and things happen in photoshop

This girl, this beautiful girl, with eyes the size of the ocean
This man, this dutiful man, has got these mixed up emotions [x]


BTVS aesthetics: Willow Rosenberg 

‘Hi, um…Tara. How are you? I was wondering…do you want to go out sometime? For coffee? Or food? Or kisses and gay love?’

learn a photoshop tip that could save you from endless frustration

ever tried colouring a gif / screencap that just won’t work? try letting photoshop do the work for you!!

  • open a screencap of your choice (i’m going to choose this one because who doesn’t appreciate scott mccall) 

  • click adjustments, and then curves and click on the nifty auto button

  • and this is after!! wow, so magic, so coloured

it immediately balances out the blues to make it more neutral, as well as adding contrast and jazz. so next time you’re faced with a hella blue / orange / red whatever floats your boat scene, try this out! (it works like 80% of the time)

have fun!!


agents of shield character aesthetics [2/?]

↳ Daisy Johnson