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“watching that bird documentary made me feel really bad because I have…”

Maybe research it more? Different types of birds have different levels of needs I would say. And it also depends on what resources you have to provide for their wellbeing.

When I was first thinking of getting a bird I spent a lot of time figuring out which was the easiest to take care of. It came down to budgies, cockatiels, and lovebirds. My birds themselves… Ginko was always kinda independent tbh? Even though she was accustom to human contact at a young age she never really liked being picked up. She doesn’t mind interacting with people when she’s in a comfortable area, like on top of her cage. She was never too interested in other birds either. Not sure whats up with that. She seems happy tho. Fig is pretty curious about people but only sometimes wants attention. Both of them like to play with each other and climb around on their toys largely. I’ve heard of some people who need to spend a lot of time with their birds, and others who can let them do their own thing. They both get exercise. They stretch, climb, bath, chew (on items they’re supposed to), eat good quality seed, and sleep… a lot. Mostly short naps throughout the day. They need more attention and work imo than a dog or cat but also imo the kinds of birds I have rn aren’t too hard to take care of, as long as you’re willing to clean.