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Pokéshipping, "Push" :)

Okay, so here we go! I received two anonymous requests for this prompt (what feels like a decade ago *sobs*), and I finally got down to writing it. This was supposed to be a drabble, but like the dumbass I am, I dragged it out into over 5k words. Great.

I hope you both (and anyone else who read this) enjoy it! I tried! But I’ve been feeling really distracted, tired, and uninspired lately…

Likes, reblogs, and comments are obviously much appreciated!

Pokeshipping : “Push”

She supposed that this was the problem with starting a relationship over the phone.

Wha’d’ya mean, you got asked out on a date?” he whined at her through the screen, his voice so high-pitched she had to pull the receiver an inch or few away from her own ear.

I mean what I said, Mr. Pokemon Master! After I finished battling my last challenger today, one of the Cerulean residents who usually comes to watch my battles asked me out for ice cream! That’s why I can’t talk long this time around, okay?”

B - but isn’t this a little short notice? I mean, don’t you gotta clean up and take your Pokemon to the Center so that they’re ready for tomorrow and stuff?”

Ash, c’mon, the mess isn’t going anywhere so an hour or two won’t hurt me. And I’m sure my date would be just fine with me dropping off my Pokemon on our way over to the mall.”

But still, you have a lot to do. It seems pretty irresponsible for a gym trainer like you to just put off your basic responsibilities so that you can do something stupid like go out with a guy!” he went on flippantly with a wave of his hand and an aversion of his gaze, the latter of which was probably for the best because Misty’s new facial expression probably would have killed him if he’d stared directly at it.

Alright, Ash Ketchum, you listen here! It is my business - mine - whether or not I decide to go out with anyone in my free time! And, again, not that it’s got anything to do with you but there are plenty of gym trainers who leave their gyms - even while those gyms are supposed to be open to the public - to explore their own hobbies or whatever! In fact, you’ve met a few of them yourself! Even traveled with them! So don’t go telling me what is or isn’t in my best interest because I know what I can handle!

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