and think of something else for the actual mother's day


So, I wanna do this now, and maybe change it later, because you know we are going to get more videos. I think we’ll get a short film for each member. And as for the dots, as Yoongi’s merged with Jimin’s, I think Namjoon’s is going to merge with Jungkook’s, and Hobi’s with Tae’s. And then Jin will be the fourth dot. I think it’s mainly as a reminder that all of the boys have connections to each other, and not just with one of the other members. So I’m going to put my theories into four sections. One for Kookie + Yoongi, one for Jimin + Hobi, one for Tae + Namjoon, and then one for Jin.

Jungkook + Yoongi: Jungkook is alive, and Yoongi is dead. I don’t think Jungkook died in that car crash. I think he was put in a coma by it, and he wakes up from it in #BEGIN. He obviously has a strong connection to Yoongi, so I think the whole darkness/rain/crying/fire thing is supposed to symbolize how he feels when he finds out that Yoongi is dead, and how he died. The little red mark on the drawing of Yoongi is in the same spot that Jungkook hit him in INU, so I think that simply shows that that was their last proper interaction. As for Yoongi’s story, he definitely died in that fire. He lit it himself, and he didn’t back out. I’m guessing it’s out of guilt. I think he was the one who ran Jungkook over. Completely out of accident of course. He probably found something out about one of the other members and was upset and didn’t look where he was going. So I think his short video is basically him in the afterlife. The red is probably for the fire he died in. And then he relives/watches one of the moments in life he regrets the most. And the slight connection to Jimin, I think is because Jimin was in the car with him. So basically, Yoongi and Jimin are in a car, probably on their way to tell Jungkook about something that happened to the other members. Yoongi is upset, and isn’t looking where he’s driving, and they accidentally run Jungkook over. Him and Jimin both survive the crash. Yoongi probably sees how bad Jungkook looks after the crash as he’s transported to hospital, and gets consumed by guilt. So he doesn’t even wait to find out if Jungkook is going to make it or not, because he assumes that he just killed his friend. And then kills himself.

Jimin + Hobi: They are both struggling with depression. In INU, Jimin goes underwater, but he goes back up again. So I think he was considering drowning himself, but couldn’t bring himself to go all the way. But Hobi, he seems more determined to die. So I think he does overdose. But, when he’s on the ground in INU, you can see his eyes fluttering slightly. So I think he survived, even though he didn’t mean to. So I guess Hobi is going into hospital, while Jimin stays where he is. Then he’s in the accident with Yoongi and Jungkook. And then his mental health goes spiraling down. He’s clearly taking one of those psychological tests (that I can’t remember the name of), so something is obviously up with his mind. And I think he might be hallucinating. Like, the pillowfight with empty air? I think he’s hallucinating that Hobi is there with him. And I saw someone saying that the apple and painting/photo of a forest could be symbolism for Snow White. And I can agree with that. And I think Jimin might be the evil queen, while Hobi is Snow White. In short, Jimin kills Hobi. But I think it might be because he hallucinates that Hobi is someone else, and not because he actually wants Hobi dead. From what I saw in #LIE, Jimin is at some sort of hospital, so I assume it’s an mental institution of sorts. So, Jimin and Hobi both tried to kill themselves and failed, then Jimin gets worse, kills Hobi and gets locked in.

Tae + Namjoon: Namjoon is dead. He died when the gas stations exploded because of his cigarette. And he was Tae’s support, and now he’s gone. We can see Tae calling Joonie right after he killed his father. But we never get to see if Namjoon actually replies or not. I think Tae calls him right after the explosion, not knowing that he’s dead. Or maybe he calls a dead person, just because he ha no one else to turn to. As for Tae’s story, I’m guessing the girl is his sister. His mother probably died from sickness or something, which made their dad turns to alcohol and abuse. And the day he kills him, Tae probably already was having a bad day, and it was just the last drop to see his sister get abused once again. And I saw someone mention that, in Asia, cutting your hair short is symbolism of leaving you past behind you, so I think that is simply what that clip from Danger was about. And without Namjoon, Tae doesn’t care about running away when he gets caught doing graffiti. And there’s not much more to it, I don’t think. The empty phone booth is probably to show that Tae can’t reach Namjoon anymore.

Jin: He was the first to die. It might have been in an accident, but Demian is about a murder, so he might have been murdered. Either way, his death was the start of everything. His death is the reason why Yoongi was upset and ran Jungkook over, and his death is the reason why Namjoon, Jimin and Hobi are depressed. When he died, I assume that the maknae line looked to the remaining hyungs for support. But the hyungs couldn’t take it, and died one by one. 

And that is my theory. I might add more to it when the other short films drop. And I might be completely wrong. Who even knows with BigHit anymore. What do you guys think? ^^

Wario Man, the world’s favorite garlic based superhero, comes to save the day, and make a quick buck while at it!

Not a bad thought! We were actually banking on a Ness or Lucas reveal, since the 25th anniversary of their series happens to fall on the last day of Comic-Con! If history is any indication, Sakurai will be revealing whoever nobody picks. Just remember that it’s only newcomers who get trailers, not veterans (even if a veteran happens to show up in a new character’s trailer). What do you think, folks? Will we even see anyone show up at Comic-Con, or is Nintendo’s Smash “surprise” something else entirely?

Meet the Parents.

Finally, the day Santana’s mother had been begging for for over a year, was here. Quinn was finally going to meet Santana’s parents. This moment usually happened much sooner in a relationship, but with the two of them, nothing was ever typical about the way they did things. Santana wasn’t at all nervous; she knew her fiancée would get along wonderfully with her parents, and that her parents would just absolutely love the blonde. She could just picture them all now, sitting in the living room, drinking whatever fancy wine her mother splurged on while her father asked Quinn questions about the military and America and whatever else he could think of. She had never been the type of person to be embarrassed by her parents, so she was actually pretty surprised this union hadn’t happened earlier.

In movies, people usually dressed up for this particular occasion, but Santana saw it as just a day at the house she grew up in, so she opted for something a little toned down, just one of her tight dresses her parents had seen her in countless times in high school. She added a jacket and some heels and she was ready to go, wishing she could wear the ring Quinn got her to flash it off. If she wore it, though, she probably wouldn’t be able to pay attention the whole night because she would just be staring at it. She jammed her keys into the pocket of her jacket before taking a seat on the couch, petting Winston as she waited.

On May 2011, the tiny town of St. Michael, in the Spirit Lake Reservation, was shocked by the horrible murder of two little kids. Siblings Destiny Shaw (9) and Travis Dubois Jr. (6) were found murdered in their father’s house. They had been stabbed more than 100 times.

It took three days to realize something had happened and find the bodies, even though the house was a gruesome crime scene. The kid’s parents were separated. Mena Shaw, the mother, was working and taking care of her other kids, thinking Destiny and Travis were safe with their dad. But Travis Dubois Sr. had been away for days, drinking.

At first, suspicions fell on Travis Sr. He actually confessed to the FBI he, and no one else, had killed the children. Later he claimed the confession had been coerced and he’d been in a state of shock.

A year had passed when the investigation turned to another suspect. Valentino “Tino” Bagola, the 18 year old cousin of the victims. His DNA was found under the nails of Destiny, and he had been babysitting the kids on the days of the crime. It was July 2012, and Tino was already in police custody on a theft charge. After three days of interrogation, the teenager finally cracked. And his confession was pretty disturbing, since he revealed he had raped little Destiny before killing her. “I started to bone Destiny then I started to stab her and left her there, Then I slammed Travis to the floor then I started to stab him. I’m sorry for everything that happened to those kids,“ he wrote in a statement.

And the motive for the rape and murders? According to the prosecution, Tino found out that he was getting paid less for babysitting than Mena’s older daughters, so he decided to take revenge on Travis Sr. by doing that to the children. 

During trial, his defense claimed he was innocent and that the real killer was Travis Sr. But the jury didn’t buy it, and sentenced him to life without parole.    

Colours of Thursday: Recent Conversations with my 8-year-old

At the computer, 8-year-old watching Youtube videos of people playing Minecraft

Me [passing by]:   Who’s that guy?  

8yo:  It’s Zexy Zek.

Me:  Zexy Zek?  Hm.  Is he okay for kids to watch?

8yo:  Yes!  He’s like 16 years old or something and he trolls people’s worlds in Minecraft and destroys all their stuff.

Me:  That doesn’t sound very kind. 

8yo:  No, it’s okay, he always rolls things back at the end.

Me:  Oh.  He rolls things back.  I guess that’s okay.  And he just plays Minecraft?

8yo:  He also has competitions where he and his friend see how many marshmallows they can put into their mouths and still speak. 

Me:   That sounds––awesome.

8yo:  Trust me.  It is.


At breakfast

8yo: [sadly] My tummy feels so empty and rumbly.  [Looks down at the breakfast I’d put in front of him ten minutes earlier, laughs quietly, murmurs to himself:]  So now she’ll be like, well, that sounds like you’re hungry, why don’t you just eat? And she’ll be like, what’s wrong with that kid?  [Laughs again, eats]


In the car

8yo:   Why is life so strange and complicated and also what’s Magic Mike?

Me:    Well…

8yo:  Have you ever wished you were Zexy Zek?

Me:   No, actually …  [warming to subject, enjoying beautiful simplicity of question] … in all honesty, I can say that never once, in my life, have I wished I was a 16-year-old youtuber named Zexy Zek who trolls Minecraft worlds and eats marshmallows.   

8yo:   Why not?


At the school gate

Me:  Bye.  Have a great day.  Be kind to yourself and to everybody else.

8yo: Okay.

Me: [walking home, thinking about what I just said.  Actually, that was a good thing to say.  I think I should say it every day from now on.  I think it’ll be like a catchphrase between us.]

Me: [And one day in the future, he’ll be giving a speech at a wedding or something and he’ll say, ‘Every day when I was growing up my mother used to say, ‘Be kind to yourself and to everybody else’, and you know what?’ and then he’ll talk about how it changed his life, or how that’s the pattern he lived by, and that’s why he’s so happy now and why he saved the world from climate change.]

At the school gate the next morning

Me:  Bye!  Be kind to yourself and to everybody else.

8yo:  [stops abruptly - turns back]  What did you just say?

Me:  Be kind to your..

8yo: [interrupting]  Yes, I know what you said.  I mean, why did you say it?

Me:  Well, I thought it was a nice thing to say.

8yo:  But you said it yesterday.

Me [faltering]  Right.

8yo: So why would you say it again?

Me:   Um.  I just thought it was–– a good thing to say every day…

8yo:  I heard you yesterday.

Me:  Okay, but I thought––

8yo:  There’s no reason to say it again. 

Me:  Oh.  Sorry.

8yo:  Well, just don’t ever say it again. 

Me:  Okay.  Bye. 

8yo:   Hm.


At the computer, 8yo watching Youtube videos of people playing Minecraft

Me:  Is that Zexy Zek again?  Did I just hear him say ‘crap’?  Are you sure he’s okay for kids?  

8yo:   Definitely.  Do you want an example of how good he is for kids?

Me:  Okay.

8yo:  Whenever the f-word comes up in the chat, he says, ‘You’d better look away from the screen, guys.’

Me: …

Me:  The f-word comes onto the screen?

8yo:  Sometimes.  But it’s fine, he says ‘uh oh, you’d better look away’.

Me:  And so you look away?

8yo: [smoothly changes subject]


In the living room

8yo:  Do you want to hear a riddle?

Me:  Ok. 

8yo:  What has two legs at lunch time, five legs at afternoon tea, and four legs at dinner?

Me: [Thinking, thinking.]

Me: [Thinking: This is like that one where it’s 4 legs then 2 then 3, but this is different number of legs.  So.  Think, think.]

Me: [Why the reference to meals?  Something to do with food?  Animals?  Some kind of vegetarian point being made?]

Me: [I’m not going to give up.]

Me:   [They’re good for the brain, riddles.  I should learn a musical instrument and a language, for my brain.  But first, I’ll get this riddle

Me:   What was it again? Two legs at lunch, five at afternoon tea, and four at dinner?

8yo:  Right.

Me: [thinking, thinking, thinking.]

8yo:  You don’t know, do you?

Me: [sadly]  No.  What is it?

8yo: [surprised]  No idea.  I made it up.  [philosophical]  Somebody must know.