and they're even in the band


When 1D blew up, nobody — not even people who liked them — figured they’d be anything more than 16 to 18 months of kicks. What the band and their fans have built over the past five years is unique. If the girls sound cocky and vindicated when they scream, they should. And 1D are brilliant because they know exactly who’s in charge.

Happy 7th Birthday, One Direction!

Band instruments as things I've heard them say
  • Piccolo: .... (I don't think I've ever heard them speak. Thinks they're better than everyone and doesn't talk to other band kids)
  • Flute: guess what 'band director' said about 'piccolo'
  • Oboe: *quietly playing a solo, very concentrated*
  • Bassoon: *squeak*
  • Clarinet: we're gonna play those two notes ff instead of p so it sounds like 'DOOT DOOT' wanna help
  • Bass clarinet: I don't think I play here
  • Alto saxophone: I can fit my whole mouthpiece down my throat I'll show you
  • Tenor saxophone: we either play 4 half notes the entire song...or constant 32nd notes....I don't understand
  • Bari saxophone: so do I do sectionals with the trombones, or...?
  • Trombones: *screams into instrument*
  • Tuba: why am I even here
  • French horn: (secluded, doesn't speak much. Very put together. Know what they're doing)
  • Trumpet: *clearly plays wrong note* that wasn't me
  • Percussion: *screaming* RATCHET SUPREMACY

Seunghyun: Hongki hyung may look like a kid in daily life, but he’s actually really mature. The longer you know him, the more you realize that he’s actually a really different hyung than what he looks like. (x)

The instruments when they're about to graduate
  • Flute: cries at everything. hugs everyone goodbye, even the music stand
  • Oboe: at first they're not that sad, but then it ~hits them~ and they just start sobbing
  • Bassoon: doesn't even notice that its the end of senior year. they're just excited for school to be out
  • Clarinet: strangely sad about their math class being over
  • Saxophone: gives the director the middle finger on their way out the door
  • Trumpet: will not fucking shut up about college
  • Trombone: finds the incoming seniors to make sure they keep the weird section traditions alive
  • Horn: *gross sobbing*
  • Euphonium: frantically trying to not fail english
  • Tuba: reassures school tuba that they love it. hugs tuba.
  • Percussion: pranks the band director
  • Violin: living embodiment of "i'm not crying, you are"
  • Viola: brings director chocolates and heartfelt thank you card
  • Cello: stays late in the orchestra room to soak in the ~aesthetic~
  • Bass: lol bye see ya suckers

i’d pay good money for evak + ABBA

- even singing honey honey to isak in the kitchen. 

- them dancing (even dancing, isak acting like he isn’t but he lowkey is) to gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight) in some club

- even refering to isak as the dancing queen young and sweet only 17 up untill the day of isak’s 18th birthday

- the two of them trying and failing really hard to sing waterloo at karaoke bc they can’t stop laughing

- even jokingly trying to seduce isak with lay all your love on me and they both know it’s ridiculous and they’re both laughing but weirdly enough it’s kind of working bc they’re both fucking huge nerds in love

sgt pepper explained
  • sgt pepper: the beatles are having an identity crisis
  • a little help from my friends: ringo wants drugs (and the boys got him)
  • lucy in the sky: the john lennon equivalent of hanging his son's drawing on the fridge
  • getting better: wtf yeah i guess it is
  • fixing a hole: paul has chores
  • she's leaving home: paul john and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • for the benefit of mr kite: scary circus (normal circus)
  • within you without you: george and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • when i'm 64: things we said today but with grandchildren on yerr knee
  • lovely rita: faul's thirsty for the lady who killed paul
  • good morning: john went for a walk today (oh boy)
  • sgt pepper reprise: the beatles try to convince us once again that it's not them but they're gonna have to try harder than that
  • a day in the life: was george even here
Aight I'm going to redo this orchestra post listen up
  • Violin I: BEHOLD. I can lean forwards and backwards repeatedly while moving my bow dramatically up and down some strings.
  • Violin II: *trying to copy Violin I but failing*
  • Viola: usually looks very comfortable and content. Generally satisfied.
  • Cello: Angst. Pain. Despair. And that's just the opening chord. Get ready for a bumpy ride into 5th position on the A string my friends.
  • Double Bass: tries to pluck strings harder in pizzicato so as to be heard. Fails. Cries.
  • Clarinet: looks confused but that's probably because they have a stick in their mouth
  • Oboes/Cor Anglais: Swears at their reed a lot. Looks like they have constipation permanently.
  • Bassoon: Jolly. Enjoys laughing.
  • Flute: *prances around meadows with pixies* or at least that's what the drugs they're taking are showing them
  • Trumpet: cocky lil shit I ain't even gon give you a funny one
  • Trombone: ayyyyyyy slidey slidey funtubes
  • Horns: Beautiful. Pure. Shouldn't be seated near the Brass, Mr School Orchestra Conductor. Edumacate yourself.
  • Saxophones: get out you are not merging with this orchestra
  • Percussion: probably has anger issues, I mean they hit things for a living
  • Piano: "What are all these other instruments doing here when you could have just me?"
  • Celeste: *eye twitch*
the signs according to ME, based on what I've absorbed from tumblr even though I don't pay attention to 75% of the zodiac and might not be able to even name them all from memory
  • taurus: the impression I get is they're similar to aries in that they’re angry and stubborn? but the difference is that while aries will clock you in the jaw, taurus will hold a grudge for the rest of your born days. your born days, not theirs, because they’re going to outlive you out of spite
  • gemini: is what I think comes next? anyway apparently geminis are very social and bubbly and they're people persons (people people?), but also they’re supposed to be all two-faced and gossipy, because twins. which is very mean to say about twins.
  • cancer: no offense to anyone who is a cancer, but my Least Favorite Human that I've ever met is a cancer, so my perception is tainted. cancers cry a lot. all the time. about everything.
  • leo: you know, I honestly don't know what is associated with leo, besides... lion. so therefore, leos are brave. you might belong in august, where dwell the brave of heart. their daring, nerve, and chivalry set leos apart. congrats you're gryffindor now
  • virgo: or is it libra comes first? I think it's virgo. um, anyway, virgo is my moon sign. I respect virgo. the general sense I get is that they're very... anal and particular and organized? their lists are color-coded and have subheadings?
  • libra: or possibly virgo, depending on whether or not I switched the order. BUT YEAH SO, LIBRA, SCALES. ALL ABOUT THAT FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE. common room is next to the kitchen.
  • scorpio: uuuuuuuGHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO FED UPPPPPPP I am a scorpio but I don't WANNA BE a scorpio I'm so TIRED of everything being nothing but femme fatale tropes and byronic hero nonsense I'M NOT MYSTERIOUS!!! are people even mysterious in real life? also please stop talking about how sexually charged and passionate I am. please don't do this. you're making this uncomfortable for everyone and I wanna exchange my sign for something else
  • sagittarius: the sense I get is that sagittarius is best personified by a weird kid at summer camp who hardcore believes in aliens and whose knees are full of band-aids
  • capricorn: does capricorn come next? I don't honestly even know. I don't know anything about capricorns. they're represented by a goat though, so that automatically makes them better than every other sign. A MERMAID GOAT, NO LESS. listen, idk what capricorns are like, but I'm trading my star sign. I WANNA BE A MERMAID GOAT. I WANNA BE A MERMAID GOAT MORE THAN ANYTHING.
  • aquarius: the only thing I know about aquarius is that song in Hair
  • pisces: fish. has lots of emotions, but is pretty chill and creative? bunks with sagittarius at summer camp, but personally prefers cryptids to aliens

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I feel like some bloggers are trying to invalidate peoples' feelings and calling everyone who is slightly annoyed by this dumb and dramatic. Like yeah obviously I know Harry loves the boys and loves being in One Direction, but it's the APPEARANCE of removing the photos. The gp goes by appearances and this just feeds into the narrative. GP doesn't actually care to take the time to figure out that Harry loves the boys, they just take what they're given, and this is what they see.

that’s exactly what’s going on and it’s not a good look.

tbh for me it’s not even about the GP it’s about the fandom and the kind of nasty behaviour it encourages and enables. this only feeds the ‘harry hates his band mates/harry vs ot3 image’ that i’m positive harry does not want or agree with. i think it’s a dumb, tone deaf move in a fandom that’s already so divided and toxic.

i don’t care if people don’t agree with me or have a different interpretation of what’s going on that’s totally normal and to be expected especially in a fandom this size.

but having a different opinion is not an excuse to act like you’re still in high school and to make passive aggressive text and tag posts trying to shame the people you disagree with. 

unless someone’s opinion is actively harmful or damaging then just roll your eyes and keep scrolling past posts you don’t agree with. 

lbr is it really a surprise so many people are afraid to express their opinions on their blogs when they know they’re going to get mean girl’d in response?

"Things that I have heard people say" starters (part 2)

•"This is an interesting conversation to walk in on.“
•"I didn’t have any breakfast.”
•"My lunch was half a chicken strip and a peanut.“
•"Which thing should we do first?”
•"Huh? What’s going on?“
•"I just got like a million notifications.”
•"You look really nice today!“
•"Why is this month so busy?”
•"Where are you going?“
•"Where are they going?”
•*bell rings* “Shut up.”
•*sings imperial march*
•"Is my face less red now?“
•"You wanna go? Let’s fight. You and me, right now. C'mon.“
•"I am so hungry.“
•*“You’re in trouble~” ooing*
•*amazed ooing*
•"Ooh, you’re gonna need some ice for that burn!“
•"I’m gonna drop this thing and it’s gonna make a loud noise.”
•"How to kill a conductor: by low brass.“
•"Are you a singer? You’d be a great singer.”
•"Stop being such a nazi, I can do what I want!“
•"I once convinced my entire 6th grade class that I was related to Hitler.”
•"Just shove it in their torso!“
•"This is completely wrong.”
•"Someone come sit on me I’m cold!“
•”[First name]! [Full name, including middle name(s)], where are you?!“
•"I’m from Nova Scotia where the weather is evil.”
•"What did I do today? I accidentally set my dad’s hair on fire.“
•"Yes, I’ve already eaten three children.”
•"Everything would eat a baby.“
•"And that is how you set your ass on fire.”
•"I go inside for one minute and the dog sets himself on fire!“
•"This person doesn’t have a head.”
•"You can just steal someone’s head.“
•"I’m collecting body parts.”
•"It’s weird; they have noses!“
•"Would you like a shoe?”
•"I love human feet!“
•"Nonononono! Lick my feet instead!”
•"It’s just a big pile of no.“
”Hah as if I need sleep you petty mortal!
•"It’s so beautiful! F*cking dangerous, but beautiful.“
•”Just let them die. It’s a time-honoured tradition.“
•”Now there’s a trail of slime on my leg. Great.“
•"What a cute snail. Look at it. It’s so cute!”
•"Ice cream trucks are of the devil!“
•"If they will bring me shiny stolen things I will give them food. I feel like that’s a fair trade.”
•"I will live under your porch because I love you.“
•"Curse you, mocking ducks!”
•"Ducks are evil. But delicious!“
•"Um… there is a fungus on top of your trash can.”
•"Hypothetical book-spoiling assholes. They’re out there.“
•"Please do not burn the father.“
•"That is not a good.”
•"That solves the problem of killing people for shoes.“
•"Ah! I’m fine. Just tripped. While standing still. Nothing’s wrong.”
•"Flashlights aren’t exactly a skill.“
•"This is why I shouldn’t have a lightsaber.”
•"Those stars look like a giant stomping people to death.“
“Star! I mean, I know it’s a meteor, but star!”
•"What are you doing!? …You’re charging my pelvis.“
•"Shh don’t wake the sleeping truckers.”
•"Just think of the army of kittens coming out of the mist!“

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Hey~ welcome cutie~♡ can I request the band's reaction to their s/o who gets drunk and just keeps telling them how much they love them because they're too shy and worry about saying it too many times?

(A/N Hi! Thank you! Hope you enjoy!)


At first, Murdoc is kinda a dick about it, saying that he knows and “How could ya not love me, I’m Murdoc fuckin’ Niccals!” He honestly does take advantage of you being super affectionate and proclaiming your love by hugging you and squeezing you tighter each time you say it. 

He won’t say it back until you two are alone later in the night (he doesn’t want to show weakness around the band mates even if they do know that you two are dating). He says is back softly every time you murmur those words to him until he kisses you to shut you up a bit. 

He’ll probably tease you about it in the morning but deep down he thinks it’s super sweet and really cute.


2D would honestly be a little concerned at first and a little flustered. He knows you love him he’s always known but it’s always surprising to hear you say it out loud. Every time you tell him that you love him it just puts him over the moon just a little bit more and he always says it back to you. He wants to make sure that you know he loves you as much as you love him. 

Eventually, (assuming you two are drinking together) he would start saying it louder than you as if to prove he loves you more which then prompts you to say it louder than him. You both are giggling and shouting how much you love each other. Russel and Noodle would think its super cute, but Murdoc would probably yell louder than both of you to get a room for that romantic shit.


She would be elated! Honestly, nothing would make her happier than to hear that you love her thisssss much, no seriously she’s the best you love her sooooooo much. She would probably playfully ask you questions to confirm how much you love her. Like do you love her more than peanut butter loves jelly (yes), more than Narcissus loves himself (absolutely),even more than Murdoc loves baths (hell yeah!). 

Eventually she would run out of comparisons and challenges for you to compare your love to. She would tell you to straight up prove it ‘cause she still doesn’t believe it (she’s just teasing you). You two end up making out and cuddling and kissing while she tells you that its her turn to show you how much she loves you.


This man would probably try to out-affection you. He would say how much he loves how you love him and so on and so forth. Russel would definitely take every chance to hug you, touch you, and cuddle you every time you told him how much you loved him. He would treasure every time you said it and then some because he knows how shy you are about saying it when you’re sober. 

This would also leave him in a great mood for weeks. He’ll just be sitting there and biggest grin will break across his face.

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So RapMonsters explanation basically said that tae was inspired by the dawn he saw while out waiting on a friend, that happened to be Jimin. I think it's so cute how all of them choose to keep hanging with each other in the evening or morning or on off days. It shows that they're all so much more than just band mates

One of the things that makes BTS different is the way they appreciate and love eachother. They live together, work together and achieve dreams while backing up one another. And yes they are all THAT close. 

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The weird thing I find about comparing radical Islam to the KKK is that the KKK was only really in the states. There's 0 radical Christian attacks anywhere except for maybe Belfast and one or two other places. At the same time there were 250 suicide bombings in 2015 that can be attributed to Islam. These attacks are mostly in the middle east& pakistan/Indonesia area, but they're spreading to the west. How does the KKK come even close.

The comparison falls flat as soon as you dig into it.

A small band of KKK members who are marginalized and mocked (even assaulted any thime they walk out the door) simply can’t be compared to an active terrorist organization with up to 50k members that is active in a dozen countries and has killed thousands in Europe alone in the last several years.

There’s also the issue of how Christians view and react to the KKK and how Muslim communities and Muslim leaders react to radical Muslims. There’s quite a difference there.

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For the prompt thing: I was on a plane in the very uncomfortable middle-seat-of-the-middle-section and the (actually kind of cute boy I had been talking to) next to me fell asleep. Normal for an overnight flight, but he forgot his girlfriend was in the seat in front of him instead of the one next to him. So what followed could only be described as a GLOMPH as his half-conscious brain decided I would make a great pillow.

This story gave my heart the flutters ❤️ Since you’re on anon, I’m not entirely sure what pairing you like but… since my blog is like 70% sheith, I’m gonna assume you’re here for the sheiths. (I’m so sorry if that ended up being way off mark.) Here’s a little bit of a marching band AU I’ve been meaning to develop so this will be a small experiment!

Keith can hardly feel his right arm anymore. It had fallen asleep half an hour ago, along with the person leaning against it with his head resting upon Keith’s shoulder. When the only two seats left in their group had turned out to be in the middle section on their international flight, Keith had insisted Shiro take the aisle while he offered to take the uncomfortable middle. And although Keith doesn’t regret this arrangement in the slightest, he does wish he had a way to fall asleep more comfortably himself.

The rest of the drumline in the two rows in front of him are slumbering away. Over by the window seat to his left (which Lance had made sure to snag the moment he stepped onto the plane) Lance and Hunk wink at him before putting on headphones to watch a movie.

Scowling, Keith turns back to his own screen, remaining rigid and unmoved. Shiro shifts next to him and Keith stiffens. The proximity and point of contact alone is enough to send shivers down his spine. Shiro’s head slips a little, then readjusts itself, his tuft of hair tickling Keith’s neck. Keith finds that he can hardly breathe.

Oh well, he thinks as he rests his cheek gently against Shiro’s forehead. He supposes staying awake will help with the jetlag anyways…

When Shiro wakes, Keith closes his eyes and pretends to have been asleep. He feels Shiro’s warmth leave his shoulder and cracks open an eye to peek out at him.

“Hey, sorry about that,” Shiro says with a yawn. “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine,” Keith replies, trying his best not to be too obvious in stretching out his arm. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah,” Shiro nods, rubbing his neck. “How about you?”

Smiling through his deep eye bags and aching shoulder, Keith hardly even registers the words coming out of his own mouth.

“I slept terrifically.”

Send me an instance (big or small) that happened to you in real life and I will try to turn it into a short drabble!