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“He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said…”



I did something I have never done before yesterday; I straight up asked a person if I could collect something from their plants.

I was visiting my parents yesterday and down the road from their house I was stopped by this gorgeous Japanese Maple in the prime of it’s autumn colors. We went in the back and asked the kind old couple who owned the house if they wouldn’t mind me taking “about 20 or so small leaves” and they were happy to let me do so.

So, look forward to these cute Japanese Maple leaves in the autumn leaf lineup in a couple weeks!

Incorrect Snk quotes #34
  • Levi: Can I use your phone ? I lost mine.
  • Eren: Sure *gives phone*
  • Levi: ...
  • Levi: Why is my contact name as Daddy ?
  • Eren: Um, autocorrect...?

kc au week | day 3 · Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse

So, pretty much we are one of the few survivors here, with a thousand of zombies around. We have a couple of guns, food is limited and I have to live with a british ass, I got it right?

Yep, except the british ass. I have to tell you, love, I’m a bit offended. I’m from Wales


Here. All the sides doing Pokemon’s Z Moves :D jus because I like to combine my passions. 

Maybe I will to the animations for the complete dance, just maybe. 

(Psst, even if you’re not into Pokemon reblogs and feedback are appreciated    ^-^)