and things i look forward to on monday

The sad thing about this clip is now i have to think all weekend about how star pretty much just walked home by herself fuming with jealousy and sadness and thinking all by herself. Probably thinking she’s a terrible person for having a crush on her best friend when he’s happy with his Girlfriend. She literally has to just watch and suffer and that breaks my god damn heart. I’ve never looked forward to a Monday this much

Attached (Part 2)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day on the job at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 783

Part 1

A/N: Thank you all so much for the likes/reblogs on the first part of this series! I read all of your comments, and I’m so happy that you guys enjoyed the first part. This one is on the shorter side and has no Bucky, but I just wanted to give you guys a little more insight about the reader. 

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“How was your first day at work?”

You shrugged, picking through the food on your plate as your step-sister arched a brow at your silence. Aside from the live chat calamity, your first official day at the New York Bulletin went smoothly. You planned on looking through job listings after dinner just in case if (and definitely when) you get fired. 

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Camp sex with harry

Glamping was a hard sell when I’d suggested it.  Sure, Harry Styles could get down and dirty with the best of them, but the idea of sleeping in a tent that took him three hours to build while simultaneously trying to keep himself bug bite free was not something he was so jazzed about.  And glamping, in his words, “just seems unnecessary”.

Vacations were hard to come by for the two of us these days.  Since his solo career had launched it seemed like I had been carted from one four-star resort to another.  And sure, it was fun.  But the idea of being out in nature, under the stars, snuggled in a sleeping bag with Harry was just so enticing.  

He’d tried to convince me to let him take me off to The Caymans or St. Croix but once he’d witnessed the look on my face when I’d suggested the glamping, he agreed.

So we were off.  To our 4 night stay in Conestoga Ranch in Utah.  The accommodations we were staying in were actually old covered wagons.  Harry was actually ok with that part.  Because honestly, who in the world would expect to see him staying in a covered wagon in Utah?

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Couples Counseling

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.

Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200+

A/N: This is the first of two parts, because the fic got away from me and ended up being too long to post as one part. The second part is complete and will be up tomorrow! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one!


“Remind me again what we’re doing here?” Dean is only half-sitting down in his chair, looking very much like he’s one wrong answer away from fleeing.

“Calm down,” Sam answers, keeping his voice low and steady. “Three people, all from the same small town, murdered their spouse then committed suicide, all within the span of a week. The only thing they have in common is this therapist.”

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Not to be rude but did you replace the Monday update with a thing on project glory? While it sounds really awesome and I'm looking forward to it a lot I'm kinda disappointed about not seeing a page

Didn’t you know?

We’re on our union-regulated break this week, just as we do the last week of every month! Our GLORY message wasn’t a replacement for the page, it was posted despite there being NO content scheduled for this week.

To combat comic burn out, we’ve been taking a one week break per month since June. 

As for the next two weeks, we’re traveling abroad! I’m taking a long international flight from the USA to see Eruto, then we’re jet-setting all over Europe! It’s hard to keep a comic schedule when we won’t have access to our tools, so during this period the blog will be put on a “limited” schedule for the first time. While we are out, Ellipsis will keep things up-to-date with asks, fanart, and the like.

There will be one special bonus comic scheduled for Chara’s birthday on 9/9. (That’s right, Chara’s birthday is right around the corner!) Regular updates start back up on September 18 (literally the day after we both get back home).

If you can’t go that long without more Caretaker goodness, during the trip we will be continuing to update Patreon with sketches, and Chara will still be managing the official Twitter.

I am legitimately not ready for this season (AND YES I SAID SEASON AS I REFUSE TO EVEN CONSIDER THAT THIS IS THE SERIES END) of Timeless to be over tonight.

This show has made my Mondays something to look forward to. I mean, honestly. 

Who looks forward to a Monday?

I do. 

I do now. 

Because of Timeless. What a feat.

I need more of this wonderful show, I need the well-written story to continue to unfurl, I need to get to know these amazing characters better, I need to get all of my questions answered.


Into It

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: PG-13 / R (smut later on in series)

Warning: Potential triggers include: drugged drink, attempted forced sexual contact 

Word Count: 4,647

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

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What are you most looking forward to in season 3 of Lucifer?

Wow, there are so many things to look forward too.

  • I finally have an excellent reason to look forward to Monday’s again
  • I really want to see Lucifer and Chloe TALK. There is so much tension between them after Chloe’s near death that I don’t think either has really thought that much about the situation in regards to each other’s feelings 
  • I mean I know Lucifer was terrified (”his greatest fear”) of Chloe dying and how it was both physically Hell and emotionally Hell for him to watch himself almost loose Chloe forever
  • obviously the reveal scene and everything that comes afterward in terms of how Chloe will cope with the truth, plus how it will actually happen
  • Lt. Marcus & the Marclo situation, it will be nice to see Chloe seeing someone else, get her out of the Lucifer bubble a bit so she can’t figure out her feelings and all, plus have some fun. And this Marcus guy seems pretty shady so I’m interested in learning what his deal is and why he is in LA
  • More Maze & Trixie scenes, those two are thick as thieves and I love how Trixie was Maze’s first friend. A 7-year-old was the worlds most badass demon, who can kill you with just one look and snap your body apart in less than 2 seconds, first friend
  • Ella scenes with Lucifer, Chloe, freakin’ everybody. I love Ella and she is so funny and is so blatantly obvious about everything. I need her to make more “just have sex already” statements because it helps ease those angsty moments a bit
  • TRIBE!!! I need another girls night out where everyone just talks about everything. SUPPORT SYSTEM!
  • Douchifer bromance. Their relationship has grown so much. We went from “it’s hard not to be a douche” to him calling him Daniel and having some respect for him
  • Flirty S1 Deckerstar and fluff to help us cope with the hell of an amount of angst we will be enduring this season. Tho, I’m ready for the gift scene from the Vegas episode that will air
  • Any other curveball or things the writers add this season

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One week until third year commences!

Supper excited to start third year even though most everything I’ve heard about it suggests that I should be running away in fear. 

During our third year we have 10 year long courses running simultaneously. Classes 8 hours a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With Surgeries and other labs Tuesdays and Thursdays. Previous grads from our school have repeatedly said they’d rather write the NAVLE all over again than repeat third year finals… 

and I can’t freaking wait to start! 

Because I’ve heard that the majority of what you need to know to be a real vet your learn in third year… not that the first two years are useless, they were building a foundation from which you build on in third and fourth year. 

Things I’m looking forward to this year:

  • We get to do spays and neuters  on live animals (then see them adopted out)
  • We get to practice wound closure techniques, enuclatations etc. on cadavers
  • We finally get to learn about exotics
  • We’re finally being taught how to be real veterinarians instead of students 
  • Medicine and surgery of cats and dogs, horses and food animals are three of the courses I get to take!
    • Dentistry! Ophthalmology! Internal medicine! oh my! 
  • We get to organize and set up all of our fourth year rotations 
  • Our White coat ceremony is in March. We have a blue coat ceremony in first year welcoming us into the profession and at the end of our third year we have a white coat ceremony to signify the beginning of our clinical careers 
  • and so many more things to look forward too 

It’s truly going to be one of the hardest years of my life but I’m so freaking excited to be going back to school and getting started! 

#amedotbomb9 prompts!

June 2017’s bomb prompts have arrived!

For this bomb, I asked you following to send in some suggestions. I got a lot of marriage and flirting related asks, so I created the prompt list based on some steps in a relationship!

Here they are:
Flirting/Pick up lines - (Monday, June 5th )
First Kiss - (Tuesday, June 6th)
First Dance - (Wednesday, June 7th)
“I love you” - (Thursday, June 8th)
Engagement - (Friday, June 9th)
Wedding - (Saturday, June 10th)
Honeymoon - (Sunday, June 11th)

AU’s are totally allowed, especially for this one.
*Please tag all your contributions with the hashtag #amedotbomb9 and or tag me to ensure that I see them.
*You may also submit any bomb-related content to the blog and I will share it!

I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the adorable things you come up with for this one! 

Lunch is looking real good for today 😍😍 Monday morning! I start my Monday’s teaching my 3 classes at my fitness club 5:30-7 and then a big rush to start uni at 8! This is a big container full of quinoa, Brocolli, sweet potato, black beans and corn! I spent the weekend over eating and drinking! I enjoyed it but it always feels good to start fresh on a Monday and be back into my routine! No point dwelling over what you ate on the weekend, the best thing to do is to forget about it and move forward! Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for an even better week ahead!!! ❤️❤️😊😊


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MSR prompt: Mulder and Scully having a Netflix and Chill night on Mulder's sofa. Fluff/a bit cheeky (not explicit?) ❤️

So I’ve taken Netflix and Chill literally anon, and also tweaked it a bit to fit in with the timeline, I hope that’s ok :) (also I haven’t watched Netflix in so long, so I’ve relied on Google to tell me what shows are on there.

Scully knocked on the door to the unremarkable house and waited patiently. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the key in her pocket but she resisted. After all, it was her house – at least in name – but it wasn’t her home, not at that moment. It had stopped being her home a little less than nine months ago, when she’d finally had enough, went upstairs and packed her bags, and left. Back then she and Mulder had barely been on speaking terms, but thankfully now things were different, or at least heading in the right direction. Mulder was in therapy and taking his meds like a good boy, while Scully was supporting him through it while seeing her own therapist – after all, they both had their issues that they needed to talk through. They were still a long way from getting back together, but they were now at least on the right track, and beginning to feel comfortable around one another again.

Mulder had called her that morning, inviting her over after work. It wasn’t an unusual request – recently they’d been seeing one another during evenings and weekends for dinner or the odd movie night. When Scully had politely declined, claiming she’d be too tired after a 12-hour shift, Mulder had persisted, telling her he had something important to show her, knowing full well that she could never refuse him, that curiosity got the better of her, just as it did him. And he was right. “You sort dinner and I’ll be there by seven,” she’d finally relented, before hanging up and returning to work.

And now here she was.

“Use your key” came Mulder’s familiar voice from somewhere within the house.

Shaking her head and almost too scared to think about what Mulder might be too busy with to answer the door, Scully did as he suggested, pulling out her key and letting herself into the house. She half expected to be greeted by silence, thinking Mulder would be locked away in his study, distracted by the internet, but she was surprised to see her former partner sprawled out on the, sofa, engrossed in the television.

“Hey Scully,” he said, sitting up on the couch, his eyes never leaving the TV. “Come on in.”

“Hi.” Closing the door behind her, Scully approached the couch.

“You’re here.”

“You sound surprised,” she replied. “You promised me you’d sort dinner.”

“It’s on its way,” he assured her. “Carluccio’s.”

“My favorite.”

“I know. I treat my lady well.” Scully rolled her eyes. “I called up about ten minutes ago. It should be here in twenty.”

“Great.” Standing by the sofa, she waited patiently.

“There’s popcorn out back, which I’ll grab after dinner. The beer is in the fridge, and I think we’ve still got some wine out there.”



“What was it you wanted to show me?”

He smiled to himself. “Take a seat Scully.”

She looked down at the sofa. “Does that mean you’re about to give me some bad news?”

“Not at all, it’s the best news you’ll ever hear.”

Curious, she moved to sit next to him on the couch. “What is it?”

He gestured towards the television. “This.”

“You got a new TV?” she asked, squinting over at it.

“I did not.”

“What is it?” She was tired and hungry, and wasn’t in the mood for guessing. “What are you watching?” she asked, aware she didn’t have Mulder’s full attention.




“What’s that about?”

Mulder tore his gaze away from the television to glare at her. “What’s that about? What’s that…?” He shook his head. “Netflix isn’t a show Scully, it’s the gateway to another world.” He ignored Scully’s eye-roll. “It’s a subscription service.”

“You got me over here to watch porn?”

“It’s not porn. I mean I guess there might be some R-rated movies on here, but I haven’t checked those out yet. No Scully, Netflix is magic, look.”

Scully looked on while Mulder pointed the remote at the television and navigated back to the menu. “You get allllll of this Scully, all at the touch of a button…every single movie or TV show you could ever imagine.” She didn’t look too enthused by the revelation. “America’s Funniest Home Videos –”

“That’s on enough as it is.”

“Wait, let me continue, the list is endless…” Mulder scrolled down. “CSI, Bones…Charmed…I know you secretly loved Charmed…Prison Break.”

Suddenly Scully seemed to perk up. “Wentworth Miller.”

“Yeah whatever…The Office…Oh hey, there’s something called the Walking Dead.”

“I think we used to be in that show.”

Mulder grinned. “All the documentaries you could ever want. Conspiracy Files –”

“Mulder, I think you’ve had enough conspiracies to last a lifetime.” Scully paused as Mulder continued to scroll. “Is this why you invited me over? For Netflix?”

“Netflix and Chill Scully.”

“Netflix and Chill. What the hell is Netflix and Chill?” She narrowed her eyes in suspicion. “Why do I feel like I’ve just walked into a trap?”

“I just invited you over here to watch some TV.”

“It sounds like a code word for something more than just watching TV.”

Mulder smirked. “Well, I believe it can refer to something –”

“Mulder, if you’ve called me over here for a booty call under the pretence of watching a movie, I –”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he replied with a smirk, remembering the good old days, back when they first got together, when a pizza and movie would lead to more and then both would wake up with smiles on their faces. “But no, on this occasion Scully, I’ve called you over for a Netflix marathon. A Star Trek marathon.” Scully groaned. “You love Star Trek.”

“I tolerate Star Trek, that’s different to loving it.”

“You have a crush on Patrick Stewart.”

“That has nothing to do with Star Trek. Besides Mulder, a Star Trek marathon would take days.”

“I know,” he said matter-of-factly. “I also know for a fact that you’ve got two days off work now. That’s why I bought enough supplies from the grocery store earlier to ensure we don’t have to move until at least Monday.”


“And look,” he said, reaching over the back of the couch to retrieve a comforter. “It rained sleeping bags. We only need to leave the couch to pee, although if you’re happy with a bucket I can sort something out.”

“I am not spending the next 48 hours watching Star Trek.”

“There’s ET,” he replied suddenly, in a bid to convince her. He dropped the sleeping bag onto his lap.  “If you’re after a little something darker we’ve got the Shining.”

“When did you get this?” she asked, shaking her head once again.

“Last week.”

“Mulder, have you moved from the couch since then?”

“Of course I have Scully, I went to the grocery store earlier.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“There’s just so much on here to watch. See, Gremlins. We’re talking old school here.”

“You’re never going to leave the house again, are you?”

“Of course I am. I only got us enough popcorn to last until Monday. We’ll need more supplies.”

She stared at him. “You know after all of these years, you still surprise me.”

“I’m just keeping things fresh,” Mulder replied as he watched her kick off her shoes and bring her legs up onto the couch. “Duvet?” He willed himself not to look too smug as Scully accepted the comforter off of him, and draped it over their legs.

Scully suddenly leaned forward, something having caught her attention. “Back up.”

“What?” He paused in his scrolling.

“Go back up,” she said, gesturing at the television. As Mulder did what she said, she suddenly smiled. “There.”


“Now we’re talking.”


“Grey’s Anatomy.”

Mulder grimaced. “No. Not McSpunky.”



“You know how much I love this show Mulder.”

“That’s it, the offer is off the table. You can go home now, I’m not watching that.”

“You’re bluffing. I know for a fact you’ve brought enough food and drink to last a lifetime. You’ll never get through it alone.”

“I’d rather it go to waste.”

“Besides, you said you ordered Italian. That means there’s a salad coming and there’s no way in hell you’d eat that. You need me.”

“You’re killing me Scully.”

“You said yourself we’ve got time to marathon shows.”

“Star Trek Scully, I specified Star Trek.”

“Alright, how about for every few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy we watch, we mix in a little Star Trek?”

He seemed to perk up at that suggestion. “Alright,” he conceded a few moments later. “But Deep Space Nine.”


“You get McHellNo, and I get Seven of Nine.”

“But –”

“I’ll throw in some Reese’s Pieces too.”

“Really? But you never share those.”

“That’s how much I want you to stay,” he replied, reluctantly pressing the button so they could start watching Grey’s Anatomy.

As the episode began to play, Scully shifted closer to Mulder and rested her head on his shoulder. “Then I guess I’ll stay.”

Misc Information on Store, Cosplay heads, etc.

Okay so here is the plan of attack (mostly talking to myself here for my reference.. it is like a glorified to-do list but updates as well for others):

I am planning to ship out roughly 10 individual orders per day starting Monday, July 24th. Due to the length of time it takes to process, assemble, package each order, it is tiring to do more than this amount. I will be selecting earliest orders first, please look forward to the emails! Besides business things for the store, preparations for a future event I’m selling at and important artwork that I need to finish, I wont be very active art-wise in public for the time being. I will still answer the asks, IMs, messages!
If you have a current order and are wanting to add additional items please message me to edit the order!

Sans heads are in productions and there is good progress. One customized Swap Sans head is currently finished and is awaiting shipping in two days, while three Undertale Sans heads are awaiting painting. We plan to have these finished by the end of the weekend. When the first Undertale Sans head is finished, they will be displayed on Tumblr!
Productions will be in order for the individuals who have paid first (as displayed in a section of my blog), I will be crossing off names which have been shipped out. However if there are persons who need their head by a specific date for conventions, they will be taking priority.
If anyone has a current order which needs to be finished by a specific date, please let me know if you haven’t already!
Underfell sans head is still awaiting to be in production. 
As always, if you are interested in a Sans head, please message me!

Thank you for being patient with both of us!!  👏

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Guess who’s back! 8D

After two long lovely restful weeks I’m back. And things are looking up! I’m so relieved today after news we’ve received I keep almost crying haha. Hence not being around for the last day or two when I actually got back very early Monday morning.

I see some very lovely messages in my inbox that I will be getting to tonight and some chats to get to too ^o^ So I promise nothing has been ignored, I just wasn’t here for a while and then what with waiting for today’s news I wasn’t really up for talking, that’s all. But the news was OK so we shall be OK! x

Anyway, I am here again ^.^ If anyone wants to ask/send me things tonight feel free 8D Who knows what I’ve missed over the last few weeks!

Call center

So I worked for this callcenter that goes by the name that has an amount of stars greater than four, in North Dakota. I was initially trained on catalog accounts such as a sewing company, steak company, etc. which I didn’t mind because it wasn’t hard. All I had to do was take orders or unsubscribe people from emails. Around Black Friday, I was getting trained on this account that is centered around plus sized clothing(not the company) similar to Jane Bryant and has pink and white colors. It was a company that has gone backrupt multiple times and got a new owner. My old work has had this account for over for years so they added people on originally for the holidays… They only trained me on taking orders and not customer service stuff so I basically had to figure the answers myself all while making sure I don’t piss off customers. I would ask a supervisor to help me and she’d tell me to call sup that was in ANOTHER state… I eventually became dedicated which means I work on just that account. At first it was great, it was a new change. Slowly it got really repetitive and customers started getting ruder. During this time I was taking three online college classes while working around 25+ hours which might not be that much but it was. Between my mental health and classes, I ended up calling in a lot just because I didn’t want to get out of bed and adult and deal with rude people when I was already struggling… it got to the point where I started skipping weeks at a time and the first time that happened they got mad at me and told me not to do it again.. so I didn’t for a while but then the classes I was taking were getting harder and harder.. I knew I wouldn’t have that much money but I continued to call in sick to work on my mental health as well as homework… i just want to say, never stay at a job that makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning or doesn’t understand aspects on college and mental health. You’ll find yourself constantly not wanting to come in. I tried E V E R Y T H I N G mind you but I just couldn’t do it. I told myself to stick it out until August 19… I put in my two weeks last Friday and my last day was supposed to be August 12th… I ended up calling in Thursday through yesterday(Tuesday) and they called me on Monday telling me that they accepted my resignation mainly so I don’t have to keep calling in as if it was a hassle for them. The thing that sucks is if they would’ve been more understanding about school and my mental health and if I wasn’t moving to another town for college I probably could’ve stayed. Needless to say, I’m so god damn glad I’m out of that place and I feel so much better mentally as I don’t literally have to look forward to the weekend in order to be happy. Call center jobs aren’t for everyone. I have more stories but I just wanted to expand on this topic for now.


we didn’t even officially start yet and i am so wiped.

this weekend was nice. we had a low key bbq with my sister & jimmy yesterday for labor day.

pd today was all about responsive classroom and teacher language.

training tomorrow has to happen in my classroom bc they just found structural issues in the gym in the other building.

we had our initial meeting with the dog trainer today. he’s great and we are pumped to get started.

therapy tomorrow. looking forward to it. but bummed bc i have to cancel acupuncture this week (after rescheduling) since were having the first doggo training session and it’s important that we start.

i’m anxious about students starting monday. year eleven. so weird.

meditation & my hand lettering projects have been clutch lately. plus doggo & hubs snuggles too.

that is all. more soon, beautiful people.

The Fox and the Doe

In which Elain wants her mate to come visit.
Written for my absolutely wonderful friend @my-boyo-fenrys. (Sorry it took so long! Lucien is a bit hard for me to write (even though he’s only in like half of it shhh))

if you want to request a story, I have a post for that, or just drop it in my asks or messages!

Word count: 2499


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