and they're doing so well

Imagine video-calling Woozi when he’s away on tour and having the other members constantly interrupting you two.

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so this may sound weird, but i always check your blog first thing in the morning because youre never asleep when i am and i dont want to miss your a+ content. your art is especially beautiful!!

omg :o this is so sweet wowwow thank you so much!!

gonna throw in a sketch dump for you here (because i draw so fucking much especially in my notes these are by no means everything ive done over the past couple weeks)

some bittys:

some dexs:

april n march:

<3 <3 <3

After rushing towards the end and still posting sort of late because my laptop battery gave out and I had to wait for a new one for a while here is my image for @kh-worldsconnected

It was honestly very fun and plus I’ve seen a lot of cool people who are participating. I got to work with someone so nice who wrote the story About Time posted on @florisdoesworldsconnected  which by the way was super sweet and cute and I loved it.

I was tagged by @chennderellaa thank you so muchhh <3

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Art Trade/Collab With @datacow40, She Did The Lines And I Did The Colours

Floofs Night In

““Describe your ocs in the worst way possible”“

• 2 Gayliens

• Moody girl, secretly a big teddy bear

• Sunshine girl, openly a big teddy bear, secretly depressed af

• Hopeless romantic jester

• Awkward father figure with an ambiguous sexuality

Cassamella in Pj’s! :‘3

This couple is so cute! She’s so smol And he’s so tol : D They’re perfect for each other! To bad they’re both on separate brands..

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What would you do if one of your brothers crashed your 'Bird?

“Uh… Well, my brothers are all skilled pilots, so… if one of them did somehow crash Thunderbird 2, there’d have to have been a pretty good explanation for why.”

“So… I mean…” Virgil kind of shrugs, although it’s pretty obvious he has many feels about her crashing.


lucifer and azza, made here. // @serosvit and @redxheart i want you to see!!

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Kanan and Kallus (their fusion name would be the same as one of their names)

Send me two character names and I’ll draw what I think their fusion would look like! || ACCEPTING

((what kanus doesnt sound like a good name? kallan sounds p cool tho
also didnt expect this character combination tbh

boy howdy are they somethin else

they’re also held together by snark but it’s such different flavors that they can come apart because kallus and kanan cant agree on what witty retort to say

tbh they’ll come apart bc of just about anything, it’s miracle they can fuse in the first place))

Things that happened in my sims overwatch family so far

- 76 streaked around the block because Junkrat dared him to
- Junkrat and Roadhog got engaged and had a baby girl named Rivercrow
- The kleptomaniac fiences like to steal books and dirty dishes from their coworkers
- 76’s head turned into a giant mailbox by mistake (I did fix that)
- 76 is constantly doing little workouts, but also he sucks in bed and Reaper always has complaints
- Ana is overall very friendly and very eager to talk to everyone. Upset only when she didn’t get promoted on her first day of work
- Junkrat and Roadhog built a rocketship, but Junkrat was too pregnant to take it for a test run
- if Reaper talks to 76 too long he gets angry from all the good vibes and stomps around, usually to kick over a garbage can and scream at someone
- 76 swimming in classic dad beach clothes (including a floral shirt and sandals with socks)