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Rule of Thumb Pt. 9

Request: yes

Summary: It’s time to determine what is real and what isn’t. 

Warnings: mentions of drug use, djinn, angsty but not, supportive Dean and Sam, abo 


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Pain. Sharp, white pain pulsed throughout your nerves jolting you awake. It took several moments  for your eyes to adjust to the light around you. “Hey there.” A strong, familiar voice greeted you. 

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Get some sleep

Title: Get some sleep

Pairing: Crowley x female!Reader

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: none. Just some fluff.

Summary: (y/n) is one of the only hunters ever seriously going to college. However all the pressure is wearing her out. Luckily Crowley shows up and helps her get some well-earned rest.

(A/N: This is for @ellienovak (hope this even works, I never tagged anyone before), hope you like it and it’s close to what you wanted.)


It had been days since you last gotten a good night sleep. In a couple of weeks your collage exams were to start and it stressed you to no end. As one of the only hunters ever who decided to pull through with college, most of your ‘colleagues’ just smiled at you. They didn’t get it. You didn’t want out of the life, you just thought there was more to life than hunting. Therefore apart from your major, you took some classes in archaeology and Latin. This way you could study and hopefully graduate in the subject you enjoyed while also getting deeper into important hunting basics. For a dead language Latin was pretty cool!

The last couple of months had been tough. You had to completely reschedule your life and get used to the thought of staying in one place for longer than a week. That had been interesting, especially the first time someone from your class had recognized you. You really had to fight down all your instincts, in your line of work recognition most of them lead to some monster trying to avenge their mother, brother, second cousin or whatever. However at some stage you got the hang of it. Hell, you even had a couple of friends to hang out with on Friday nights. It was the closest to normal life you had ever been while it was also one of the strangest, scariest experiences in your life. Collage really was something else. You loved it.

If it weren’t for the stupid exams! See hunting was easy, you had a life time of experience in that. With all the adrenaline and the motivation of saving innocent people, going up close against any monster any day seemed liked child’s play. But this… pages and pages of stuff you had to know in your sleep. This was fucking hard!

You slammed the book down and rubbed your tired eyes. It was already pretty late but you knew going to bed was no point. You’d lie awake and worry about the exams. Tossing and turning till you were so deep in your own mind that you’d start to question your college plans all together. You’d think about all the hunts you should be one, all the people you should be saving right now.

“Hello there.” Suddenly your tired eyes opened in surprise. Swiftly you turned around already grabbing your gun. You might have been a college student now, but you were no idiot!

“What the hell!” You yelled raising the gun at the man who stood relaxed and content in your living room, drink in hand.

“Hell is way tidier, love. Your place looks more like a battel field.” He looked around at all the text books and study notes that were shattered over the floor and any other available surface. “Don’t tell me the novels finally started a fight against all the scientific crap humans read and call it learning.”

“No one is picking a fight except the demon who just interrupted my studying.” You rolled your eyes. Admittedly your place was a serious mess. But wasn’t that how collage girls were supposed to life? Eating take out or ramen noodles, while their place looked horribly close to a cave?

“Calm down, love” He chuckled piling up some of the books on your tiny sofa “I just came to check in. Moose and squirrel haven’t heard from you in days, so they asked me to check in.”

“I’m fine.” You protested not wanting to worry anyone. Damn, you were a grown woman you didn’t need someone to send the king of hell of all people to check on you.

“That’s what I told them” Crowley just shrugged and sat down next to you. His drink reappeared refilled in his hands while he leaned back. Apparently he wasn’t planning on leaving you to your studies anytime soon. “But since I’m already here I thought I could spent some quality time with you.”

“Quality time with the king of hell?” You questioned doubtfully.

“Call me your majesty anytime you feel like it.” Crowley winked at you before picking up the book you slammed down before he arrived. “Archaeology. Can’t quit being a hunter deep down even in this place, ay?”

“This isn’t some vacation” You retorted “I’m studying.”

“Please don’t tell me you got yourself some of these hipster smart girl glasses?” Crowley sounded actually distressed and disgusted by the mere thought. “You can still go the college without these, right?”

That made you laugh. For the first time in days you relaxed and just simply laughed. The thought amused you so much you even considered getting some, just to mess with Crowley. Unfortunately you had forgotten about his mind reading ability. He scowled before looking at you in all seriousness. “Don’t even think about it, love.”

“Sometimes your abilities really suck.” You pouted.

“Only the best for you” He replied. The book really must have struck his interest, he turned it once again in his hands before he opened it to one of the pages you had marked. “Egypt. Hmmm…” He kept scanning the page while you watched him. His eyes flow over the page incredibly fast, getting deeper and deeper into the matter. “You know I’ve been there?” He pointed at one of the newer archaeological sites.”


“Remember Dick Roman and his digging everywhere?” He smiled at you finally tearing his gaze away from the page “Of course the king of hell had a close look at all the findings. You would be amazed what he dug up.”

“Can you tell me about it?” For a second you were surprised yourself by your request. Quickly you decided it was because hearing first-hand about archaeology would probably help your studies. It had nothing to do with the fact that you found yourself enjoying Crowley’s company. Nor had it anything to do with his amazing accent. Nop, this was all for college.

“Sure” He nodded handing you the book to look at some of the pictures. Automatically you moved in closer, leaning slightly into him as he pointed out things on the newer coloured pictures. You found yourself enjoying not only his accent but his stories as well. Helping out the Winchesters with the Leviathans at the time, you didn’t know much about all the times Crowley went after whatever Roman was trying to dig up. It was surprisingly fascinating. And funny, you found yourself laughing more than you had in weeks, probably since you started college even.

You listened and laughed and slowly you drifted off to sleep. Your eye lids were getting heavier and you found following more and more difficult. At some point you promised yourself to only close your eyes for a second and to look back at the pictures after. However you couldn’t bring yourself to open them again. Subconsciously you snuggled closer to Crowley’s warm form just enjoying the company. So close you smelled a hint of sulphur and alcohol, but it didn’t disturb your peaceful rest instead it made you sleepier.

“Get some sleep, love.” Crowley whispered his voice close to your hair. You felt a hand brush over your cheek softly. “You really should take better care of yourself. Even a hunter gone college student needs rest.”

“Can’t sleep” You murmured, eyes still closed, too sleepy to be anything but honest.

“I can see that” He chuckled “Saw that the moment I came in here. Your eyes looked tired, worn out. But love, you’re almost asleep now.”

“That’s cos you’re here.” You nuzzled even closer into him, wanting to keep his warmth and comfort.

“Is that so?” Amused he pulled you closer into his side, pressing a light kiss in your hair. You answered with a soft affirmative hum. “Sleep then, I’ll stay right here. Just… Just promise me you also try and take care of yourself when I’m not around, love.”

Again you hummed affirmative, not even knowing to what exactly you agreed. The only thing your brain could focus on was the soft warmth you were pressed against and even that warmth slowly faded as you completely drifted off to sleep. The last thing you heard was a soft “Good night, my love” and a tender kiss in your forehead.

Scribble-Doodle: Sweaters

“Don’t you dare!” Alec barks, stomping into the room.

Magnus freezes for a second like the proverbial deer in the headlights, but then he turns around slowly and lifts the… thing he was about to quietly and definitely rid them of. “This isn’t a sweater, it’s a rag that something big, ugly and toothy chewed on and then spit out in disgust!” 

“Gimme that!” Alec snatches it back and cradles it protectively. 

Magnus throws up his hands. “I give up. Just give me one good reason for why you insist on insulting my closet with this… this…” He finds no fitting words.

Alec narrows his eyes and says, “Fine. Come here.” Then he grabs Magnus and starts manhandling the faintly protesting warlock around like rag doll, until he manages to pull the tattered, greenish-grey thing over his head and stuff his slender arms through the loose sleeves. 

When Alec turns his lover towards the full length mirror in the corner of their bedroom, Magnus almost recoils in horror. “Dear God, what ever did I do to you?”

Alec snorts, then he winds his arms around Magnus from behind and props his chin on Magnus’ shoulder. “Shh. Now, close your eyes for a second and just feel. Come on,” Alec prompts gently when Magnus glares at him.

With a put upon sigh, Magnus complies. And okay, the cotton is soft, worn smooth and comfortable, he admits as he runs his hands up and down the holey sleeves. The sensation makes him want to… snuggle

“Oh,” Magnus whispers and when he opens his eyes, he finds Alec looking at him in the mirror. 

Alec smiles, eyes crinkling at the corners, and kisses Magnus’ ear. “Yeah, oh…” he agrees and pulls Magnus tighter to him, his warmth loosening something in the warlock’s chest.

And years later, when the ugly, tattered sweaters are the only thing Magnus has left of Alec, they still feel like his husband’s embrace.

Ashton Irwin Smut; Bed Buddies

Hey guys! Here’s my last smut of 2014 *sob*.

I really hope you guys enjoy it! It’s a long and dirty one! :-) Please let me know what you think of it! 

All my love and best wishes for 2015,




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This Weary Heart of Mine

Kakasaku Week 2016 prompt 3: under the weather


Sakura came home from the hospital absolutely exhausted.

Thankfully her faitfully reliable husband was there to catch her tired body before it met the floor.

“Again?” He asked her softly as he carried her to their bed. Sakura was too worn out to even give a coherent answer so instead she mumbled into his chest.

He laid her down on the bed and went into the adjacent bathroom to start a relaxing bath. When he returned Sakura had shifted onto her stomach and covered her head with a pillow

He chuckled inwardly. His wife’s childish antics never fazed to amuse him.

He contemplated whether to let her sleep or wash her and get her out of those dirty hospital scrubs. He was certain his face would meet a fist or two if he tried moving her from her cozy position (she could still pack a punch, no matter how tired she was) but he also knew that she’d be more bitter if she woke up replenished but stinking of antiseptic.

So he went ahead and got himself a bruise or two.


Sakura came to in a swirl of light and warm water. Her body felt relaxed and clean and her eyes opened slow.

A shock of silver was what she saw first but the sight was so familiar after all those years of waking up to it she felt no need to be alarmed.

She sighed as his long fingers ran softly through her hair, massaging her scalp and rubbing the shampoo in. She hummed contendedly. This routine had happened often enough for her to like it very much.

“You know, I never thought I’d actually get someone so perfect,” she sighed.

Kakashi smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“I just never thought I’d get you,” he replied with wonder and awe.

And true to his words, he hadn’t. Being fourteen years apart, in different primes of their shinobi careers, all the rules and regulations that forbade superior-subordinate relaitionships - those had all been factors that they had somehow evaded or overruled as being unimportant. Their being together was a product of some very kind kami that decided, somehow, that he deserved someone as wonderful as her.

There were still moments when he came home to see her making dinner and took a minute to remind himself that yes, she was acually in his house, as his wife, and that this was not all a dream.

Those moments filled him with such love for her it overwhelmed him each time. He was underesving, he had done horrible things, he had died, for kami’s sake! And yet here he was, perfectly content to wash his love’s hair while she relaxed after a rough day at work. 

Sakura turned her head to look at Kakashi. His face was bare, but his mask hung loosely around his neck. He never bothered to pull his mask up at home, but he kept it within easy reach in case one of their eccentric friends decided to pay an uninvited visit. Which happened a lot, really.

She could tell from his faraway expression he was thinking very deeply about the past. Anyone who said they had not struggled to finally come together was a fool. They were probably the only couple in her generation that had so much trouble about formally entangling themselves with their significant other. 

Ino and Sai had no problem, other than all the responding surprise at their coupling. Shikamaru and Temari were practically pushed at each other ever since the Chunin Exams. Sasuke had no clan to judge his wife and Konoha only cared about the heirs he’d produce. Hinata’s father had warmed up to Naruto sometime before the War. And all was well with the rest of the Konoha Twelve…except for when Tsunade’s prized apprentice and the illustrious Seventh Hokage started showing interest in each other.

The civilians were against it because of the age diffrence. The Elders were against it because their very existence was made for going against ever Hokage. The shinobi of Konoha were a different story altogether. Half did not care. Half thought there was nothing wrong with it and only the most idiotic ones voiced their disapproval. In which case they were in many differect variations silenced by loyal supporters.

In simple words: they had had many troubles.

One of Kakashi’s hands strayed from her hair to smooth over her flat stomach. As soon as she felt his tough Sakura immediately knew what he wanted to ask but would- could not.

A resigned exhale left her lips. “I’m not pregnant.”

A pause. “I know,” was his soft response. Only then did she notice the faint trace of chakra on the tips of his fingers. He was using chakra to enhance his senses and search for another lifeforce withi her, she realised.

And suddenly Sakura felt so ashamed. After three years of marrige she could not even give him a child. What was wrong with her? They had both gotten tested and no problems had been found. Kakashi wasn’t old (no matter how many jokes she made about his age) and Sakura was most definately in her peak time to reproduce.

She knew Kakashi didn’t fault her, and Kakashi knew she didn'nt blame him, but she was the top medic in Konoha and, fi anyone, she should be able to diagnose what the problem was. But she couldn’t. Ergo, she was at fault.

“We’ll try again,” Kakashi reassured because he knew what his wife was prone to think about when they discussed her pregnancy, or lack thereof.

“Yeah, but for how much longer?” Sakura asked with sad eyes.

Kakashi had no answer. He, too, wondered how long their hope would last.


Sakura woke in the middle of the night, threw off the covers and ran to the adjacent bathroom. Her hand covered her mouth and she strained to keep her dinner down before she reached the porcelain toilet bowl.

This was the fourth time in the past week. Sakura wasn’t naive. She knew what early morning visit to the bathroom to throw up last night’s dinner meant for a woman. There were two options. 1) she was sick, which was unlikely because something as simple as a stomach bug she would have already taken care of and 2) she was pregnant, which was a much better and wanted notion.

Sakura had been suspicious ever since the first time but thought better than getting her hopes up. But after it happened the second, third, and now, third time, she was ready to know for sure.

She brushed her teeth and gurgled extra then went to her wardrobe to change into day clothes. It was still too early to head to the hospital, barely past five, and the sun had only just begun to colour the sky with light shades of orange and pink.

She stared out the window, through the lazy white curtains and waited for the bright ball of sunshine to fully come out. Kakashi had left for a short mission a week ago and was due back perhaps in two days. It was more than enough time for her to confirm and await his return to surprise him.

She changed into civilian clothes and sta down to have her morning coffee while shhe waited for her toast to pop up.

As soon as the timer dinged and the bread shot out an uniformed ninja appeared in her kitchen ina swirl of smoke.

“Forgive me, Hatake-san, but Lady Tsunade requests your presence at ER immediately.”

Sakura sighed. Of course the one day she wanted to get strated on paperwork was the one day some hot-head ninja decided to be injured enough to need both her and Tsunade.

“I’ll be there now,” she told him.

The nin nodded and disappeared just as suddenly as he had appeared.


Kakashi was exhausted. The mission had taken less time than anticipated and he had run back home as fast as he could in the last twenty hours. Now, standing in front of his door, all he wanted was to strip down and cuddle up with his lovely wife.

After much contemplation, he entered through their bedroom window. The bed was the first thing his eyes landed on. He could clearly see the lump under the covers and knew that his wife had taken up residence on both sides of the queen bed.

He slipped into the bathroom with nary a sound and came out moments later in a worn out but comfortable pair of loose trousers. He moved Sakura gently to make enough space forhim before spooning against her curved back and pulling the covers over their heads.

Her welcoming warmth seeped onto his bare chest and he kissed the top of her messy pink hair. He was home


Oh no, was Sakura’s first thought before she even reached full consciousness. She didn’t realise that the reason it took extra long to untangle herself from the covers was beacuse of a masculine arm wrapped around her middle.

She jumped out of bed and made for the toilet bowl on pure instinct. Her sweaty palms gripped the sides as she hurled up what meager dinner she had consumed the night before.

Her forehead hit the cool bowl and she stayed that way. Only when she heart light foortstepsapproaching did she turn her head to glance behind her.

“Hey,” she whispered around her scratchy and dry throat.

Kakashi crouched behind her and rubbed circles in her back. “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

Sakura kept quite for a while. “Sakura?” Kakashi prompted her. Still Sakura did not speak.

Her husband huffed and she took that to be a sign that if she did not speak he was dragging her to the hospital. Sakura blew a bang out of her eyes. “So…I’m pregnant,” she finally relented.

She felt Kakashi’s whole body freeze as she waited for his reply.

Instead he reached around her to slip his hand under her light camisole. She felt the tingle of Kakashi’s chakra against her stomach and waited for him to find what she already knew to be true.

A soft gasp came from behind her ruffling her pink hair just so. “I can…I can feel it,” he said in disbelief.

Sakura bit her lip as giddy happiness bubbled in her chest. This was it. This was what they had been waiiting for, trying for and now…they finally had it.

He swept her slightly damp hair aside with his sharp nose and pressed an intimate kiss to the base of her neck. It was praise, a sign of his love and promise to protect their little joy all in one small kiss.

“Thank you,” he whispered. Sakura felt a drop of moisture on her shoulder which brought tears to her own eyes.

Everything is perfect now, the happy couple thought.


Heavily inspired by Wolfy Tale’s To Grow a Garden.
And loosely based on Kakashi’s perceptions of himself in Sunrise by Shoobilydoobily.

Two amazing Kakasaku one-shots that I have read this past year. I highly recommend them to any Kakasaku fan.

Under Candlelight - Tsumugu Kido - NSFW

Request for a Tsumugu Kido smut one shot by a lovely anon. I am super happy about this request. It gives me a chance to express my love for that awkward sweetheart <3


It was a cool morning when Sarina awoke for work. Switching off her alarm sleepily, she looked out at the grey skies before pulling herself out of bed.
Getting ready, Sarina headed downstairs to make breakfast for Tsumugu.
Ever since Sarina had gone through the ordeal of meeting Tsumugu’s sister, Mizuki, things had settled down considerably. Though Sarina only felt closer to her boyfriend.
Smiling to herself at the thought of him, Sarina felt a warmth in her heard as she prepared breakfast.
‘What’re you smilin’ for so early?’
Feeling a pair of arms wrap lazily around her waist, Sarina breathed in the familiar and welcoming scent of Tsumugu, the soft fabric of his worn jumper was comforting as it wrapped over your arms.
‘It’s a secret,’ Sarina responded, a light blush dusting her cheeks as she turned to face him and gave him a good morning kiss.
‘A secret, huh?’ he repeated, a mischievous look dancing in his eyes as he rested his head in the crook of her neck.
‘Y-Yes…’ she responded, a hint of a blush on her cheeks as she plated up breakfast.
‘I guess I should head off shortly,’ she remarked as they both sat down to eat, a small sigh escaping her lips as Tsumugu regarded her with a kind smile.
‘Don’t wanna go?’
‘I just wish we could have a little more time together. It sounds silly when we work together…but things are different there…’
Mulling over her word, Tsumugu knew how she felt. Those guys at the office were too friendly for his liking. If he had his way, he would just tell them to stop getting so close to his woman.
‘I should go,’ Sarina remarked suddenly, pulling Tsumugu from his thoughts as she got up and put the plates in the sink.
Though as she headed out into the hall to put on her shoes, Sarina felt an arm around her waist as she was pulled into Tsumugu’s warm chest.
‘Ain’t ya forgetting somethin’?’ he asked, his voice gentle and kind as he brushed his lips against hers, her lips having the faintest taste of strawberry from her morning smoothie as he smiled slightly.
‘Have a good day…’ she breathed, her voice barely a whisper as Tsumugu’s cheeks darkened.
‘’Don’t go pullin’ such cute faces at work, y’hear?’
‘Okay…’ she returned, feeling a warmth in her heart from Tsumugu’s lingering kiss as she left the house.
How he wished they could just take the day off.
The day had started out as busy as any other at Seasonelle. With the newest articles all having been assigned, Sarina threw herself head first into her work.
Gathering all the materials she needed, she worked solidly throughout the morning, while Tsumugu occasionally observed her from his desk.
Sarina always worked so hard, sometimes to the point of overexerting herself. Tsumugu knew that the others watched over her, not because they believed her to be vulnerable and incapable. But because they cared.
That had been apparent during the scare with the threatening letter that had been sent to Seasonelle following an article Sarina had written.
He just wanted her to know that she didn’t have to rely on anyone else. It pained Tsumugu to think of how badly he had treated her when they first met.
She was his girl now and he never wanted her to feel that way again.
Putting aside his work when he realised he wasn’t being as productive as he needed to be, Tsumugu decided to go and take a nap. Though as he looked over, he quickly noticed the rain that was streaming down the windows.
Muttering to himself in annoyance, Tsumugu resigned himself to go and get a coffee, though once he had gotten to the vending machines, his thoughts trailed back to Sarina as he got an extra can for her.
Leaving it on her desk when no one else was around, Sarina looked up at him with a gentle smile that melted his heart.
‘Thank you Tsumugu,’ she remarked softly, checking that they were alone as Tsumugu nodded to her.
Looking to the dreary weather outside, Sarina had a feeling that the rain wasn’t about to let up anytime soon.
Though as the day wore on, Sarina realised she was in for a late night as she took on a last minute article for Akiyoshi.
‘Can you have this ready in the morning?’
‘Absolutely,’ she agreed, setting to work.
By the time she realised how late it had gotten, almost everyone had left the office.
Glancing to the clock, Sarina saw that it was eight pm already.
Sighing internally as she stretched, Kaoru’s quiet voice spoke out from behind her.
‘Are you still working?’
‘Yeah, I’ll be here a while yet, you go on ahead.’
‘Do you have an umbrella?’
‘Yes I do,’ Sarina smiled. Kaoru didn’t say much, but he could be incredibly thoughtful.
‘Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow.’
Waving goodbye, Sarina soon got back to work, thinking she should text Tsumugu soon when she noticed someone coming into the office.
Seeing her boyfriend still dressed in his work attire, Sarina guessed he must have been at a late interview when he came over to her.
‘Hey. You still workin’ on that article?’
‘Yeah…looks like I’m going to be here a while,’ Sarina sighed. ‘Did you just get back?’
‘Actually I went an’ got you this,’ he responded, clearly embarrassed as he set a bag down on her desk.
Opening it up to find a delicious meal inside from one of the local bakeries, Sarina was incredibly grateful as she thanked him.
‘Don’t work yourself too hard…’ he remarked, clearly fretting as Sarina took the opportunity to place a hand on his, seeing him blush at the simple gesture.
‘Thank you for always looking out for me.’
Nodding slightly at her words, Tsumugu went back to his desk and got out some work, though Sarina was certain that he was only doing it to keep her company.
He never liked Sarina walking home alone. Ever since that night, he had insisted that they meet after work and walk home together, especially once the light started to fade.
Though as the weather got worse, Sarina was startled by a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning outside.
Seeing Tsumugu’s dark eyes darting up to her face as she jumped, Tsumugu was evidently concerned as she brought some papers to his desk to distract herself.
‘You okay?’
‘Y-yeah, I’m fine, it just caught me off guard-’
Though before Tsumugu could respond, the power suddenly went out, leaving the building suspended in darkness.
‘Tsumugu…’ Sarina started, panic setting in as she felt warm arms wrap around her.
‘It’s okay…’
‘I-I don’t like this…’
‘It’s just a li’l darkness. I’m here with ya, ain’t I?’
‘Don’t worry…I ain’t gonna let nothin’ happen to ya,’ he breathed, his Kansai dialect coming through as he held you in the darkened office.
Feeling his heartbeat, through his waistcoat, Sarina began to relax a little as Tsumugu searched for a flashlight in his desk, while keeping one arm around Sarina and holding her close.
‘There should be some candles in the supply room,’ Tsumugu remarked softly. ‘Stay close to me ’n’ don’t let go of my hand.’
‘I won’t,’ she responded softly, gripping his warm hand firmly as he felt his heart start to beat faster.
‘Atta girl,’ he remarked, his voice gentle as they went to find some candles and supplies.
Deciding to work from the conference room where they had a little natural light, Tsumugu and Sarina set up an array of candles, giving them some light as she looked up into her boyfriends eyes with some relief.
‘I’m glad you’re here…’
Seeing Tsumugu look at you, all his inhibitions were lost as he suddenly cupped her face in his and kissed Sarina with passion and fervour.
‘Tsumugu…’ she gasped breathlessly, unable to resist him as she intwined her hands in his hair, returning it to it’s usual unkempt state.
‘Do you have any idea how much I’ve been wantin’ to do that?’ he remarked, his voice awkward and shy as he brushed his thumb over her cheek.
‘I’ve wanted this too…’ she admitted, seeing the surprise in Tsumugu’s face as he leant his forehead against hers.
‘I dunno if I can stop myself if you’re gonna be sayin’ things like that.’
‘Then don’t,’ you responded, looking at him seriously as he captured your lips with his once more. Feeling his hands slip around her legs and lift her effortlessly, Tsumugu slid Sarina onto the desk, away from the candles as he leaned over her, his lips trailing down her neck as she let out a moan.
Seeing him toss his jacket and waistcoat aside, Sarina grabbed his tie and pulled him into a deep kiss as she easily undid the tie and threw it aside while his hands worked deftly on the buttons of her blouse.
‘Sarina…’ he breathed, his voice husky with desire as his lips trailed along her bare collarbone. Quickly removing her blouse and bra, Tsumugu’s left butterfly kisses along her chest, his hands teasing her ample breasts as she gasped aloud.
Arching her back as she gave into the pleasure he was making her feel, Sarina’s gasps and moans were only riling Tsumugu up more, his desire evident by the prominent bulge in his trousers.
As his hands slipped around her waist, feeling her soft skin, Sarina reached down to unbuckle his belt, her hands soon finding their way into his boxers as she grazed his firm member with her finger tips, eliciting a sharp gasp from Tsumugu as he gently sucked on her breast, leaving a red mark as he felt her teasing his length with her long, slender fingers.
She was truly incredible. Tsumugu could hardly contain himself as he kissed her fiercely, his teeth lightly nibbling on her lower lip as she granted him permission.
Feeling his tongue slip inside her mouth, Sarina got the faintest taste of strawberries as he continued to kiss her with need and desire. He wanted her so badly.
Pulling her forward slightly, Tsumugu looked into her eyes with a mixture of lust and love as he leant his forehead against hers, his disheveled hair falling into his eyes as he intwined her hands in his.
‘Please,’ she encouraged, her voice sensual as Tsumugu found himself unable to resist her any longer.
Sliding the full length of his hardened member inside of her, Tsumugu let out a groan as he began to thrust inside of her slowly.
At first it was sensual, with his hands supporting her up as he gently brushed her lips with endless kisses.
‘God I love you…’ he muttered, feeling her hands slip around his waist as she pulled him deeper, his eyes widening as he leant her back against the table, pushing her back as he got on top of her.
Thrusting faster, deeper, Sarina’s name fell from Tsumugu’s lips countless times as he held her close, feeling her legs wrap around his waist as he growled slightly.
‘Damn it…’
‘I love you Tsumugu,’ Sarina cried out, her voice filled with ecstasy as he got her close to the edge. He completed her. Whenever they were one, it was so intimate. So intense.
As she pulled him closer, it felt as though they were moulded into one.
Swallowing her moans with a kiss, Tsumugu could feel her walls throbbing around his shaft as he realised his end was near.  
Clutching onto her, Tsumugu could feel Sarina tense up around him as he let out a low groan. Pushing himself even more deeply within her, Tsumugu was overcome with pleasure, bringing Sarina with him as he gently rode out the orgasm, his breathing laboured as he looked down at Sarina and kissed her forehead, cheeks and eyelids before pressing a gentle kiss to her lips.
When they had both regained better control of their breathing, Tsumugu helped Sarina redress before himself for fear that she would get cold.
Leaving his jacket off, Tsumugu gently draped it around Sarina’s shoulders as he then pulled her in close and kissed her.
‘Let’s go home to bed, together,’ he remarked shyly, taking her hand in his as she smiled warmly at him and leant her head against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him.
‘Okay…’ she nodded, making him feel an overwhelming sense of happiness in his heart as he held her carefully, like she were the most precious treasure in the world.
‘I love you…’
‘I love you too,’ she smiled warmly, though even as they left the office and went out into the rainy night, neither of them would ever forget that evening, nor would they be able to hide their embarrassment for the first few team meetings that followed in that very conference room… 

So there you have it! I had to add some fluff in there because I love Tsumugu. He’s such a sweetheart <3 But writing some smut was also really fun. I might have to write another smut related one for Tsumugu, or even a head canon for all the OTBS guys. 

Hmm! More ideas! Thank you so much for the request! It is almost 2:30am so I’ll probably call it a night with this post, but there will be at least one more up tomorrow! 

Much love! 


Stony Prompt #35

@arwenxs said: Tony and Steve have just started dating when he finds some animal he wants to keep? Except Tony doesn’t want animals in the tower. So Steve is trying to subtly convince him about the benefits of having a pet while keeping the pet secret on his floor.

//sobs quietly// This sucks a lot, but I wanted to post SOMETHING at least- So here is Steve + cats the second. Thanks for the Prompt, my friend! I hope it isn’t too bad ;7;)

Steve paces in his room, chewing on his bottom lip and trying not to panic. He has a dozen good arguments at the ready and he knows Tony is not unreasonable, just… a little stubborn sometimes.

A noise comes from the window and Steve stops, glaring.

“Don’t complain. You’re the reason I’m in this mess”, he says strictly – but the golden eyes stare back at him completely unimpressed. Steve sighs deeply, then walks over and carefully extends his hand. One moment later, soft black fur rubs against his skin and he can’t fight the smile that stretches his lips.

“Alright, buddy… I’m not angry”, Steve mutters quietly. The cat purrs loudly, happily – a noise that makes its lean body vibrate. It’s soothing to listen to and the blond sighs again. Steve found the cat on the streets a while ago; a thin little thing that meowed pitifully when he crouched down to pet it. It’s a tom cat with jet-black fur, vibrant yellow eyes – and a single white patch on the chest.

Really, it was that white spot that made Steve take him with him.

He’s named him Tonio, because somehow the cat reminds him of his boyfriend. Perhaps it’s the expression; one of sheer determination, which is something that Steve can often read in Tony’s face. He admires that sort of strength and it’s only one of many reasons why he fell for the genius.

But, as lovely as Tonio is, he’s also causing some troubles.

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Wear Me Down

SO. I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO WRITE THIS. Because I found this image very, very distracting in that new OVA trailer.

Yukata AND un-pomp’d Badd? Are you freaking joshing me right now?

It was also determined in conversation that Garou needed to get over there and get some of that. So this is basically the result. Probably not this exact trip, since it seems to be prior to the Garou saga but, in the words of Invader Zim, “BUT I DON’T CARE.”

Nothing really explicit but still Badd and Garou enjoying each other’s company. Also language. Do I really need to warn that at this point? It’s batarou. They ain’t exactly nice with the language.

Badd was just starting to doze off when he felt the shiver that started at the base of his spine move up to the very top of his head, the briefest flash of intuition that had come from years of being a hero, that was especially keen when he was away from home. His fingers went immediately around his bat, which was as always at his side, tucked into the futon out of sight of the intruder.

He opened his eyes and immediately saw a very familiar figure crouched on the balls of his feet, eyes shining at him in the darkness. The rush of adrenaline faded into another kind of excitement, because he couldn’t help being very, very glad to see Garou. There weren’t many times when he wasn’t.

He could see a flicker of a smile on that sharp face, and he sat up, beckoning him forward. “What the hell are you doing here?” Badd asked as Garou’s cheek met his hand, urging him to stroke as he leaned over him.

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I wrote you a little something. I didn’t want to risk Tumblr eating the asks so I’m submitting it. Hope that’s cool. I love you, boo. *HUGS*

Note: This is Dean/Cas and is in some weird sort of canon/sort of AU where Cas has returned to Dean without his powers.

When Dean finally has Castiel back with him in the bunker, safe and sound and well, what he loves the most are not the looks they exchange, the rumble of his voice in the mornings as he waits for the coffee to percolate with his hair sticking up all over, his laughter at a joke Sam makes, or the way Dean’s worn T-shirts look on him. He thoroughly enjoys all those things, don’t get him wrong.

But what he loves the most are the touches. The casual brushes of shoulders or arms as they pass each other in the hallway. The comforting hand on his lower back as he leads Castiel in the kitchen. The warmth of Castiel’s body as he stands behind Dean watching while he cooks. He loves that he can grab hold of Castiel’s hand, which makes Cas smile and link their fingers together. He loves that he can plop on the couch and drag Cas down with him into his lap, that they can snuggle up pressed against each other, arms wrapped around waists as they doze off. He loves that he can run his fingers through Cas’s hair while the ex-angel snores quietly on his chest. He loves that Cas will come up behind him while he’s waiting for the coffee to finish and hug him from behind, resting his chin on Dean’s shoulder and tilting his head to give Dean a peck on the cheek. They kiss and share a bed and fall asleep in each other’s arms, and Dean adores all of it, adores Cas. But the touches. The fact that he can reach out and touch Cas, feel his skin, his hair, his warmth, his heartbeat, with Dean’s own hand and body any time he wants and know that it will be wanted, accepted, craved, returned, and reciprocated, and above all else, real. That. That is what Dean loves the most.
Pan - Chapter Ten

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: Um… so… don’t cry ok… and don’t hate me :D

Jane leaned back against Thomas’ chest as she looked into the raging indoor fire pit. Her stomach full of the boar he’d caught and cooked, her mind racing with joy at the idea of living like this forever. Forever. It didn’t seem like long enough. She ran her hands down the figure fitting black trousers the fairies had given her, twisting her fingers in the knot of the crop top she’d made from the oversized shirt. She’d never have worn something this revealing at home. The top cut down low, exposing the tops of her breasts, the fabric knotted tight just under her bra line to show off her slim stomach, the pants sitting low on her hips. She’d never felt more comfortable in her skin.

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