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Writing tip

One of my beta readers thought I needed more scenes of my MCs falling in love. I agreed. But as I quickly discovered, when you’re writing about any emotional process, you run the risk of repeating yourself ad nauseam with all the feelings, actions and reactions that go along with it (because they happen so much). Some of the many things that occur during the falling-in-love process are smiling, laughing, gazing, whispering, caressing.

I was getting really tired of writing those words. 

Then it occurred to me that you don’t have to write every single feeling or action. Readers understand what’s happening between your MCs, if from nothing else than your book blurb and the story’s genre. So use things like setting and dialogue to fill in the blanks where you’d normally put a feeling, action or reaction. 

For example, let’s say the MCs are at a carnival. They’re holding hands and running around the midway playing games and having the time of their lives. You don’t have to repeatedly say “they smiled,” “he laughed,” etc. Readers get it.

Don’t get me wrong: you will still write a lot about smiling and laughing, but you can be more selective about it. Fit it in during unexpected times. For example, maybe one character’s joke sucked, but it still made another character’s day, so the person smiled/laughed. 

My old school journalism training often creeps into my creative writing. I’m tempted to take readers through every detail, to explain processes step-by-step. But that’s not always needed in fiction. Set things up. Context is your friend. Readers will get it.

Honestly one of the hardest things for me to do is give people space after a disagreement/fight/misunderstanding. I go through the full cycle of anger, hurt, guilt, shame, sadness, self-loathing (whether I’m guilty OR innocent) in the space of a few hours usually, sometimes overnight, & on the rare occasion, a full day.

So when it’s over, *I* am ready to just move on & be friends again. I get antsy when the other person takes longer to forgive or needs more time to process.

The best thing to do is give the other person space b/c almost always when I try to force the issue, I make things worse, but MAN, it is HARD.

Oh, and then there’s the AGONY!! The silence eats me ALIVE. I start thinking all sorts of horrible things about myself, often b/c I manage to upset the super nice, patient, generous people you never thought could cut someone off or want out of their life long-term. (I hate that I have such a super skill for this.) I mean, the degree depends on how close I am to the person &/or how much I admire them on a personal or professional level. But GEEZ. It’s enough to make me question making close friends at all.

But then…oh. I NEED IT. Lol.

I really hope that

when Silver and Madi reunite, it’s not some rushed BS. Too much has happened for them just go off together. How will she reconcile Silver jeopardizing a war she so strongly believed for her safety? How is she going to secure the safety of the Maroons? I want to see her tell him that he is enough. I am going to be super pissed if we don’t get an in depth scene or they just gloss over things or worse, left things unsaid. Please, writers, don’t play with my emotions like this. Lol

Here’s the thing you need to know:
When someone gets hurt deeply by someone they love, they don’t choose to not love again. It’s not like they’re saying “hey, you know what, I could probably love you, but I choose not to”.
It’s more like an instinct. They pull away without wanting to, without knowing that they do. They want to be loved again, they want to love again, but every emotion in their body is telling them to stop. They no longer know that they can or can be loved. They don’t even know if love has ever happened or can happen to them. Love appeals to pain for them, and so they close their heart.
—  I.t

I really love the dialogue you can have with Warden Alistair in Inquisition. like, yeah, he sounds a little frustrated and angry every time someone asks him about the Blight, but it makes sense? like, he’s hearing the Calling, every Grey Wardens nightmare (literally!), he’s watching the Order that he loves basically destroy itself after 10 years of trying to rebuild, and people are still asking him about the Blight.

ignoring that he’s probably got some serious PTSD from that whole time (being one of only two survivors, facing a fucking archdemon, all the horrible things they witnessed along the way, etc), I probably wouldn’t care much about what happened ten years ago if there was an evil Magister wreaking havoc.

but then the dialogue you get from a Warden Alistair that was romanced by a living Hero of Ferelden

his entire demeanor shifts when you ask him about the Hero of Ferelden. his voice loses the edge, he gets a little quieter, and he talks about her with every bit of emotion he did in Origins.

like, no, he doesn’t want to talk about the Blight and all of the horrible things that happened to him (and his friends and the woman he loved and his brother and his father figure) and he has no problem making that known, but he could talk about the love of his life for hours with the same bit of happiness he had before

idk, I keep thinking about that and honestly it just makes me really happy

I never thought I’d be the kind of person to say I can’t be friends with an ex… but I can’t be friends with you. I’m sorry – I just can’t.
I cannot sit across from you at a table and not want to reach for your hand. I can’t talk with you about mundane everyday things that don’t matter and not want to tell you that I love you. Nothing upsets me more than the thought of ‘acting casual’ around you when I am so completely head over heels in love with you it’s just not funny.
I’m sorry. I can’t pretend like we never happened or suffer the indignity of being downgraded to ‘just friends’. I used to be the person you told all your secrets to… how can you expect me to sit there and talk about the weather!? As it stands, I can’t even see a picture of you and not get emotional… there’s just no way I can be in the same room as you. I’m sorry… You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and it kills me to lose you from my life forever – but it’s nothing compared to slow agonizing death of being close to you when I know in my heart I’m no longer close to you at all…
—  Ranata Suzuki | We can’t be friends

Cas gets, like, weirdly into sweaters when he’s human for good. Dean sort of blames himself. He sent Cas out with a list of groceries one afternoon only Cas apparently wandered into a thrift store “out of curiosity” and came home with six sweaters and exactly none of the things he was actually supposed to buy. 

Some of them are okay. The plain blue one looks good on him. One of them is really soft which yeah, all right, Dean can get behind that even if it looks like it was knitted by a blind person. But the others are just varying degrees of awful. The purple sweatshirt with a glittery cartoon raincloud that’s probably been sitting in Goodwill since 1983. The yellow one spotted with bumblebees. The red and white striped chunky knit thing that makes Cas look like Waldo. The fuzzy grey one that makes him look like a koala bear. The slogan ones–oh god, the slogan ones. 

Cas loves them. He pulls the cuffs over his hands and rubs his cheek on the shoulder and bundles up in like three at once when the winter chill gets into the bunker. He says he’s “creating his own style”, whatever the hell that means, but to be honest Dean just worries what he’s going to do in the summer when long sleeves aren’t an option. (Sometimes Dean has nightmares about Cas going into a Hot Topic and coming out looking like a 1970s punk rock groupie.)

But whatever, Dean can live with it. If it makes Cas happy, who the hell is he to put the kibosh on that? But then. There’s this time. This one time that Cas comes into the kitchen one morning and he’s not wearing the sparkly cloud sweatshirt or the koala bear fuzz or the multicolored zigzag catastrophe–

–he’s wearing Dean’s hoodie. Dean’s yellow hoodie that he kinda secretly kept from a crazy case what feels like forever ago, and damn seeing Cas all bundled up and soft and warm and comfortable in something that belongs to him just flips this switch somewhere in Dean’s chest and he drops his spatula and strides across the kitchen and Cas is saying something about how he hopes it’s okay he went in Dean’s closet and Dean shuts him up by kissing the ever-loving fuck out of him. 

“Oh,” Cas says, breathless, as Dean pushes his hands underneath the layers of hoodie and shirt to run his palms over the hard muscles of Cas’s stomach and sides, “more than okay, then.” He smiles against Dean’s mouth. 

Dean laughs, delirious. “You and your fucking sweaters, man.”

my fave part about jaal is like, honest to god how GENUINELy emotional he is. like u have all these movies and games where they’re all ‘oh he’s so emotional!’ but all the dude character does is whine and throw things but jaal just. is really fucking free with his emotions. he embraces the people he loves without a moments hesitation, he’s eager to do nice things for his friends, when horrible things happen he’s one of the first to weep, like genuinely fall to your knees weep, and he never tried to deny it. he even warns you on several occasions ‘i might cry, as this is a somber subject’ with the kind of flippancy you’d expect of someone saying ‘oh i might be doing this later’, he’s so genuinely unashamed of it! and anger! he gets angry too! but not in that edge-lord bloodthirsty way but in a deeply wounded righteous fury kind of way. i remember hearing him scream. ‘LOOK AT ME! I WILL KILL YOU. I WILL KILL YOU ALL!’ or something along those lines as he was witnessing someone, who he didnt even know, be horrifically tortured. he also openly says he loves people. before your romance with him is even locked in, he calls you ‘dearest’ and lists what he loves about you, SAYS that he loves you. and this isn’t used as a joke except for one time when he offers the crew ‘emotional sensitivity training’. they just. respect it. and he’s not weak. he’s not made to feel like less of a cool, tough resistance fighter. he’s not berated or talked down to. jaal is a deeply emotional, deeply sympathetic, and all loving badass resistance fighter who is allowed to be cool and open hearted at the same time.

Tidal Waves

Summary: Bucky broke your heart and then disappeared from your life without a trace. It was like he never even existed. When he suddenly comes back, you’re not sure how to respond. 

Word Count: 1,634

Warnings: swearing, angst, a lot of angst

A/N: Full disclosure - this is based on my experience with my ex. The messages are word-for-word our conversations. The last part of this story happened literally earlier today. There were a lot of emotions swirling around on my head and I needed closure. I guess this is that, or rather, it’s trying to be. This gets a bit dark, but I promise you guys I’m doing better now so please don’t worry too much about me. Today was long and emotionally draining, but I’m trying to be okay. I needed to get things onto paper, and I figured why not do it in story form? After all, writing always helps me sort things out. 

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Bucky: We can’t be together anymore. This isn’t what I wanted. I’m sorry. Please don’t contact me again.

You remember the exact moment you got Bucky’s text. It had been just weeks before your two-year anniversary. Part of you knew it was coming. You sensed it as he grew more and more distant, withdrawing into himself.

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1. Are you okay? It’s been a week now since we’ve had proper conversation. Usually I wouldn’t worry too much because these things happen, and I’d get some kind of warning from you about your mental or emotional state, but this time, nothing. It’s driving me a little nuts because I have no way of knowing if you’re alright unless you tell me. So are you okay? Even if it’s just a sentence reply “I’m not fine.” Or “I’m okay.” Something, anything. Just let me know.
2. Alright. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I guess we’ll talk when you want to or can. I’m not necessarily in a good place right now, so I don’t want to worry too much. You’ll be back when you can be I guess. Sorry if I annoyed you.
3. I hope you’re okay. I really hope you’re okay. It’s driving me insane. You’re driving me insane. I’m worried about you, so much. I don’t know why, but this time doesn’t feel normal, maybe it is and you’ll be back but it doesn’t feel like you will be.
4. I hope you’re okay. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get through to anyone else to find out how you’re doing. I’d hate if something was wrong all this time, since I’ve kept messaging you despite getting no response and am probably annoying the heck out of you, but I can’t help it. I mean, I could, but it gets worse if I do. It gets worse if I try to stay away. I miss you a lot, and it feels horrible..
5. You know I hate being vulnerable like this, but you’ve seen me like this before. I’m honestly scared. Best case scenario is nothing’s wrong. Worse case scenario, something is wrong. And who knows, nothing could be wrong but you haven’t told me anything. Plus, if there was truly nothing wrong, we’d be talking..I’m in the dark here, and there’s no one except you to pull me out.
6. I hope you can forgive me for being so annoying, even now. I just can’t leave you alone. You’re probably disregarding all of this for a day when you figure I’m worth tolerating, if ever again..but I can’t seem to stop. This feeling is weird, if it isn’t love then it’s the closest I’ve even been to it. Literally everyday I’m thinking of pieces to write and things to say to get my family to accept you.
7. It’s so hard to just sit by knowing that for some reason you refuse to talk to me. It’s hard to sit by while days and nights pass without me hearing your voice. I’m so bent on making sure I make sense that I have to revise everything, even now. I keep trying, I keep calling, texting, messaging you on Tumblr, posting on our personal account..I can’t just sit by while you’re gone.
8. I guess you haven’t seen anything of this, or you’re willingly refusing to. Either way, it really hurts being away from you more than I’ve ever been. This kind of thing has happened before so I probably shouldn’t be going crazy like this but I can’t stop. Just because you’ve left before doesn’t make it easier. I can never be certain if you’ll be back..
9. I hate the thought of that so much. The thought that this is where it ends. I don’t like that idea at all..but even if that is the case, if you’re simply done with me for whatever reason, I’d like for you to tell me. If you’re not done with me, then I’d like for you to come back..I hate to sound selfish but sooner than later would be nice. I can’t express how much this hurts.
10. I guess what I’m really trying to say is I want you back in my life, for real and not one-sided. There’s a very good chance I’d lose a lot for fighting for you..but at the same time, I don’t feel content not fighting. Perhaps I’ve already lost the fight..? Maybe you’ve moved on already. If so, I’d like to know that too. Better than waiting for something that no longer has a chance of happening. I really miss you. I hope in some way, shape or form, this reaches you.
—  They say that when you’re in love, you just know. I was never sure. Maybe it was because of how I was brought up. Maybe it was my life experiences. Even so, I always questioned it. I always questioned you, and still am, even now. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Texts I Actually Sent #1/ “Was I in love with you?” (349/366)

When I think of Qrow’s semblance, I think of thirty minute visits to the houses of the people you love the most in the world before leaving because you’re afraid you may make them hate you.

I think of tearing away from your team for fear of something bad happening to them, and when you try to explain they just don’t understand.

I think of learning how to crush your own emotions any way you can - booze, solitude, flooding your life with work - because emotions are social things and you are not supposed to be a social creature.

I think of watching your friends move on and grow closer and closer to one another until they get start getting married and wishing you could have something like that but telling yourself you can’t.

I think of the niggling thoughts that must spring up every time you hear something bad happens to your friends, because even if you aren’t around them you still think about them all the time and it might be your fault.

I think about blaming yourself for the death of the only people you’ve ever been close to, and convincing yourself you’re right about it.

It’s understandable why Qrow drinks, and why he acts the way he does. It’s a defense mechanism. He’s trying to stop people from getting too close.

‘Samme tid et helt annet sted i universitet’ - Evak one shot.

So, I did a Thing. 

Now, English isn’t my first language and I haven’t read it over and I don’t have a beta but I needed to write something for Even and Isak because I’m not ready to say goodbye. I’m really emotional rn. 

Anyway, this is what I think happened after Even came over to Isak’s house after he told him to call him when he broke up with Sonja (aka, smut. And fluff, I’m starving for Evak fluff help. Also I have never written smut before so be kind, thanks). 

Enjoy, and comment if you’d like. It may get a second chapter, if inspiration strikes. Feel free to give me ideas. :) 

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He remembers every single instant, second for second, minute for minute.

How he was so anxious and scared and terrified that he’d lost Even forever, until he discovered that he hadn’t.

When he looked outside the window and saw him standing in front of his building, with his jeans jacket and his perfect hair – his heart leapt out of his chest, and all the fucking butterflies of the world started pestering his stomach, his chest. His brain went blank for a few seconds, until he realized that he really was there. He didn’t call, he just ran to his goddamn house.

‘It’s Even’ – Isak told his friends – his incredible, amazing friends, who hadn’t judged him or anything when he came out to them, who helped him and loved him even more and he couldn’t even breathe for the sheer happiness he felt, the belonging, and he thanked the moon for them every day -.

'Even? He’s here? Are you kidding?’ - the faces and comments they pull would have made him laugh in any other circumstance, but right then? They had to get out as soon as possible.

So of course he threw them out, even if he loved them, because Even was there and he just needed to talk to him immediately.

When he finally reached the door and opened it, he didn’t know what he should say or feel. Having Even in front of him like this, after all that happened, Isak didn’t really comprehend what was going to happen. He truly wanted to talk with him – except that, he really didn’t.

The boy in front of him – almost a man – looked like he wanted to say something, but just couldn’t think of anything else besides from 'Hi’.

So he took the situation in his hands, went for his neck and brought his lips down to his.

Did it miss this feeling, like fireworks and fire and a fucking storm all wrapped up in one and when the hell did he become such a sapp?

He couldn’t have cared less, not when the man of his life was pulling him up on the wall of his living room, where anyone could come in and see them (he couldn’t bring himself to care about that either). When Even pulled away he wanted to reach for him, but then he was pulling off his flannel, and then he took off his snapback, and his shirt, and Even’s too. And just like that they were half naked, and he just needed to feel him against his skin, keep him close and just breathe in everything that was so undeniably Even, Even, Even. His perfume, his hair, all ruffled with him always running his hands through it.

He felt like time and space and all the other universes didn’t exist in that precise moment, but only Even’s mouth on his lips, on his neck, on his shoulders, and his chest and his navel… and suddenly, Even was looking up at him from the floor, giving his usual eyebrow thing that made him go wild. Isak swallowed and just kept staring. Then one of his hands went in his hair and he nodded.

Even was swift in opening his button and his fly and getting rid of his jeans, which went to the floor. He thought for a moment that maybe he should take off his shoes and kick them away, but then Even’s hand was touching him through his briefs and his mind caught off all thoughts.

He was watching every single reaction he had with his heated gaze, making him want to kiss him and laugh and cry all at the same time and he just needed him so much he was going to fall on the ground soon and just beg him to fuck him right then and there, or he would lose his mind.

His eyes probably told all of this to Even, because then he was skimming his boxers off his hips and down, past his knees. Isak didn’t have time to be self-conscious, because in a second Even’s hand was on him, and he inhaled sharply, pleasure coursing through his veins and he knew that he wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

He almost fell down when his mouth went around him, taking him all in in one go. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. If a bomb were to come down on them then, he really wouldn’t have noticed. He kept staring at Even’s face, at his cheeks hollowing, and he was so fucking thankful that he kicked his friends out – thank God he did that.

'E-Even, I’m gonna… please…’ - Isak didn’t know what he wnted to say, maybe just warn the boy in front of him of what was going to happen, but he didn’t seem to mind, far from it, he just picked up his pace and kept a steady look on his face.

Isak couldn’t take it anymore, he exploded, seeing stars inside of his eyelids, not believing how could it all felt.

Even didn’t stop until he had swallowed every single drop, then he got off his knees and got up, looking at him all the time; all he could do was sttare back at him with half-lidded eyes, full of lust and amazement. Then he kissed him, still naked, his heart beating faster when he tasted himself in Even’s mouth. He moaned, slipping his tongue inside the other’s mouth and pulling him closer. Isak’s hand went for Even’s jeans, opening them and pulling them down, and he could feel how much he was hard.

But one of Even’s hands stopped him, kissing him once more and then smiling down at his wondering face.

'You don’t have to if you’re not ready.’

Isak wanted to kiss Even, kiss him and hug him and keep him beside him forever, because no one had ever made him feel so wanted and cherished and full of life and passion. He didn’t know what would’ve happened if he’d lost him – not having him, not feeling like this, made his life seem duller and grey and terrible.

Isak shook his head and pecked his lips.

'I want to. I want you, every single part of you. But I believe that we shoud move … all of this to my bedroom’.

They took off our shoes and jeans and boxers, then Isak grabbed his hand in his and led him to his room.

The door wasn’t even fully closed before Isak had him pinned on it, going for his neck and his lips and gripping his waist and then around it. His eyes shone in the darkness of the place, and all he could think about was that he wanted this man to stay there with him for all of eternity, even after the galaxies and all the worlds had been destroyed.

He pulled him to his bed, letting him fall on it and laying on him, kissing him like his life depended on it.

Then he started sliding down, tracing Even’s figure with his mouth, leaving open mouthed kisses on his navel and on his hipbone, his skin marveling and fascinating.

When he reached his goal he casted his look on Even’s face, starstrucked and beautiful in a new way, with pleasure and eagerness and fondness all wrapped into one in his expression. He kept looking at him when he started stroking him, when he parted his lips slightly and kissed only the head, feeling a salty feeling on them when he licked them. He inhaled, transfixed by his boy’s movements.

Isak slowly tried to take all of him in his mouth, but it was really and impossible feature for someone as inexperienced as him – but Even didn’t seem to mind, based on his moans.

'God… Isak… just…’ - the younger boy took that as a hint to go a bit faster, so he did.

He swallowed around him, compensating with his hand. He felt Even’s fingers in his hair, and the action only fired him up more, so he went faster and faster, until the boy was moaning so loudly his neighboors had probably a really good idea on what was going on there. He found he didn’t care in the slightlest. He adored this Even, turned up and restless. Isak couldn’t get enough of him.

Soon after he was bucking up in his mouth, eyes closed and a silent cry trapped in his throat. Isak shuddered at the feeling of Even’s come in his mouth, but he didn’t mind (at all).

He swallowed all of it, feeling quite proud of his performance, until Even reached down and brought him up on him, kissing him thouroughly.

'That was the most amazing thing ever’ – he said, looking up at him.

'The feeling is mutual’ – Isak nipped their noses together, then kissed him and tucked himself in Even’s side, his forehead touching the other’s.

'We really need to talk, but first I think we need to get some sleep’ – Even whispered to him, kissing his nose and then his lips. Isak’s stomach twisted for a moment, but then he felt more relaxed he had been in a week.

'That’s chill’ – his eyelids felt heavy, and he welcomed sleep two minutes after that.

Even watched Isak succumb to a dreamless slumber – the younger boy really looked like he needed it.

He tucked a stray errand of locks out of his eyes, caressing his cheek and his lips and just observed him for a good half an hour.

He thought that he could sleep, too, now. He hadn’t felt like this ever before, and he knew that he needed to talk to Isak. He was terrified of losing him. Of feeling rejected and seeing an expression of horror and fear decend on this magnificent boy’s face.

Even kissed Isak’s forehead and closed his eyes too, trying to calm his troubled mind.

The next morning Isak woke up alone, and for a minute or two he felt a deep sense of confusion and sadness and bitterness when he noticed Even wasn’t there.

Only when he found him in his kitchen, preparing breakfast for them both and chatting with Eskild and Noora (who were so flirting with his boy, though he didn’t get the time to be jelous since Even went on and smiled widly and kissed him in front of them and how did he deserve this anyway?).

'I thought you had left’ – he told him when they were finally alone.

'I was just here, cooking breakfast’. Even kissed him like it was the easiset and most normal thing in all the world. Maybe it was. It still amazed him so much.

After breakfast Even proposed to take a shower together. Isak agreed wholeheartedly – even if he was a bit nervous. He needn’t have to.

He stripped him of his shirt – and then he realized that Even was wearing his shirt, and his trousers. He warmed up inside at the thought. It was the sweetest and most adorable thing he had ever noticed.

But all of that went out of the window as soon as they were both naked – and hard. So painfully hard.

Even’s touches were always tender, not from fear of hurting him, on the contrary, he touched him like he was the most precious thing in his whole world and didn’t want to scare him off or hurt him. Isak loved the sensation, and he loved it when they got under the jet of water, and he loved even more when they started kissing. Not rushed, heated kisses, but sensual and slow-burning kisses. A first for them – midways from the ones they shared on his bed that afternoon that seemed so long ago, and the ones from the night before.

Isak couldn’t get enough of him, of touching him and feeling him so up close. One of his hands went into his hair, while the other started down. He felt Even’s breath in his mouth when he reached him, and the feverish way he started touching him in return.

He thought that he couldn’t get any better than this (he was wrong, of course).

Isak wanted to make Even feel as good as possible; he wasn’t ready, yet, to go all the way. But there was something he could do to him – also, some more practice couldn’t hurt him, and seeing Even’s face contort in pleasure above him was something incredibly hot and perfect. Just like him.

He took him in his mouth, a bit more confidently, and he kept on teasing him for more than twenty minutes at least, until Even was a breathless, moaning mess above him, his knees and thighs – now covered in hickeys and signs of Isak’s presence, just like his neck and his chest -  trembling.

'Please, babe, please… please please please I need t-to come… I can’t take it anymore… I-Isak…’.

He finally had mercy on him, so he picked up his speed and took him fully in. Two seconds later Even tried (and failed) to reign in his scream when he came, harder than he ever did.

Isak welcomed it in, but didn’t manage to keep it all in, so when Even looked down at him he saw a bit of liquid on the corners of the boy’s mouth, groaned and kissed him, breathless.

After that, Even and Isak went to the living room, where they settled for a bit in front of the tv. They were cuddled up and almost asleep, when Eskild enterd the room and sat on the couch on the other side from them.

'So… I guess you guys had fun. At least from what we heard’

Isak turned bright red and cast his eyes down, while Even only chuckled slightly.

'We did’

'Even!’ - the boy let his head fall on his … boyrfriend’s? Shoulder, his cheeks burning up more and more.

'Well, I’m happy for you. I just wanted to ask you to take your clothes with you the nest time you start your… activites in this room. I for myself don’t mind seeing boxers lying on the floor of the living room, but I think Noora had a minus stroke.’

'I did not, Eskild’ – a voice startled them, arriving from the corridor. A second later the girl appeared, a bit flushed.

'I just didn’t expect it, that’s all. Also, it’s not really hygenic, leaving underwear out like that’.

'Seriously, Noora, you need dick. And I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but really. It’s been a month since you came back. What are you planning to do?’.

Isak glanced up from Even’s shoulder to look at his friends. He truly thought that Willim was acting like an idiot, letting Noora go like that. He believed that their love was stronger than anything.

Even looked at him inquisitively. 'I’ll explain you later’ – he told him.

'That’s none of your business, Eskild. And I am completely happy with being alone, thank you very much’.

'If you say so’ – the other boy told her.

Later, that afternoon, Even was cuddled in between Isak’s arms on his bed, and they were laughing for something the younger had said.

They had spent all the day there, just smoking and cuddling and laughing and talking – about their lives and their families. Or, well, Even did. He liked the way he talked about his parents, that feeling of bounding and purpose that radiated from the older boy.

While Isak was playing with Even curls, he heard himself ask – 'what do you think the other Isaks and Evens are doing right now?’.

He thought about it for a while, drawing circles and patterns on Isak’s chest and his side and his cheek.

'I think that they are all somehwere off together, like us, doing everyone something different’.

'Like what?’

Another bit of silence.

'Some of them are on some sandy beach, it’s the middle of summer there, and they’re talking about what they are going to do after school. How they’re going to get an apartment together, maybe a dog, and sstudy and live happily ever after. Another pair of them are meeting just now, at a party, or on a road in the middle of a forest in the coldest palce on their world. This Even is realizing how beautiful his Isak is, how wonderful their life will be.’

'That Isak is probably trying to seduce him with his rapping skills’ – Isak said.

'I think he is, and that he is going to succeed. Then we have the Even and Isak that are old. The ones who never met eachother until they are, like, eighty, and grey and tired.’

'I think that they will be happy too’.

'What makes you say that?’

Isak paused for a moment before answering.

'I think… I think that, no matter where or under what circumstances, there are always an Isak and an Even that are destined to meet, be in eachother’s life. Like there is this pull, from the center of the universe, in all of the universes there are, that will always keep them together. And when they are, then there is no way nor reason for them to not be happy. It’s just simple: every Isak will find happiness in every Even’.

Even looked at him, his eyes a bit glassed over. He focused on Isak’s eyes. Then he cupped his face and kissed him, tenderly, softly. The same way every other Even kisses his Isak in every single universe.

'I think that every Even finds his happiness in his Isak, too’.

Isak smiles at him.

Even brings him closer until they are breathing the same air.

He could’ve lost this – could’ve lost his Isak. All for his secret and his fear.

He needed to tell him, he was sure of it.

And he would. Soon. But right then, Even kept on hugging Isak to his chest, and he kissed him. And they were happy, in their own little, flawed, marvelous world.

These Words Of Mine

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Gif not mine, but TFP hit me so hard in the feels that I thought it would be appropriate to write a oneshot! I hope you all enjoy!! Eurus dialogue isn’t exactly the same as in the episode because there are very few gifs of this scene, so bear with me!

Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Eurus Holmes is a smart, manipulative woman who thrives on molding peoples emotions into a weapon. What happens when she finds out about you, Sherlocks supposedly dull girlfriend?

- - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “Now, this is where things begin to get more interesting!” Sherlock tightened his grip on the gun in his hand at the sound of Eurus steely voice, turning towards the TV in front of him. “You figured out who the casket was for, but now is where you apply the context. I’ve been doing some research about your little girlfriend Sherlock, and let me tell you, I didn’t expect her to be so dull! But then I saw the file about the case that she cracked that you couldn’t, and I’ve got to say, now I’m intrigued. What woman writes in Greek?” 

It had been nearly a year since you had come into Sherlocks life. He’d been in London on a case that you had been accompanying with Lestrade, and at first he’d been incredibly turned off by you. Turned out that he could not crack the case, and in turn you had solved it in a span of two hours. He’d recruited you to his side and you’d been with him ever since. 

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I get asked a lot in my line of research “what happens when we make computer smarter than man?” And it’s a really good question. In some ways, academically, mathematically, etc., computers already are. So that leaves us with creating a computer that’s smarter than us in the remaining facets of humanity. Emotion, friendship, love, philosophy. Things that can’t be quantified. Yet.

And when we do make that computer, and someday we will, humans will be… useless. Obsolete. An old model that doesn’t work as good as the current. At that point a few different paths will be taken, depending on the robot we build. A more peaceful outcome would be integration. Transhumanism. Enhancing humans to compete with our creations.

And then there’s the second outlook. The one that humans do. Humans don’t keep around old technology when new tech comes out. We throw it away, sell it, destroy it. No one keeps around a 20 year old computer and updates it to compete with a modern computer, do they? No, they don’t. They don’t have it compete with the newer one.

They throw the old one away. They get the new model. And they forget the old one.


Finally I got this book. Yay! I suppose I must say few words now. Well…  
Thank you for such amazing story, Skull. I’d already said a lot about it, but holy shit this thing still makes me so happy.
I hope one day I’ll finish the translation and make another book at russian language. I promise I’ll get drunk as shit when it’ll happen.
Really, this is a long way. Thanks for all emotions you give me and all your readers. It was and it is so exciting and wonderful.
Never stop writing. Be great.
Stay determinated.

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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Art things I wish I knew earlier #7

Sometimes to get better at art is to get away from art!

Things like watching movies, playing video games, and even reading books will jumpstart your creativity. You will have more things to draw from your mind. I noticed this recently, as I am currently in a creative block. So I stepped away and been playing some games (POKEMON SUN :D) and really enjoy the scenery and props.

Later on, when you get back to your sketchbook or canvas… You’ll have some cool experiences to share. Also living life, thinking about your individual experience. What unique things happened(or happening) to you?

Some of my recent art is more of my personal expressions and display my processing of emotions. Maybe you can try to put your feelings into your art too.

Also, if you force yourself to draw, it’s gonna look forced. You will recycle ideas and it won’t be as exciting as if you drew when you are inspired!

Anyway, hope this helps with anyone stuck with no ideas or feeling uninspired.

Don’t use this as a excuse not to draw at all though. ;)

btw.. I was blown away by the amount of positive feedback on ATIWIKE #6. O_O ( you for your support! And have a awesome thanksgiving!

About Tony shooting Sam when Rhodey gets hurt:

Why it PISSES me off:

1) Stop lumping it in with the other things that happened in the fight.  It’s a false equivalency.  Sam wasn’t fighting.  He was in stand-down mode and wanted to help.

2) I keep hearing how it was a “calibrated move” specifically meant to be non-injurious.  How is it that Tony was emotional and irrational enough to blast Sam but was cool enough to know the exact force to use not to hurt him.  Really?  That’s a hell of a needle to thread.

3) How could Tony be sure that blast wouldn’t injure Sam?  He doesn’t know what injuries Sam had sustained in the firefight.  He could have had broken ribs, puncture wounds, bruised sternum, etc.  A repulsor blast on top of those could be pretty damn serious.

4) What an absolutely idiotic move, putting the war-trained medic out of commission when your best friend is in need of immediate medical assistance.

So yeah, I was pissed, remain pissed and, as far as I can tell, will always be pissed.

Also too: Sam never got a fucking apology. 

The Signs After Doing Something Petty


They were a bad bitch before, and an even badder one after. 




“Check and mate ;)”


*does something petty but pretends they didn’t do it so when the drama happens they can act surprised like they didn’t do the petty thing that caused it*


They deserve a reward. They can’t get enough of all the shade they throw. Honestly, truly


“Hello yes, Oxygen? I’d like to apply for ‘The Bad Girl’s Club’, no refunds.”


“Who me? Libra? Doing something petty? I’ve never felt that… never experienced that… never had that emotion…….. I have no idea what on earth you could be talking about.”


They know they did and they’re just waiting on YOU to know what they did too. ;)


They will make sure everyone knows what they did and how brilliant it was.


They perform the petty task but then lurk in the shadows to avoid any consequential messiness. #spickandspan


They got a kick out of it highkey


Indirectly direct with it 

In the adult world you NEED to be able to compose yourself, even when things aren’t favorable in your eyes. And when it comes to something that is EXCLUSIVELY recreational like taking part in fandoms and AUs of another person’s intellectual property, you need to know when to step back and take a breather. 

What I have been seeing within the Undertale community lately is NOT a big deal when everything is boiled down. It may SEEM that way, but compared to other things, this is a ripple in the pond of life. 

In a few months, or even weeks this will be totally forgotten and everyone will move on. It has happened in the past. And it will happen again. You learn from things like this on how NOT to act within the adult world. How to compose yourself and NOT allow your emotions to get the better of you.

FANDOMS are NOT everything.

They are supposed to be FUN not stressful or scary. And if you’re not having fun, then maybe you should take a break and re-evaluate what you’re doing.

And as for the people who are no doubt going into others’ inboxes and harrassing/sending hate?

Shame on you.

If you really are fans of Undertale, you should honestly know better. This community should /know better/ and I am absolutely ashamed of those who are doing this. People who are pointing fingers and getting so angry over something so small.

Undertale is about friendship. About finding ‘love’ instead of 'LOVE’/hate. About persevering with kindness and integrity. About finding the courage to do the right thing. To be merciful in what you see as 'justice.’
And from what I’m seeing?
Some people have forgotten that.

In the end, it is up to each individual person to do what they want. You can’t force someone’s opinion to change and you cannot force them to do what you want. You can only hope that they will do the right thing at the end of the day.

If any of you feel unsafe or are feeling bad about the whole ordeal, please know that my blogs/ ask-thehuman and ask-thecopycat are safe places. This is and will be my only post on whatever matters are at hand.

Please do have a happy new year, and keep doing what you love.
But remember to be respectful of those around you.

Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.