and they're cute sigh


“let the games begin”

Cinnamon roll

Seokjin sighs exasperatedly from the doorway while watching the two toddlers bicker again for the 5th time that day. Not that he didn’t like his job, in fact, he loves working with the kids, but there are pros and cons. And right now he’s staring at one of the cons.

“You’re so cute Jiminie hyung, like a cinnamon roll!” The younger toddler exclaims, eyes bright and bunny teeth showing.

The two toddlers were currently sprawled in the middle of the room, each wearing their colourful onesies and a milk bottle in their hands. From the looks of it, Jimin with his sleepy eyes was just about to take his afternoon nap – one that Seokjin had taken an amount of time trying to force the little kid – but unfortunately, Jungkook just had to rile up his older hyung.

“No!” Jimin shouts back, eyebrows knit together in a frown. His milk bottle was dangled to the side and Seokjin could see the few drops of milk on the carpet.

“But you have to be the cinnamon roll.” Jungkook urges on, eyes twinkling with something more whenever he looks at the other toddler but Seokjin refuses to acknowledge it just yet. “You’re the cutest here!”

“I said no Kookie.” Jimin whines, chubby hands clenching onto his onesie. He’s so adorable right now Seokjin kind of wants to agree with Jungkook and stop their bickering because it’s giving him a headache.

Jungkook crawls closer to Jimin, he knees moving against the carpet as his onesie drags behind him. “Why not Jiminie?”

Jimin frowns harder and Seokjin’s sure it’s not because of the lack of honorifics.

“I want to be a sinnamon roll,” Jimin argues back, lips forming into a pout. “And besides, you’re the cutest Kookie.” Jimin mumbles so softly Seokjin’s not sure whether he heard it right, but the next moment Jungkook comes barrelling into Jimin resulting them to fall backwards into a pile of cuteness.

“Whatever you are Jiminie, I’ll love you anyway~” Jungkook coos into Jimin’s hair while Jimin whines playfully into Jungkook’s chest as Jungkook hugs him tighter. Seokjin just smiles at the sight because they look like two adorable fluff wrapped in a ball and yeah, Seokjin really loves his job.