and thinking this would be the moment zuko fell in love with katara

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Here's something you can write about whenever you have time or feel like: Zuko and Katara are celebrating their anniversary in their bath tub drinking champagne and making love.

        Another Year. Another Life. 

It wasn’t the anniversary he wanted, but it was an anniversary, nonetheless. He could commemorate the loss of a loved one, couldn’t he? Call it an anniversary? Drink to the day… drink to her?

He’d had too much already, but champagne had always been her favorite. He didn’t care if his wife wouldn’t approve. Mai never approved of anything really, unless it involved his silence and her peace. 

     Leave me alone.

     I guess I don’t know you. 

     I didn’t ask for your whole life story. 

Those words rang in his ears day in and day out, but on this day, he could drown the noise out. His thoughts were, instead, filled with brown skin and blue eyes, mirages of the woman he loved in his teens and twenties, still loved.

Imagining Katara was easy— especially here.

He’d drunkenly wandered from his chambers, passed the rooms where his sour wife slept — alone? with another? did he care? —  to the guest quarters in the palace’s west wing. Katara lived here, a decade past, though at the end of that time, she was more so living in his bed and between his sheets. 

Still, this was where it started, those years with her, another life. 

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Fever (for Zutara Week 2016)

A day late, alas, here’s my entry for the Fever theme of zkweek, at least point the long, slow burn finally ignites and Zuko gets to be very awkward.


The Fire Nation sweltered in the summertime, heat and humidity climbing day by day in the capital city until even in the nighttime hours the heat pressed against every inch of a person’s skin. Katara forewent blankets and still tossed and turned wildly. The thought of wearing robes became a nightmare and she ran around the city in the wispy fabrics that had become all the rage in the last year or two.

Things had changed in the time she’d been away, they’d settled more. Resentment still flared up, but less often and far less explosively. Zuko didn’t have to spend every hour of his day in meetings, trying to quash out simmering tensions before they became wild infernos.

She and Zuko ate breakfast together, usually, hiding in the shade and scarfing cool fruits and soft breads. Sometime Zuko brought work along and they discussed it, the two of them trying to reason out the shape the world – or at least the Fire Nation – should take. Sometimes Katara wondered why he shared the thoughts with her, but as she met more and more of the diplomats around him she figured he could use someone who wasn’t completely mad.

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For Zutara Week 2016, @amourinette and I decided to collaborate. Her art continues to forever inspire me, and I know that it will continue to until the end of time. Cindy is so utterly talented and I am honored to be working with her on something so extensive.

You can find her art piece that goes along with my prompt for Day 1, here.

Anyhow, @zutaraweek has been a huge part of my life over the years and I’m so happy to say that it’s always left me with such an incredible feeling of nostalgia. This is my first year participating on Tumblr, but in it’s early years, I participated on DeviantArt. Luckily, I’ve improved and can finally say that I’m happy with one of my works.

Many great thanks goes to the people involved with running Zutara Week. I know it takes so much planning and patience to deal with so many people and questions. Your hard work certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

@theadamantdaughter , thank you for your unparalleled support. Without her, none of this would be possible for I would simply lack the motivation. I’m really glad I decided to randomly message you that one day.

And, one final thanks goes to @rufiozuko for inspiring me to work on my poetry. It’s rough in the making, but I’m sure I’ll get better with time. I’m certainly not a poet, but, one can dream.

  Zutara Week 2016 Dragons

“I didn’t know you could paint.”

The night had started off innocent enough. Stolen kisses betwixt candlelit corridors; butterfly hands ghosting across pebbled skin. It was always a way with them — a never-ending push and pull of singlet tides as their crash came with a fall.

“Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret,” he’d whispered, voice hushed yet full of something hidden, something meant only for her.

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Can you write me some fluffy as hell Dadko and Momtara bc my birthday was actually slightly horrible 😢 please and thank you!

I’m sorry your birthday ended up being not so great… and I’m sorry this took me a few days to get to. I suck at fluff, but hopefully this makes you smile :)

The nursery was dark and cool, with only the hushed humming of a warm firebender filling the air. He danced in time with his song, the old lullaby guiding his feet through the paces of a formal waltz. It was the only dance he knew really, as his lessons in etiquette came to an abrupt halt at thirteen, but to the slumbering babe in his arms, it hardly mattered. The Fire Lord swayed and the child dreamt, content and peaceful against his father’s chest.

But they halted now, Zuko stopping their slow circle, a creak behind him bringing his attention to a yawning waterbender in the doorway. She smiled softly, leaning on the door frame with one hand clutching her blue robe shut, “You weren’t in bed when I woke up.”

“Sorry,” Zuko shrugged, patting his son’s back and given his wife a sympathetic nod. “I didn’t mean to worry you.”

It was the middle of the night, after all, and years ago when they first married, she’d often find him gone from the bed and holed up in their office. Scrolls would be spread out across both desks, lanterns burning, and Zuko -with bags under his eyes and weary grimace- would be working away. Back then Katara would shake her head, worried sick about his stress level and sleepless nights, and then join him in whatever task he was trying to complete.

That was ten years ago though, and Katara knew him even better now than she did then. She knew he was never found in his office after sundown… he was never found anywhere that anyone would first think to look. She had learned all of the places, the secret oases he escaped to with his children in tow.

The turtleduck pond, the library, and here, the nursery.  Each held a special position in his heart.

Kya loved the outdoors, the willows near the water, and the wind in the trees. Afternoon naps with her father and evening firebending lessons in the garden were her thing. With Ezra, the scholarly child, Zuko spent his nights buried beneath blankets in a dark corner of the library, reading old wise tales to the boy until they both fell asleep. And now, with Lee -their little surprise as Katara called him- Zuko would sneak away from the master suite to dance and sing when he thought no one was watching.

But his wife was always watching. She always knew where to find him and she also knew that Zuko loved her intrusions. A fact she made evident as she sauntered towards him, her hands outstretched for the newborn baby Lee, “I wasn’t worried, love. You did this with Kya and Ezra, too.”

“I just want to spend all the time with them that I can,” he explained, his heart warming, even after a decade of marriage, at how quick she was to understand him, to get him. Zuko handed the little Prince to his mother, smiling when he nuzzled right up against her breast.

When she had him cradled just right in her arms, Katara leaned into the Fire Lord, taking a deep breath, “You spend every waking moment with them, Zuko. I love that about you.”

“You’re right,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her and his son, “but the days just aren’t long enough to satisfy me.”

Her giggle, a quiet melody, joined his, and Zuko rested his chin on top of her head. The circle he’d been spinning and his soft humming resumed. This was his family, his life - part of it, at least. He was not about to wake up the eight year old Princess and her six year old brother. The pair was hard enough to put down for bed the first time around.

“You’ll have to cut your hair again, love,” Katara whispered, drawing him from his thoughts, “before Lee is old enough to start pulling it. I remember, from the time Kya was six months to two, you couldn’t go five minutes without her tugging your crown askew.”

“I could just wear it in a ponytail.”

She lifted her face from his chest, peering up at him in faux horror, “Surely, you don’t mean that bald look you used to have.” 

A burst of laughter rumbled in his throat, “No, dear, I’ll just copy yours.” He gave her long tresses, which were pulled back in a braid, a quick tug and then pressed his lips to hers. “I thought you liked my hair longer.”

“I do,” Katara affirmed, smiling when his arms came around her shoulders again, pulling her and Lee back into the slow waltz. “You’re handsome either way, if I’m being honest, but I don’t think Ezra would like it if his father were to chop off all his hair.”

“So Kya doesn’t care? My raven locks mean nothing to her?”

“Kya’s seen you with short hair before,” she reasoned, nuzzling his sternum.

He grinned at her, but a stray note of serious knit his lips into a firm line, “I love her, Kat.” 


“Kya…” Zuko murmured, nodding slowly, “Ezra, Lee, you. I love all of you.”

She looked up at him, her brows pressing together as if to ask where this heavy emotion was coming from, but one glance to the left side of his face and Katara knew, “It’s the anniversary, isn’t it?” 

He sighed, his eyes falling to his son. “Someone like me doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve to be this happy, this complete, to have this much love in my life.” Zuko brushed his scar, frowning, then reached between himself and his wife to graze Lee’s cheek. “I love my life more than I ever thought I would.”

Katara lifted one hand to Zuko’s face, her thumb tracing the reddish ridges back to his ear, “You deserve everything you have, darling - peace, happiness, unconditional love. You deserve it all.” 

He smiled, turning his head to kiss her palm, “I love you.” 

“I know,” she dropped her hand, linking it around Zuko’s waist as their dance continued. “You love us and we love you.”

“I know.”

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I think Katara had feelings for Zuko but never said anything bc she thought he couldn't like her. They both blushed alot when called out on it and it might explain her lacklustre attitude toward Aang. The romantic aspect of Kataang in atla looked completely one sided to me.

I can’t say that she never confessed due to him probably not liking her but I think that there was something they felt about each other. Zuko’s betrayal in Ba Sing Se hurt HER more than ever because they bonded over their mothers and she thought ‘hey maybe he is not so bad after all’. They probably felt something for each other but didn’t know what it was, probably it wasn’t love love, maybe it could be called a crush. I think at least Zuko felt something towards her, was it a crush or just a feeling of repaying for what he did to her I guess we won’t know but we have got to remember that he said to Sokka

‘I don’t know why but I care about what she thinks of me’ 

As for Kataang, I will never see the romance in them…sure it couldn’t be more obvious that Aang has a crush on Katara, it’s a bit hard for me to believe that a 12 year old boy (ok 112 chronologicaly) knows about true love as soon as he is out of an iceberg…what if it had been Sokka holding him after he fell from the iceberg? What if it had been Sokka the first person Aang saw when he opened his eyes?

I absolutely love Aang, he is my little cute bald boy but I highly dislike when he forces kisses on Katara, not once but twice…he kissed her at the day of the black sun and then on the ember islands and told her “We kissed at the day of the invasion and I thought we would be together” he says “We” but I never saw a “we” in that moment, I saw Aang kissing her, not the other way around. It’s like to him a kiss means that they will be forever together, it’s like he sort of lives in a fairytale where he will get the girl just because he is a hero. It’s just my opinion but I usually tend to dislike pairings like that.

As I said in a post yesterday, Kataang had the hugs, had the kisses. Zutara had one bonding moment, one hug and one sacrifice scene. But to me those tiny moments that don’t involve kissing meant a lot more to ME than all the Kataang sweet and cute moments because to me a relationship shouldn’t just be based on ‘how cute they are together’ or like a friend of mine said ‘well they kissed a lot’, a relationship isn’t just about cuteness and kisses, it’s about bond and mutual respect.

Anyway I will never be able to see Kataang as romantic, I see them as a BroTP or as a mom/son thing.

Zutara Month 2015: Day 1 - Secret Lovers


Day 2 - Red String

Summary: A secret liaison after hours has Zuko and Katara meeting in dark corners, hoping no one’s the wiser. 

Rating: T

Author’s Note: I’ve actually never officially written Zutara despite loving them for YEARS so this is a first. And the story was originally going to be a LOT dirtier but I ran out of time. 

Katara bid the Ambassadors good night and left the Council Chambers. She could only sigh in exhaustion after having survived a long day of negotiations. There had been little to no movement from the Earth Kingdom on import taxes and fishing rights, two issues the Southern Water Tribe needed resolution on before the winter storms arrived.

She scrubbed her eyes, trying to ignore the fact that she was going to be arguing over the same things tomorrow. It was slow work but necessary and she likely wouldn’t have been happy with anyone else taking on the responsibility.

The hour was late but she had no idea if she should fit in a few hours at her desk or go straight to sleep. Her only evidence was the servants silently shuffling from wall to wall lighting the lanterns, signifying that Agni had set, with fire serving as a symbolic substitute until he rose again. She smiled to herself. There hadn’t been time to go outside in the last few days and yet she could track the sun based on the efficiency of the palace servants.

One of the many drawbacks to her daily meetings was her personal rooms were on the opposite side of the complex. The newly-appointed Four Nations Wing was beautiful but also far away from everything else. And even after the amount of time she’d spent wandering the halls, she still got lost on occasion. Praying to Tui and La that didn’t happen tonight she turned down a corridor identical to the last three.

She nodded to a group of Fire Nation delegates headed in the opposite direction. They were the same group from yesterday that had blocked any and all attempts to guarantee the Southern Water Tribe trading rights in Fire Nation ports. Afraid of foreign competition, their fierce protectionism was grating and made any trade deal a near impossibility. She was only happy that Sokka hadn’t been able to attend this particular round of talks. It was hard enough controlling her own temper, tolerating the backhanded comments and intentional slights directed her way. She didn’t want to think about how he’d have reacted.

As she was contemplating the trials of tomorrow she was grabbed from behind and pulled into a dark alcove, a rough hand over her mouth, another around her waist. For the briefest of moments she tensed, waterskin in hand, the muscle memory and impulse to defend herself too strong. But then she relaxed, smiling behind the hand as she felt a familiar heat at her back.

He leaned down, lips brushing her ear, his hands wrapping around her, pulling her close. “You know it’s dangerous to be out walking alone at this time of night.”

“Is it?” She feigned ignorance, secretly pleased that he’d been able to get out of his meetings early.

He slowly slid his hands down to her hips, fingers dragging down her tunic before he anchored her with his fingers. “You never know when a Firebender might catch a Waterbender unawares.”

She shrugged against him. “Maybe I wanted to be caught.” She laid her hands over his own and dragged them back up her body to cup her breasts.

“I wouldn’t recommend it.” He trailed his lips from her ear down to her neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses to her skin. “I hear there’s a Fire Lord with a bad reputation wandering the halls.”

“And what would happen if I ran into him?” She raised a brow, wondering how far he was going to take this charade.

“He’d probably pull you into a dark corner and have his way with you.” He squeezed his hands for emphasis.

She smothered a giggle and instead turned in his arms. Even in shadow she could see the fondness in his eyes when he looked at her. Taking his face in her hands, her thumb stroked his scar as she stood on her toes and kissed him. He groaned in response, wrapping his arms around her.

La how she loved this! And yet all they had were these short stolen moments between meetings and after hours, when neither were busy or would be missed. It was a dream to imagine it could be anything else. Truthfully though she didn’t want it to end.

He pushed her up against a wall, tongue dipping into her mouth, his hands sweeping up the outside of her thighs as he pulled her legs up and around his waist. Heavy breathing and the occasional whimper were the only hints that anything untoward might be taking place in the empty hallway.

Only once were they interrupted. Several minutes into their current tryst a trio of noblewomen walked past, discussing the latest rumours from Ba Sing Se.  The pair froze, suddenly tense and anxious, the constant threat of discovery hanging over their heads. Only once the women were long gone did the two finally relax. He softly put her back on her feet, resting his forehead against hers.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” He sounded hopeful despite their schedules.

“Uncle’s asked me to test some teas for the shop. Could you get away?”

Zuko chuckled. “He wants to know if his personal blend of jasmine is better than what he can order from the merchants. But don’t tell him I told you.”

She nodded and ran a hand through her hair, knowing she looked thoroughly disheveled. He watched as she quickly rebraided the waist-length silk he’d just had his hands wrapped around.

“I’ll make time.” He caressed her cheek before pulling her into a bruising kiss, their way of saying ‘until next time’.

He quickly ducked out of the alcove, his face flushed as he quickly walked back to his own quarters. Katara gave him a few minutes while she composed herself. She could still feel his touch warm on her skin, grinning as she touched her lips. It was never enough and yet on no occasion had he left her unsatisfied.

Slipping into the hallway she walked back to her room with a giant grin on her face and fell asleep dreaming of tomorrow.

Zutara Week Day 1: Happenstance

Words:  1737

Rating: T

A/N:  Back in 2013 I decided to do Zutara tropes for Zutara week.  This year its AUs mostly off of those AU posts.  This one is getting lost in Disneyland together.
Katara tapped her foot and scanned the crowd, yet again, in hopes of finding her idiot brother and friends.  Sokka and Suki hadn’t wanted to climb Tarzan’s Tree House while Toph complained about being hunger and trotted off with Aang to go find food.  All of this would be fine if they all kept to their buddy system…and didn’t leave her.  She’d asked Sokka to stay in the Adventureland souvenir store and he’d only been to happy to play with the fake swords and whips (Suki right along with him).

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Prompt 3 | Drunk

“This was possibly the worst idea ever,” Zuko grumbled, watching his teammates flounder drunkenly in the plaza of his beach house.  Where did they find sake and palm wine?  His father’s collection was supposed to be locked.  And how did they chug so much without his knowing?

Zuko tensed.  Sokka was swinging his sword wildly, trying to show off to Suki it looked like; his face was red and his eyes were too wide to be considered safe.  The blade swept through the air, singing as it did so; a second later, he swung it too close to Toph’s head.

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Zuko paused in disbelief, just staring at her wide-eyed, and stunned. He shook his head as his good eye began to water. "You… what?" he choked, weakly squeezing her hand. "Why would you? Now you're in pain… and… you risked…?" He mumbled, closing his eyes as a tear fell. Zuko knew he was dying, and he knew this could be his last moments, but this was news to him- what she gave up. "I love you, Katara… thank you… I don't know what to… I can't believe you… Katara, thank you… I just… thank you."

“I wanted to do anything I could to try and save you.” She shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m just a little sore, that’s all.” Katara moved his hair from his face, swiping it to one side. “I love you, too. I always have, and always will.” She caressed his cheek, smiling sadly at him. “You deserve to live…” Katara waited a moment before speaking once more. “The doctor and I talked on the way here and she had a good point. I really think we should call our children. They need to know what’s happening.”