and they're fighting for something that is lost

The Signs at their Best / The Signs at their Worst
  • Aries at their best: Full of life, adventurous and with a bright light in their eyes - a light bright enough to make all darkness disappear. Challenging, caring and with a big smile on their face. Admiring all beauty they can see, their head filled with plans. Nothing could ever bring them down, nothing could come between them and whatever it is that they want.
  • Aries at their worst: Doubting themselves in a very destructive way. They think it's all their fault and that they can't make anyone truly happy. Reckless. Cannot be reached by anyone, no one knows what's going on inside their head. Harsh. Don't care if they hurt someone's feelings or not. Don't care at all.
  • Taurus at their best: Absolute sweethearts with a great wits. Their heart is only open wide for people they choose carefully because they know it's for their own good. They know what's good for them and they're confident because they know what they're capeable of. A true and fair winner. Caring, charming, funny, intelligent, affectionate.
  • Taurus at their worst: They seem cold and careless. They know how to use words when they want to cause pain with them and they do that. Doubting themselves, suddenly lost all their confidence. Can't really control their feelings and tend to explode. Not looking after themselves and their loved ones because they're busy being stuck in a bad mood but deep down they're very very sorry for it.
  • Gemini at their best: A head full of ideas, a chest full of life. Up to something great, smiling, laughing, telling jokes, telling the greatest stories. Caring, motivating and inspiring. Freedom-loving, passionate about life, creative. Helpful, knows how to cheer you up. They don't run out of energy, they keep going.
  • Gemini at their worst: There is no sparkle in their eyes. Their hands are cold and their look is empty. Everything bores them, bothers them or sucks the life out of their bones. They don't see or hear anything, they're lost in thoughts. Get mean easily, say things they don't mean. Hurt others on purpose but end up hurting themselves. Self-pitying, over-emotional or not showing any emotion.
  • Cancer at their best: Brave people of good heart. Kind and caring, spreading love and good vibes. They fight for what they want, they always have something to say. Generous, understanding, shining as bright as the sun. A smile that makes others smile. They are very strong and handle their emotions wisely. Not to be underestimated.
  • Cancer at their worst: Say or do things they regret immediately. Forget to take care of themselves. They don't talk to anyone, don't reply. They tend to put themselves under an enormous emotional pressure. May manipulate others or completely lock themselves away.
  • Leo at their best: The literal sun. They shine so bright even when they're not smiling. Their laugh echoes, everybody hears it. Very proud, ambitious, kind, fair and loving. Bring happiness wherever they go, bring light into the dark. Full of dreams and very intelligent. The one that makes a boring evening a perfect one. Protective and they have a great sense of humour.
  • Leo at their worst: Believing themselves to be not good enough, doubting themselves and suffering from it. Harsh and kind of cold. Their look is still powerful and you dare not to speak to them. They drift away, may get mean or change their mind really quick because they just don't know what they want and it frustrates them so much.
  • Virgo at their best: Really good at doing what they love to do. Happy to spend time with people they like, generous and gentle, wise, gives great advices. Takes hints, makes great surprises and knows how to comfort people. Full of life and they have a great wits. The one that keeps you grounded. Honest and fair.
  • Virgo at their worst: Causing pain or worries to others to release themselves from it. They may be manipulative and self-pitying, exaggerating and not really speaking up. They tend to make decisions they will regret later. They forget how clever they are or they doubt their skills and their intelligence and make themselves smaller than they are.
  • Libra at their best: A great supporter. Someone with an eye for beauty, a charming smile and an amazing aura. They are funny, full of ideas and spontaneous. Remember little things and can easily make others happy what they love to do. Very creative, honest and they have a wild soul.
  • Libra at their worst: Moody, not seeing themselves as the masterpiece they are. Letting everybody know how they feel. Cold and feeling incredibly bad about it. They just hide away from the world and won't let anything come close to them. In pain just because they see all the flaws in their lives although there may not even be some.
  • Scorpio at their best: Passionate, strong, strong-willed, skilled and loving. They are full of secrets which is why they can keep secrets like no one else. An entire universe for themselves. They don't care about limits but in a good way. They share their ideas and dreams and cheer others up.
  • Scorpio at their worst: Neglecting their friends, their family, their duties and themselves. Reckless and not saying much about it. Things that usually fascinate them do not fascinate them anymore and they feel like nothing could ever make them smile again. Everything they love starts seeming so irrelevant to them.
  • Sagittarius at their best: Funny, uplifting, full of life and good energy. They don't care what anyone thinks of them, they will dance to loud music whenever they feel like it. They are open minded and interested in things, prepared to stand up for what they believe in at any time.
  • Sagittarius at their worst: Feeling depressed and not able to explain it, express it or talk about it. Over emotional and hot tempered, about to explode although they don't always know why. About to yell at someone for little things although they don't want to. Tired of everything.
  • Capricorn at their best: A guardian angel. Always there when you need them, glad to help. Caring for themselves and really moving things. Know how to use words and what to say in any situation. Working on something great, motivating others, taking care of people.
  • Capricorn at their worst: Sarcastic and they just shut everything down. Maybe bitter over something, maybe making others upset, too. Seem to have given up. Not sure what to do or what to say. Doubting themselves deep down but not willing to admit it. Not showing any emotions.
  • Aquarius at their best: An actual source of energy. Always have the greatest plans and ideas, dislike boredom. They love communicating and meeting new people, seeing new places. Curious about life, wanting to explore the world. Lift others up with their presence only.
  • Aquarius at their worst: Complaining over everything and annoying others with it. They don't care about anything anymore, reckless. Do not care anymore and do their own thing even though it might not be good for them. Ignoring others and feeling empty deep down. Like they ran out of energy.
  • Pisces at their best: Supporting others, taking care of others but also of themselves. Very clever, know what to say, funny. Their fantasy knows no limits and they're very productive. Do art or listen to music. Make others smile and fascinate them. Playing their own little games. Inspired.
  • Pisces at their worst: Feeling incredibly sad because of how the world is. Manipulative and stubborn. Actually dangerous because you just can't tell what they're up to. Revengeful. They have no energy and feel powerless, underestimated and not treated how they think they should be treated.

I love all the moments in TFA that remind us how young Finn and Rey are, especially since they were robbed of their childhoods. Like the part where Finn is trying to see out the window of the Falcon and grabs Rey’s head, it just seems like such a childish exchange to the point where I’m sure Poe is going to catch them fighting and tussling over something petty in the future, like a couple of kids being too stubborn to chill. I just want them to have their moments where they’re allowed to be young and immature and make up for lost time.

Alternatively, to some DHs, Keleria would take a different approach and just verbally strip them down when they irritate her with that ‘what have you sacrificed’ sneering.

“You did not sacrifice. You lost. You lost so much and so quickly that you even lost yourself and needed something to stop from drowning in it. So you clung to your grief in the hope that it would  anchor you. You lost yourself to it, you fed your eyes to it, you violated your body for it, and you called it ‘sacrifice’ because it is the only way you can claim any manner of control over your life. Do not lord your losses over me, child, I know exactly what you ‘sacrificed.’”

  • Me, traversing the white light: Oh boy, what a nice long slide!
  • Me, sliding down: This is absolutely worth all the suffering I had to endure in Lost Izalith.
  • Me, hitting the ground: Wait music? This is another bossfight, isn't it?
  • Me: Bed of Chaos? BED OF CHAOS? Dude, I fight a bed of chaos every morning when I get up. Is this a joke? They're making me fight a bed, honestly?
  • Me: .........
  • Me: Oh.
  • Me: Ooooohhh....
  • Me: I don't think they mean that kind of bed
  • Me: ????????wHA
  • Me: ????????????WHAT HTE HELL
  • Bed of Chaos: :^) U asked for it

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Wait sorry I'm lost what's going on with the whole tour bus room thing with D&P? I just saw Phil's tweet and then a couple of other posts but I'm confused about how apparently they're sharing it or something sorry I'm just very lost and was wondering if you could explain

Okay so basically, D+P tweeted this a few days back

and we were all laughing and joking around - some of us being like ‘fight fight fight!’ as well as saying stuff like ‘just share the room like bros do’ ya know general phandom talk.. .. and we never found out who got the room - not that it really matters or determines anything…. but then i got this anon message

(and this one that makes me think it’s more legit)

and we were all like 🔍👀  about this bc lmao why did they say they both got the room . .. . ? idk it’s quite funny just like it just seems like a we-didn’t-discuss-this-properly slip up and that’s what we were giggling about…

and then phil tweet just confirmed that he got dominance over the bed through a rock/paper/scissors x … i like to think dan was way more lenient about letting phil have it though :’)

Update: d+p did a liveshow last night and this topic came up various times but the only response that i remember clearly is phil saying ‘i already said i got it’ and i found it funny bc his tone at the time sounded like ‘it’s cool dan stick to the plan’ :’) but yeh they tended to avoid answering/explaining the topic directly - we still don’t know where dan is sleeping in the tour bus. tbh, i suspect if there is only one good bed, they probably switch it up~ but heyo. d+p also hinted that they may make a tourbus tour video so we may find out more~  

hope that cleared stuff up. . it’s really just people building off of what we’ve been told/what d+p have shared with us… like it’s all speculation… fun n games… nothing srs.. .. 

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can u write an imagine w/ any 1 of the 5sos boys where y/n is staying at his house in australia and they're fighting and shes like "you know what fuck this" and she walks out and then gets lost and has to call him

okay imma do mikey because angry michael gets me going so you guys would be having a nice weekend or something together before he had to go on tour and you had to get back to school and he would just be lying on the couch with the boys playing video games or something and you would ask him if he could clean up the mess that they had made and he would mumble a yes or something so you would walk away to get something done and you would come back an hour later and the mess would still be there so you would say “mike can you please clean this up a little” and he would groan and say “yes, i already told you yes, okay?” and you would say “just get it done!” and he would get really annoyed and stand up and raise his voice a little and say “really? I’m trying to have a nice fucking day and you care about the fucking mess?” and you would be a little taken aback because wow okay and you would just say quietly “michael stop” and you would cross your arms over your chest and it would escalate real quickly and he would be screaming at you and you wouldn’t know what to do and the boys would just be sitting there nervously and you would just get fed up and say “you know what? fuck this, I’m done” and you would spin on your heel and walk out the door and the last thing you would hear would be one of the boys saying “you fucked up, dude” and the door would slam behind you and you would walk down the street really upset because you weren’t quite sure what you did to make him that mad and you would just be absent mindedly walking down the street making random turns and after a while you would finally take in your surroundings and realize that you had no idea where you were and you would kinda freak out at first because you had left your phone at home when you had walked out and so you would just turn into the nearest cafe you saw and ask if you could borrow the phone for a minute and you would punch in the number that you had memorized so well and he would’ve taken a while to pick up bc it obviously wasn’t your number so when he finally answered the phone he would sniffle and say “hello?” and you would say “michael? listen, i’m-” but he would cut you off and say “y/n?” and he would let out a choked sob and frantically start sputtering out apologies and say how big of a jackass he was and you would interrupt him and say “michael, baby calm down” and his breathing would be so erratic cause he was so worried he had lost you forever and you would try and soothe him and you would say “mikey, i have no idea where i am, do you think you could come get me?” and he would get really worried and ask a million questions at once and you would tell him the name of the shop or cafe you were in and he would tell you he would be there as soon as possible and to sit tight and that he loves you and sure enough five minutes later he would come flying in, limbs flailing and all and he would immediately run over to you and wrap you up in his arms and repeatedly kiss your forehead, a few stray tears still trailing from his eyes and he would apologize so much and tell you how fucking sorry he was and that the boys gave him so much shit for being such a dick and you’d just shut him up by kissing him and telling him its okay and he would just bury his face in your neck and once he realized that you two were in the middle of a ton of people he would blush and wrap an are around your waist and pull you super close to him and lead you out of the shop and open the car door for you and once you were both situated in the car he would lean over and place one hand on your cheek and kiss you super softly and passionately and rest his other hand on your hip, giving it a light squeeze he would swipe at your bottom lip, asking for entrance and when you two had finally broken apart his cheeks would be flushed and his lips would be swollen and he would lightly run his calloused thumbs over your eyelids and lips and start driving home and when you got inside he would pull you up to bed and you would both get changed and just spend the rest of the night cuddled up as close as humanly possible with your head in his neck and your legs tangled up and the next morning you would wake up and he’d be in the kitchen with a pair of sweats hanging low on his hips and you would wrap your arms around his stomach and he would turn around and say “mm good morning” and kiss you gently with one hand under your chin and lift you up on the counter and stand in between your legs and put his head in the crook of your neck and cute stuff you know

this was really long for a blurb oh my god I’m sorry okay i love you


When they're together..
  • Barry: Iris, I love you. I have always loved you, I..I can't imagine a Barry Alle that doesn't love Iris West and...I don't think I want to. I was so lost and alone before you and when we fight I almost feel like that sad little boy again..and I don't want that..and I know you don't.
  • Iris: Bar... that's so sweet.
  • Both: *begin happily making out*
  • Cisco: *to Caitlin and Joe* Have they forgotten we're here or something?
Join us, Harry. Fight for freedom.

Define freedom.

Let's call it a dramatic reorganization. They want freedom; 
we'll give them freedom. A free world, Mr Potter. A world where we 
can use our wands without having to hide. Wizards and proud. You'd 
like that wouldn't you, Mr Potter? No more hiding. No more being 
locked up. Don't - Mr Potter, I know. Nobody wants freedom. 
They want safety, comfort - a warm bed at night. We'll give them 
safety. We'll give them a safe world. One where we make the rules 
... and magic is might.


You poor naive boy.

No! This isn't freedom you're offering. This is fear!

So you won't join with us?

I'd rather kill myself than join you.

Pity, Mr Potter, and you were so promising. ... AVADA KED-



Well it didn’t quite happen like that, says Harry - I’m not a Death Eater, Ron grumbles in the background - and Albus’ face falls.

It’s just a story, he adds, trying to will his sons into understanding, without actually saying it out loud, just how garbled the truth has become over the years.

Sensationalist fiction, Hermione adds drily as she stops Ron from chucking them all into the fire (I’m not a Death Eater, not even a brainwashed, Imperiused one - yes dear, we know - yeah but they don’t - Ron dear).

There’s a lot more… statistics. Like an iceberg. Of people, he says apologetically, Doing Things, and James crosses his arms, looking distinctly unimpressed. Ginny rolls her eyes and Hermione mutters something about Archduke Ferdinand and world war one underneath her breath.

I’ll tell you later, Harry fidgets with his robes and Ginny glares at him.

About statistics

Something like, says Harry, but more interesting

I was saying to Doc how I don’t think I’ve really succeeded as I wanted to in communicating what a fantastic job I think this episode is doing with Michiru visually. Every time we go to her, they’re doing something else to illustrate how she’s feeling, how utterly defeated she is, and so quickly. That’s something that would’ve been so easy to gloss over and fuck up, and they didn’t.

Because Haruka’s easy in this. Haruka is so transparent (even when she’s trying not to be) and can’t keep from expressing every single emotion like it’s a fucking parade. Her determination, her shock and disbelief, and now her realization that it’s for nothing, those are all easy emotions for us to understand and process.

Michiru doesn’t have any of that. She accepted in the moment she allowed Haruka to go forward with her plan that they’d only have once chance. She saw that chance fail, making it all for nothing.

They damned themselves for nothing.

The immediacy with which she accepts that is so important, because it sells better than anything else what Michiru valued. It wasn’t so much in defeating Galaxia and saving the world. If that were the case, you’d see her struggling like Haruka, looking for some way, ANY way, to still win. She might be using these extra moments to shout ideas or encouragement to Usagi, she could exercise her singular ability to cut someone to shreds by exploiting the fear Galaxia felt when they turned on her, she could try to manipulate Galaxia’s amusement with them in a way that leaves her and Haruka alive for a bit longer.

None of this happens, because what Michiru needed was a victory that put value into their actions. She needed their damnation to have MEANING.

And for Michiru alone, she might have that. She marched with Haruka into hell and while they failed, Michiru never left her. “A world without Haruka isn’t worth saving,” Michiru said once. It’s at the core of everything she does, and she stayed true to that. What’s devastated Michiru is what this failure means to Haruka. Haruka won’t get her heroic death. She’ll die a traitor, knowing it was all for nothing, and Michiru knows all of that instantly.

So back to the visuals that are selling this so well. We have that first moment, with the claustrophobic camera work and her hair disheveled. We have the second, where she crumples to the ground. I didn’t talk enough there about how the camera’s pulled out now, showing us all of Michiru, small and compressed in the center. She’s slumped in every sense. Her legs, her hair, her arms, her back. Michiru’s back is bowed, and that’s such a striking contrast to the bar of steel that runs through her otherwise.

Then this image. Head down, hair forward, eyes hidden. She’s empty, there’s nothing of the smirking, teasing Michiru who faced death at Galaxia’s hands last episode. The result will be the same, but she’s lost just so much more.

Michiru’s defeat is absolute and immediate, and would’ve been easy to overlook in the face of Haruka’s fight against it. It means everything that the creators went the extra mile to ensure we didn’t miss a single drop.