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Professor Dallas Chapther 1

NOTE: Welcome to Professor Dallas fanfiction. This new fanfiction would be dirty a lot and some swearword would come a long as the story continue. And it’s not edit sooo.

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It was the first day after summer break, you could already feel it would be an amazing year because the weather was high on drugs, well maybe the sun wasn’t on drugs but here in Cali the sun were always on drugs, that’s the way we say it.

Ohh maybe i should start say something about myself. I’m Taylor and i’m 16 years.

I have long brown hair, about to my belly, and green blue eyes, mostly blue but it have a little touch of green in it. I barely wear any makeup i have natural black eyelashs and a pink blush on my cheeks.

I’m not fat or skinny but normal, if you could say that, my boobs are a size C. I’m about 5'4 so you can tell i’m not so tall, but most guys like short girls right?

Haven’t had any sexual thing with a guy ever before, and yes i know, how embarrassing, a girl of my age should at least have had some experience with a guy.

But as simply as it is, i’m not into having sex just for fun or just kiss with randome people at a party. So yes i’m a virgin.

My bestfriend is Sky or her real name is Skylar but i’m her friend so i can call her Sky, or all people in general can call her Sky, because she doesn’t like her name, what a waist of thinking for her parents, they were trying to come up with a good name for there daughter and then she dosen’t even like it.

Well moving on, i live in California and my school is a private school so i have to go in a uniform, girls have to go in a light blue skirt with long knee socks and a white shirt, and it wasn’t because you could see right throw the white shirt no way. (Note sarcasm)

And the boys almoste the same, white shirt, and blue thight pants and black socks, and some guys were wearing a tie and some were not. We could wear any shoe we wanted and that was at least a good thing, because i’m not going to school with a 8 cm high heel, ohh hell no.

Anyways my favorite subject in school is English and we had an amazing English professor, but when we left school for summer break we got told that we should expect a new English professor, it was a man in his early twentys and just pass his examination to be a teacher. And that we should be kind to him, because we were the first class he ever had and bla bla bla..

“TAYLOR” Sky yell coming up to me pulling me in for a huge hug.“Ahhh i’ve missed you, were have you been all summer!?” She ask as we pull away. “I was together with you all summer dumbass, you already forgot me? You make my heart hurt Sky.” I say as i pretend to be hurt.

“Get your shit together Tay.” She say with a laugh.“But you’re my Best Bitch, remember?” I say hitting her arm soft, and of caurse she have to pretend like she just got shoot in the arm. “Get your shit together.”

“Okay okay i get you.” She say looking at me. “So are you excited to see our new professor? Some of the girls says that he is a hot piece of shit, but i don’t know what to belief.” She said taking a break.

“You remember the last time some of the girls said our Math professor would be smoking hot?” She ask and a huge laugh come out of me.“Yeah.” I say. “He was a nasty man, and he still is.” She pointed out.

“Let’s go see, if this hot professor is so hot as they say.” I say and we walk down the full hall way with new students and old students.

When we got through the world war 3, we reached our class room in one pieces each. The room was half full of stuents, but no professor. We sit down beside eact other, because why not? A brown hairy boy come to my point of view, and a big smile appear on my lips.

Mase my friend, wow hold on there, have he been traning? Or is his muscle? Noo, he didn’t look that fit when we left school, did he?

“Mase have you been traning?” I say happy as he come closer to me. “Just a little.” he say smiling so his dimpels are showing. Just a little? Well your muscles say something eles to me than just a little my friend.

“Well you look hella good Mase.” I say and Mase smile make me smile even more. “I try.”

And with that the bell rings, and the missing students come running inside the class room only to see that the new professor isn’t there yet. With that the new professor come through the doors, and all girls mouths stays open of the sight of him.

“I’m very sorry class for being late.” He starts. “Mhh what to say? Oh yes Mr.Dallas is what you can call me and i will be your English professor from now on.” He said looking around the class room, just so his beautiful brown eyes landed on my greenish eyes, a smirk appeared on his full pink lips.

Wow he was truly a hot piece of shit, his muscles and abs was showing throw his white shirt and God i just died in that moment. And his brown hair was a little messy, on his head. He had some tight black jeans on that just fifted him perfectly.

“Okay just because i’m a new teather and all that stuff, that simply dosen’t mean that i don’t have any rules, so i have 3 rules. Number 1 rule, no speaking while i’m speaking. Number 2 rule, no running in the class room. Number 3 rule, i do not want any of you laughing at a person who got the answer incorrect.” He said taking a break.

“ If any of you break one of those rules, it’s simply detention and i do not care if your going to an event after school or anything eles. Understood?” He called and most of us answered with a “yes” and others “mm”.

“He is some hot piece of shit” Sky whispered into my ear making me giggle. “Excuse me ladies am i interrupt something?” He said comming closer to our table, i looked at Sky for a second but she didn’t move a centimetre.

“So am i interrupting something down here?” He said standing right in front of me and Sky, when Sky didn’t say anything, I looked for a way out but there was no way out. Damn it

“No Sir.” I simply said, making the anwser as short as possible. “Then why did i hear girl voices down here?’‘ Omg can’t he just let it go?

” I don’t know Sir.“ I said looking up, and then i met his brown beautiful eyes. In that moment i forgot to breath nomally.

His eyes soften, he may have found out that it was a waist of time to argue with me, or because he could feel how uncomfortable it was for me sitting there with all eyes on me and him.

’'Okay Ms?” He asked. “Summer.” I answerd. “Well Ms.Summer since you talked without me giving you the permission in class.” He sighed. “Since it’s our first class i’m letting you go without detention.” He said and pointed at me.“I will especially look after you Ms.Summer.” Turning around and i could clearly see that smirk there was playing on his pink fully lips.

Ohh this man would be the death of me.

I promis it will be more exciting, the next few chapter will most likely be about her and how lost she is in this hot man, annnd eh what can i say? Oh yes please say if i should continue with this fanfiction. Have a great day, and of caurse you guys are all welcome to ask me questions if you don’t understand what just happend in that scene or just generel me :)