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So I have a question. I have a friend who moved here from Senegal. He asked his mom to make me traditional clothing from his country as a surprise for me (they're super gorgeous and I'm kind of honored) but considering the fact that my family tree is like the mayonnaise aisle at stop and shop would it be cultural appropriation to wear them?

If it’s a gift then that’s a different story.


me: glad i found this blogging platform so i can blog about things i enjoy!
A Man: haha no sweetheart. i find you attractive, so i’m going to be as creepy as i can to you :)


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How would Karasuno react to yamaguchi and hinata and tsukki and nekoma for kurro +Kenma having a amazing s/o?? Like they're super gorgeous and kind? And outgoing and they didn't expect the boys to get someone like that?

|| AAAAAHHHH!!! This is a pretty amusing and cute request! Since the requests were pretty similar, I just had to combine the three together into one. I can totally imagine shock for some, but also the whole tearful “oh man he’s grown up so fast i am so ;w;” That aside, enjoy these reactions! ||

Of course Tanaka will gush about you without any hesitation. There’s minimal shock from those like Ennoshita, Asahi and Daichi, but they are glad for the guy that you two have found each other. And sure Tsukishima will be pretty teasing of the whole thing, but he means well even if it does seem like he’s willing to pick a fight. Nishinoya and Hinata though welcome you with open arms and congratulate the two of you.

There just seems to be so much shock the moment Kageyama introduces you awkwardly to the team. Sugawara then places an arm around his fellow setter to congratulate him while Nishinoya and Tanaka are definitely at awe. Hinata finds it pretty unfair, but hey, he’s happy for you even if Kageyama has beaten him in getting a girlfriend first. Eventually you have to watch your dear Tobio getting pointers on how to treat a girl from Daichi and Ennoshita.

Well you can’t exactly call the news too much a shock considering how nice Hinata is and the way he brings people to him. Still, Sugawara ends up tearing up a little, along with Tanaka and Nishinoya. Daichi can only hope for the best for you and Hinata while ensuring to keep Tsukishima’s mouth from saying anything provoking. Luckily you understand completely and feel more or less welcomed to the family of volleyball players.

Now Tsukishima was already known as quite the ladies’ man amongst his teammates but the news of you and him was definitely quite the shocker to most. While Yamaguchi was pretty much aware of the whole relationship, the rest take it in slowly. Sugawara and Daichi are very much proud of their distant child that he’s found you, someone so kind and understanding, while Tanaka and Nishinoya ask teasingly just how exactly you two got together.

The news seems to spread around the team like wild fire. Of course Yamaguchi gets all nervous when he gets asked about you, but you easily ease him and the sight is pretty much like fresh air to the team. You can expect Sugawara to pretty much ask a few questions here and there, but nothing embarrassing. Tanaka and Nishinoya then congratulate the two of you and calling Yamaguchi even more of a man now.

Perhaps maybe a shock to Yaku that Kuroo has gotten you as his girlfriend, but Kenma actually had no doubts considering how you seem to be into puns and boys who use science pickup lines. The team greets you questions, well mostly Lev and Inuoka ask a few things but you and Kuroo don’t mind the small interrogation. You both could’ve sworn that Kenma actually laughed softly but you decide to consider it a sneeze to avoid attention drawn to him.

Definitely the news of you and Kenma are a pure shocker considering the ever so introverted personality of the setter. Still, this doesn’t stop Kuroo, Yaku and Taketora to maybe tear up a bit since they’re just so proud that Kenma has reached out to other people. Of course the questions will come in, but they’re nothing you can’t handle, though you do see Kenma blushing a little in embarrassment.

It’s a mutual understanding amongst the team to be shocked for a while. But then again they all remember that this is Bokuto they’re talking about and he’s pretty much proven them wrong over many things. So it’s a pleasant surprise for Akaashi to have you keeping the guy happy. Akinori seems to wish you the best of luck and it doesn’t take long for the team to give you a list of Bokuto’s weaknesses, much to the captain’s dismay.