and this art is soo nice


Me: *sees a bunch of cool edits of Pidge with long hair* 
Me: Nice
Also Me: *starts to think a lot of reasons about how is not a good idea to have long hair in the space* 

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How does one create occult... macrame? Or is all macrame occult by nature? I was under the impression it was a wholesome art, but apparently it is knot.

Occult macrame would be interesting! But I didn’t have enough of either to fill separate boxes, soo…

(Nice pun, too. My folks would enjoy that!)

Aaa i finally drafted out my new style and im v happy with it so i doodled a lil Eliza in it for @terror-in-the-dream!! You’re very inspiring and nice and i love your art so much so here you go!! 



Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

(Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

(Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)


*rolls in at 1am* I made it, I made it!

I don’t know what to say besides: thank you, Gravity Falls. Thank you for making us laugh, for making us come together as a community, and for encouraging me to become more open with posting art.

These are just some of the lessons I learned from this wonderful show, and I wanted to further share. Thanks GF, I’ll miss this family :’)

I’m extremely proud of how this turned out! :D
I decided to try and draw a LIMBO background and I love the results, Limbo is like one of my favorite platform games and I would definitely recommend you to check it out if you haven’t. Hope you like it as much as I do! <3

Also Valentines is getting near, so I might make like a valentines card lol?!

Anyways have a nice day/evening.. oh and Happy Early Valentines Day people, spend it with your special someone… OK that was dumb…

HEY GUYS! This is a fan art of Elucien and its a collab I did with an insanely talented fan fiction writer @a-court-of-fanfiction-and-fandom​. She is so nice and awesome and her fics are soo good. Its based on an elucien fan fiction that she wrote. I had so much fun drawing this so hope you like it!

Im still trying to make redbubble to work so I can finally upload some art but its a work in process. Ill post the link as soon as I get that working.

Thanks for all the likes and reblogs on my art. Makes me too happy that people like my art!! :) 

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i got some posable figure dolls for my birthday about a week ago, and i’ve been using them as reference for my pictures. it’s so super helpful and drawing comes so much easier to me now.. inspiration struck with this one and i’m really glad how it turned out, i was experimenting with the watercolor brushes that came with painter and i feel like the result looks soo nice <///////> i hope you guys like it! i couldn’t decide which version i like better, so i’m posting the other one under the cut.

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hi yes hello I just remembered my headcanon that grown up mabel doesn’t have any colored tattoos just lines so that she can have people color them in all the time. 

They change constantly and everyone is gonna color them. Her art therapy patients? They’re doing it right now. Candy and Grenda? She instagrams their work every week. Wendy and Soos? Nobody tried to color in patterns before and it was the best. Pacifica? Duh, and let’s add some body glitter, okay? It’ll look fabulous. Old Man McG? A scribble masterpiece and some binary code that turned out to be some Super Nice Compliments. Stans? They each did one arm in marker and she put off showering for three days. Dipper? He can’t color inside the lines but he’s trying his best. 

the signs as i know them (requested)
  • Aries: cocky and confident, they expect you to be okay when they tease you but you cant tease them. sensitive, blinded by love, athletic, has a lot of friends
  • Taurus: friendly, forgetful, impulsive, musically and art talented, naturally flirty
  • Gemini: can be really moody, they are always curious, express their opinions, nice in front of you but talks shit behind your back
  • Cancer: extremely defensive, likes to be around people, heartbroken, reserved, likes to listen to people
  • Leo: can be quiet, but so dramatic, not that good at keeping secrets, says what you wanna hear, thinks theyre funny
  • Virgo: soo so shy, expects you to approach them first and its kinda frustrating, can be boring and lazy, friend for life, faithful, one of the zodiacs i get along with the best, haunting
  • Libra: player, sweet and fair, so manipulative, emotional, stereotypical, sociable, hard to trust, talented
  • Scorpio: the most loyal to the people they love, jealous over the smallest things, intimidating and their walls are hard to break, their humor can come off as offensive but one of the funniest people, all rounder
  • Sagittarius: so blunt and impulsive at the worst times, they make you feel good about yourself, you have to approach them first, late night talks, they think theyre right when they aint
  • Capricorn: show off, really moody, the person id wanna party with, biased and wont listen to others, holds long grudges
  • Aquarius: will approach you first, likes to have weird friends to be weird with, gives a weird vibe off, they can be rude and wont apologize, will always start a fight if you tease them jokingly
  • Pisces: the most sensitive and emotional, always talking about their life, and their new crush that probably doesnt like them back, easy to make friends with them, funny AF, looks like a lost puppy or a goldfish