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Not sure if I sent you one buuuut even if I did, the world needs more Elliot/Liam Dizziness, gentle caress/kiss, “I don’t feel very good” for my boy Elliot as the sickie, please 😍

Okay so I want you to know that no one has ever put in a specific request for my boys before, so this one is really special for me. X3 Thank you sososo much for giving them love!!
(Also, even if you had sent more than one request, I would happily fill all of them, especially GingerSnap requests.)
Anyway, here you go, I hope you like it!

(Sickie’s pov)

It hadn’t been so bad when Elliott left for class that morning, but in the hours since, things had gotten much worse. He’d been awake most of the night writing his last paper for midterms, and he suspected now that he might be coming down with a cold.

Now, he was trying to help Liam prepare their dinner. He hadn’t seen his boyfriend in days, all because he needed to focus on schoolwork, and if he were honest, this wasn’t the state he wanted to be seeing him in. His head was thick and fuzzy, he was getting a bit sniffly, and his throat was scratchy. But the thing that bothered him the most at the moment wasn’t any of those things. It was the dizziness, and the way the world seemed to sway around him and make it impossible to keep proper balance. He assumed it was because he hadn’t slept, but there was little he could do about it right now.

He stirred the noodle concoction in the pan on the stove, trying to keep his mind focused on that. That is, until Liam spoke.

“Are you alright?” he asked, eyeing Elliott with suspicious concern.

“Yeah, I’m–” Elliott began, only to be hit with a sudden wash of dizziness. He cursed under his breath, dropping the utensil in his hand while he teetered into the edge of the counter. He’d intended to reassure Liam that he was okay, but now there was no way he’d believe it. “I don’t feel very good.”

“I can see that,” Liam said softly, reaching up to cup Elliott’s cheek with a warm, soft hand. He rubbed his thumb over Elliott’s cheekbone, and took stock of his features. Elliott already knew he was pale, and though he was fairly certain he didn’t have a fever, he was cold and exhausted. Even he hadn’t liked seeing his reflection in the mirror earlier.

“I am alright, though,” Elliott said, even as he leaned into Liam’s touch. He’d gotten his bearings now, but still felt a bit unsteady. “I just stayed up late last night is all.”

“I doubt that’s all,” Liam said, and gave Elliott a last sweeping caress, brushing his fingers through Elliott’s red hair before nudging him out of the way. “You go have a lie down now. I’ll finish up here.”

Elliott didn’t even think of protesting, and made his way to the couch to curl up beneath the soft throw blanket.

(Caretaker’s pov)

Liam found Elliott asleep when he brought their dinner into the living room. His boyfriend was huddled beneath the thick blanket that had hung over the back of the couch, breathing shallow and even. Elliott always caught colds around midterms, so Liam couldn’t say he was surprised it had happened again, especially considering how absolutely terrible Elliott was at caring for himself.

Liam set their plates on the coffee table and then sat down beside Elliott, stroking his hair in a halfhearted attempt at waking him. “I’ve got dinner, love, if you’re hungry.”

Elliott came out of his sleep groggily, as if he wasn’t quite sure where he was until he saw Liam’s face. “Ah…sorry. Didn’t realize I fell asleep.” He pushed himself to a sitting position, shoulder to shoulder with Liam, only to fall into his boyfriend almost as soon as he was upright.

Liam raised a cautious hand, as if to catch him. “Easy…do you want to lie down again?”

“No,” Elliott said after a moment. “Just dizzy.”

Liam hummed his acknowledgment. He knew what to do for certain symptoms - cough syrup for coughs, humidifier for congestion, blankets for chills - but dizziness was one that always stumped him. It seemed the only way to make it go away was rest and waiting. Unless….

“Have you eaten much today?” he asked, peering down the gauge Elliott’s reaction.

Elliott didn’t speak right away, and that in itself was enough answer for Liam, even if Elliott did give his own. “No, er…not much. I s’pose I skipped breakfast, and then didn’t have time for a proper lunch, but I had some crackers.”

“Crackers hardly count as sustenance, El’,” Liam said. “Are you hungry now?”

Elliott nodded. “Yeah.”

Liam turned his head to give Elliott a soft kiss on his forehead, then handed Elliott his plate. “Here you are, then. There’s plenty, so have as much as you like, and we’ll have a quiet evening in, yeah?”

Elliott didn’t move from his place at Liam’s side, only nodded and accepted the plate. Liam knew he probably shouldn’t enjoy moments like these - moments when his boyfriend was coming down with a cold, sniffling when the hot food made his nose run against his will, resting against him at every chance he got. He didn’t like that Elliott felt poorly, that wasn’t it. But there was something about being beside him for it, about caring for him that Liam liked very much.

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1) Nicknames: Mel or Lissa (two halves of my name! i think they’re both really cute)
2) Gender: female
3) Star sign: capricorn
4) Height: 5′6 (i think?? idek anymore…turns out i’m a lot shorter than i thought!)
5) Time: 3:49 am
6) Birthday: January 4
7) Favourite bands: SHINee, EXO, Urban Zakapa, VIXX, BAP, LOONA, SEVENTEEN
8) Favourite solo artists: Kwon Jinah, Lee Hi, Ailee
9) Song stuck in my head: Taemin - Door

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I’m sensing more and more that the Arrow writers are becoming panicked with the outweighted ratio of how much story they want to tell versus how many episodes they have left to tell it, and it worries me. If they want people to keep watching, they need to slow the fuck down. Some of us (every person ever) are more concerned with quality over quantity.

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i can't believe they're airing tourmaline out of order

PFFFF This is…only halfway a joke I just

Things from Catch and Release

  • The Gems fighting and poofing Peridot
  • Steven wanting to help Peridot when the Gems just wanna kick her ass
  • Steven wanting to talk to Peridot when no one else will
  • Peridot ranting and crying over how she’s been abandoned and nothing matters because she’s good as dead now
  • Peridot imploring Steven to use his healing abilities to save her, except they don’t work
  • Peridot losing her mechanical limbs
  • Steven attempting to talk to Peridot by entering Rose’s Room and summoning her, only to end up with a fake projection
  • The Gems and Peridot entering a stalemate as they can neither harm her nor trust her

Things from It Could Have Been Great

  • Garnet personally lifting Peridot and threatening to hurt her
  • Steven attempting to show Peridot how pretty the Earth is (the view of the ocean from up top the hill) in order to explain why it’s worth protecting 
  • Peridot being confused by Steven caring about something (music) that wasn’t purposeful or useful
  • “It seems like only yesterday she was trying to kill us”
  • Steven delivering an “I’m disappointed in you–I thought you’d get it by now” speech to Peridot

I’m just