and they've been around for 25 years

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do you ever just start tearing up because nu'est are so young and all four on the show are 21 in most countries they're still in uni/college and they've been through so much and seem so old because i do a lot and i wish all the best for them sometimes i forget that they're only a few years older than me and not like 25 or something

oh my god, bud, YES. I’m kind of an emotional person in general, though lmao. I’ve cried over them so many times. :’)

They’re all around my age (Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren are all late 1995 and I’m early 1996; JR and I are the same age for like 6 months). I got into them when they debuted so I was blown away that they were my age. I think they were the youngest group to debut and Jonghyun was the youngest leader. As someone who also left their birth country, I also related a lot to Aron and the struggle of fitting in and learning a new language and new cultural mannerisms. It’s insane how pressured they must have felt. 

Through the years they’ve given me a lot of strength to keep going, because there they were: struggling to make it, but still maintaining their humor and kindness even though it must have been hard on them to do so. 

Jonghyun especially is such a huge inspiration- the burden he carries as the one responsible for the group and their failures (EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT HIS FAULT, fuck pledis), but he never snaps, he never gives up. He keep hopeful and he keeps going. He’s the youngest in his family, IIRC, but he’s so mature. I think in an interview he said that he doesn’t feel the “same” as his same age friends because he’s always thinking about being responsible. Sigh. I just love him so much. I could write an essay about him (and Nu’est in general). 

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that entire discussion about cousins annoys me so much! i mean, the whole discussion on incest tends to lack nuance, but i'm particularly annoyed by people condemning cousin incest because my parents are first cousins and they've been happily married for almost 25 years.

I don’t think they realize how they are making people feel. There are first cousins, even in the U.S., who are happily married, but especially there are many around the world, in cultures where first cousin marriage isn’t frowned upon at all. 

I get so frustrated. People are so uneducated about this, and then popular culture just keeps making it worse. 

Don’t let it get to you, Anon! That’s wonderful about your parents. 

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Hello! It's me! What are your views on the age difference between Zoisite & Kunzite? Also, what do you think other characters think about it (if they know, that is)? Is it appropriate? Acceptable? Wrong? I feel like they're so established & have been their ages for a long time, but was there once a time when they actually were 16/17 & 25/26 (which I've read are the estimates)? That's about 10 years! I'm not sure how many "birthdays" they've had together, but were they always accepted? Thanks! -L

Hi L! Great to hear from you, and thanks for the question!

I think the age difference between Zoisite and Kunzite was actually less of a problem at the time they became involved. Their behaviour around each other suggests their relationship found its form in a military-erotic culture reminiscent of feudal Japan and ancient Greece, where sexual relationships between older, experienced warriors and teenaged initiates were not only common, they were pretty much de rigeur. A 10-year gap might have even been seen as too narrow, their closeness in age somewhat scandalous.  Was Kunzite really mature enough to take on protege? Wasn’t Zoisite too old for him? Etc. At any rate, I suspect that if Kunzite hadn’t taken Zoisite under is wing, Zoisite would have found himself at the mercy of a much older, and much less desirable mentor.

In my view, the age gap is a nonissue. If there is an issue, it’s how the mentor/protege dynamic – complete with its crazy power imbalance and its teacher/student kink – continues to inform their relationship long after they’ve established themselves as a couple. Part of this may simply be their personalities at play: Zoisite seems to enjoy being submissive, while Kunzite is a natural leader. But it also suggests an impasse, one of both of them unwilling to progress to a position of mutual trust and esteem. Zoisite always feels he needs to prove something to Kunzite, to demonstrate his worthiness to the other, while Kunzite, for his part, withholds the full measure of his love as though waiting for the right moment. This puts Zoisite at an incredible disadvantage, once which appears obvious to outsiders; Nephrite contemptuously dismisses Zoisite as Kunzite’s lapdog, which indeed he is. It could be that their tenure in the Dark Kingdom has stalled the course of their love; their ages forgotten, meaningless in a world outside of time, they continue to behave as they did in a dead era, when they were still new to each other. It’s an unhealthy stasis – indeed, it costs Zoisite his life – and who knows what it might have been had they been given the liberty to grow and age as couples normally do.

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