a moan of appreciation to escape his lips. The way he begins to thrust into you is dance-like: the timing perfect and the thrusting of his hips smooth and powerful at the same time. Each time he pumps into you, your panting increases and the only sound besides your moans are his grunts and the wet sound of skin against skin. The silkiness of his member brushing against your walls causes your nails to dig into his well muscled back. You’re so wet and the way he slides in and out so perfectly…you just want him more and for him to be closer closer closer!…

Your release spills out of you powerfully, pleasure tearing your body apart as you clench painfully right around his dick, causing his thrusts to become more and more erratic. Your voice jumps up and down as you scream his name over and over, urging him to come in you, to come with you.  

Yixing’s stamina eventual wears off as he comes crashing down along with you, his hot seed shooting deep into you. You gasp at the sensation, feeling completely fulfilled as he groans your name into you hair.  

The two of you stay in that position for a few more moments, relishing the feeling of being joined as your bodies are pressed completely together. Yixing gently pulls out, carefully setting you on the floor as he slides down next to you. He turns a radiant smile toward you, his dimples showing sweetly as he leans over to press a kiss to your forehead. You grin back, resting your head on his shoulder as you twine you hands together. He squeezes your hand softly, and you squeeze back too, solidifying the new relationship you have together.  

He chuckles, “Maybe now our dancing will look more sincere.”

You playfully bat his arm, but laugh anyway, “I’m sure it will.”  

Needless to say, the two of you turned out to be one of the most popular duos to emerge that year and for many years to come. Fans will fondly recount all the cutest moments that transpired between the two of you and will always remember with mischievous grins just how damn sexy _____ and Lay were onstage as they danced together.

RFA High School [dating] HCs First Meeting and Asking Out

Lovely anon-san, just for you. <3

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Music I listened to while writing: “Innocent Blue” from BroCon, Yuri!!! On Ice Soundtrack


  • You had just entered high school as an incoming freshman
  • The Junior class pres went up to speak at the opening assembly
  • You locked eyes with him and it was just like BAM!
  • Something totally sparked between you two.
  • After the assembly he sought you out
  • You were standing by the front doors playing a game on your phone It’s MysMe we all know
  • And he just stood in front of you until you acknowledged him and his beautiful bangs
  • “Um… Can I help you?” *blush*
  • “Yes. I’m Jumin Han.”
  • “Junior… class president?”
  • “Yes. I just wanted to say that I like your cat backpack. Will you go out with me?”
  • “… excuse me?”
  • Let’s just say that he ended up getting your number after you rejected him.
  • He texted you at the most strategic times ever
  • Like, you would be walking home from school and he would text you, leaving you no excuse to make but to text him back
  • Or he’d text you in homeroom on a day when you were doing literally nothing, causing your best friend to ask which guy was texting you 
  • This resulted in you two planning out really specific responses that were “absolutely perfect” for the situation and Jumin could totally tell it wasn’t you 
  • You only slightly regretted giving him your number.
  • Eventually you gave in and promised him one date
  • Just one date, Jumin.
  • But we all know you can’t just go on one date or spend one night with Jumin.


  • You both entered as freshmen at the same time, and friendship bloomed easily through your mutual love of MMORPGs when you caught him playing on his laptop that he always brings to school
  • “Hey, isn’t that…”
  • You didn’t have any classes together, but you made up for that through all the time spent outside of school logged in to your game
  • You both had reallllllly high-quality headsets
  • This meant that you could hear each other’s voices perfectly moan for me, baby
  • “Yoosung, behind you!”
  • “Ah, I got it! [y/n], go get the power booster! It spawned near the cliff!”
  • One day, after a particularly extensive dungeon, Yoosung seemed awfully quiet
  • “Hello? Superman Yoosung? You afk?”
  • “… Ah! I-I’m here.”
  • “You got something on your mind?”
  • “…”
  • “It’s just us in this channel. Spill it.”
  • “I… I’ve got a mission request for you.”
  • “What? I didn’t know that was possible? Player to player missions?”
  • “J-j-just! Will you… acceptYoosung’smissionofgoingonadatewithhim?”
  • “Wha…”
  • It’s takes a while for it to sink in. Then you realize…
  • “Omg, Yoosung, you just asked me out!”
  • “Y-yeah, kind of…”
  • “What do you mean, kind of? Yes! Let’s do it right now!”
  • It was awkward meeting outside of the game since you two hadn’t ever done it before, so you both agreed to postpone it and play more LOLOL relationship goals


  • Oddly enough, you met sophomore year when you both had a cooking class together.
  • One day the teacher paired you two up on baking day and you were inseparable since
  • Much like Yoosung’s, Jaehee’s relationship started with a friendship but unlike in MysMe there’s no friendzone please love me Baehee
  • At the end of the class you were supposed to make a food and drink for a panel of teacher judges
  • Jaehee made hella awesome coffee, and you had perfected your apple walnut bread
  • Let’s just say that you both knocked it out of the park
  • Celebrating afterwards… you took the moment to tactically invite your hidden crush over. “Hey, Jaehee, want to come over to my house and make some that we can actually eat?”
  • She blushed an adorable pink
  • “G-Go to your house, [y/n]?”
  • “Yeah. You don’t want to?”
  • “That’s not it…”
  • You both ended up going to your house and having a cooking spree
  • When you were sitting at the table sipping coffee, Jaehee suddenly grew very serious
  • You had just been laughing about how everyone else’s presentations had failed I love evil Baehee
  • So you asked her what was up
  • “It’s… I think I like you, [y/n].”
  • You took a breath. She… liked you back??
  • HUG
  • “Bae- I mean, Jaehee, I like you too!”
  • “D-does this mean… we’re dating?” inexperienced jaejae is so cute


  • This boy.
  • He thought nobody was prettier than him until you came along.
  • Nothing could hold his attention like the way you flipped your hair... after which he had to do it too just keep up his self esteem
  • But he’s the popular Junior everyone knew about and you were the new freshman
  • You would pass each other every day in the hall, Zen surrounded by people, and you by yourself with your earbuds in
  • Contrary to what both of you thought, you were both aware of the other
  • There’s that white-haired kid. 
  • There’s that headphones girl/boy.
  • Then one day you were holding a stack of freshly copied papers that you were taking to your French teacher
  • Zen walked towards you alone, this time with his headphones in, and didn’t notice until it was too late
  • Shaaaaaaa
  • The papers went flying all over the floor
  • Zen immediately took off his headphones and helped you pick them up like the gentleman he is
  • Your hands brushed and your eyes met
  • You didn’t believe in love at first sight but omg this was seriously it
  • Zen must have felt the same way because:
  • “Hey, I’ve seen you in the hallway before. Want to… go grab some coffee after school?”
  • There was no way you could refuse this pretty boy him.


  • God, or not, someone help you.
  • You didn’t know it yet, but you had a stalker.
  • Seven had spent an absolutely devastating freshman year, so when the next year began, he was so ready to give them what he had gone through
  • Then he saw you
  • And all thoughts of revenge disappeared from his mind
  • He cross-dressed to school every single day after that
  • You, being the lonely otaku you were, sat by yourself in Chemistry until the day a girl with long, red hair transferred into your period
  • “Class, this is Lucy.”
  • Strangely, you got along surprisingly well with this girl
  • The next semester came, and you had Web App Development
  • The first day, you came in and noticed a head of strikingly-familiar red hair… except it was short.
  • It confused you, but you shook it off. 
  • Seven, on the other hand, was freaking out
  • Shit! I totally forgot that schedules change at the semester! 
  • The IT teacher paired you with Luciel for a programming project, and that’s when you fell head over heels for him
  • His charms… his humor… his computer skills…
  • You still had Chemistry with “Lucy”
  • And, being the best buds you were, you had to tell her about your newest crush
  • “Lucy! There’s this guy in my programming class… and he’s so nice and talented and just…”
  • “Do you like him?”
  • “What? Um… yeah. I think I do.”
  • Strangely, Lucy’s face went beet red. adorable FEM!Seven
  • You didn’t get a chance to ask if she was alright because the Chemistry teacher called for attention
  • When the bell rang you tried to approach her, but she left really fast, disappearing into the sea of students in the hall dunno how she hid her super obvious red hair
  • As your affection with Luciel grew, you noticed your friendship with Lucy was fading
  • Then came the point when Lucy wouldn’t even talk to you in class
  • You approached her. “Lucy, have I done something wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?”
  • “I’ll tell you after class, okay?” 
  • Her curt response cut deep into your heart, as she was your first friend in high school.
  • After class she took you aside and silently pulled off her hair
  • You were speechless, but then it all made sense, and you became a blushing mess, realizing all the embarrassing things you had said to her about herself
  • Luciel pulled you into a hug. He whispered into your ear:
  • “Hehe. Your blushing face is so cute.”
  • You two were inseparable after that.


  • You both entered as freshmen the same year
  • But you had never heard of “Saeran” before until now
  • “[y/n], he’s there again…”
  • Yup. The strange, dark boy was crouching in the shadows, staring at you again with his glowing blue eyes.
  • At first it creeped you out a ton
  • Eventually though, you got used to it, and even came to expect it
  • He was always there, in that same shadowy corner
  • Sometimes you waved to him, the mysterious boy.
  • He never waved back.
  • It made you kinda sad, but you went on with your day. If he wasn’t going to make any move but stare, it wasn’t your problem.
  • That was, until one day he wasn’t staring at you.
  • He had… his head in his hands?
  • The small change was a bit disconcerting, and you felt a bit off-put
  • Is he… crying?
  • You approached him from the back.
  • Touching him on the shoulder, you innocently asked, “Are you alright?”
  • You swore he jumped 10 stories at your touch
  • His eyes immediately met yours and they were filled with a sudden fear that you didn’t understand.
  • “I’m… fine,” he mumbled, before putting his head back between his knees.
  • “No, you’re not,” you pressed. He’s never been like this after all. “Every day, you’re staring at me, and today you changed that. Something’s different.”
  • His eyes widened at that. You noticed? It wasn’t just him looking at you?
  • The lightest blush coated his cheeks. ahhhhh *faints*
  • “Want to hang out sometime?” you ask him, gently. It’d be better than just having him stare at you every day.
  • “Mm…” he hummed neutrally, but nodding his head yes.
  • You smiled. This cute fuzzball will be the death of me
rubiam high school au

•ruby is the one who takes all AP classes and gets straight a’s and eats salad for lunch and liams the one that once ate a whole jar of mayonnaise on a dare

•no one EVER thought they would get together

•but then again no one expects him and chubs to be friends liam just be out here breaking all
kinds of expectations

•liam tries hard enough in school, most of his grades are low B’s with the occasional C

•but after a particularly low test grade that low B in chemistry turns into a D

•he tells Chubs who says he’s got a girl in his class who’s super smart who could probably
tutor him

•the only problem with that is liam wasn’t expecting her to be FUCKING GORGEOUS

•when chubs introduces them it was all he could do not to just stare at her and drool

•the whole time she’s talking to him he’s just sitting there in awe and trying his hardest to pay attention

•afterwards he corners chubs like “YOU DIDNT TELL ME SHE WAS HOT” and chubs is just like “i didn’t think it was relevant”

•"of course it’s relevant how am i supposed to pay attention to significant figures when all i can focus is not making a fool of myself!!!“

•he was good enough at chemistry before but now that she’s tutoring him he pretends like the teacher isn’t even speaking english so she’ll tutor him more

•one time ruby was babysitting her neighbor and brought her to the library with them but had to run back to her car for something before they start studying and when she came back lee was in an animated conversation about a disney movie he’d seen a million times because of his little sister claire and basically the only thing running through ruby’s head was "shit i like him”

•one night when they get done ruby’s car refuses to start

•she’s totally fine with just walking she lives like 5 minutes away and it’s nice enough outside, albeit a bit chilly

•but liam INSISTS that it’s getting dark out and it’s freezing and she could be murdered and she wouldn’t be able to run if someone was chasing her because her backpack is so heavy she should just let him give her a ride

•a ride home turns into “stay for dinner” which turns into liam stuttering out “are you, um, are you free, um, saturday? l-like for a movie?”

•"like a date?“

•"yeah, um, yeah like a date. only if you want to go on a date i mean, we can just go as friends, i’m flexible um or if you don’t like movies we could always go to eat, i know a place downtown that’s really-”

•ruby cuts off his rambling with a kiss to the corner of his lips and tells him a movie sounds great

•"ha, um, okay! awesome! i’ll um, pick you up at um, at eight. cool. it’ll be fun we’ll have um, lots of fun. we can see whatever you want i don’t have a preference, um yeah haha" -Liam as he stumbles down her porch steps to his car with the reddest face ever

•when he gets home he sits in his car for a minute and calls the number he last texted, since it’s usually chubs

•when they pick up he says “oh my god chubs i asked her out”

•to his horror, ruby replies “i know, i was there.”

•he just hears her trying her best not to burst out into giggles and the poor boy is MORTIFIED let him die

•"um. right. you were. just wanted to make sure you remembered. bye.“

•and then he ACTUALLY calls chubs and tells him everything and chubs sounds so tired when he says "liam….you fucking idiot. how in the world did she say yes to you”

•saturday can’t come soon enough the last 3 days of the week feel like 3 centuries

•but then when saturday actually does come both of them are freaked

•liam stands at the grocery store staring at flowers for 2 hours before a sales associate comes over and asks if he needs help and ruby is on the phone with vida trying to figure out what to wear all day

•when 8 comes both of them are a nervous wreck

•he knocks on her door with a bouquet so big she can’t see him

•they decide to see the new generic action movie because nothing screams date like stereotypes and explosions

•he so pulls the yawn over the shoulder move and ruby rolls her eyes so hard but also she leans in just a little closer and it’s totally NOT because he smells amazing

•liam completely zoned out on the movie after that he’s 100% focused on the fact that she’s so warm and her hair is so shiny and she smells like a flowery perfume

•she rests her hand on his knee and he’s completely hyperaware of that fact

•when the movie ends she can’t help but be disappointed bc he unwraps his arm and now she’s cold and liam’s thinking pretty much the same thing

•afterwards they grab something to eat and even when they’re across the booth from each other liam can still feel that hand on his leg

•they make fun of the dumb movie and chat about random things

•after that they go on a few more dates before
liam makes a stuttering fool of himself asking her to be his girlfriend

•she says yes obv

•liam is INSUFFERABLE for the next few weeks all he ever talks about is ruby and how pretty ruby is and what he and ruby are doing this weekends and something funny that ruby says chubs almost regrets being the reason they met but also its good to see liam so happy

•liam starts having to run to class bc he wants to walk with ruby to hers, even if they’re on the other side of the school

•i’m not talking quick walking i’m talking full sprint okay

•he gets so much crap from his friends for being whipped

•vida makes fun of ruby too oh man she’s brutal

•their hour long tutoring sessions turn into half an hour of tutoring and half an hour of making out in the car

•which actually makes them more efficient because liam realizes that the more he understands something and the quicker they get it done, the longer they can go make out

High School Trends That I Remember Fondly

Okay so let me share with you all some quality high school trends from my days in high school because boy were we a bunch of sass masters

These all took place from 2007 -2012 because I went to a weird fusion school that lumped every grade from 7th to 12th together ( that means we had thirteen year olds up to 18-19 year olds in the same school )

Anyway let’s go

7th Grade( I was a smol 13 year old)

First off there were like 30 kids in each class okay?


- Pencils as hair decor ???? Why????

- Swiping needles from Home Ec and sticking them in your finger JUST under the surface of the skin to freak out the teach

- Referring to lunch as ’ the troph special’

-Girls sending guys Valentine’s that just said ’ U R No Good ’ and ’ Allen Ur Not In My League ’

- Guys sending girls tiny stuffed animals for V Day with cards that said ’ I’m Soft For U’ and ’ Be My Plush One?’

- Claiming various things had ’ killed our ancestors ’ :

’ I can’t do long division , my thirty seventh great grandfather died doing that’

’ No I can’t answer that question sir, every male in my family so far has died answering English questions ’

’ I’m not allowed to be disciplined , discipline killed my grandma’

- Wearing rubber bands as bracelets or rings and the tighter you could get it the cooler you were ???? This kid almost lost a finger by third period I mean …..

-Asking our biology teacher what would happen if insects could speak every class period

’ What if wasps could speak but they only spoke Mid-6th Century English ’

’ What if spiders all speak Russian’

’ Do you think bees know English ’

- Pestering our history teacher for the history of the Leaf Village ( I’m sorry Mr. Hoagland )

- Replying ’ Deleted’ when your name was called

….. I accidentally started this one

8th grade ( I was 14 )

- Rap battles to settle arguments ????

- Yoyo fights. It got intense.

-Every white boy in school dressed like a bad Western movie character , cowboy hats and spurs and SO.MUCH.PLAID.

- ’ The Dew Crew’, a gang of boys who drank nothing but Mountain Dew as refreshment , was born and monopolized the school’s soda supply of Mountain Dew . All of them made it to adulthood but it is suspected they no longer require sleep and eat only the disdainful glares of women for survival ( at their peak there were 15 of them )

- Intense shouting of someone else’s name every time something went wrong ( usually the name Sasuke )

- Pentagrams everywhere ; drawn on any surface we could find unsupervised for a second , started by me doodling in art class and picked up by my squad . The school board thought someone was possessed by the devil it was GREAT…. I NEVER GOT CAUGHT

- In Chemistry we watched Finding Nemo about 3 times a week because the teacher was really forgetful and he let us watch it when he forgot his lesson plan , so by the end of the first month that year every kid he taught would call various roundish objects ’ the butt’ and I was nicknamed’ Dory ’ by everyone I knew

Also the principal was nicknamed’ Bruce"

-Hardcore Zombie prep planning , there was a gang and everything .

The Apoca-Punks are still strong

- Disney discourse in English class because our teacher was a huge nerd for Disney and loved nothing more than to watch us argue over which princess would beat Gaston in a fight faster ( Kida won by a landslide but we all agreed Mulan would murder him in five seconds flat )

Also he nicknamed all of us after Disney characters and I was Lilo ( my best friend was Stitch )

- Okay so I brought a bag of chocolate as a treat for the class one week and I was really tired and out of it so when the teacher ( our English teacher Mr . Bagley, who was also the principal) asked me to ’ explain the historical properties of chocolate’ I got sarcastic and went ’ For many years chocolate has been used in medicinal treatments for ailments of all kinds. Perhaps it will even cure the lack of hair on Mr . B’s head’ ……

For a second it was dead silent and then he laughed and said “Well put , you continue to live up to your nickname, Lilo!”

- Shakespeare quotes at inopportune times

“ Exit, pursued by a bear”

“ We are in the middle of a test , Austin. ”

“ A rose , by any other name , would smell-”

- The drama kids dramatically snapping during arguments

- Okay so there was this weird loft zone in the second gym( because our school had two , a sucktastic old one from the fifties and a newish one from the eighties ) nobody was supposed to go up there unless they had permission and it was for filming a basketball game ???

But everyone went up there anyway and at least ten couples lost their virginity up there ( what a weird place to do it tho , we kept the wrestling mats up there)

I sluffed class a few times and took a nap there

And it became a Thing to draw a little baby face on the wall if you lost your V card there

-Supergluing coins to stuff????

There’s still a dime on someone’s locker and it’s been like ten years

-’ Ambrosia’ , AKA this super delicious combo of cherry slurpee , Sprite, and orange Fanta that our English teacher made us during parties . He literally made it in these huge plastic bins and just ladeled it out to everyone

9th Grade( I was 15)

- The Goth Invasion

Everyone who was punk enough wore black ripped jeans and eyeliner and streaked their hair with red and black

One kid never left the Goth phase , we love u Scott ( it’s cool he was our school’s Warren Peace anyway )


He was really salty about it too , he said “ Warren isn’t goth he’s Punk there’s a difference you capitalist Bible thumpers’

Scott got 54 Valentine’s that year but just shrugged and gave his candy to me and my squad because we were , as he put it ’ the only punk crew in class, plus you’re all really cute ’

He never kept a girlfriend very long but he was the nicest guy you’ve ever seen ( everyone thought he was gay but just too shy to say it )

Over the years he is consistly hotter , and more unashamedly Goth

- My sister arrived in school and was immediately the most popular kid in school and was nicknamed ’ Princess ’

- My squad got nicknamed ’ Squad 7 ” due to our obsession with Naruto and other anime , and we each were nicknamed after characters from the show by my friend Indi ( who was named after Indiana Jones, no lie)

Melanie was ’ Kiba’ ( which delighted her because she would marry him in a heartbeat )

Mackenzie was ’ Neji’ because according to Indi she was the most monologue-y
Chandra was ’ Hinata’ because she was shy but fierce

And I, Aubrey , was ’ Gaara’ because according to Indi :’ Your dad is kinda sucky and you’ve got two siblings . You’re sort of the social outcast of school and when you get annoyed enough it’s like you’ve got this terrifying supernatural thing in your eyes , I love it ’


10th Grade( I’m 16)

- ’ Because I’m Batman ’ being an answer to every question

- Goonies puns

- Three girls got pregnant and were called the ’ Baby On Board Squad"

- Due to this teen pregnancy scandal , my heavily Christian community had our school hold assemblies about how ’ Sex will kill you’ and how ’ every time a teen has Sex Thoughts, an angel cries’ ….. There were ’ God Is Abstintent ’ posters everywhere

So naturally we revolted and the drama class put up these fliers reading ’ Without Sex, You Wouldn’t Be Around . ’

’ Satan Loves You and Wants You To Explore Your Perfectly Normal Urges ’

’ Sex Won’t Kill You- But STD’s Could! Use Protection! ’

’ Wrap It Before He Taps It And The Angels Won’t Be Crying “

” Boys Like Girls.Boys Think Of Girls In Sexual Ways. Boys Best Treat Her Right First . Boys Best Be Stepping Up As Baby Daddys If They Tap Dat “

And many more golden rebellious posters

- Shouting ” Go Go Power Rangers “ when dealing with a problem and just out of nowhere any kid wearing the appropriate Power Ranger colored shirt would appear

So you’d get a guy in red , a guy in blue , a guy in black , a guy in white , a guy in green , a guy in gold , a guy in silver, a girl in pink and a girl in yellow and they’d all pose dramatically and do the Power Rangers moves

- Rubber band slingshot warfare using hairpins as ammo

- The school dividing into Benders and Non Benders , and the school’s most loved outcast was deemed Avatar( I got the honor so my squad was nicknamed accordingly )

- High School Musical was the biggest thing ever because our music teacher WROTE THE SCORES FOR THEM I MEAN…….

We all knew every song by heart that year

Everyone shipped Chad and Ryan

11th Grade( I was 17 )

-Percy Jackson was huge and everyone wanted a godly parent

- Every girl used a dramatic break up song to end things with her man it was GLORIOUS

- Taylor Swift was playing on the radio every day

- My class finally realized that my friend Courtney and I had the same exact birthday and birth year , and thus introduced us to substitute teachers as ’ The Fraternal Twins’

Courtney and I are both gonna be 23 on March 20 at 6:40 am

- Our history teacher thought my friends and I were in an assassin cult because we were always drawing kunai knives and swords and guns , so he banned kunai drawing????? And it thus became the Cool Thing to graffiti everywhere??? All because I drew one on my ASVAB????

-The sheriff pulled me out of homeroom because I’d been overheard singing P!nk’s ” Funhouse" and the Secretary thought I was an arsonist because of the line “ I’m gonna burn this sucker down ” and thus rumors spread like wildfire that I’d:

~ Murdered someone
~ Witnessed a crime

~ Started a gang war
~ Shot a cop
~ Robbed the one gas station in town
~ Insulted the sheriff’s daughter by not inviting her to my birthday party so he was here to bribe me to do so
~ Stolen the sheriff’s prized collection of horse paintings

12th Grade ( I was 18 )

- Posters everywhere about the world ending ( it was 2012)

- Harry Potter mania

- John Lennon Memes????

No really on the anniversary of his death the school was flooded with posters of him everywhere saying “ In Loving Memory Of A Dreamer ” and the radio only played his music and the drama class went around stating facts about his death it was surreal and I was part of it

Playing with Fire, Part 2

Pairings: OC Jack x Reader, yet eventually someone of the Avengers x Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: Arguing

OC’s: Okay so obviously everyone in this series except the Avengers are original characters and I just wanted to inform you that Jack, the boy reader is dating –I pictured him to look like Nick Robinson, because well, have you seen him? Yep, I know.

A/N: So, like some of you might have noticed, I already posted the 2nd part some time ago, but I just hated it. I wasn’t happy at all how it turned out -but hey, that happens, so I deleted it and wrote it again and here you go. I’m so happy I did that, because now I truly like this part and I hope you do as well x

Part 1

The hand gif’s from Google

Originally posted by jsovs

“Sweetheart, are you sure you are able to go back to school?” My mom frowned looking way too over concerned, while rushing after me around the house as I was trying to get everything I needed.

“Yes,” I let out a soft laughter, dropping my keys to the bottom of my bag. “I feel more than okay, I have no reason to skip the classes any longer.”

It was true, I was feeling better than well. Okay yeah, I was still freaking out because of what happened, but my powers, as I guess I was supposed to call them - had vanished as quickly as they had appeared. I knew I was already the hot topic of all the biggest gossips around the school and I didn’t want to feed the flames by staying at home.

“I’ll come home early if I don’t feel okay,” I asserted, pulling shoes on and taking one last glance through the mirror. “But I’m truly okay, I promise.”

“If you say so, sweetie,” she sighed, pulling me into a deep hug, making me roll my eyes with a laughter. We were close with mom, but hugging and calling each other with corny nicknames was way out of our league.

“I’m going to be late if you don’t let go of me,” I laughed, making her pull further with a grin.

“Just- be safe, okay?” She frowned, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as I rolled my eyes with a soft laughter, before rushing to my car and pulling out of the driveway.

The Avengers Tower, NYC

“We can’t just rush into her house and kidnap her,” Steve sighed, shooking his head. “We have to be subtle.”

“For how many times do I need to say this,” Tony rolled his eyes, “she might be dangerous.”

“Exactly, that’s why we are going to talk to her calmly,” the blond man stated, trying his best to stay calm, but Tony was –once again poking on his nerves.

“So you are saying that we should just rush into her house and sit down for a cup of tea?” Tony frowned, glaring at Steve. “Do you even-“

“Boys,” Wanda called out reservedly, glancing at the annoyed men in turns. She was surprised as both of them stopped arguing immediately and turned their heads towards her, looking curious. “I think I should go talk to her.”

“Wanda, with all respect, I don’t think-,” Steve started, yet Wanda cut him off with a glare.

“Steve, I know what she is going through,” she notified, shrugging her shoulders with slight frown. “I can talk to her –I can use my past to confirm her to come with us.”

“Wanda, Tony’s right, she might be dangerous,” Steve sighed.

“And you think it is better idea to corner her?” She shook her head. “I can handle her and you know that.”

“So, how’s our Super-girl doing?” I heard a soft laugh calling after me as I walked across our school’s parking lot, shoving my car keys to my bag. Soft smile raised to my lips as I saw Jack jogging after me, his face turned into amused smile.

“Hey,” I smiled as he reached me, running his fingers through his light brown hair.

“Hello,” he chuckled, his green eyes focused straight into mine.

Okay yeah, I guess I have to admit that he was handsome. And funny and kind –and like Jenny said, there was nothing wrong with him. Actually, he was alarmingly the opposite of “not okay” –he was almost way too perfect and therefor so out of my league.  

“So, I heard what happened at the chemistry class,” he raised his eyebrow, looking slightly amused. “Did you really have the fire in your control like the rumors say?”

“So there really are rumors running around about me,” I let out a laughter, trying to dodge his question. “Please tell me they are only good things?”

“Oh believe me when I say, there have never been so good rumors about anyone so far,” Jack let out a soft laugh. “At least as far as I’ve noticed suddenly every single one of the boys at the football team are chasing you –not even mentioning the comic nerds, you are like Goddess to them.”

“You can’t be serious,” I laughed, shooking my head. “And the girls?”

“The girls either want to be you, or kill you because of their jealousy,” he laughed, shrugging then with bright smile on his lips. “I’m only saying what I’ve heard.”

“Well I guess things aren’t as bad as they could be,” I let out a laughter, before nipping my bottom lip between my teeth, glancing at him carefully. “Jack listen, I –I’m sorry that I cancelled our date last weekend.”

“Oh no don’t be, it’s totally okay,” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck as he let out a nervous laughter. “If you want to, we could always try again –let’s say tomorrow night?”

For my surprise I found myself nodding my head with smile on my lips. Something told me that I really should give him a chance.

Suddenly I realized that Jack’s talking about the rumors indeed wasn’t just talking. Till the end of the school day I had dodged at least six hit lines, found three girls who looked like they were planning on how to kill me in most painful ways, and ran away from the worst gossipers all day long.

“This is awful,” Jenny let out a playfully dramatic sigh as we were sitting on the grass at the school’s yard, eating lunch. “No one even knows who I am anymore, I’m turning into you –I’m going to die alone. What an awful destiny.”

“Jen they don’t even have a proper base to their admiring -I didn’t really even do anything,” I laughed, rolling my eyes. “It was just some kind of physical effect.”

“You saved the whole school from exploding,” she notified with a kick of her eyebrow. “It doesn’t really matter if you have some kind of superpowers or not, everyone still sees you as a hero.”

“Well in that case,” I smirked playfully, covering my eyes with sunglasses, “I guess we just have to get used to all of the fans. You could be my manager and bodyguard, keeping all the admirers away and responding to my interview requests as well as invitations to the finest parties of New York.”

“That actually sounds pretty good idea,” she laughed, finishing her smoothie. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an invitation to one of the magnificent parties of Tony Stark himself.”

“Oh, I like how that sounds,” I giggled softly. “Partying with the Avengers wouldn’t be bad at all.”

Out of nowhere Jenny’s expression changed into truly concerned. “To be honest getting a bodyguard to you isn’t a bad idea at all,” she frowned, nodding towards a group of girls walking towards us, their faces turned into everything but kind smiles.

Yep. In every college there is this one group of girls that love to cause drama by hook or by crook. And in our school it was Jessica’s group –well, more like Jessica and her group of minions.

“Oh, not today,” I sighed rolling my eyes, before getting up from the grass as I kicked my eyebrow at the blond girl who was reaching us confidently, notwithstanding the fact that her high heels were sinking slightly to the ground with each step.

“Hey Super-girl,” she chuckled, making her minions giggle brightly. “What’s up?”

“Oh, beside your ego?” Jenny cooed, squinting her eyes dangerously. “Just turn around and keep walking, Jess.”

“Excuse me, are you deaf or did you just not hear that I’m talking to Y/N?” Jess hissed, stepping a bit closer to Jenny.

“Umh, are you stupid or did you just not know that being deaf and not hearing is basically the same thing?” Jenny let out an annoyed laughter, closing the gap between the two girls, looking straight into Jess’s icy blue eyes.

“Let’s just calm down, okay?” I called out, pulling Jenny further from her. “Jessica, what can I help you with?”

“Oh, yeah about that,” she smiled artificially, tilting her head slightly. “Stay away from Jack.”

I raised my eyebrows, letting out sarcastic laughter. “Excuse me, what was that again?”

“Don’t play stupid, you know that Jack and I share a history,” she cooed, crossing her hands to her chest. “So stay away.”

“I don’t have time for this,” I breathed out, rolling my eyes as I turned around, grapping my bag from the grass. “Jenny, let’s go.”

“What’s the rush, Freak?” I heard Jess’s squeaky voice calling after me. “What makes you think that Jack would ever touch a freak like you even with a long stick?”

I turned around, rising my eyebrows. “What did you just call me?”

“Oh, freak wasn’t your name?” She frowned, turning the corners of her mouth downwards. “I’m so sorry, I forgot that it was just a name that others use from you behind your back. Foolish me.”

I felt tears of annoyance ascending to my eyes as I saw the purely mean smile on her face. “You have no right to say that-“

“I’m just telling you what you are too stupid to see by yourself,” Jess laughed, “Jack doesn’t want you, Y/N. He has a bet with the football team and all he needs to do is get you on his bed and he wins.”

“That’s enough,” I snapped, stamping my leg to the ground as I stepped closer to her. “You have no right-“

Yet my sentence got cut short as the voice of tens of car alarms filled the air, the strident noise making all of us cover our ears with our hands.

“What’s happening?” I shouted over the racket, glancing at Jenny and Jess alternately, earning just a shrug of their shoulders and confused and fear-filled expressions on their faces.

And then I felt it –the ground starting to shake, the quake getting harder and harder each passing second.

Avenger’s Tower, NYC

“Suit up and get to the Quinjet,” Steve called out, his face turned into a deep frown. “There is an earthquake.”

“Earthquake?” Natasha frowned, rushing to get ready to leave. “Since when has it been our job to take care of the natural disasters as well?”

“Since they’re happening at a small part of Manhattan,” Steve responded with strict voice, clinging his shield to the back of his suit. “And it seems that Y/N is behind it.”

“Y/N –the girl who played with the fireball thing?” Clint frowned, shooking his head. “No way.”

“Yes way,” Tony sighed, shooking his head with purely annoyed expression on his face. “I told you she was dangerous, but surprisingly no one gave a damn.”

“I gave a damn, Tony” Steve snapped, as the Quinjet got to the air. “I gave a damn about her safety and I apologize that I was wrong, but this is not the time to turn up against each other.”

“What do we do?” Wanda took a deep breath, her eyebrows knitted to a deeply concerned expression.

Tony kicked his eyebrow, the red helmet of his armor setting down to cover his face. “We fight.”

Dance With Me? (Jungkook)

drabble about being a backup dancer for BTS/Jungkook’s dance partner as requested by growlwolfexo! hope it’s to your liking~

Genre: kookie’s so shy and sexy at the same time wtf no

Word count: 2688

Rating: K for why don’t you just Kill me now Kookie

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Yoongi Scenario: Caught in Love.

Request: Can I ask for a scenario for Yoongi in which he swears to the members that he doesn’t think he’ll really fall in love with anyone because he’s too occupied with his music but he gets hit hard by love in which he’s really shy about it?

Genre: Romance / Friendship

Yoongi sighed loudly again, he was sitting not so gracefully on the bigger couch of the dorm’s living room, he stretched his arms to the ceiling and then his hands went back to the keyboard, tipping and clicking like he was in some sort of trance.
Hoseok was sitting on the other couch with Jimin’s head resting on his lap, both of them playing a game on their phones, Taehyung appeared on the room some minutes after, he had a big bag of chips and plopped down next to Yoongi, who barely gave him a side glance just because Taehyung had made him bounce when he sat down abruptly.
Taehyung opened the bag of chips and called out Hoseok to start a conversation, the older was telling him about the game Jimin and him had just downloaded when Yoongi interrupted them.

-If you are going to be here be silent please- he said and then went back to his laptop.

Taehyung and Hoseok looked at each other dumbfounded, Jimin only chuckling a little, for once the nagging wasn’t on him. The other two spoke softer now, Taehyung offered chips and this time Jimin did join to the conversation.

-I’m winning the game, hyung can’t stand it but I’m winning- Jimin said shoving a handful of chips to his mouth.

Taehyung laughed when Hoseok did an obscene gesture to the orange haired boy, he took the bag of chips for himself now making the plastic crunch loudly with each movement.
Yoongi threw them a dirty look. -You guys are too loud-

Jimin smiled and stood up, placing himself behind Yoongi he started to massage his back. -Relax hyung, we have almost the entire day off-

Yoongi glared harder. -You mean you have, I’m working-

Hoseok gasped. -Come on hyung, you have to rest, you are too stressed these days-

Taehyung nodded. -Yes, have you found a girlfriend yet?-

At this Yoongi’s tipping stopped. -Are you going to keep up with that?-

Jimin, who was still behind Yoongi mouthed “No” to Taehyung which of course couldn’t hold it. -Hyung you have been so moody and cranky, we think you need a girlfriend-

Yoongi scoffed. -I have work to do, I don’t have time to be playing around, we have talked about this before-

Jimin sighed relieved, thinking everything stopped there, but Hoseok continued. -Yes Yoongi hyung, what about a nice pretty girlfriend?-

Yoongi cursed under his breath, something along the lines of “shitty brats”. -How many times I’ve swear to you I’m only focused on music? If you have time for girls fine, but I’m fucking busy-

Taehyung pouted lightly, and in Yoongi’s opinion not cutely at all. -But we only want the best for hyung… a girlfriend for example-

Yoongi shook his head, now completely bothered and way more stressed than before. -You are so freaking annoying, I’m going to work- he jostled Jimin’s hands away with much force than necessary. Yoongi disappeared and Jimin stood there with an scandalized face, he more than everyone thought his hyung needed a girlfriend, urgently.

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Severus Snape Gave Up

Essay put together from This Post by freyaboo

Published without permission but these words ARE IMPORTANT. ~That Woman


As someone obsessed with the character of Severus Snape, I guess I’ll chime in and school people on their useless Snape hate. This is gonna be long, be warned.

Facts about Eileen, Severus’ mother:

  • The Prince family was a Pure family 
  • Eileen was a genius at potions 
  • She was a Slytherin 
  • She was athletic 
  • She wasn’t a purist, because she MARRIED one 
  • She was disowned which means her family was - otherwise why would she and her husband have gone to live in some slummy industrial town that is a bang on impression of Salford? 
  • She was interested in Dark Magic 
  • Severus learned from her either because he read her old books or because she actively taught him 
  • She was abused by her husband

Facts about Tobias Snape:

  • Abusive 
  • Hated magic 
  • Hated his son 
  • Hated his wife 
  • “He doesn’t like anything, much” 
  • Fought all the time with his wife

Facts about Severus Snape:

  • Genius 
  • Despite the words he uses, there is no indication he is actually a purist - more on that 
  • He was a halfblood in a mostly Pure House with mostly Pure students who had Pure parents who were probably purists (given the way JK protrays the House) 
  • Wore ill fitting, old clothes as a kid and well into his teenager years 
  • Was poor 
  • Abuse victim of the Marauders, his father and Housemates 
  • Hated his father 
  • Never once mentioned his mother 
  • Abusive 
  • Used as a tool both by Dumbledore and Voldemort against the other 
  • Unpopular 
  • Is said to have known more about the Dark Arts in first year than most seventh years

Is anyone a psychologist? I’m not but even I can see what this trifecta is. The Snape home was a nest of abusive behaviour, negative energy and an apparent lack of concern for a child that seemed to be unplanned or the victim of a failing marriage. There is a reason Eileen and Tobias got married and it was probably a bad one, because they obviously didn’t care for each other in any real way.

For the first nine years of Severus’ life the only things he experienced in life were abuse, neglect and a steady stream of hatred from his father for being something he couldn’t help being. Then he met Lily, a girl who was different than anything he had ever seen before and, as many little boys are wont to do, he fell for her immediately. Despite growing up and watching his father abuse his mother, he knew that Petunia calling Lily a freak for her magic was wrong and stepped into help Lily. He only begins an abusive type of response to Petunia when she begins to abuse him. That’s unsurprising given his background because he likely saw that stuff play out at home. ‘If someone hurts you, you hurt them back’. In my own past that was a running theme and to this day I struggle to control my bad coping issues.

Their friendship was never perfect. Severus was severely traumatized and never got help. No one ever paid enough attention to him or said, ‘can I help you?’. He had no idea how to have a healthy relationship. We have no explanation as to why they were friends for so long but I think that is evidence of Lily being a patient, long-suffering person who recognized that her best friend was messed up. From the snippets of conversation there was with them in the past about Severus’ life, Lily must have known of the abuse Severus went through. Yet she was unable to help, being a child. Maybe her parents didn’t like Severus and didn’t want to help. Maybe they didn’t know of the abuse. Who knows? All we know is that their friendship was real. Six years of hanging out with the same person isn’t a fluke. When we see Severus and Lily as teenagers there is tension there because Lily is frustrated with Severus’ choices but there is obviously at least a half-way positive relationship there. Why else would a strong-willed witch like Lily (who was a genius in her own right) choose to stay around with someone like Severus?

There is absolutely no indication that Lily was abused and accepted abusive treatment from Severus. There’s no indication that he stalked her. There is nothing in canon that says Severus ever admitted his feelings or that Lily ever turned him down romantically.

I’m going to let that bit sink in for a second. Snape-haters seem to have thick skulls regarding that bit so please repeat it a few times until you think you can remember it as I continue.

So. Most of what we see of Lily and Severus’ relationship was shortly before, during or just after ‘the incident’. At that point, there was already tension in the friendship for multiple reasons.

I’m going on a tangent for a second, but follow me, please…

I grew up in an abusive home. No details, just trust me when I know what it’s like to be abused by a parent. I grew up in a private ‘Christian’ school where rich children made fun of me for being poor and where the ‘pretty’ and 'thin’ girls made fun of me for being fat. I had boys pretending to like me and making fun of me when I finally admitted I had a crush on them. 'Don’t wear that you look fatter than you really are’. Had rocks thrown at me. We’re talking serious bullying. Even my friends eventually turned on me one year and began making fun of me. Blah, blah, blah. Again, I understand abuse from my peers.

In my personal life, the day I went to a public school and the anry, 'I hate authority and everyone, fuck you’ punk/goth kids showed up and invited me to be friends with them…I threw myself into the deep end of their fucked up social circle and didn’t look back until I was older. Even now I struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Many friends have written me off for one reason or another. I’ve called friends horrible things. I’ve used them. I’ve been abusive. I admit this. I know that I am damaged and traumatized and I know that my brain chemistry got rewired because of those traumas and that as an adult I have to actively work at undoing it all.

So imagine a small boy, abused and traumatized and terrified of being alone without the one person in the world who accepts him despite his huge, overwhelming flaws. Imagine going into a House where people know who your mother was. They know she fucked a Muggle and had you. Hell, maybe he had cousins in Slytherin, Prince cousins, and they made it all worse. Then imagine that one or two them, for some reason, reach out to you. Offer protection maybe. Obviously they wanted something but Severus was desperate for anything positive in his life.

By the age of fifteen he’d been dragged deep into their shithole and couldn’t get out. Not even Lily could save him, which is evident in the scene where he calls her 'that word’; let me end this sentence by saying that Lily was not responsible for saving Severus in any way…I’m simply saying that not even his best friend could get to him. Having grown up in a deranged home, Severus was already a bit deranged himself. Being scooped up by the clever, cunning boys of Slytherin was probably Severus’ doom from the beginning.

There is no explanation as to why Severus got so in with the Death Eaters but I suspect it’s the same reason I decided my soul was black, that washing my hair was stupid and that threatening to suck the blood from people’s jugular’s was cool. Children, who are wildly immature, weak and stupid, are prone to doing stupid shit to get accepted. I believe that’s what it started as. He couldn’t be with Lily in Gryffindor.

Which brings me to another point. Gryffindors. If you notice in the books, the majority of Gryffindors have all sorts of nasty, hateful things to say about Slytherins. None of them are kind about it. I can’t recall any scene where a Gryffindor says anything positive about Slytherins but correct me if I’m wrong. Who wants to bet that the moment Gryffindors found out Lily was friends with Severus, they told her how bad Slytherins were? Maybe Lily, a child herself and vulnerable as many children, bought into some idea of what Slytherins were. Maybe her Housemates began to discolour her view of Severus.

Maybe their friendship became strained because both of them were trying too hard to be accepted by those around them. But maybe not. There’s nothing that indicates this, but I believe it’s a realistic idea.

Back from the tangent…

The day Severus called Lily a 'Mudblood’, she also called him 'Snivellus’, a word James Potter had been using for four years to abuse Severus with. They both said awful things to each other. Yes, the term Mudblood was a terrible slur, and yes Severus shouldn’t have said it but he was fifteen. Mortified that the girl he loved was seeing him like some dangling, broken mess while James Potter, the rich and popular boy of Gryffindor - who constantly threw himself at Lily (and yes this is canon I will fucking find every mention of it if you disagree) - stood looking like some clever, windswept bad ass to those around him. Everyone was laughing at Severus. His own Housemates included. Probably his Slytherin friends too.

It’s all well and good to say that you would not have done what Severus did, but as someone who has been abused more than I want to admit, I will tell you that it is FAR easier to take the angry, dark way of things than to step back and be the bigger person. Severus said an awful word but he was a stupid, traumatized, abused little boy who had reached a breaking point. He was not an evil, child-killing Death Eater. He wasn’t a dark wizard looking to murder Muggles. Yes, he ran his mouth, he was crude. He hung out with the wrong crowd. But he was still a child when he was thrown into the air, turned upside down and used as a living laughingstock to anyone and everyone who wanted a look.

And no one saved him. Even Lily let it continue when he called her a name. In the end, Severus was left to his abuse because everyone gave up on him.

So you know what Severus did? He gave up on them. He was left without his best friend, was left to be a laughingstock even more than he had been before. There was nothing in his life except those Slytherins who had 'befriended’ him. Not even his Head of House gave a shit about him. He was too busy doting on Lily, a seemingly well-adjusted, clever, pretty girl (which creeps me out tbh). Severus became exactly what everyone assumed he was when he was eleven. Because what else was there? There were no friends at school. No friends at home. His parents obviously didn’t care. The staff obviously didn’t care.

Severus Snape gave up.

The character of Severus Snape is a realistic portrayal of someone who has been severely abused and never gotten help. He perpetuated the abuse that was done to him. He held grudges. He never learned how to interact with people properly. He never let got of his anger.

But at the age of twenty, after handing over secrets to the Dark Lord - someone else who manipulated him and got him to believe he was useful, it seems - Severus was faced with the reality of what he’d signed up for. I believe he shut down after that day he lost Lily. I believe he stopped being anything but what people expected him to be. He had no way of coping with the shit in his life so he just…gave up. But when he found out that his actions were going to get Lily killed, he panicked. She had gone off and married his worst tormentor, but his knee-jerk reaction was to run to Dumbledore and grovel and beg to make things right.

Remember how when they meet up, Dumbledore says 'you disgust me’ because he assumes Severus wants Lily for himself? He hates Severus, a boy of twenty, a boy who was never shown an ounce of mercy as a child. Dumbledore knew the abuse was going on when Severus was a kid, because Dumbledore is shown to have somehow known everything going on around him. There’s no way he was ignorant of what was being done to Severus. But he never stepped in, did he? He left Severus to the 'mercy’ of James Potter and his friends. Why? I think that’s a question that needs to be answered - but not by me, not here, because this is already too long.

Severus asked for Lily to be spared in exchange for Harry. Voldemort was a monster incapable of love or mercy or anything positive. Asking for any kind of altruistic mercy would have been stupid and Severus knew that. He played the situation the only way he could, but with Dumbledore he readily asked for the entire Potter family to be saved.

“And what will you give me in return, Severus?”

That was Dumbledore’s answer. For the rest of the memories involving Dumbledore, there is nothing but Dumbledore reminding Severus over and over and over again of what he did. Of how he is responsible for Lily’s death - which is simply not true. Even when Severus hands his whole existence over to Dumbledore, becomes a fucking pawn, he is never allowed any mercy, only reminded that he is nothing, that he is a mistake and that all he ever does is make mistakes.

No wonder Severus Snape never healed. No wonder he never became a kinder person.

*drops mic*

Always my savior // Part 4

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader

WORD COUNT: 3, 155

WARNINGS: none yet

A/N: Hey, people. Lately I had a splitting headache, so i wasn’t able to finish this part and post it, so that’s why I made it longer that the others as a way to apologize. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think, I’ll really appreciate it :) Enjoy (and sorry if there are any mistakes) 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Originally posted by cody-christiaan

The whole week had been a torture. Each day had been passing so slowly that I thought I would had lost my mind. Stiles and Liam still hadn’t let me to at least see Theo. They’d been dragging everywhere in order not to give me some time with him despite my warning how I was going to kill them.

Finally it was Friday. The day I’d been dying for lately. I was so impatient about tonight. In every lesson I’d been counting the hours and minutes till I got home. I hadn’t paid attention to any teacher or at least my friends. I, Kira and Scott had a free period so we were in the library talking about the supernatural life. I did my best to focus on the conversation but my mind was somewhere else.

“(Y/N) ? Hey, (Y/N)!”

I snapped out of my thoughts at looked at my friends.

“Yes ?”

“Are you okay ?”, Scott asked.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I-I’m just impatient for tonight.”, I answered nervously looking at my watch.

“You know I want to know how it went, don’t you?”, Kira giggled.

“Of course. We’ll have girls’ night.”

“What are you talking about? Is there something happening tonight?”, Scott wondered.

“Our little (Y/N) has a date with Theo.”

“And if you are my friend Scott, you’ll keep Stiles and Liam away from me! Please!”, I begged. He gave me a confused look, “They don’t trust him and are driving me nuts.”, my explanation caused Scott to laugh.

“Okay, okay, I promise!”

The bell rang so we all headed towards our lockers and then straight to our classes. Hopefully it was the last class but my eager was growing with every minute passing. Sitting down on my seat I waited for the lesson to begin. It was Chemistry and thanks god the teacher decided to test some people in the blackboard. Given the fact I had perfect grades I wasn’t in danger. I looked at the clock on the wall.

30 minutes till the class was over.

I was waiting impatiently like bin laden’s timed bomb ready to explode any second. I opened my notebook to read some information and distract myself. I reread one sentence like 10 times but it didn’t help. I looked at the clock again.

27 minutes

What?! Twenty-seven minutes?! I groaned in frustration and slightly hit my head on the desk. How was I supposed to survive this? Every minute was like a whole hour for me. The vibration of my phone startled me. When I made sure the teacher wasn’t looking at me, I got my phone out of my back and saw I had a message. My eyes got wide when I read the message.

‘It seems someone is eager for tonight.’

The phone number was unknown but I knew it was Theo. My pulse speeded up. I looked around the room but he wasn’t there.

‘I’m just bored, that’s all ;)’ I texted back wanting to make the impression I was all cool and not freaking out.

‘Sweetheart, you know I can hear your heartbeat, don’t you?’

Shit. I scanned the room again but this time I saw the supernatural boy through the window smirking.

‘Is that stupid smirk somehow sewed to your face?’

But when I looked up from my phone, Theo was nowhere to be seen.

‘Yup, and I know you like it.’

I put my phone back in the bag because of not wanting to get caught. I was smiling like a total idiot but I didn’t care. I leaned on the seat waiting this hell to end.

Four hours later I was still trying to choose what to wear. All clothes I had were scattered throughout the room. I tried almost everything and nothing.

I screamed in anger and fell on the bed. I needed help. And soon it hit me – just like the apple hit Newton. I threw all my clothes in the air while searching my phone.

“There you are!”, as fast as I could I called the only person who knew how to help me.

10 minutes later Lydia burst through my door with a bag.

“You are really fast.”, I exclaimed.

“I think I ran over some people but that’s not important.”, she said while trying to regain her breath.

“What is the back for?”

“Makeup.”, she tipped out the whole content of the bag.  I looked at the bag, then at her, then again on the bag.

“You are not going to put all that stuff on my face!”, I demanded.

“Shut up and let me do my job!”

Lydia ignored my shocked face and began researching my clothes.

“Here! Try this!”, after I took the outfit created by my friend I went to the bathroom to put it on.

“How do I look ?”, I spun around the moment I entered my room. When I looked at her she was wearing that judging face.

“No.”, she threw me a pink dress.

Forty minutes and eight outfits later I was about to cry. Even Lydia couldn’t help me. While I was having the jitters and thinking about canceling the date, Lydia didn’t seem to give up.

“Lydia, stop! I have an hour till Theo comes. The destiny is telling me that this is not gonna work.”

“How you dare telling me this! You are (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! You survived an attack by a chimera! You are a strong independent woman who is not going to quick out because she thinks there is nothing to wear.”, I was listening to her in shock and honestly, in fear.

“Um…okay? But we ran out of…”

“No, we are not!”, she went back to the wardrobe and took out a white loose tank top I had to had forgotten while searching.  “Put this.”, Lydia looked around, ”And…this.”, she handed me dark green ripped knees jeans.  

“Fine. But if I don’t like it then I’m canceling the date.” I removed the last outfit and put on the new one. When I showed up, Lydia’s eyes and mouth went wide.

“You are beauteous!”, my friend gasped

“Really?”, I stood in front of the mirror and I felt pretty.

“Let’s put some makeup and hope you don’t bring the poor boy a heart attack.”, laughing I sat on the edge of the bed. After ten minutes of trying to make her promise me not to put much makeup in me, she finally agreed. When Lydia was done, we both looked at the clock.

“Theo will be there soon. Why don’t we clean up?”, I suggested. I really wanted to do something and not let the nervousness to obsess me.

Soon later I heard the bell ringing and my breath hitched in my throat. My wide eyes were moving from the door to Lydia.

“Why are you tarring? Open the door before he decides to leave.”

Hurrying to open the door I almost stumbled. Taking a deep breath I turned the handle and slowly opened the door. And there was he smiling and holding a small bouquet of my favorite flowers.

“Beautiful flowers for even more beautiful girl.”, I felt myself blushing and biting my lips.

“Thank you.”, I took the bouquet and quickly put it in a vase. I said goodbye to Lydia and exited the house. Theo took my hand and led me to the car. Opening the door like a true gentleman I thanked him and got in the passenger seat. He circumambulated the car and got in.

In the first five minutes nobody said a thing. I was getting more and more nervous and not talking was making me slowly lose my mind.

“So, where are we going?”, I turned to look at him.

“It’s kind of surprise.”, the car turned left and I soon realized we were going into the woods.

“Are you planning on sacrificing me or?”

“Why would you think so ?”, he started laughing.

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe because we are going in the forest, it’s getting dark…and I saw some candles on the backseat.”

He looked at me and laughed.

“You have a big imagination, sweetheart.”, without breaking an eye-contact he placed his hand on my hip. “I like that.”

“Better watch the road, Romeo.”, I reached across and turned his head back on the road. The slight touch made my stomach flutter like crazy. I retracted my hand as though his skin was fire and looked through the window, watching the trees and hoping he hadn’t seen my red cheeks.

“Hey, you okay?”, he moved the hand was still on my hip downward and I fucking swear my heart was beating as fast as a cheetah running after its dinner.  

“Yeah. I’m fine, not scared that we are probably alone in the woods, no, not at all. I’m not thinking that you may kill me here and then, I don’t know, eat me? Why wouldn’t I be fine? ”, I burst out. Great! I made myself a fool. After short awkward silence, Theo suddenly started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?”, but it seemed he didn’t have enough breath to answer me. “Theo, are you laughing at me? Stop laughing! I swear I’m gonna murder you, you donut!”, I hit him on the shoulder but he probably didn’t feel a thing.

“Sorry, princess but you are so sweet and funny being nervous as hell and tend to talk much.”

“You are an awful person, Theo Raeken.” I punched him again but this time with a smile on my face.

Minutes later, Theo parked the car and turned towards me.

“You have to close your eyes.”

“Okay, but don’t trust me I will keep them closed.”

“And why so ?”, he leaned closer and smirked. So I did the same.

“First of all, I don’t want to stumble somewhere and fall, and second – I’m too curious and excited.”

“Then, what about me covering your eyes with my hands and helping you not break anything?”

“Deal.”, smirking I got out of the truck.

“I was supposed to open the door for you.”, the boy groaned but came behind me.

“I’m not a patient girl, you should have noticed that.”, Theo’s lips came near my ear, his breath making my body shiver but his words, making my hormones activate.

“Believe me, sweetheart, I have.”, I bit my lips as soon as hands covered my eyes.

We started walking and with each step, I could felt every movement Theo’s body did.

“Be careful, there is some kind of steps.”, but I got the information too late, so I tripped and had to hold the boy’s arms tightly in order not to fall.

“Are we there yet? Please tell me yes!”, I begged.

“Almost, sweetheart.”

“I give you three seconds!”, I warned him.

“Okay, okay. Here we are.”, removing his hands he gave me the opportunity to see the view in front of me.

I gasped. My eyes and smile got wider as I saw the perfect place for a date. There were small lights suspended around the trees, a white cloth hanging, lots of cushions on the ground and a projector. Walking closer I saw there were blankets and a basket, probably with food or drinks. I turned around and looked at Theo with so much happiness.

“How are the light bulbs actually working, here ?”, I asked all of a sudden.

“W-what?”, It seemed Theo didn’t expect to hear that.

“I’m just curious how they are lighting here.” The boy was so confused he had nothing to say. “I’m just kidding, you donut.”It’s…I have no idea how to describe this.”

“I’m glad you like it.”, coming near me, he placed his hand on my waist and we went towards the blankets and cushions. I sat down and waiting him to put on the movie. When he did, he came and sat next to me while I was staring at him.

“You like what you see?”

“Where did you know this from?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“This. That’s how I imagined the perfect date.”, still not looking away I waited for his answer.

“I may or may not have asked Lydia and Kira for some help.”, he rubbed his neck. Was he really nervous? Knowing this fact somehow gave me confidence.

“And why would you do this?”

“I um, I wanted to impress you.”, that answer definitely caught me out of guard.”I liked you since I saved your life and I-I really do want to get to know each other.”

I put my hand over his and leaned closer. Kissing him on the cheek I thanked him about everything he did for me. But hell no, I was not letting him kiss me that easily! How Lydia had told me, I’m a lady with a class, no matter how much I wanted to kiss those pink lips…’Come on (Y/N)! Stop thinking about this and focus in the film!’, I kept telling this to myself almost through the entire movie.

But finally I managed to watch the last thirty minutes and it seemed to be really interesting.

“Do it!”, I screamed as I watched if the main character would kill the evil one, “Yay! He did it!”, throwing my hands in the air I looked at Theo with joy which caused him to laugh.

“I’m glad you had taken an action movie instead a chick flick or worse – a horror movie.”, I leaned on the cushions as the film ended.

“What is wrong with the horror movies ?”, he laid next to me.

“Well, I guess nothing. But you boys hope that the film will scare us and you’ll be one comforting us later.”, I stated


“And I refuse to watch some creepy stuff in the dark forest.”, my stomach made a noise making my eyes got wide. “Shh! Keep quiet, we are talking here!”

“Come on.”, Theo responded through his giggle. “I took some food.”

My savior stood and went to take the basket. Then he sat back on the ground opposite me and placed the object between us.

“So, I made some tacos, chili, rice with prawns and for a dessert – crème caramel.”, he said proudly.

“I won’t die if I try, will I?”, I joked.

“I came here to have a good time and I’m feeling so offended right now. ”

“Well, Boohoo. I’m sorry your feeling are hurt, princess.”, I smirked at him. “My apologize, but I just had to.”

“It’s from a TV show you like, right ?”, Theo asked curiously.

“I don’t just like it. I LOVE IT.” I rolled up my imaginary sleeves. “Now, let’s eat! It smells so delicious and I can’t wait to try everything.”

“Do you like it ?”, Theo asked after I tasted the first taco.

“Oh my god, Theo! This is so scrumptious!”, I exclaimed.

Through our dinner we were joking, laughing, messing up each other with the chili sauce. Generally, we were having a indeed good time. After some time Theo decided to play music.

“I like that one.”, I stood and gave my hand to the sitting boy.”Come!”, the first few times he refused but finally I managed to make him do it. I had no idea how but now I had no problems of showing the real me – the sarcastic and crazy girl who was usually hiding in a shell. While we were dancing like drunk idiots I felt a drop of water to fell on my face. As I was on Theo’s back I jumped on the ground and looked at the sky. Another one fell, then one more.

“I think we should go.”, I suggested

“Why? Aren’t you having fun with me?”

“Of course I am but I think it’s about to rain.”, turned off the projector and began putting the dirty plates back in the basket.

“Don’t you like the rain?”, the boy asked but still helped me.

“I do like it but you see all the electricity here.”, pointing out the lights I hoped he could understand me.”I’m not planning on becoming a burned toast with a hairstyle form the 80’s.”

Theo hurried to pack the lights and put them in the car. Before that he had given me a flashlight, which I was holding with my head and shoulder while collecting the cushions. Theo came and helped me gathering the leftover stuff which wasn’t much, it started raining cats and dogs. I felt a jacket covering me. Holding it and some of the blankets tight, I and Theo run as fast as we could to the car. By the time we got in the truck, we were drenched.

“Here”, I tried to give the jacket back to its owner but Theo stopped me.

“You are shivering, princess, I don’t want you to get sick.”, starting the car, we soon got on the road again.

“But what about you? You can get a cold because of me!” with his right hand he prevented me from taking the cloth off.

“Look, If you try to return it again I won’t talk to you anymore, clear?”, he demanded.

“Okay, okay. Whatever you say, big guy.”, I raised my hands showing I had surrendered.

The drive was quiet except the slow music playing on the radio. Theo sometimes put his hand on my hips and although it was making my heart beat fast, I didn’t mind at all.

When we were outside my house, it was still raining.

“I guess the perfect night is by its end.”, I looked at the cute boy.

“It seems so.”, I smiled. He began leaning closer and I immediately understood where the things were going. I smirked and winked at him before exiting the car.

“See you soon, donut.”

I ran towards the door and when I got there I turned around and waved at Theo, then I entered the building. Hurrying towards my room, I almost stumbled two times but when I reached my destination and got in I closed the door and slumped. I covered my mouth in order not to scream of joy. This night, this date was the best thing that could have happened in my life. I got up quickly and searched for my pajamas. When I found it and was about to change I heard a knock on the window. Spinning around I saw Theo.

“What are you doing here.”, I asked in amusement. “You want to get a cold?”

“I forgot something.”, he stated.

“What do y-…” but I was cut off. He crashed his lips on mine in a s sweet and innocent kiss. The butterflies in my stomach came alive, my heartbeat was abnormally high. When I deepened the kiss, one of his hands landed on my neck driving me closer. Seconds later he broke the kiss.

“Thanks for the night, princess.”

But when I opened my eyes, Theo was nowhere to be seen.

To be continued…

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you knew of any fics that were high school AUs where Stiles was really shy and Derek was a jock or popular etc. So cliche, I know, but I just can't help myself! Thanks!

I’m going to take a stand here. You’re right. It is totally cliche and one of the most over used tropes in almost every single fandom. But you know what? I don’t fucking care! I love it and will read it until I am an old old lady and high school is only a dim memory. There. I said it. - Anastasia

Originally posted by theglossdotcom

A High School Cliché. by halelujah

(1/1 I 2,806 I Teen)

“Are you the one that played a porno in the Principal’s office?” A gruff voice asks.

“Depends if you’re the one that threw a dumbbell through a window.” He drawls, not bothered in moving from his comfy spot.

i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 10,538 I Teen)

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale) by theroguesgambit

(1/1 I 13,488 I Mature)

Derek is the popular, varsity jock, prom king of the school, and Stiles is not going to be the cliche that ends up falling for him. (It’s not a cliche if no one else knows about it, right?)

Knot if You Don’t Knock by jsea, marguerite_26

(1/1 I 13,737 I Explicit)

Stiles never expects to present as an omega – that’s something that happens to people like Greenberg, not him. He is so wrong.

His life only gets stranger when Derek Hale mistakenly bursts through the door of his exam room during a doctor’s appointment. What happens next is a complicated series of events, including freshly baked cookies, book-carrying and surprise heats.

Blue Monday by ExpectNothingGainEverything

(7/? I 16,151 I Explicit)

Stiles would have never guessed that the star player of the lacrosse team and presumably the hottest guy in school who everyone wanted a piece of and one of his most hated bullies would turn out to be his soulmate.

Derek would never have dreamed that fate would be so cruel to pair him up with a freak like Stilinski.

But Then What… by Stoney

(3/3 I 24,343 I Explicit)

Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He’s someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn’t like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn’t attracted to him.

Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.

Fired Up by stilinskicore

(8/? I 28,769 I Explicit)

Derek Hale is kind of a legend in Beacon Hills High School: he’s smart, good-looking, captain of the football team, younger brother of the Peter Hale. The teachers love him, girls swoon if he so much as glances at them, he’s the guy everyone wants or wants to be.
Stiles? Stiles is a cheerleader.

A Cunning Plan by yodasyoyo

(17/17 I 32,695 I Teen)

Stiles has a plan to get Lydia Martin to notice him. Derek is not impressed.

We Move to the Same Rhythm by samann98

(16/16 I 54,263 I Explicit)

Derek is the cocky captain of the basketball team with a not-so-secret love of dance and Stiles is the leader of the school’s struggling dance team. With Stiles’ dance team, Spin Cycle, on the verge of being disbanded, Lydia suggests they bring in some new members. Stiles agrees, until she suggests Derek Hale.

There Ain’t No Such Thing by WhoNatural

(9/? I 57,023 I Explicit)

Derek couldn’t really care less that he’s spending his senior year with the students of a “disadvantaged high school” as Devenford Prep is merged with Beacon Hills High. He’s got enough on his mind with securing a lacrosse scholarship and trying to figure out why Stiles, the secretly-kind bad boy he spent all summer with at the country club never bothered to say goodbye.

But then, maybe instead of heated make-out sessions and snarky flirting, he should have bothered to ask Stiles a little more about himself - like his full name, or what school he attended…

(AKA, the Grease AU nobody asked for)