and they're my otp too


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

requested by @musainrules <3


porlyusica ain’t slick bitch

i know we all want it but how she supposed to keep him warm with a crop top and a mini skirt meanwhile porlyusica rockin a hugeass coat like no,,, lucy fully dressed and still more naked than gray smh damn


get to know me meme: [1/20] relationships ♥ newt and thomas (the maze runner series)
Thomas turned to see Newt there, smiling. That grin sent a wave of reassurance through Thomas, as if he were finding out the world was okay again.

of stardust and falling in love in space

side a. allura

  • alicia keys - in common
  • rebel - kiss me
  • purity ring - push pull
  • alicia keys - no one
  • sade - by your side
  • esperanza spalding - crowned & kissed
  • rihanna - close to you
  • chvrches - clearest blue
  • carly rae jepsen - favourite colour
  • ellie goulding - still falling for you (laibert remix)
  • florence + the machine - never let me go
  • thomas newman - starlit

side b. keith

  • washed out - you and i
  • daft punk - digital love
  • lo-fi-fnk - escapade
  • sleeping at last - venus
  • SHINee - tell me what to do
  • roman gianarthur - iknow
  • atlas bound - lullaby
  • hozier - from eden
  • dean - bonnie & clyde
  • ed sheeran - shape of you
  • william fitzsimmons - after afterall
  • coldplay - everglow

extras - keith and allura

  • janelle monae ft. miguel - primetime
  • henry & soyou - runnin’
  • frances - when it comes to us

AERIAL ETHEREAL CHALLENGE » Day 6: favorite relationship (romantic)

Thoralai (aka the devil and his demon)

“But I’ve found the truest form of love,” he tells me. “It’s two loves that can live in harmony.” He looks down at me.

I stare up at him. My heart on an ascent.

“The circus and you,” he whispers, “amour amour.” 

Two loves. Two passions. At perfect balance. 

I finally feel it too.

insp. (x)

Bonus Timo x John <3


Behind The Scenes: Shooting Jenna’s Video

This is just the most beautiful character development
  • <p> <b>Stiles to Lydia in the 1st season:</b> you probably don't remember me...<p/><b>Lydia:</b> *blankly makes eye contact for a fraction of a second before looking away uninterested*<p/><b>Stiles to Lydia in the 6th season:</b> You're gonna forget me.<p/><b>Lydia:</b> *doesn't break eye contact and stares into Stiles' eyes with pure emotion* I won't.<p/></p>

Okay, am I the only one who found this part bittersweet. Touka didn’t make any of her latte art even though Kaneki clearly said…

She probably feels like he doesn’t deserve it for leaving her all those years. And it makes me sad.