and this art is soo nice


Since my brain is fried and I have nothing new to offer I decided to clean these doodles up, cause I really like them :D 

Still don’t know why they’re dressed up haha 

In these trying times, please watch Oswald. It was one of my favourite shows as a kid and is just so pure and wholesome and relaxing to watch.


hey anon I kind of went overboard

Alyanette date for alyanette april!!!

It’s their first date and they’re having a good time!!

(shh i know alya isn’t wearing the miraculous… it’s probably… like in her pocket or something… also i took the bg from a webisode concept art… so its not mine)

G-Dragon for Paris Fashion Week 2014
requested by @thechoi-choi


At the beginning of this week I uploaded on tumblr a fan art I did of two characters from the new it movie, Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak, and they have become very popular characters, mostly because people ship the two boys.

Two days later someone told me that there was a repost of my work on instagram and that Jack Grazer, who plays Eddie, liked my reposted art. This was probably the first repost. I asked op to take down the post and and op did and also apologized. The same happened with other accounts.

But some accounts are not only ignoring my request to take down their reposts but also blocking me for calling them out.

This is very serious, and this is hurting me a lot, not only as an artist but as a person as well, this two persons have no respect for artists and I’m really really sad about it.  And I don’t even know what to do about this whole thing. I nicely asked them to take it down and they refused and blocked me for claiming what’s mine.

I’m really tired of this bullshit.

Thanks for reading and please, don’t repost art!!!!

UPDATED: I finally got them to delete the reposted art, I think they finally understood how much this was harming me, soo it’s all good now! Thanks everyone for the help!!

Cool Layton blogs that you should follow!! (Just a few tho)

Since the Layton fandom expanded, I thought why not list some Layton-centered blogs that I really like?? Also don’t be sad if you don’t see your blog but you are a cool layton blog–just add yourself no problem!! Nobody will judge!! (I’ll also include my own blogs sooo😂) In NO particular order:
1. @laytonscreencaps
A cool blog full of screencaps of every layton game, the movie, promo stuff and teasers and ads of Lady Layton! They are mostly HQ, and the owner of the blogs is a very friendly person who will find you certain moments and screenshot them for you!
2. @detective-kat
A cool Layton-only blog run by the owner of the side blog @been-there-pun-that, which is already famous for serving fresh original Layton content, and their new blog is full of new + and cool Layton content!
3. @lukesjournal
A super cool Layton-only blog run by SUCH A NICE PERSON!! I can’t even. This person also does art and it’s adorable
4. @professorlaytonbutwithnonoses
Just check this blog out it’s gold
5. @picaratriel
Pl sideblog of @deoxys-official! Layton content and iNCREDIBLE (chorus: incredible) art!! Go follow!
6. @vocasilver
My main blog which started out as a layton blog and will stay a layton blog. All my original content is analysis, memes and selfies
7. @cryinglayton
A blog with canon facts that will make you sad and overall just sad layton content.
8. @local-logs
I fell in love with this blog!! Blog owner is very, very nice and a cool person!! Follow for the freshest suprememe content of the Layton fandom™
9. @ask-the-great-randall-ascot
Me dressing up as randall, answering your questions :D
10. @henryledorable
A blog writing requested headcanons, one-shots, also reader-insert! A wonderful person is running this blog!
11. @cliveslondonunderground
This art-based askblog is gold plEAS e check it out ok
12. @froshellayton
13. @itstheprofessah
14. @anotherlaytonblog
15. @puzzling-angel
16. @ignebrisfox
I love this blog SOO much
17. @loveforkatrielleandnoah
18. @warm-water-leaf
Supreme memes fresh from the oven,,
19. @see-you-space-professor
20. @reminded-of-a-nuzzle
21. @bardemanor
Wonderful blog! Person running this blog is also really funny soooo please check it out!!!
22. @miraclemasked
Cool blog!!
23. @layton-opinions
Blog only containing questions, opinions and plot holes about the layton universe!!
24. @askrandallascot
25. @laytonisawesome
26. @ladylaytonspeculations
A blog about speculations for the upcoming games!!
26. @ladylayton
27. @youremindmeofapuzzle
28. @puzzleaficionado
29. @plvsaamemes
30. @ablackraven

Feel free to add yourself!!! Just do it!!


Welcome to Gravity Falls : All 40 Episodes

+ Special announcment!

Honest to god,this is one of my biggest accomplishment.
I started drawing the first epsiode ever since January and finished drawing the last in April.And oh dear i made some other artwork sacrifices just to complete this haha
But yes,Other than that,i wanted to draw all of these episodes to show how thankful i am to welcome gravity falls in my life and for thanking Alex Hirsch for making such an amazing show!So thank you very much!

And for the special annoucment,i will release 5 posters of an episode of your choice!For making this possible,you guys can vote 5 of these drawn episodes that you would like to be as a posters!You guys can write down your answers in the tags,if you decide to reblog,or send me a message!

Once i get enough votes,i will be releasing the 5 most popular drawn episodes!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

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project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because someone thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spread the love 💕

wow this is such a nice project! thank you soo much! *-*

@kthish @nvmjin @army-baby-gzb @yoonseok @ksjknj @comeherejimin @ttaewo @velvethoseok @je0n @jjilljj @rapdaegu @yccnseok @btssmutgalore @petitmin @mewchim @jeohgguk @sweaterpawsjimin @sosjimin @jimiyoong @rapmini @myloveseokjin @bwisou @ktaebwi @kimstaehyungs @minblush @jaayhope @bangtoori @gukied @nochuie @ahjiminie @doona-baes @jjeonguk @parkjmzl @jungshiii @hobeui @daegucrew @omfgbts @taetaes @glitchyoongi @dearmyjimin

so these are my favourite blogs! *-* i really hope i didn’t forget anyone :/

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AHHh meteos casting made me so happy, he looks well and I hope he does more jungle casting like that. Also I love your art soo much ! I hopee you havee a good day too, or night <3 <3

THANK YOU!! and holy shit same its so nice to see him happy he is a Good Kid!!! my fav part of meteos casting was this part where there was like this OBVIOUS PAUSE in his sentence and he was clearly thinking of a more lcs-friendly way of saying what he meant

Father’s Day Visit

Summary: After a fulfilling Father’s Day, Soos visits his own.

Today was a good day.

Soos was happy to be surrounded by his children all day and to be spoiled for being a father. He loved every moment of it and reciprocated the love whenever possible. He hangs up the gifts given to him in the museum and smiles.

The most beautiful art you’ll ever see… nice ring to it, Soos thinks with a smile.

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