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  • Me: *writes one line in a supposedly 6 page essay*
  • Me: "yep that's good enough, I've worked hard. I deserve chocolate, a scroll through tumblr and a read through a new fan fiction"

Yes you are, Minseok. Yes you are. 

Bloom — Part IV — Spring

REQUEST: Can u write a fan fic about the girl owning a flower shop and Harry coming in to get flowers for someone else but then they fall in love because love is beautiful like a flower

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part of this story! I may add an epilogue afterwards, but this will be the last weekly update. Thank you all so much for the feedback and the support that this story has received—this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope that you enjoy! x

Bloom: Part I // Bloom: Part II //Bloom: Part III //

The day had arrived.

Harry had been talking about it for weeks and weeks—he’d had such a good time writing his first album in isolation, that he decided to do the same thing for his second album. He was heading off to a remote island off of the coast of South America, and he had booked out studio time for two whole months.

The two of them spent hours together talking about his travel plans and getting him a head start on the writing process. He would spent days sitting at the counter of her little store—he would even occasionally ring in the customers, teasing her about how he deserves to be on the payroll. For the most part he sat and played the guitar, or brought her fun things that he’d purchased to take with him.

She did her best to distract herself from the fact that her best friend in the world was leaving.

It had been almost a year since Harry walked into her flower store that first night, and now she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She understood why she wouldn’t be able to have any contact with him during his writing process—he needed to focus on his music, and she respected that entirely. But it would be the hardest two months of her life, because Harry was her favorite person in the world.

And because she was in love with him.

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New image of Adam as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

if its just that he needed to leave the country to re-set his visa I’m going to be pissed. 

I predict it will be a story about how he’s so much of a fail he forgot how visas worked and had to do a mad dash to the airport before the Lester family holiday in order to extend his stay. So, he left the country on the next available flight (Cue impersonation of unhelpful check-in lady) then turned around in the Bahamas airport and came back. There will probably be a skit about his return to Florida and how he feels like he’s getting away with something like its some sort of dodgy barely-legal covert operation to ‘sneak’ back in. (Cue Dan being awkward and saying something inappropriate which maybe implicates him).

I’m telling you, the only way I won’t be mad is if it’s all tinged with the fact that he went through all of that in order to spend time with his new in-laws.


Rip Hunter - Time Master (Legends of Tomorrow)

You can tell that the writers are fans of Doctor Who when you have a character with the Tenth Doctor’s fashion sense and the Ninth Doctor’s disposition. Also, Arthur Darvill is pretty friggin’ bad ass in this show. Just look at that Broody stance: