and they're not endgame!!!!


Ok NGL, while I was a little sad that Techmo didn’t play a bigger role during the final episode I am pretty stoked that he was the one that came back and welcomed Skips back to Earth at the end. 

And the fact that it happened during a montage where everyone else’s loved ones show up (and they hugged), just /ugh/

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someday i hope to understand why julie plec makes every single character on tvd throw the most glorious drags at delena saying everything that’s truly wrong with their relationship, everyone and their mother hates them together, but she worships them so much and they’re supposed to be a great love story

wow the only two canon couples on the show right now are malec and lucelyn, two amazing healthy interracial relationships, built on trust and support and being there for each other and not giving up on each other no matter what happens. cassandra clare is shaking.

I kind of just want the EVAK reunion to be really laid back, like of course they need to have a serious discussion at some point and be honest with each other about everything, but I just want that first moment to be soft and cute.

I’d just like Even to show up at school and Isak to go up to him so casually and give him a big hug and kiss in front of everyone, like because before the hotel scene Isak was too afraid to kiss him in public then, so I think it would mean a lot to Even. It would show him that not only does his illness not change anything between them, Isak would be fully committing to him in every way, not only accepting Even but finally completely accepting himself as well, showing Even that he is ready for their future together… idk man I think it would be beautiful. 

  • Mr. Matthews: Are we important?
  • Maya: Yes, no, no, you think you are but no, no.
  • Mr. Matthews: Well... Maya?
  • Maya: I want us all to know how important we are to each other.

Okay but can I break this down for a sec?

Regina didn’t ask this in front of anyone. She didn’t even bother. She knew Emma would put up a front and lie (a lie that Killian wouldn’t have even noticed but anyways,,,) and said something like “I’m okay. It’s tough but we always get through hard times. We always find a way.” Instead, Regina quickly raced to action to privately find a way to get to Aladdin. When Emma arrived, Regina immediately checked on her and got the truth. Emma was anxious, not okay.

But let’s get to the gag. Emma’s first words when she got to the vault were “You took off kinda quickly” with a puppy dog look that she tried to pass off as casual and nonchalant. Almost to say “I can only be totally open and honest with you. I need our talks. It comforts me. Why’d you leave :/” It was also a look of “Please don’t be mad about the visions. I didn’t wanna think it was you.”

AND MY FAVORITE PART “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to save your life.” Regina didn’t care about the visions or that Emma may have thought it was her, all she cared about was saving Emma’s life and making sure she was okay. DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING?!?!?!

All the while Hook is off somewhere taking up space and doing nothing but looking pretty. Okay… your supposed true love is in danger of dying and you’re doing what??? Fuck outta here, man. Leave the life saving and romance to Regina. The asshole didn’t even stay or come back when Emma said she wanted to be alone. Henry knew she didn’t really want to be alone. Regina probably knew too but felt Henry should have some time with her.

If this isn’t endgame idk what is.

everything i learned about sansan from watching la belle et la bete (1946, aka george r r martin’s favorite movie)

  • the beast in the film has statues of dogs all over his castle
  • the beast was like ‘i should be the one bowing to you and taking your orders” instead of vice versa
  • he was always like “don’t look into my eyes”
  • he drank water from her hands??? like honestly
  • there was literally a point where the beast was like “i promise i won’t hurt you” goddammit george not subtle. NOT. SUBTLE. 
  • george’s scene for sansa and sandor in blackwater was a match (as far as camera angles/placement/general cinematography and them parting for a while) to a scene where the beast gives belle a gift
  • “forgive me for being a beast” sigh
  • what saved the beast in the end was not a kiss, but a “loving look” GODDAMMIT
  • the beast was described as “warring with two halves of himself”
  • she told her family how gentle he was and how HIS EYES ARE ALWAYS SO SAD DESPITE HIS UGLINESS
  • “you will be a queen and all will love you”
  • he said he would die of grief If they were separated for too long (so literally all of a storm of swords come on now)
  • go watch this movie it’s pretty good and very sansan b y e